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BESLEY, Henry. (Con.).

BETTY, REV. HUMPHRY. R. of Little Petherick. Views in Cornwall. 24 engravings. Exeter,

d. 1673. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, 191. Besley, 1852, demy 80., 4-. Views in Devonshire and Cornwall. 60 steel

BETTY OR BETTEY, REV. JOSEPH. A Cornish engravings. Exeter, Besley, 1858, super roy. 8°.,

Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. d. Jan. 1, 12/6.

173 Hand Book to Bodmin, Liskeard, Lostwithiel, Tertullian against Heretics, and the Apoloetc. Exeter, Besley, 1860, post 120., 1/

getics of Theophilus. Oxford, 1722, 8o. Views in Cornwall. 30 engravings. Exeter, The Divine Institution of the Ministry, and Besley, 1861, demy 12o., 3-,

absolute necessity of Church Government. A The Route Book for Cornwall. A Guide for Sermon fon Gal., i, 1, 7), preached before the the Stranger and Tourist. Maps and Views. University of Oxford, on Saturday, the 21st Exeter, Besley, 1863, 189., 4/

September, 1729. Lond., 1729, 80.-2nd ed., Hand Book to Penzance, Falmouth, and corrected, Oxford, Printed for Sam. Wilmot, Neighbourhood. Exeter, Besley, 1867, post 12o., 1729, 80., pp. 40, 6d.—3rd ed., Oxford, 1729, 8o. 1/

The Oxford Sermon versified. Dedicated to Hand Book to Truro, Falmouth, and Helstone. the Rev. J. B. [the Author of the Sermon). By Exeter, Besley, 186–, 120., 1-.

Jacob Gingle. Lond., Printed for Timothy West of England and Exeter Pocket Journal, Atkins, at Dr. Sacheverell's Head, near St. Paul's, or Gentleman's Diary. With Almanac, 1868. 1729, 8o., pp. 63, 1/-:—2nd ed., Lond., 1730, Exeter, Besley, 1868, 12o., 3,6. Continued 89.–3rd ed., Lond., 1731, 80., 6d. annually.

An Address to the University of Oxford, The Exeter Diocesan Calendar. See Barnes, caused by Mr. Betty's Sermon. By J. W. L. Rev. R. H.

Lond., 1730, 8o.

A Dialogue between Parson B[etty) and ParBESSE, JOSEPH. d. Ratcliffe, London, 25th son Bowman, in justification of their Sermons. Nov., 1757, aged circa 74.

By T. Tagg (pseud., i.e., 1, 1731, 89. A Collection of the Sufferings of the people | An Address to the University of Oxford, occalled Quakers, for the Testimony of a Good casioned by a Sermon entitled “The Divine Conscience, from ... 1650 to ... 1689. Taken Institution of the Ministry,” preached by J. B. from original records and other authentic ac

[“ The Pillars of Priestcraft." By R. Barrow. counts. Lond., ... Luke Hinde, at the Bible, in | Vol. i, 1768, 129.]. George Yard, Lombard Street, 1753, 2 vols., fol., 369 sheets.

BICKFORD, William. Note.-The Cornish portion comprised in i, 113 William Bickford and Damaris his wife appel--26.

lants ; Sir William Pendarves, Knt., and Dame

Penelope his wife, Robert Hoblyn an infant, by BEST, WILLIAM MAWDESLEY. Barrister of

| Sir Will. Pendarves his guardian, Charles Holt, Gray's Inn. b. Haddington, Scotland. d. Lon

Esq., and Martha his wife, respondents. [Lond., don, 16th Nov., 1869. See Blunt, Walter.

1724), fol., pp. 4. The Appellant's Case. Br.

Museum. BETA. pseud., i.e., Boase, Henry.

Bickford et ux. contr. Pendarves et al. The BETHAM, SIR WILLIAM. 6. Suffolk. 1779. d | case of the respondents Holt and his wife. Dublin, 23rd Oct., 1853.

