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HEYWOOD, THOMAS. (Con.). quality. Written by Thomas Heywood. Lond., printed by Nicholas Okes, 1612, small 4o., A to G, in fours, a four leaves follows the first A.

NOTE.-Account of “A strange accident happening at a play at Perin, in Cornwall," about the year 1600. This is on the page bearing the signature G 2.

An Apology for Actors, etc. Lond., Reprinted for the Shakespeare Society, 1841, 80.

NOTE.—Account of a strange accident at Penryn, p. 58. The account has been printed in the Journ. R.I.C., 1865, p. 35.

HEXT, FRANCIB. (Con.). Letter from a Lawyer of the Middle Temple, a Cornishman by birth. Spectator, No. 129. July 28, 1711.

NOTE.-The above is believed to have been written by F. Hext, who was a friend of Steele and Addison. HEXT, REV. FRANCIS JOHN, M.A. R. of Hel

land, 1817-42. (eld. son of F. J. Hext). b. 10 April, 1779. d. Bath, 27 Jan., 1842.

Views of a modification of the Reform Bill. [By F. J. Hext.) Bodmin 1831, fol.

Letters on Reform in Parliament, addressed to Sir R. R. Vyvyan, Bart., M.P., and to the magistracy and gentry of Cornwall, dated from Mch. 11th, to Xpl. 12th, 1831, and originally published in the Royal Cornwall Gazette, with the signature Y.Z. Together with Views of a Modification of the Reform Bill, abstracted from the Letter to that gentleman and reduced to the form of Resolutions as for submission to a County Meeting. By F. J. Hext, Clerk. To which is added a Petition to the House of Commons... Truro, printed and published by T. R. Gillet, Jun., (at the Royal Cornwall Gazette Office,] and in London, by Roake and Varty, 31, Strand, 1831, 80., pp. 45, 1/6. HEXT, GERTRUDE. See Parsons, Gertrude. HEXT, ADMIRAL WILLIAM (3rd son of F. J.

Hext). b. Bodmin, 6 Aug., 1780. d. Tredethy, 31 Oct., 1866. bur. St. Mabyn. cf. O'Byrne;

Gent. Mag., iii, 114–15, (1867). HEYGATE, REV. WILLIAM EDWARD (2nd son

of Jas. Heygate). Curate of Gerrans, 13 Jan. to 16 Dec., 1848. Now (1872) R. of Brightstone, Isle of Wight. b. Southend ? 11 Aug., 1816.

The Death of King Gerennius. By W. E. Hseygate.] Truro, James R. Netherton, 1848, demy 16o., pp. 12.

NOTE.-The dedication is “ To the children of that parish, by their loving friend W. E. H.," and is dated * Parish of S. Gerrans, 1848.”

True Religion. Signed W. E. H[eygate.] J. R. Netherton, printer, Truro, n.d., (1878,) 12o., pp. 12.

NOTE.-An Address to the Parishioners of Gerrans. Christmas, 1848.

The Chair of St. Mawe. By W. E. H[eygate.] Lond., Masters ; Plymouth, A. Simms; Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1849, demy 16o., pp. 16. HEYWOOD, THOMAS. d. temp., Charles I.

An Apology for Actors. Containing three briefe treatises. I. Their antiquity. II. Their ancient dignity. III. The true vse of their

HICHENS, REV. WILLIAM, B.A. (son of Robert

Hichens). Fellow of Ex. Coll., 1850. b. 1825. d. Feock, 17 Aug., 1850.

Sermons preached in the parish church of St. Feock, Cornwall, by the late Rev. W. Hichens, B.A. Lond., Rivingtons, 1851, 8o., pp. ii and 338, 9/6.

Note.—Preface signed R. B. K[insman.] HICKES, REV. GASPAR, M.A. V. of Landrake;

ejected, 1662. Member of the Westminster Assembly, July, 1643–1648. b. Berkshire, 1605. bir. Landrake, 10 Apl., 1677. cf. Bliss' . Wood, ii, 1107-8; Palmer's Noncon. Memorial, (1802), i. 352–53.

