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HINGSTON, FRANCIS (2nd son of John and Mar

HINGSTON, Thomas, M.D: (Con.). garet Hingston). Controller H.M. Customs,

George IV to Scotland, 1822. By T. Hingston. Truro, 1827 ? to 1841. b. St. Ives, 27 Nov.,

| MS. 1796. bapt. 19 Jan., 1797. d. St. Ives, 7 Oct., 1841.

NOTE.-The original MS. is lost, but the translation

of the Ode, made by his brother, is to be found in F. The poems of Francis Hingeston, (sic). Hingeston's Poems, pp. 129-31. The prize medal awarded Edited by his son [the Rev. F. Č. Hingeston

to Dr. Hingston for this poem was that given by the

King to the University of Edinburgh for presentation to Randolph.] Lond., Longman, 1857, post 80.,

the author of the best ode. It is now the property of the pp. xii and 190, 10/6. List of Subscribers. Rev. F. C. Hingeston-Randolph.

Essay on Friendship. By C. [i.e. F. Hingston.] Cornish Nag., iii, 58, (1828).

HITCHENS, JAMES. Heber's Hymns. ib., iii, 117.

A Short Account of the Death of Samuel

Hitchens. By James Hitchens, Tinner. [Ed. by HINGSTON, NATIIANIEL, Merchant. d. Fal Rev. J. Wesley.) Lond., printed in the year

mouth, Oct., 1809. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxix, pt. | 1746, 120., pp. 11. 6th ed. Truro, printed in ii, 987, (1809); European Mag., lvi, 313, the year 1747, 120., pp. 11. (1809).

A Short Account of Samuel Hitchens and of

his brother Thomas Hitchens, of Bisveal, near HINGSTON, RICHARD (brother of Nathaniel

Redruth, in Cornwall. By their Father James Hingston).

Hitchens.) London Wesleyan Conference Office,

2, Castle St., City Road, [Religious Tracts,] No. Letters from William Cookworthy to R.

17, 120., pp. 16, 4/- per 100. Hingston, Surgeon, Penryn, 1744-47. In

A Short Account of the Death of Thomas “Memoir of W. Cookworthy. By his grandson," Hitchens. By James Hitchens, Tinner. Printed 1854, 12°

in the year 1747, 120., pp. 12.

HINGSTON, THOMAS, M.D. (3rd son of John HITCHENS, SAMUEL. b. Cornwall, 23 March,

Hingston). bapt. St. Ives, 9 May, 1799. d. 1725. d. Bisveal, near Redruth, 16 Aug., 1746. Falmouth, 13 July, 1837. cf. Gent. Mag., viii, See Hitchens, James. 318–19, (1837).

HITCHENS, THOMAS. b. Cornwall, 14 April, Dissertatio Inauguralis de Morbo Comitiali

1723. d. Bisveal, near Redruth, 11 Sept., quam annuente summo numine ex auctoritate

1746. cf. J. Wesley's Works, (1856), ii, 30. Reverendi admodum viri D. Georgii Baird, S.T.P. Academiæ Edinburgensis Præfectinecnon amplis

A Short Account of the Death of Thomas simi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissima

Hitchens. Ed. by Rev. J. Wesley. 3rd ed. facultatis medicæ decreto, pro gradu Doctoris,

Printed in the year 1747. n.p. or printer's name. summisque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis

12o., pp. 12. See also Hitchens, James. rite et legitime consequendis eruditorum examini

HITCHINS, MRS. d. St. Agnes, 10 Nov., 1808, subjicit Thomas Hingston, Anglus, Soc. Reg. Med. Edin. Socius. Edinburgi excudebat Joannes

aged 28. Moir, 1824, 80., pp. 70.

The Grace of God manifested in an account Guilielmi Harveii Exercitationes de Motu / of Mrs. Hitchins, of St. Agnes. By Rev. T. Kelk. Cordis et Sanguinis, quas notis pauculis instru Truro, 24 Nov., 1808. Methodist Mag., xxxiii, endas curavit Thomas Hingston, M.D., Socie

70–73, (1810). tatis Regiæ Medicæ Edinburgensis Socius, nunc

HITCHINS, FORTESCUE, Solicitor, St. Ives, (4th ex Collegio Reginæ Cantabrigiensi. [With two plates.] Edinburgi : ven. apud Joannem Carfræ

son of the following). bapt. St. Hilary, 22 Feb., et filium ; atque Longman et Socios Londini,

1784. d. Marazion, 1 April, 1814. bur. St. 1824, 80., 10,6, pp. 250.