[London, 1724), fol. Br. Museum.
The Gael and Cymbri, an Inquiry into the BICKHAM. GEORGE JUNR.
Origin and History of the Irish, Welsh, Cornish,
Gauls, &c., with History of Gildas and Collec-

A Curious ... Collection of Bird's Eye Views tion of Welsh Words. Dublin, Curry, 1834, 89.

of the ... Counties in England. ... Lond., R. Papers on Astronomical Instruments of the

Laurie, ... 1796, 4o. Irish, on the Ring Money of the Celts, and on Note.-Bird's Eye View of the whole County of the affinity of the Phænician and Celtic Lan

Cornwall. No letter press. guages. Dublin, 1836, 4°.

BIDDLE, JOHN, M.A. b. Gloucestershire, 1615. BETTESWORTH, CAPT. GEORGE EDMUND d. London, Sept., 1662. cf. Rose.

BYRON, R.N. d. off Bergen, 16th May, 1808, J. Bidelli Vita. By John Farrington. Lonaged 28. cf. James' Naval Hist., vol. üii; dini, 1682, 12o. Brenton's Naval Hist., vol. ii; Gent. Mag., A Review of the Life, Character, and Writings lxxvüi, 560 (1808).

of the Rev. J. B., M.A., who was banished to

BIDDLE, Joun. (Con.). the Isles of Scilly, in the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell (October 5, 1655). By Joshua Toulmin, A.M. Lond., 1791, 80. [Vol. iv of Tracts printed and published by Unitarian Society).


b. Padstow, 5th July, 1763. d. Bristol, 19th May, 1838. cf. Gent. Jag., x, 331–334; Felic Farley's Bristol Jour., 26th May, 1838; Christian Observer, pp. 594-99 (1838).

An Elegy occasioned by the death of the Hon. and Rev. William Bromley Cadogan, A.M., late Rector of St. Luke's, Chelsea, ... who died 18th Jan., 1797. Bath, 1797, 4o., 6d.

Essays on some select parts of the Liturgy of the Church of England, being the substance of a course of lectures delivered in the parish Church of St. Werburgh, Bristol. Bristol, 1798, 12o.—2nd ed., Evesham, Printed by J. Agg, 1798, 80., 26.-3rd ed., 1812, 3 vols., 80., 28

Original Poems on Religious Subjects. Bath, 1798, 80., 1/2

Practical Essays on select parts of the Liturgy of the Church of England. Lond. ; Evesham [printed]; Bristol (printed] ; 1799–1805, 4 vols., 120.

Zion's Trumpet. Bristol, 1798-1800, 3 vols., 12o. Afterwards changed to The Christian Guardian. Bristol, 1802-6, 10 vol., 120., N.S., 1807-8, 2 vols., 12°. In 1809 the place of publication was removed to London.

Note.---Vr. Biddulph was instrumental in establishing this magazine.

A Sermon preached at St. James's Church, Bristol, on Acts, xxiv, 14. Dedicated to the Vestry and Inhabitants of St. James. 1799, 89.

A Sermon (on Matt., vii, 12] preached before the Society for Missions to Africa and the East. 1801, 80.

· A Letter to the Rev. J. Hey, occasioned by his late publication, entitled, The Important Question at Issue. Bristol, 1801, 12o.

An Appeal to Public Impartiality, on the manner in which the dispute concerning The Important Question at Issue has been conducted [by J. Hey). Bristol, 1801, 12o.

Truth Triumphant. A complete refutation of a pamphlet by the Rev. Mr. B., entitled, An Appeal to Public Impartiality. By the Rev. J. Hey. 1801, 8o.

“The Important Question" still under consideration, but approaching to a decision, or an address to the Rev. T. T. B., in reply to a letter [by him) in answer to a pamphlet entitled, The Important Question at Issue. By Rev. J. Hey. 1801, 80.

A Message from the Tomb, being the substance

BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas Tregenna. (Con.). of a Sermon son Heb., xi, 4) preached on the death of G. Gieves. Bristol, Bulgin, 1802, 8°.

A Sermon preached in the parish Church of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe and St. Anne, Blackfriars, ... May 22, 1802, before the Society for Missionaries to Africa and the East, ... being their Fourth Anniversary. By Rev. T. T. B., Minister of St. James's, Bristol, and Chaplain to the Right Honourable Dowager Lady Bagot. Lond., 1802, 8o.

Life a vapour: being the substance of a Sermon delivered in the Parish Church of St. James, Bristol, on the death of Mr. John Marker. Bristol, Bulgin, 1803, 8o.