The Glory and Beauty of God's portion : set forth in a Sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at the Publique Fast, June 26, 1644. By G. Hickes, Pastour of Lanracke, in Cornwall, a Member of the Assembly of Divines. Lond., printed by G. M. for Christopher Meredith, at the Signe of the Crane, in Pauls Church-yard, 1644, 4o., pp. 43. Bod. Lib.

The advantage of afflictions; a sermon preached before the Rt. Hon. House of Peers, January 28, 1645, being the day of publike Humiliation, in the Abbey Church, Westminster. By G. Hicks, a Member of the Assembly of Divines. Lond., printed by G. M. for Christopher Meredith, at the signe of the Crane, in Pauls Church-yard, 1645, 4o., pp. 31 and Epistle Dedicatory unpaged.

The life and death of David, a sermon preached at the funeralls of that worthy member of the Honourable House of Commons. William Strode, Esquire, in the Abbey Church, in Westminster, Septemb. 22, 1645. By G. Hickes, a Member of the Assembly of Divines. Lond., printed by G. Miller for Christopher Meredith, at the signe of the Crane, in Pauls Church-yard, 1645, 40., pp. 26 and Epistle Dedicatory unpaged.

A True and faithful narrative of the unjust and illegal sufferings and oppressions of many

HICKES, Rev. Gaspar, M.A. (Con.).

HICKS, WILLIAM. (Con.). Christians (... called Fanaticks, etc.), (1671). See


Revelation Revealed, being a practical exposi

tion of the Revelation of St. John. Whereunto Note.-An account of the prosecution of G. Hickes,

is living at “a tovvn call’d Landrake, vulgarly Larrake,"

annexed Quinto-Monarchiæ cum quarto by "a young Levite...who serves for the parish priest, | ΟΜΟΛΟΓΙΑ or A Friendly Complyance by name Mr. Winnel or Windle,” is contained in pp. between Christ's Monarchy and the magistrates. 32-34.

By William Hicks, Gent. Sometime of Wadham

College, in Oxon., now living near the Mount, in HICKES, REV. JOHN (elder bro. of Dr. G. Hickes,

Co nwal. Lond., printed by F. Macock, for Dean of Worcester). Minister of Saltash.

Daniel White, and sold at his Shop, at the Seven Ejected 1662. 6. Moorhouse, Kirkby-wick, near

Stars, in St. Pauls' Churchyard, 1659, fol. Thirsk, in Yorkshire, 1633. Executed at Glastonbury, 6 Oct., 1685. cf. Palmer's Noncon. NOTE.—The Dedication “ To the Right Worshipful Memorial, (1802), i, 368–70; Macaulay's Hist. Sr. Richard Chyverton, late Lord Mayor of the Honorable of England, i, 633–38, iii, 459.

City of London," signed W. Hicks, 6 leaves, “ To the

judicious christian reader," signed W. Hicks, and dated Troublous Times or Leaves from the Note "Kerris, in Cornwal, Nov. 1, 1658." 5 leaves. Preface and Book of the Rev. Mr. John Hicks, an ejected

Catalogue, 9 leaves. The Revelation, pp. 1-315. Quinto

Monarchiæ (with distinct title page). Dedication to Nonconformist Minister, 1670–71. Transcribed

“ Col. Robert Bennets, by Launceston, in Cornwall," 5 by Jane Browning Cranch. With an Introduction leaves, “ To the Christian Reader," 3 leaves, then pp. by the Rev. Chas. Stanford. Lond., Jackson, 335-349. Alphabetical Table and Errata 5 leaves. Walford, and Hodder, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard,

ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΙΣ ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΕΩΣ or The 1862, 80., pp. xxviii and 305. A true and faithful narrative of the unjust

