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HENWOOD, William JORY, F.R.S. (Con.). On some Meteorological Phenomena observed On the discovery of mineral veins and prein the Mount's Bay, Cornwall. ib., iv, 103-4, | liminary operations on them. Quarterly Mining 233, (1834).

Rev., i, 402–6, (1830). Observations on the steam-engines of Cornwall, in reply to John Taylor, F.R.S. ib., viii, 20–21, 591, (1836).

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On the (displacement) heaves of metalliferous A brief note to accompany a series of speciveins by cross veins. ib., xxiv, 180–81, 258– mens from Lockport, near Niagara, in the state 60, (1844).

of New York. ib., iii, 453–54, 1842. (Lond. Abstract of meteorological observations, made and Edinb. Philos. Mag., xx, 325–26, 1842.] during 1845, at Gongo Soco, in the interior of Notes accompanying a series of specimens Brazil. ib., xxviii, 364-68, (1846). . from Chaleur Bay and the River Ristigouche, in

Notices of the superpositions of certain New Brunswick. ib., üi, 454-56, 1842. (Lond. minerals in some of the metalliferous deposits and Edinb. Philos. Mag., xx, 326–28, 1842.] of Cornwall and Devon. ib., xxix, 359-61, 1846. [Cotta. Gangstudien, ii, 117–20, 1851.] Abstract of meteorological observations, made

Lettre à M. Cordier sur la différence de temduring 1846, at Gongo Soco, in the interior of

pérature des couches aux mêmes profondeurs Brazil. ib., xxx, 361-64, (1847).

selon la nature des roches, et sur l'électricité dans Abstract of meteorological observations, made during 1847, at Gongo Soco, in the interior of

| les filons. Paris, Comptes Rendus, i, 343, (1835). Brazil. ib., xxxii, 422–25, (1848). Notice of a colourless atmospheric arch seen

On the difference of temperature between the in the interior of Brazil. ib., xxxiii, 195, 1848.

granite and slate in the Cornish Mines. Thomson, [L'Institut, xvii, 48, 1849.]

Records of Science, iv, 198–99, (1836).

On the performance of an engine at Wheal

On Mr. Fox's (alleged) conversion of copperTowan. Brewster's Edinb. Journ. of Science,

pyrites into purple and vitreous copper. Sturgeon, ix, 159–66, (1828).

Annals of Electricity, i, 225-29, (1836–37). On the quantity of heat disengaged by the

Note on Mr. Murray's defence of Mr. R. W. combustion of a bushel of coal. ib., ix, 161-62. Fox's theories. ib.. ii. 338–39, (1838–39).

On the Steam Case. ib., ix, 162–63.

On the quantity of heat which passes to the chimney, in Engines working with high pressure ! On the higher temperature which prevails in Steam. ib., ix, 163–65.

the slate than in the granite of Cornwall. Brit. On the increase of elasticity which obtains

Assoc. Section, pp. 36–37, (1837). when steam removed from contact with its

On some intersections of veins in the mines generating water is heated. ib., ix, 165–66.

of Dolcoath and Wheal Prudence, in Cornwall. Account of the steam-engines in Cornwall.

ib., p. 74, (1837). ib., x, 34-50, (1829).

The expansive action of steam in some of the Notice of the performance of Steam-Engines

| Cornish pumping engines. ib., pp. 129–30,(1837). in Cornwall for June, July, August, and September, 1828. ib., x, 137–39,- for October, November, and December, 1828. ib., x, 213–15. A summary of experiments recently made on

A Lecture on the Phenomena of Metalliferous the temperature of mines. ib., x, 234-45.

Veins, delivered at the Penzance Institution, on Account of experiments on the performance

Tuesday, the 10th Nov., 1836. By W. J. Hen. of some steam-engines in Cornwall. ib., vi, 246–

wood, F.G.S. London and Paris. H.M. Assay 81, (1832).

Master of Tin in the Duchy of Cornwall. Edinb.
New Philos. Journ., xxii, 152–76, 1837. [Karsten
Archiv., x, 535-86, 1837.)