Hilary, 6 Apl. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxxiv, 86, On the use of iron amongst the earlier

(1814); Nichols' Illustrations of Lit. Hist., vi, nations of Europe. Truns. R.G.S.C., iv, 113-34. | 45 ; C. Redding's Yesterday and To-day, i, 39. (1829).

Vision of Memory and other poems. By a Memoir of William of Worcester. Prefixed young gentleman. [Plymouth] Dock, E. Hoxland, to William of Worcester's Itinerary. In Appen Fore St., 1803, 80., pp. 53. List of Subscribers. dix to “D. Gilbert's Cornwall,” (1838), iv,

NOTE.- Preface signed F. H[itchins.] 222-28. On Cornish Names. ib., iv, 312–18.

The Sea Shore with other poems, by F. Latin Ode on the occasion of the visit of Hitchins. Sherborne, printed for the author by

HITCHINS, Fortescue. (Con.).

HITCHINS, Rev. Malachy, M.A. (Con.). James Langdon, and sold by L. B. Seeley, Ave Account of antiquities discovered in the parish Maria-Lane, and John Hatchard, 150, Piccadilly, of Lelant, in Cornwall. Plate. ib., xv, 118–21, 1810, 80., pp. 173, 7/- List of subscribers. (1806). Nore.—Dedicated to " Samuel Stephens, M.P., Tre

An account of four Roman urns. The first genna Castle.”

three described by the Rev. M. Hitchins, in a

letter to the author, dated St. Hilary, Dec., The Tears of Cornubia. A poem by F.

1803. Polwhele's Ilist. of Cornwall," vol iii. Hitchins, occasioned by the loss of H.M.S.

(Supplement. By the Historian of Manchester, i.e. “St. George,” Admiral Reynolds. Penzance, T. | Rev. J. Whitaker), pp. 88–90. Vigurs; Sherborne, Langdon, 1812, 4°., pp. 27, 24The History of Cornwall, 1824. See Drew,

Parochial Table of Cornwall. MSS. 1806. Samuel.

Three letters from M. Hitchins to John

Crosley respecting astronomical calculations. Note.- Mr. Hitchins printed various fugitive poems | Marazion, 6 and 21, Aug., 1799, 10 Dec., 1800. in the Cornwall Gazette, in 1811-12. cf. 9 May, 1812,

Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 16,947, pp. 25–27. respecting the authorship of poems with signature of


(eld. son of the preceding). Devonshire Fellow

of Ex. Coll., 1783–1805 ; Curate of Falmouth Hitchins). V. of St. Hilary, 6 Nov., 1775–

for 33 years ; R. of Baverstock. Wilts, 18041809. V. of Gwinear, 23 May, 1785–1809. 6. Little Trevince. bapt. Gwennap, 18 May,

27. b. Marton, Devonshire, 1764. d. Baver

stock, 22 Feb., 1827. 1741. d. St. Hilary, 28 Mch., 1809. cf. Nichols Illustrations of Lit. Hist., vi, pp. xvi

On the Lamented Death of the Rev. R. H. and 44-46 ; Rev. N. Maskelyne'sAstronomical

Hitchins, Rector of Baverstock, and formerly

Curate of Falmouth for above 30 years. Lines Obserrations made at Greenwich,” i, 151-62.

by Discipulus. Selector or Cornish Mug., ii, 64, A Map of the county of Devon, with the city

(1827). and county of Exeter... by Benjamin Donn,

An Acrostic on the Death of the Rev. R. H. Teacher of the Mathematics, etc., late of Bide- | Hitchins. By Amica si.e., Miss Alice Pearce.] ford, now of the city of Bristol... Lond., printed ib., iii, 79, (1828). for the author...1765, fol.