Revelation Revealed, etc. Lond., 1661, fol. and illegal sufferings and oppressions of many Note.-Copies of this date are said to have a por. Christians (injuriously and injudiciously call'd trait of the author in a cloak, engraved by David Loggan. Fanaticks...) under and by several of His

HICKS, WILLIAM ROBERT. 6. Bodmin, 1 April, Majesty's Justices of the Peace and others who

1808. d. Westheath, Bodmin, 5 Sept., 1868. are no officers but informers, in the county of

cf. J. C. Young's Memoir of C. M. Young, (1871), Devon, since the Tenth of May, also

ii, 301-8. of the most malicious prosecution of nine innocent persons to take away their lives, under a

An illustrious obscure [i.e. W. R. Hicks. ] false pretence of murdering an informer...Anon.

Anon. [By Abraham Hayward, Q. C.] Morning Printed in the year 1671, sm. 4o., pp. 34, and

Post, 8 Sept., 1868, p. 5. Postscript 6 pages unpaged. Dr. Williams'.

Note. It is stated in the above that Sir William A discourse of the excellency of the Heavenly Molesworth and Col. Hamley were partly educated by Substance. Anon. 1673, 120.

Mr. Hicks. A compleat history of the most remarkable providences which have happened in the present

HIGGINS, GODFREY, F.S.A. (only son of Godfrey age... By William Turner, M.A. Vicar of Walber

Higgins). b. Yorkshire, 1771. d. Skellow ton, in Sussex... Lond., printed for John Dunton,

Grange, near Doncaster, 9 Aug., 1833. at the Raven, in Jewen St., 1697, fol. Pagination The Celtic Druids or an attempt to show that irregular. Sion College.

the Druids were the priests of oriental colonies

who emigrated from India and were the introNote.-Contains “ Mr. J. Hicks’Last Speech, 1685,"

ducers of the first or Cadmean system of letters in Chap. cxliii., pp. 135-37.

and the builders of Stonehenge, of Carnac, and HICKES, PAUL! (A descendant of Rich. Hickes,

of other Cyclopean works, in Asia and Europe.

By Godfrey Higgins. Lond., Rowland Hunter, the first Mayor of St. Ives, 1639.) Attorney at St. Ives, and Coroner of that Borough. b. St.

1829, 4o., pp. xcvi and 324. Ives. bur. St. Ives, 11 Jan., 1731

Note.-Contains numerous views and descriptions

of Cornish antiquities. The History of St. Ives to the year 1722. By Mr. Hickes. 1722, MSS.

HIGGS, SAMUEL, F.G.S. (2nd son of Samuel

Higgs). b. Penzance, 16 Oct., 1834. NOTE.- Was penes Sir N. H. Nicolas, in 1820.

Preservation of Life from Shipwreck. To the HICKS, WILLIAM (son of Nicholas Hicks.) b. Editor of the Times, signed S. H., Jun., and

Kerris. bapt. Paul, 2 Jan., 1634 d. Kerris, dated Penzance, Aug. 16, 1869. n.p. or d. [1869,]
Feb., 1638. bur. Paul, 3 Mch., 1638. cf. Bliss', 4o.
Wood, iii, 489–90; Granger's Biog. Hist. ; Rose. Preservation of Life from Shipwreck, signed


HILL, Miss ELIZABETH. S. Higgs, Jun., and dated Penzance, 24 Sept., A Discourse on the benefit which the Holy 1869. n.p. or d. [1869,], 4o.

Spirit of God is, to man in his journey through Key to the Life Chart of the Cornish Coast. life. Preached at Christ's Church, in Newgate Arranged and compiled by S. Higgs, Jun., F.G.S., Street, on Whitsun-Monday, pursuant to the will Vice-Consul of France, Sweden, Norway, Den of Miss Elizabeth Hill, late of Falmouth, Cornmark, Spain, Portugal, &c., &c., Penzance. Pen wall. By the Rev. William Romaine... Lond., zance, Printed by Ě. Rowe, 30, Market-place, Withers, 1755, 80., 6d.—4th ed. Lond., printed 1869, 80., pp. 2 and 9.

for J. Worrall, at the Dove, in Bell-yard, near Notes of the Copper Mines of Alderley Edge, Lincoln's Inn...1759, 80., pp. 28. Cheshire. Trans. R.G.S.C., vii, 325–26, (1858).