(186) Change Mines ib.,

extenoids bottom silver pro


HENWOOD, WILLIAM JORY, F.R.S. (Con.). On the Electric Currents observed in some Notes on the changes produced by the deepenMetalliferous Veins. ib., xxii, 270–81, 1837. ing and extension of mines, and on the temper[Sturgeon, Ann. Electr., i, 124–33, 1836; Annal. ature of their previous bottoms. ib., 1859, pp. des Mines, xi, 585-604, 1837; Froriep Notizen, ii, 21-23. col., 273–81, 1837. Also found as a Pamphlet, Address delivered at the Spring Meeting of with a title page, 1837, 80., pp. 20.)

the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 18 May, On the Expansive Action of Steam in some 1869. Journ. R.I.C., Apl., 1870, pp. ix-xxv. of the Pumping Engines on the Cornish Mines. Address delivered at the Spring Meeting of ib., xxvii, 42-52, 1839. [Trans. Instit. Civil the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 17 May, 1870. Engineers, ii, 49–60, 1838; Mining Rev., V, 33 | ib., Apl., 1871, pp. ix-xxi. 34, 1839.]

Address delivered at the Spring Meeting of Note.-For this Memoir, W. J. Henwood, in 1837, | the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 23 May, 1871. received the Telford Medal from the Institution of Civil ib., Api., 1872, pp. i-lxvi. Engineers. On Subterranean Temperature in the Mines

On the preparation of the white oxide of of Cornwall and Devon. ib., xxxiv, 246-51,

arsenic (arsenious acid) in Cornwall. Rep. R.C.P. (1843).

Soc., 1839, pp. 113–14. Abstract of a memoir on the metalliferous (gold) deposits of Brazil. ib., 1, 61-64, (1851).

Experiments on the electric conditions of the On a Remarkable Deposit of Tin-Ore at the

rocks and metalliferous veins (lodes) of Long. Providence Mines, near St. Ives. ib., liv, 68-72,

close and Rosewall-hill mines in Cornwall. Proc. On Changes produced by the deepening and

Royal Soc., iv, 317, (1841). extension of Mines on the temperatures at their previous bottoms. ib., x, 166–68, (1859). | Contributions towards a knowledge of the

Notes on the silver produced in Cornwall. ib., geological associations of gold. No. 1. Descrip xiii, 163–73, (1861).

tion of the Buckingham Mines. Mining Journ.

xxiii, 68, (29 Jan., 1853); cf. Whitney's Metallic On the duty performed by Cornish steam

Wealth of the United States,” p. 128. engines. Rep. R.I.C., 1838, p. 20.

On the granite of Cligger Head and the Elvan Memoir of Davies Gilbert, P.R.S. [By W. courses of the same neighbourhood. ib., 1838, J. Henwood.] West Briton, vol. xxx, 3 Jan., pp. 29–31.

1840. ***On the preparation of China clay. ib., 1839, NOTE.—Quoted by Dr. Buckland in his Presidential pp. 54–56.

Address to the Geological Society, in 1840. f. Proc. On the shocks of earthquakes which have | Geol. Soc. of Lond., iii, 257. been noticed in Cornwall and Devon. ib., 1841, pp. 41-42.

On the intensity of terrestrial magnetism at The temperature of mines. ib., 1842, p. 38. various elevations on the hills and at different

Notice of the sulphate of barytes found at depths in the mines of Cornwall. In Sir H. T. Wheal Mary Ann, in Menheniot. ib., 1852, pp. De la Beche's Geological Manual,(3rd ed., 38-43.

1833), p. 610. Notice of some ancient Indian Mining tools found in the copper districts near Lake Superior.

Report on the Metalliferous Deposits of ib., 1853, pp. 22–33. [Edinb. New Philos. Journ.,

Kumaon and Gurhwal in North Western India. lvii, 324–25, 1854.]