HITCHINS, REV. Thomas MARTYN (2nd son Note.-D. Gilbert says in his “ History of Corn

of Rev. M. Hitchins). V. of Cotterstock-cumwall," ii, 221, “Probably Mr. Hitchins' near connection with Mr. Thomas Martyn, recommended him as an as

Glapthorne, Northamptonshire, 1792-1830. sistant to Mr. Benjamin Donn, in constructing a map of Incumbent of St. John the Baptist Chapel Devonshire."

of Ease, Devon port, for 32 years; Registrar The Nautical Almanack and Astronomical of the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Ephemeris. Published by order of the Commis Exeter. h. St. Hilary ? 1766. d. Devonport, sioners of Longitude. Lond., 1767-1872, 80.

19 Dec., 1830. bur. Stoke Damerel. cf. Gent.

MIng., c, pt. ii, 645, (1830.)
NOTE.-The Almanac was edited by Dr. Nevil
Maskelyne, the Astronomer Royal from 1767 until 1811.

A sermon preached in the parish church of In the former year Mr. Hitchins performed the office of Stoke Damerel, on Saturday, the 22nd April, a computer, but from that time until his decease, he 1797, on laying the foundation stone of St. was employed as the comparer, and resided for some

John's Chapel, at Plymouth Dock. By T. M. time at the observatory, where, in 1769, during the ab. scence of one of the staff, he observed the usual stars

Hitchins, B.A., Vicar of Cotterstock, Northampand planets, with the meridional instruments. He also tonshire. Plymouth Dock, Hoxland, 1797, 80 observed the transit of Venus at Greenwich in the same year.


Rev. M. Hitchins). Solicitor, Marazion. b. St. Account of a remarkable meteor. Dated Bide

Ives ? 1770. d. Marazion, 2 Dec. bur. St. ford, Dec. 5. Annual Register, v, 114-15, (1762).

Hilary, 15 Dec., 1802. An account of the discovery of silver in Her NOTE.--He is stated in D. Gilbert's “Cornwall," land Copper Mine. Philos. Trans., xci, 159-64, (ii, 221), to have filled the same office that his father (1801); Annual Register, xliii, 435–37, (1801);

had occupied in connection with the Royal Observatory,

but we have failed to ascertain the correctness of this Tulloch's Philos. Mag., x, 77–80, (1801).

assertion. Account of Roman urns discovered in Cornwall, and of a cromlech discovered in the parish HOARE, PRINCE, F.S.A. (son of William Hoare). of Madron. Archool., xiv, 224-30, (1803). b. Bath, 1755. d. Brighton, 22 Dec., 1834.

HOARE, Prince, F.S.A. (Con.).

HOARE, Rev. William Henry. (Con.). No song no supper. A Comic opera in two State to the Church. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare acts, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury ... Lond., F. and J. Rivington, 1850, 8o., pp. 36. Lane. The music chiefly composed and adapted The Veracity of the Book of Genesis, with for the harpsichord or piano-forte, by Stephen | the life and character of the inspired historian. Storace. Lond., printed by Longman and By the Rev. W. H. Hoare. Lond., Longman, Broderip, 26, Cheapside. n.d., [1790,] ubl. fol., 1860, 80., pp. xxii and 303, 10/pp. 40, 8/

Letter to Bishop Colenso, wherein his objecThe opera of no song no supper, in two acts, tions to the Pentateuch are examined in detail. as performed at the Theatre-Royal, Smoke Alley, By the Rev. W. H. Hoare... Lond., Rivingtons, [Dublin,] 1792. Printed for the Booksellers, 1863, 80., pp. 65, 1/ 12°., pp. 42.

Letter to Bishop Colenso... With additional No song no supper; a musical entertainment remarks on Part II. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare in two acts. By Prince Hoare. The London Stage, ...3rd ed. Lond., Rivingtons, 1863, 80., pp. 80, (1824), iv, pp. 12.-Richardson's Royal Drama, 1/-. (1830), pp. 36.-Cumberland's British Theatre, The Age and Authorship of the Pentateuch, (18--), pp. 1-35.The British Drama Illustrated, considered in further reply to Bishop Colenso. (1865), iv, 1266–74.