God Glorified in his Ministering Servants; a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Cheddar, on Monday, Oct. 17, 1803, at the Funeral of the Rev. Thomas Drewitt, A.M., Curate of the Parish. Bristol, 1803, 80., pp. 31.

A Sermon son Matt., vii, 12] preached May 22, 1804, before the Society for Missions to Africa and the East. With the Report of the Annual Meeting and the List of Subscribers. Lond., Seeley, ... 1804, 80., 1/2

Portions of the Psalms of David. 1804, 12o.

The True Basis of National Confidence in time of Distress; A Sermon. 1805, 8o.

A Collection out of the Book of Psalms, extracted from various versions, with hymns, etc. [Ed. Rev. T. T. B.]. 1806, 12o.

Portions of the Psalms, ... with a selection of hymns. 1809, 120.

Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening Services. 1809, 89.

The British Jubilee: a Sermon delivered in the parish Church of St. James, and at the Mayor's Chapel, in Bristol, on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1809, when His Most Gracious Majesty George III entered in the 50th year of his reign. Lond., Hatchard, 1809, 89., pp. 41, 27

Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England. The 4th edition of Essays i to xii. 2nd edition of remainder of the three volumes. Lond. ; Bristol [printed] ; 1810, 3 vols., 8o.

Note.-Letter on above, Christian Observer, x, 405 (1811).

Portions of the Psalms of David, ... with a Selection of Hymns accommodated to the Service of the Church of England. 1813, 12o.

The Charge of Nonconformity repelled: a letter to the Bishop of Bristol [in reply to charges brought against the writer in “ An Address to W. Ady”). Bristol, 1813, 8o. .

Baptism a seal of the Christian Covenant; or remarks on the former of “Two Tracts intended to convey correct notions of regeneration and

BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas TREGENNA. (Con.). BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas TREGENNA. (Con.). conversion, etc. By Rev. R. Mant." Lond., taken the office of Godfathers and Godmothers. Hatchard, 1816, 80., pp. 255, 5/

The Rev. Richard Mant's Sermon on Regen- A Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affectionate eration vindicated from the remarks of the Rev. expostulation with those inhabitants of his T. T. B. Shrewsbury, 1816, 80., 1/6.

parish who neglect the public worship of AlConsiderations on the doctrine of the Bap mighty God. ib. tism, reprinted from the Eclectic Review, May 1, The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affection1816; on Dr. Mant's Two Tracts, and the Pub ate expostulation with those of his parishioners lications by Messrs. Biddulph, Scott, ... . Lond., who neglect the duty and privilege of attending Conder, 1816, 8o., 2/

the Lord's Table. ib. A Search after truth in its own field,—the The Seventh Commandment; or the CompasHoly Scriptures; or a reference to the Apostolic sion of the Divine Saviour towards those who Acts and Epistles on the subject of some novel have transgressed it, etc. ib. opinions in divinity. Bristol, 1818, 89.-2nd Sunday Evening Recollections, or the Churched., enlarged, Bristol, 1818, 8o.

man in his Closet. ib. Letters signed Physico Theologus, i.e., Rev. Address to those who wish to attend upon T. T. B. Christian Guardian, 1819–20.

the Worship of Almighty God with devout Christian Charity exerting itself by means of reverence, etc. ib., vol. ii. Missionary Incitement for the Correction of The Churchman si.e. T. T. B.]'s Reasons for Hindoo Immorality: or cursory Remarks on a bringing his Children to the Baptismal Font, Pamphlet intitled, “Missionary Incitement and etc. ib. Hindoo Demoralization, etc., by J. Bowen." In Hints on Public Worship; or the Churchiman a letter. Bristol, 1821, 89.

instructed in the use of the Book of Common Letter to the Rev. T. T. Biddulph, occasioned Prayer. ib. by his “Cursory Remarks” on a Pamphlet en- The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affectionate titled, “ Missionary Incitement and Hindoo address to a newly married couple. ib. Demoralization." By John Bowen, 1822, 3/6. / Short Reasons for Communion with the