Map. 1855. In “Selections from the Records of Notice of the rock basins at Deo (Devi)

the Government of India,” (1853–64, 8o.) No. 8, Dhora, in Upper India. ib., 1855, pp. 19–22.

| pp. 1-46; Edinb. New Philos. Journ., ü, 135-41, (Gent. Mag., xlv, 18-20, 1856. Also found as a

1856. Pamphlet, with a title page, n.d., (1856), 80.]

Notes on the copper turf of Merioneth. ib., | HEPSLEY, THOMAS. 1856, pp. 41-43. [Edinb. New Philos. Journ.,

NOTE.--"Thomas Hepsley, Senr. (of Chilchunpton V, 61-64, 1857.]

pish.] of Bath and Wilts, in Sumersitshire, he was Notes on subterranean temperature observed the man that brought that rare invention of shooting in Chili. ib., 1857, pp. 14-17. (Edinb. New Philos. | [i.e. blasting] the rocks, which came here in June,

1689, and died at the ball [i.e. Godolphin mine,) and Journ., vii, 147–49, 1858.]

was buried at Breage the 16 day of Dec., in the year of Notice of the submarine forest, near Padstow. | our Lord Christ 1689.” cf. Breage Register of Burials, ib., 1858, pp. 17-19.



HERLE, REV. CHARLES, M.A. (3rd son of

HERLE, REV. CHARLES, M.A. (Con.). Edward Herle), Rector of Winwick, Lanca

the case; especially unto that which is entituled shire, 1626–59; Member of the Westminster

“A fuller Answer.” By H. Ferne, D.D. Oxford, Assembly of Divines, July, 1643; Prolocutor,

1643, 4°., pp. 85 and preface unpaged. 1643-1644. b. Prideaux Herle, near Lost An answer to Doctor Ferne's Reply entitled withiel, 1598. d. Winwick. bur. 29 Sept.,

Conscience Satisfied; especially to as much of it 1659. cf. Bliss' Wood, iii, 47779; N. and Q.

as concerned that answer to his Treatise which 2 S., vii, 477, (1859); Benj. Hanbury's Hist.

went under the name of the “Fuller Answer." Memorials relating to the Independents, ii, 166– By the same Author, [C. Herle.) Lond., printed 68; Neal's Hist. of Puritans (Toulmin's ed.),

by Tho. Brudenell for N. A., and are to be sold iii, 46, 52, 89, 141, 350; iv, 244 ; Brook's

at the Angell and Bible, in Lumberstreet, May, Puritans, iii, 324–26; Br. Museum, Addit.

17,] 1643, 4°., pp. 37. Dr. Williams'. MSS., 18,781-18,782; Dr. Halley's Lancashire, Ahab's Fall by his prophets flatteries; being i, 270–72, 285, 380-82, 456, 467 ; ii, 28–29, the substance of Three Sermons...the first ser105–106.

mon preached before...the Commons House of Contemplations and devotions on the severall Parliament, the second before...the Lord Major passages of our blessed Saviours death and of London, with the Aldermen, his Brethren, passion. Written by Charles Herle, Master in the third at the Abbey Church, in Westminster, Arts, and sometimes of Excester Colledge, in where it was much acquarrelled by some and as Oxford. Lond., printed by Aug. Mat. for much desired to be published by others...printed Humphrey Robinson, dwelling in Pauls-Church by R. A. for J. Wright, in the Old-Baily, May yard, at the signe of the three Pidgeons, 1631, | 30,] 1644, 4°., pp. 42 and Epistle Dedicatory 120., pp. 546. The Dedication and the severall | unpaged. passages of our Saviour's death and passion un

NOTE.-The Dedication - To his worthily much paged.

esteemed and choicely learned Friend, Mr. Thomas A Payre of Compasses for Chyrch and State. Fuller, B.D.” is signed " Cha. Herle.” PP. 35-42 are ocDelivered in a Sermon, Preached at St. Mar

cupied with “A short answer to D. Ferne's last Reply." garets, in Westminster, before the Honorable Davids song of three parts, delivered in a House of Commons, at their Monethly Fast, sermon, preached before the right honorable the November the last, 1642. By C. Herle, Rector House of Lords, at the Abby-Church, in Westof Winwicke, in Lankashire. Published by order minster, upon the 15 day of June, 1643, being of that House. Lond., printed by G. M. for The day appointed for publike thanksgiving for Iohn Bartlet, at the Signe of the Guilt-Cup, God's great deliverance of the parliament, citie, neare S. Austin's-Gate, [Dec. 22,] 1642, 40., pp. and kingdome, from The late most mischievous 44.