Part II. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare. Lond., Note.–First produced at Drury Lane, 16 April,

Rivingtons, 1863, 8°., pp. 72, 1/1790. The scene is laid on the coast of Cornwall, near Letter to Bishop Colenso, Fourth edition rePenzance. Many of the songs have been published

vised, together with a Treatise on the age and separately.

authorship of the Pentateuch. Second edition. HOARE, REV. WILLIAM HENRY, M.A. (son of By the Rev. W. H. Hoare. Lond., Rivingtons,

W. H. and Louisa Hoare). Fellow of St. John's 1863, 80., pp. 159, 1/-. Coll. Camb., 25 Mch., 1833 to 1835. b. Pen A Memoir of the late Henry Hoare, Esq., M.A. zance. bapt. 29 Nov., 1809. (The Penzance ... By J. B. Sweet, M.A. Lond., Rivingtons, Public Dispensary was founded in 1809 at the 1869, 80., pp. xxiv and 552. suggestion of Mr. W. H. Hoare, father of the above).

NOTE.-The 4th chap. of this work, pp. 73-94, is by

the Rev. W. H. Hoare. The Harmony of the Apocalypse with other Prophecies of Holy Scripture, with Notes HOBHOUSE, REV. REGINALD, M.A. (3rd son and an outline of the various interpretations.

of Rt. Hon. Henry Hobhouse). b. London, 15 By the Rev. W. H. Hoare, Late Fellow of St.

Mch., 1818. John's College, Cambridge. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1848, 8o., pp. 10 and 227.

Ministerial Watchfulness. A Sermon on Heb.

xii, 17, preached at the ordinary visitation of Note.- Dedicated "To the venerable Charles James the Lord Bishop of Exeter, holden at Liskeard, Hoare, Archdeacon of Surrey,”..." by his Nephew.” 1st Aug., 1848. By the Rev. R. Hobhouse,

Outlines of Ecclesiastical History before the | M.A, Rector of St. Ive, in the County of CornReformation. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare... Lond., wall. Published at the request of the Clergy. J. W. Parker, 1852, 120., pp. iv and 248.—2nd Lond., J. Masters; Exeter, Wallis ; Plymouth, ed. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1857, 120., pp. xxxvi Lidstone, [printed,] 1848, 8o., pp. 21. and 266, 2/6.

The Cornish Bishopric; A Letter to the Right A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Geo. Grey, Honourable The Earl of St. Germans, G.C.B., Bart., H.M. Secretary of State for the Home Lord Steward of Her Majesty's Household, from Department, on the Scheme of Mr. W. J. Fox the Rev. R. Hobhouse, M.A., Rector of St. Ive, and the Educational Question. By the Rev. W. | near Liskeard. Lond., Whittaker; Bodmin, LidH. Hoare, M.A., Late Fellow of St. John's Col | dell and Son, [printed,] 1860, 8°., pp. 23, 6d. lege, Cambridge. Lond., F. and J. Rivington, 1850, 80., pp. 27, 1/

HOBLYN, MR. A Second Letter to the Right Hon. Sir G. Grey... on the scheme of Mr. W. J. Fox, M.P., [Treatise) of the working of Tynn Works by regarded as affecting the Baptismal Question and the Saxons, which Tynners call Jews working. the creeds and fomularies of the Church. By With many other documents relating to the the Rev. W. H. Hoare... Lond., F. and J. Riv Stannaries, from Hen. 8, to Queen Anne. Br. ington, 1850, 80., pp. 48, 1/-.

Museum, Addit. MSS., 6,713, fol., pp. 569. A Third Letter to the Right Hon. Sir. G.

NOTE.-At the side of the Treatise is written “This Grey... Thoughts on the doctrine of baptismal Treatise was transcribed from an ancient MS. in the regeneration continued, and on the duty of the custody of Mr. Hoblyn, Town Clerk of Bodmin."

pp. 222.

HOBLYN, ANNA MARGARET (2nd dau. of the HOBLYN, REV. CAREW (2nd son of John Hoblyn

Rev. E. Hoblyn). 6. Lamerton Vicarage, Devon, and Mary, dau. of John Carter). 16 Oct., 1811.