Notice of a singular specimen much resem HILL, FREDERICK, F.G.S. (son of Major Thos. bling chalk-flint found in Balleswidden Mine, Hill and Phillis, dau. of Pascoe Grenfell, of St. Just. ib., vii, 449-50.

Marazion.) Town Clerk of Helston. b. KingsNotice of an accumulation of carburetted bridge, Devon, 1807. hydrogen, or fire-damp, in Ding Dong. ib., 1868.

A Letter to the Earl of Falmouth, on the Note.—This portion of the Trans. R.G.S.C. is not

present state of the Stannary Courts of Cornyet published.

wall, and on the expediency of reviving and ex

tending their Equitable Jurisdiction. By F. HIGHAM, ROBERT H.

Hill. Helston, published by John Roberts, 1835, Jan Parkins, the Poacher, how he escaped the

8o., pp. 58. law; and the Two young Cornish miners at

A Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the present Tavistock Goose Fair, what they saw and heard.

state of the Bankrupt Law, with immediate By Robert H. Higham. Devonport, printed and

reference to proceedings in the matter of Gundry published by J. R. H. Spry, 9, Tavistock St.,

in the District Court of Exeter. By F. Hill. n.d. [18--] 8°., pp. 16, 4d.

Lond., Waterlow and Sons, 1853, 80., pp. 29.

: NOTE.-Signed “F. Hill," and dated “Helston, 20 HIGHAM, T. R.

Jan, 1853." A Dialogue between Tom Thomas and Bill

Inquiry into the origin and nature of Tin Bilkey, two Cornish Miners.—The Snake. By Bounds. Mining Review, vol. vi. No. 26.--ReT. R. Hsigham.] Truro, J. R. Netherton. n.d., printed, Lond., R. Middleton, 12, Gough Square, [1866,] go., pp. 24.

n.d. [1840 ?] 80., pp. 22. The Cornish Farmer and the Squire, a Poem by T. R. H[igham.] Netherton's Cornish Almanac, HILL, REV. GEORGE, M.A. V. of St. Winnow, (1868), pp. 11.

1865. b. Oxford, 1813. . 'Lizbeth Jane's Courtship, being another dialogue between Tom Thomas and Bill Bilkey,

Church Membership; a catechism on the by T. R. H[igham.] Netherton's Cornish Almanac,

blessings and obligations of the Christian's call(1869), pp. 2.

ing in Christ Jesus our Lord: With instructions

on confirmation and holy communion. By G. NOTE.-The above two are reprinted in “Four Hill, M.A., Vicar of St. Winnow. Rivingtons, Cornish Tales." (Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1870, 80), pp. Lond., Oxford and Cambridge, 1868, fcp. 8°., 11 and 5 respectively.

pp. 64. Edwin Lukey's Trip to Town. Anon. Printed in Cornish Tales. (Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1867, HILL, REV. John, M.A. (son of Michael Hill, 80.), pp. 66–70.

of Crowan, in Egloshayle.) 'R. of St. Mabyn, 8 Betty White.—Jimmy's Story. Anon. ib., Oct., 1668–1709. bur. St. Mabyn, 20 Feb., pp. 71-79.