conspiracy against all three. Ordered by the said A Fvller Ansvver to a Treatise written by House to be published. By Charles Herle, Pastor Doctor Ferne, entitvled “The resolving of con of Winwicke, in Lankashire, the Preacher science,” etc...Done by another Author (i.e. Rev. thereof. Lond., printed by T. Brudenell for C. Herle.] And by him revised and enlarged by N. A., and are to be sold at the Angell and occasion of some late pamphlets complaining in Bible, in Lumberstreet, 1643, 4°., pp. 31. the name of the City against the Parliament. The Independency on Scriptures of the IndeLond., printed for John Bartlet, and are to be sold pendency of Churches : wherein the Question at the signe of the Gilt Cup, in Pauls Church-yard, of Independency of Church-Government is temneer to Austins Gate, 1642, 4o., pp. 20, but the perately, first stated : secondly argued : thirdly first half sheet unpaged. —Another ed. 1642, cleered from the Objections: and fourthly ap40., pp. 24, with first half sheet unpaged. peal'd in, to the Judgments of such as stand for NOTE.- cf. Wordsworth's Christian Institutes, iii, 14.

it. By Master Herle, a Lancashire Minister,

at the Request, and for the Satisfaction of some A reply unto severall treatises pleading for the friends of his, and by them publish'd, together Armes now taken up by name, unto with his letter sent them together with the the Reverend and Learned Divines which pleaded Treatise. Lond., printed by Tho. Brudenell for scripture and reason for defensive Arms, the N. A., and are to be sold at the Angell and Author of the Treatise of Monarchy, the Author | Bible, in Lumber St., 1643, sm. 4o., pp. 44. [C. Herle] of the fuller answer, his Reply. By Dr. Williams'. H. Fern, D.D. Oxford, 1643, 40., pp. 97 and A modest and brotherly ansvver to Mr. contents unpaged.

Charles Herle his book, against the Indepen. Conscience way of reply unto | dency of Churches...By Richard Mather, Teacher severall Treatises, made to a Treatise formerly of the church at Dorchester, and William published for the Resolving of Conscience upon Tompson, Pastor of the church at Braintree, in

HERLE, Rev. CHARLES, M.A. (Con.). New-England. Lond., printed for Henry Overton, in Popeshead alley, (15 Mch., 1643,] 1644, 4o., pp. 58 and Preliminary Letter to Mr. Herle unpaged.

A modest and brotherly ansvver, etc. Lond., 1650, 80.

A reply to Mr. Rutherford or A defence of the Answer to Reverend Mr. Herles Booke against The Independency of Churches...By R. Mather... Lond., printed for J. Rothwell and H. Allen, at the Sun and Fountaine, in Pauls Church-yard, and the Crown, in Popes-head Alley, 1647, 4°., pp. 109, Preface and Table of Contents unpaged.

Abrahams offer Gods offering : in a Sermon preached before the Right Honorable, the Lord Mayor, together with the Aldermen, his Brethren, at Christ-Church, on Easter-Tuesday last, being the day of their Publique Thanksgiving. By C. · Herle. Lond., printed for Peter Cole, at the signe of the Printing-Presse, at the Royall Exchange, 1644, 4°., pp. 23. Bod. Lib.

David's Reserve and Rescue, in a sermon preached before the Honourable the House of Commons on the Fifth of November, 1644. By C. Herle, Pastor of Winwicke, in Lancashire. Published by order of the said House. Lond., printed for John Wright, in the Old-Baily, 1645, 4o., pp. 18 and Epistle Dedicatóry unpaged. Br. Museum.

David's Reserve and Rescue, etc. Lond., printed for John Wright, at the signe of the Kings-head, in the Old Baily, 1646, 4°., pp. 18 and Epistle Dedicatory unpaged. Dr. Williams'.

Worldly Policy and Moral Prudence, the vanity and folly of the one, the solidity and usefulnesse of the other. In a Moral Discourse. By Charls (sic) Herle, etc. Lond., printed for Sa. Gellibrand, at the Ball, in Pauls Churchyard, [26 Novr.,] 1654, 8o., pp. 212.

Detur Sapienti. In a treatise of the Excellency of Christian Wisdome above that of Worldly Policy and Morall prudence, in two former treatises. By C. Herle, etc. Lond., printed for Samuel Gellibrand, at the Ball, in Pauls Church-yard, 1655, [Feb. 27, 1654,] 8°., pp. 242.