National Affliction Improved : in three Ser: Church of England; or the Churchman's mons, delivered in the years 1817, 1818, and answer to the question “Why are you a member 1820; on the days appointed for the funerals of of the Church of England ?" ib. Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of | The Careless Churchman warned of his Wales, Her Majesty Queen Charlotte, and His danger, and reminded of his duty. ib., vol. üi. Majesty George III. Bristol, printed for J. and | The Decalogue; or the Churchman's means of W. Richardson, Clare Street; sold also by W. | self-humiliation and rule of duty. ib. Bulgin, Corn Street, and by Hatchard, Picca The Forms of the Church opposed to Fordilly ; 1820, 89., pp. 71, 2/6.

mality, etc. ib. National Affliction Improved : in a Sermon Good-Friday Intercession; or the Churchson II Kings, ii, 12] delivered Feb. 16, 1820, man's duty to pray for all “ Jews, Turks, Infidels, being the day appointed for the Funeral of and Heretics." ib. George the Third. Bristol, 1820, 8o.

The Pious Churchman comforted under the Practical Essays on the Liturgy of the Church pressure of affliction, etc. ib. of England. 1822, 8o.

The Church-Yard; or an Address to the An infallible way to Contentment. By A. Throne of Mercy from the confines of the grave. Seller. With a recommendatory preface by | ib., vol. iv. Rev. T. T. B. Bristol, 1822, 8o.

A Clergyman [i.e., T. T. B.J's Address to his The Churchman on a Sick Bed. The Publi- | Parishioners on Family Prayer. ib. cations of the Church of England Tract Society. An important inquiry from a Parishioner to Bristol, vol. i, 1824, 120.

his Pastor, stated and answered; or the means The Convalescent; or, the Churchman's Recol- of obtaining the Spirit of Prayer. ib. lections and Resolutions on recovering from a The Parochial Minister fi.e., T. T. B.]'s seasonFit of Sickness. ib.

able hints to the members of Benefit Societies, A Guide to the Church. ib.

on the duties of frugality, piety, and loyalty. ib. The Parochial Clergyman's Ordination Vows; The Reform meeting; or the Churchman's or an Appeal to those of his Parishioners who | duty towards his neighbour. ib. are disposed to censure his anxiety about their | The Romanist unveiled; or Popery in its Salvation as unnecessary, etc. ib.

native deformity. ib. The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affection- Short Sermons on subjects connected with the ate Address to those persons who have under- | Form of Absolution in the morning and evening

BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas Tregexna. (Con.).

BLACK, ADAM AND CHARLES. (Con.). Services of the Church of England. ib.

Black's Guide to the South Western Counties Short Forms of Family Prayer for every of England, Dorsetshire, Devon, and Cornwall. morning and evening in the week, etc. ib. Maps and Illust. Edinb., Black, 1862, 80., pp.

Divine Influence; or the Operation of the 417.-1869, 80., pp. 417. Holy Spirit traced from the creation of man to Black's Guide to the Duchy of Cornwall. the consummation of all things. Bristol, 1824, Map and Illust. Edinb., Black, 1868, 8o. Pagi8o., pp. 263, 9/cf. Quurt. Rev., xxxi, 111-125 nation runs from 275 to 397. (1824).

The Theology of the Early Patriarchs. Lond., BLACK, Rev. W. H., of Mawgan, near Helston. Duncan, 1825, 2 vols., 80., 21

d. Plymouth, 9th Feb., 1831. A Letter to the Editor of the Quarterly Review, occasioned by its animadversions on a

The Posthumous Letters of the late Rev. work entitled Divine Influence. Bristol, 1825, 8o.

W. H. Black, a Clergyman of the Church of The Inconsistency of Conformity to the

England, who lately died at Plymouth. CornWorld, with a Profession of Christianity. Three

wall, Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale Press, 1836, Dialogues. Bristol, 1803, 89., pp. 105.- 2nd

12o., pp. 124. ed., Lond., Seeley, 1815, 120., 3-:-4th ed., Nore.- The letters are written from Mawgan. Lond., Thames Ditton (printed), 1831, 8o.

The Septuagenarian" Confession of Faith. BLACKBURNE, J. Penhale, St. Enoder. Bristol, 1833 (0), 89.

Temperance Reports. Devon and Cornwall Christian Patriotism. A Sermon son I Cor., vii, 12] delivered in Bristol, 20th Nov., 1836.