1709. ** A Dialogue between Betty Penstraze and

The great apostacy of the Church of Rome Sally Trembath. Anon. ib., pp. 132-47.

from her primitive purity and integrity. With

a vindication of the Church of England in her HILL FAMILY.

separation from her, and the hazard of salvation Pedigree of the Hill family. Collect. Topog. in communion with her, discoursed in A Sermon et Geneal., i, 409.

preached at St. Mary le Bow, London, on Sunday,

the 28th of December, 1679. By John Hill, HILL, REV. CHRISTOPHER. Curate of Kilk Rector of St. Mabyn, in the County of Cornwall.

hampton, Sept., 1662 to May, 1664. cf. Remains Lond., printed for Samuel Heyrick, at Greysof Dean Granville, (1865), pp. 158–59. | Inne-gate, in Holborn, 1680, 4°., pp. 76.

HILL, Rev. Pascoe GRENFELL, B.A., R.N. (Con.). Portman Barracks, xix S. after Trinity, 1853, to H.M. first Battalion of Grenadier Guards. Lond., J. Whitaker, 41, Pall Mall, 1853, 8°., pp. 8.

Modern British Poesy. A comparison between poets who flourished during the latter half of the 18th century, and those of the 19th century, with biographical sketches. By the Rev. P. G. Hill, R.Ň. Chaplain of Westminster Hospital. Lond., E. Palmer and Son, 18, Paternoster Row, 1856, 80., pp. 144.

Letter to the Right Hon. B. S. Phillips, Lord Mayor, on Street-Slaughter. Dated March, 1866, and signed P. G. Hill. Lond., Waterlow and Sons, printers, Carpenters' Hall, London Wall, 1866, 80., pp. 8, 6d.

Life of Napoleon III. By P. G. Hill, R.N., B.A. Rector of S. Edmund, the King and Martyr. Lond., E. Moxon, Sons, and Co., 1869, 8o., pp. 212, 9/HILL OR HULL, Sir ROBERT. Judge of the

Court of Common Pleas, 1408–26. 6. Heligan, in Cornwall? d. 1426. cf. Foss' Judges, iv, 326–28; 8th Rep. Deputy Keeper of Records, p. 163.

HILL, Rev. JOHN, M.A. (Con.). Ishbibenob defeated and David succoured: in · a sermon displaying the groundless confidence of

Church and State destroying adversaries, preached at the Assizes, held for the county of Cornwall, at Launceston, Aug. the 9th, 1693, being the day of the monthly fast. By John Hill, Rector of St. Mabin, in Cornwal. London, printed for W. Cook, at the Green Dragon, without Temple-Bar, and are to be sold by Benj. Smithurst, Bookseller, at Launceston, in Cornwal, 1694, 4o., pp. 21.

Note.—The dedication to Sir R. Atkins, signed “John Hill," anå dated “St. Mabyn, Sept. 1, 1693.”

J. G. to Bishop Lamplugh, concerning the simony, sacrilege, and forgery, of Rev. J. Hill. Plymouth, 16 Jan., 1679–80. Tanner MSS., (Bodl. Lib.), 141, art. 48. HILL, REV. JOSIAH. Wesleyan Minister, at

Penzance, in 1814–17? b. Sall, near Reepham, Norfolk, 13 Nov., 1773. d. Haverford-West, 22 Jan., 1844. cf. John Foster's Life and Correspondence, (1852), passim ; The Family Pen,

by Isaac Taylor, i, 295, & passim. . HILL, REV. PASCOE GRENFELL, B.A., R.N.

(son of Major Thos. Hill.) R. of St. Edmund, the King and Martyr, and St. Nicholas Acons, Lombard St., London, 7 Feb., 1863. 6. Marazion, 15 May, 1804.

Poems on several occasions. By P. G. Hill. Penzance, printed by E. Rowe, n.d., [184] 80., pp. 28.

NOTE.-Dedicated to Oliver Hill, by “his affectionate Nephew, the Author."

Fifty days on board a slave ship in the Mozambique Channel, in April and May, 1843. By the Rev. P. G. Hill, Chaplain of H.M.S. “ Cleopatra.” Lond., J. Murray, 1844, 80., pp. 115, 3/6.Lond., 1849, 8o. -Lond., 1853, 80., 12).