HERLE, Rev. CHARLES, M.A. (Con.). Samuel Gellibrand, at the Ball, in Pauls Churchyard, 1655, 120.

NOTE.—The title pages and pagination previously given were still preserved with very slight variations, and in some copies the date of publication of “Worldly Policy” is printed as 1655. To each treatise in this impression is appended a set of verses. HERLE, EDWARD (eld. son of Nicholas Herle),

Sheriff of Cornwall, 1713, and M.P. for Launceston, 1713. d. Landew, Lezant, 1721.

Exequiæ... Glocestræ Duci ab Oxon. Acad. 50lutæ. Oxon., 1700, 4o.

Note.-Contains Sonnet by “ Edw. Herle, E. Coll. Exon. Socio. Comm.” HERLE, SIR JOHN, Knt. (son of John Herle, of

West Herle, in Northumberland, who m. a dau. of Will. Polglass), Sheriff of Cornwall, 1425. 8. 1435. cf. Inquisitiones Post Mortem, iv, 164.

Acquietantia Leonardi Houndaller, Abbatis de Newenham, J. Herle, Milit. pro. C. sol. de Manerio de Plenynt, temp. Hen. iv in Registro de Newenham [1412.] Arundel MSS., Br. Museum, 17 f. 58 b. HERLE, THOMAS (? Great nephew of Sir John


Certificate shewing that T. Herle, of Cornwall, was mulier, and not bastard, 1 May, 14 Henry vi, [1436.] Harl. MSS. 1,079, art. 11. HERRING, REV. JOHN, M.A. Minister of

Maristow. Ejected 1662. b. Saltash, 1602. d. South Petherwin, 1688. cf. Palmer's Noncon.

Memorial, i, 382–83. HERVEY, ELEANORA LOUISA (dau. of Geo.

Conway Montagu and Margaret Green, dau. of Rich. Wilson, she m. Thomas Kibble Hervey, who d. Feb. 27, 1859). 6. Liverpool, 16 Nov., 1811.

The Feasts of Camelot, With the Tales that were told there. By Mrs. T. K. Hervey. Lond., Bell and Daldy, 1863, 80., pp. 233, 4/6.

Our Legends and Lives : A Gift for All Seasons. By E. L. Hervey. Lond., Trübner and Co., 1869, 80., pp. x and 295, 6/-.

NOTE.—Contains “Larthon,” pp. 16-22, and “The Huntress of Armorica,” pp. 106-113. See next page.

The Rock Light, or duty our watchword. With 4 Illusts. By É. L. Hervey. Lond., Warne and Co., 1870, 80., pp. vi and 193, 2/

NOTE.-A story of the Eddystone Lighthouse. Treasure for Treasure. A Cornish Tale. With 3 Illusts. Churchman's Family Mag., ii, 406–15, (1863).

NOTE.--In 1655 the above two works were published in one volume with the following title page.

Wisdomes Tripos or rather its Inscription, Detvr Sapienti, in three treatises. i, Of Worldly Policy. ii, Of Morall Prudence. üži, Of Christian Wisdome. The Vanity of the first, The usefulnesse of the second, The Excellency of the third. By C. Herle, Minister of Gods Word, at Winwick, in Lancashire. Lond., printed for

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HERVEY, ELEANORA Louisa. (Con.).

HEWETT, WILLIAM. (Con.). Larthon of Inis-huna. A tale of the Green Fowey Harbour its position and capabilities. Children. Once a Week, i, 574–76, (1866). By W. Hewett. Fowey, J. Wellington, Chemist

and Druggist, Stamp Office, n.d., [1869,] fcp. NOTE.—Commences,

8o., pp. 8, 1d.—Another ed., 1870, 80., pp. 14, " Those isles of Scilly basking by the shore Where Cornish Mariners drag deep their nets."

Note.- The printer of this work was Jas. Bennett, The Huntress of Armorica. A legend of St.

St. Blazey, but his name does not appear on it. Michael's Mount. ib., ii, 706-708.