Temperance Journ., Jan., 1868, et seq.
Bristol, 1836, 8o.
The Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration as it

generation as it BLACKETT, JAMES. Wesleyan Minister. b. has been stated in some recent tracts, weighed

Woodhouse, near Leeds, 1778. d. Leeds, 29th in the balance of the Sanctuary. In Three Sept., 1848. Dialogues. Lond., 1837, 8o. - Republished Wesleyan Methodism defended against an 1838.

invidious distinction made by the Rev. Nicholas Select Tracts of the Church of England Tract | Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery, in the reading of Society. By the Rev. T. T. B. Bristol, 1838, 12o. the Burial Service at the interment of an infant

Note: These Tracts are numbered 1-106, and baptized in the Wesleyan Chapel. By J. Blackett, have each a separate title page, pagination, and register. [Superintendent of the Western Circuit of St. BIRCH, SAMUEL. b. London, Sth Nov., 1757,

Austell). Lond., J. Mann; Printed by J. H. d. 1840.

Drew, St. Austell; 1828, 8o., pp. 20. The Smugglers. A Musical Drama, in Two

BLANCHARD, EDWARD LAMAN. b. London, Acts, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal,

11th Dec., 1820. Drury Lane. Lond., C. Dilly, 1796, 80., pp. 37, 1.

Faw Fee Fo Fum, or Harlequin Jack the Note.—Scene on the coast of Cornwall.

Giant Killer. A Comic Christmas Pantomime.

Lond., J. Tuck, 1867, 8o., pp. 32, 6d. BIRCH, SAMUEL, LL.D., F.S.A. b. London, 3rd Nov., 1813.

Note.---First performed at Drury Lane, 26th Dec.,

1867. Scene iii, Fishing Village on Cornish Coast; Observations on a Bronze Figure of a Bull | Scene iv, Road to St. Ives. found in Cornwall. Archeol. Journ., vii, 8-16, 120 (1850).

BLAUMPINUS, BLASINPAIN, or BLAUN. Abstract of Remarks of S. Birch, Esq., of PAYNE, MICHAEL. Called also Michael of the Brit. Mus., on a Bronze Bull found at St. Cornwall. flo. 1250 (3). of. Fuller, ed. 1811, i, Just in Penwith ... By C. Barham, q.v.

216; Pits, p. 322 ; Carew, ed. 1811, pp. 157– BLACK, ADAM AND CHARLES.

Historiarum Normanniæ. Liber unus. Black's Tourist Guide to Devonshire and

Contra Henricum Abricensem. Liber unus. Cornwall, including the Scilly Isles. Map. Edinb., Black, 1855, 89.

Epistolarum et Carminum. Liber unus. Black's Picturesque Tourist and Road and

BLEDIAN. b. Cornwall, eth Century. Railway Guide Book through England and Wales.

cf. Edinb., Black, 1857, 80., pp. xxvii & 544.

Haddon and Stubbs' Councils, i, 697. Note.-Cornwall, pp. 121–27.

On Purgatory.


BLEE, ROBERT, JUN. b. Truro.

BLIGH, ADMIRAL WILLIAM. (Con.). The Comparative Longevity of our Mining Narrative of the Mutiny of the Bounty, on a Population. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1838, p. 68;

| Voyage to the South Seas, by Lieut. W. Bligh, 1839, p. 3; 1810, p. 35 ; 1847, p. 12.

Commander. To which are added some adMortality in Mining Districts. Journ. Statis. ditional particulars, and a relation of the Soc. of Lond., i, 82, 1838.

subsequent fate of the mutineers, and of the

settlement in Pitcairn's Island. Standard Library BLEWITT, Joun, of Marazion.

ed. Lond., W. Smith, 1838, 80., pp. 73, 16d.

Reprinted, The Universal Library, vol. i, Lond., J. Blewitt v. Humphry Millett ; an Appeal 1853, 8o. Case before the House of Lords. 1774, fol.

BLIGHT, FRANCIS. BLIGH, ADMIRAL Sir RICHARD RODNEY, G.C.B. A True and Impartial Account of the Dark

b. Cornwall, 1737. d. Southampton, 30th April, and Hellish Power of Witchcraft, lately exer1821. cf. Rose; Gent. Mag., xci, pt. i, 468 cised on the body of the Rev. Mr. (Jasper] Wood, (1821).