A voyage to the slave coast of West and East Africa. By the Rev. P. G. Hill, R.N. Lond., C. Gilpin, 1849, 120., pp, 47.

A Journey through Palestine. By the Rev. P. G. Hill. Lond., Soc. Prom. Christ. Know., n.d., (1852,] 80., pp. 70, 6d.

The Kafir War. To the Rt. Hon. B. Disraeli, M.P., Chancellor of the Exchequer. By P. G. Hill, R.N. Westminster, Vacher and Sons, 29, Parliament Street, 1852, 80., pp. 16.

A Visit to Cairo. By the Rev. P. G. Hill. Lond., Soc. Prom. Christ. Know., n.d., [1853,] 12o., pp. 92.

The Christian Soldier ; a Sermon by the Rev. P. G. Hill, B.A., Chaplain in the Navy, and Chaplain of Westminster Hospital, preached at

HILL, Rev. ROWLAND, M.A. (3rd son of Sir

Rowland Hill.) b. Hawkstone, near Shrewsbury, 23 Aug., 1744. d. London, 11 Apl, 1833.

NOTE.—cf. Life and Times of Countess of Hunting. don, (Account of Mr. Hill's preaching at Looe, ii, 419;) Will. Jones' Memoir of Rev. R. Hill, (Account of Mr. Hill's preaching in the Gwennap Pit, pp. 148-50.)

HILL, REV. THOMAS. Wesleyan Minister in

Cornwall, 1827-31. b. nr. Stourbridge, 1769. d. Holmforth, 8 Feb., 1857.

Brotherly Love. A Sermon [on Psalm, cxxxiii, preached at Falmouth. By the Rev. T. Hill. Lond., 1830, 80., pp. 24.


The Poor Widow's Mite cast into the Lord's Treasury. Wherein are contained some Reasons in the Justification of the Meetings of the People of God called Quakers... Written by a woman of the lest it should be counted a libel, or any should think, we dare not own it in the world, I have subscribed my name...Printed for the use and benefit of such Bees as suck their Hony from the Flowers and Blossoms that God makes to spring; that they may have to keep themselves alive in the dark stormy winter. No place or printers names, 1671, 4°., pp. 47.

Nore. A poem signed “ E. Hincks." In Smith's Catalogue of Friends' Books stated to be “ of Comwall.'




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HINCKS, REV. THOMAS, B.A. (son of Rev. Will. HINGESTON-RANDOLPH, Rev. F. C. (Con.). Hincks, F.L.S., Emeritus Professor of Natural

Devon... Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton ; Lond., History, in University College, Toronto). b.

Whittaker and Co., 1870, [1869,] 12°., pp. 24, Exeter, 1818.

Catalogue of the Zoophytes of South Devon and South Cornwall. Six plates. Annals and Mag. of Nat. Hist., vols. viii, ix, and x, 1861–

Architectural progress in Oxford, in xy Chap62. [Also found as a Pamphlet, Lond., J. Van

ters. Building Neus, ii, 889, etc., (1856), iii, 3, Voorst, 1862, 80., pp. 64.]

etc., (1857,) iv, 60, (1858.) Supplement to a Catalogue of the Zoophytes

The Westerton Judgment. ib., iii, 321. of South Devon and South Cornwall, with

Mr. Ruskin's Writings and the Reviews. ib., description of new specimens. Two plates. ib.,

iii, 417.

Classic or Gothic. ib., iii, 546. 4 S. ix, 73–83, (1871-72.)

Sketches by the roadside. ib., iii, 653, 870. HINGESTON-RANDOLPH, Rev. FRANCIS Architectural Sketches in Cambridge, in vi

CHARLES, M.A. (son of the following. Altered Chapters. ib., üïï, 757, etc. the spelling of his name to Hingeston, 31 March, Ruskin's Elements of Drawing. ib., iii, 1193. 1854, and assumed that of Randolph in addition On Secular architecture, in ii Chapters. ib., iii,

to his own, on his marriage, 26 July, 1860, with | 1290, etc. · Martha Jane, only child and heiress of the Rev. Architecture in the Provinces, in vi Chapters.