Sanctification; remarks occasioned by a pasHERVEY, REV. JAMES (son of Rev. Will. / sage in a work on the Holy Spirit, by Dr. Octa

Hervey). Sometime Curate of Hartland, R. vius Winslow. Bible Christian Mag., xxiv, 32– of Weston Favell, 1752. b. Hardingstone, near | 37, (1859). Northampton, 14 Feb., 1711. d. Weston Favell, M. de Montalembert and English Liberty. 25 Dec., 1758.

ib., xxiv, 61-64. Meditations among the tombs in a letter to a

Sunday Funerals. ib., xxiv, 71. lady. By James Hervey, A.B. Lond., printed

| Sanctification with J. Wesley's Queries on the for J. and J. Rivington, 1746, 8o.

point. ib., xxiv, 150–51.

The finger of God. ib., xxiv, 271-73. NOTE. - Dedication to Miss R- T[homson), pp. The reason why. ib., xxiv, 310–12. i-iv, preface, pp. v-viii, Meditations, pp. 1-86. It com

The gates of hell. ib., xxiv, 344-46. mences thus “Madam, Travelling lately into Cornwall, I happened to alight at Kilkhampton.” The work is said

Note.- Mr. Hewett has written in The Wesleyan to have been originated during Mr. Hervey's visit to his Methodist Mag.; The Protestant Watchman; The relative, Mr. Orchard, at Aldercombe Barton, in Kilk

Christian Miscellany; The Devonport Independent hampton. It has gone through numerous editions.

(under signature of Democritus); Plymouth Journal

(under signature of Observer and W. Hewett); The Meditations and Contemplations... by James Western Daily Mercury; The West Briton ; Glasgow Hervey, A.B. Transposed into blank verse by Christain News; Methodist Times; Cornwall TemperG. Cocking, (1813). See Cocking, G.

ance Journal; and St. Austell Gazette. Reflections on a flower garden in a letter to a lady. By J. Hervey, A.B. Lond., printed for HEWITT, JOHN. J. and J. Rivington, 1746, 80., pp. 122.

A.D. 1834, Apl. 19, No. 6,595. Specification NOTE.—The garden was probably that attached to of John Hewitt, of Kenegie, Cornwall, Gentlethe mansion of Stowe, at Kilkhampton. This work has man, for “A combination of certain materials gone through numerous editions.

which being combined or mixed together will

form a valuable substance or compound and may HEWETT, REV. JOHN WILLIAM, M.A. Trinity

be used with or as a substitute for Soap." Lond., Coll. Camb. Fellow of St. Nicholas College. (son of Lieut. Will. Hewett, R.N.) b. Ayles

1834, fol.—Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottisbury, 2 Feb., 1824.

woode, 1857, fol., pp. 3, 3d. On the tower of the church of Probus. En

HEXT, ANNE. gravings. Trans. Exeter Dioces. Architect. Soc., iv, 19-20, (1850).

Disticha in obitum Annæ Hext et Joh.

Hutchins. MSS. C. C. C. Oxford, 324, fol. 180. HEWETT, RICHARD (son of Richard Hewett).

b. Fowey, March, 1761. d. Fowey, Nov., 1846. HEXT, FRANCIS (son of Francis Hert). 6. 11 Remarks on the Pilchard Fishery. Rep.

Jan., 1666. d. Mch., 1729. bur. St. Austell, R.C.P.Soc., 1842, pt. i, p. 32.

31 Mch.

Several Poems and Elegies in Latin, as well HEWETT, WILLIAM (son of Richard Hewett). b. as English in memory of the most excellent Fowey, 3 Jan., 1815.

Maria. 1701, 8o. A Letter to the Roman Catholic Priest, of NOTE.—Written by F. Hext, in conjunction with Trelawny, Cornwall, dated Fowey, Dec. 17, Nahum Tate and others. A copy is now (1872), penes 1846, and signed Wm. Hewett. W. Lane, printer, Rev. J. H. Hext, V. of Teignton-Regis, Devon. Fowey, n.d., [1846,] 8°., pp. 16.

A Dialogue between Redman, a Perkinite; and NOTE.-In reference to An Address given in the

Segrave, a Williamite; 89. Paper Mill by Fowey, by the Rev. Mr. Oleron, on

Notr.-A copy is now penes Rev. J. H. Hest. Sunday, Aug. 23, 1846. The pamphlet also contains “Observations, etc., by J. Scollier." q.v.

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