Minister of Bodmyn, in a letter from a GentleLetters to Sir R. R. Bligh. In “Letters and

man There [Fran. Blight, Bodmyn, 25th Feb.,

1699-1700] to his friend in Exon. Together with Despatches of Lord Nelson,” v, 461; vi, 236,

a True copy of a Letter from Mr. Wood to his 390.

Uncle in Exon in Confirmation thereof. Exeter,

printed by Sam. Darker and Sam. Farley, 1700, BLIGH, ADMIRAL WILLIAM, F.R.S. 6. St. Teath,

4o., pp. 4. Dr. Museum. 9th Sept., 1754. d. Bond Street, London, 7th December, 1817. cf. l'enny Cyclop. ; Rose ; | BLIGHT, JOHN THOMAS, F.S.A. b. Redruth. Gent. Mag., lxxxvii, pt. ii, 630, 1817; N. &

Ancient Crosses and other Antiquities in the Q., 2 S., ii, 411, 472 (1856); Brenton's Naval

West of Cornwall. Drawn and engraved by Ilist., vol. i, ii.

J. T. Blight. Lond., Simpkin ; Penzance, F. T. A Narrative of the Mutiny on board His Vibert (printed] ; 1856, 4o., 5,-. to Subscribers. Majesty's Ship Bounty ; and the subsequent --2nd ed., 1858, 4o. voyage of part of the crew in the ship's boat Ancient Crosses and other Antiquities in the from Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, to East of Cornwall. By J. T. Blight. Lond., Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies. Simpkin ; Penzance, F. T. Vibert [printed]; Written by Lieut. W. Bligh. Illust. with Charts. 1858, 1o., 7/6 to Subscribers. Lond., G. Nicol, 1790, 4o., pp. iv & 212, 7.

Note.- This work and the second edition of the A Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken byl preceding were in some cases bound up together, 18/6 command of His Majesty, for the purpose of to Subscribers. conveying the Bread Fruit Trees to the West | A Week at the Land's End. By J. T. Blight Indies in His Majesty's Ship the Bounty, in sassisted by E. II. Rodd, R. Q. Couch, and J. cluding an Account of the Mutiny on board the Ralfs). Map anil 96 woodcuts. Lond., Longsaid Ship, commanded by Lieut. W. Bligh. man, 1861, fep. 89., pp. xi and 233, 6, 6. Portrait. Lond., G. Nicol, 1792, +"., 12

List of Antiquities in the Hundreds of Kirrier Voyage à la Mer du Sud, entrepris, pour intro and Penwith, West Cornwall; with references duire aux Indes Occidentales, l'arbre à pain, et to the works in which they are described and d'autres plantes utiles ; Par le Lieut. G. Bligh figured. Arranged with an illustrated Appendix, avec une relation de la revolte à bord de son by J. T. Blight. Truro, Printed for the R.I.C., vaisseau .... Traduit de l'Anglais par F. by James R. Netherton, 1862, 80., pp. 42, 1;.. Soulés. Paris, 1792, 80.

An Historical Account of the New Place, An Answer to certain assertions contained in Stratford-upon-Avon, the last residence of the appendix to a pamphlet [hy E. Christian] | Shakespeare. By J. 0. Halliwell. With 42 Illusentitled, “ Minutes of the Proceedings on the trations, drawn on wood by J. T. Blight. Lond., Court Martial, held August 12th, 1792, on ten J. E. Adlard, Bartholomew Close, 1864, 1o. persous charged with mutiny on board His Churches of West Cornwall; with notes of Majesty's Ship the Bounty." Lond., 1791, 4° | Antiquities of the District. By J. T. Blight,

The dangerous Voyage performed by Captain Corresponding Secretary for Cornwall to the Bligh with a part of the crew of His Majesty's Camb. Archäol. Soc. With 250 illustrations Ship Bounty, in an open boat, in 1789. Dublin, by the Author. Oxford and London, J. H. and 1824, 120.—Dublin (1827 ?], 120.

J. Parker, 1865, 8o., pp. 160. Note.-The latter is a duplicate of the edition of | Nore.--Reviewed in Journ. R.I.C., 1864, p. 42, 1824, with a new title page.

| with 7 woodcuts reproduced.

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