Herbert Randolph, M.A.) Incumbent of Hamp ib., iv. 6, etc. ton-Gay, 1859-60; R. of Ringmore, 1860; On Stained glass, in iii Chapters. ib., iv, 345, Domestic Chaplain to the Baroness Le Des etc. pencer (Viscountess Falmouth), 1858. 6. Truro, The Oxford Architectural Congress. ib., iv, 31 March, 1833.

623, etc. Specimens of ancient Cornish crosses, fonts,

The liberty of labour, in vii Chapters. ib., iv, etc. Lond., W. J. Cleaver, 46, Piccadilly...J. R.

1047, etc. Netherton, King St., Truro, 1850, 4o., unpaged.

The battle of the Styles. ib., iv, 1213, etc.

The Oxford New Museum, in viii Chapters. Note.—The preliminary matter consists of Speci.

ib., iv, 1291, v, 29, etc., (1859.) mens of Ancient Cornish Crosses, etc. No. I, Ancient Local Antiquities. ib., v, 162. Crosses, signed F. C. H., and dated Truro, Mch. 1, London in the olden time. ib., v, 230. 1850.-No. II. Specimens of Fonts, etc., dated Truro,

A week with an Antiquary in the Far West, June 1, 1850.—No. III. Specimens of Fonts, etc., dated Truro, Sept., 28, 1850; then follow 55 views. The work

in iv Chapters. ib., v, 399, 469, 556, 600, 707. is dedicated to Lord Falmouth.

Chapters on Practical Questions, in xi Chapters. The Poems of F. Hingeston, (1857). See

ib., v, 853, etc., vi, 52, etc., (1860). Hingston, F.

Review of Parker's Domestic Architecture. The Chronicle of England, by John Capgrave.

ib., v, 915, etc. Edited by The Rev. F. C. Hingeston, B. A., of

Notes on Coast Churches. Pt. i, iv Chapters. Exeter College. Lond., Longman, 1858, 80., pp.

Pt. ii, ii Chapters. ib., vi, 671, etc., vii, 17, etc., xxix and 482, 8/6.

(1861). Johannes Capgrave, Liber de illustribus Hen

Review of Callington Church. By the Rev. ricis. Edited by the Rev. F. C. Hingeston,

Æ. B. Hutchison. ib., vii, 258.
M.A...Lond., Longman, 1858, 8°., pp. lvii and
319, 8, 6.
The Book of the illustrious Henries. By John

On Cornish Crosses. Ecclesiologist, x, 217–19,
Capgrave. Translated from the Latin, by the (1850).
Rev. F. C. Hingeston, M.A... Lond., Longman,

On the Middle Pointed Style, in Cornwall. 1858, 80., pp. xxii and 285, 8/6.

ib., x, 371-75. Royal and Historical Letters during the reign , The ancient stained glass windows in St. of Henry the Fourth, King of England and of

Neot's Church. ib., xii, 49–55, (1851). France and Lord of Ireland. Edited by the

On the ancient stone fonts of Cornwall. ib., Rev. F. C. Hingeston... Incumbent of Hampton xii, 96-102. Gay. Vol. i, A.D. 1399-1404. Lond., Longman,

St. Mary's, Truro. ib., xii, 156-58. 1860, 80., pp. cxi and 457, 8/6.

On the Romanesque Style in Cornwall. ib.,

xii, 199-205. NOTE.—No more published.

On the ancient stone crosses of Cornwall. ib., Four years of a Country Friendly Society. A xii, 332-41. letter to the Editor of the Times. By the Rev. On the Perpendicular Style. ib., xvii, 146-47, F. C. Hingeston-Randolph, Rector of Ringmore, | (1856).

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