Academiæ Oxon. Gratulatio pro...Gulielmi... Time's "Changes.” Pilgrims' Poems & Hymns. reditu. Oxon., 1690, fol. By A. M. Hoblyn. Lond., W. Macintosh.n.d.,

Note.-Contains verses by "Carew Hoblyn. Ar. fil. [Oct., 1863,] 120., pp. xii and 72.

e Coll. Exon., commensalis."" Note.-1,000 copies printed. At page 55 occurs HOBLYN, REV. EDWARD, B.A. (2nd son of Rev. “Nanswhyden's Lament," with a note relating to Nan

Robt. Hoblyn, who d. 1839). Matric. Univ. swhyden House and the Hoblyn family.

Coll. Oxon., 20 May, 1801. V. of Mylor and God's Omnipresence; The Gospel Plan of Mabe, 13 March, 1823 to 1868. b. Gwennap Salvation, and other poems, by A. M. Hoblyn. Vicarage, 22 Apl., 1782, bapt. 20 July. d. Lond., W. Macintosh, [Feb.,] 1870, 8o., pp. Mylor, 8 Feb., 1868. 31, 9d. 1,000 copies printed."

Sermons by Rev. E. Hoblyn, B.A., of University College, Oxford, Curate of Ilminster

and Chaffecombe, Somerset, late of St. Mary's The Christian Soldier. A Pilgrim Song. By

Chapel, Queen Square, Bath. Printed for the A. M. Hoblyn. Falmouth, Lake, typ. n.d.,

Author by M. Gye, Market Place, Bath, 1811,80., (1850.1 s. sh. 300 copies printed. Pilgrim and Sojourner. A Poem. By A. M.

Communications to the Christian World, being Hoblyn. Lond., Hope and Co., Great Marl

a consideration of the numbers of Daniel, relaborough St. n.d., [Nov., 1856.] s. sh. 300 copies

tive to the reign of the infidel power, and of the printed.

last persecution of the Church of Christ, under NOTE-First appeared in The Church of England the harvest and vintage of God s wrath. by the Mag., xii, 143-44, (1812).

Rev. E. Hoblyn, A.B...Curate of the parish of Christian and Jews. A Poem. By A. M.

Liskeard... Liskeard, printed and published for

the author by R. Williams... 1821, 80., pp. 285. Hoblyn. Lond., Hope and Co. n.d., [Dec., 1858.] 300 copies printed.

NOTE.-A half title prefixed reads - The Land of Note.–First appeared in The Church Mag., v.

Sabaeim or communications to the Christian World on

the subject of prophecy.” 500 copies printed. 362-63, (1843).

The house of prayer. A sermon preached at Universal Harmony. A Poem. By A. M.

St. Peter's Church, Flushing, on Sunday, Feb. Hoblyn. Lond., W. Macintosh. n.d.,[Sep., 1862.)

6, 1842, the chapel having been opened for divine s. sh. 500 copies printed.

service, by licence, on Wednesday, Feb. 2. By

the Rev. E. Hoblyn... Lond., J. C. F. and J. Ah! Happy England! A new national song

Rivington, 1843, 80., pp. 32. in honor of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Nore.—The concluding portion of this sermon is reVictoria. The words and music composed by | printed in The Church Mag., V, 29-34, (1813). A. M. Hoblyn. Lond., D'Almaine and Co.,

The Millennium : what is it? By E. Hoblyn, (Feb., 1851,) fol., pp. 4, 2/- 500 copies printed.

B.A., of University College, Oxon., 1804, Vicar The Christian Soldier, or the Pilgrim song.

of Mylor-cum-Mabe, Cornwall. Lond., Wertheim, With high respect for the pastoral office, dedi

Macintosh and Hunt. n.d., (Jan., 1862,] 80., cated to the reverend the clergy of the Church

pp. 40, 1- 500 copies printed. of England: The words and music composed by

Parochial Meditations, suggested by the Bible A. M. Hoblyn, Mylor Vicarage. Lond., D’Al

history of the progress of man in the world maine and Co., [July 2, 1851,] fol., pp. 7, 2/6.

from the creation to the redemption. By E. 100 copies printed.

Hoblyn. Lond., printed by J. Wodderspoon The Englishman's Farewell, a patriotic song

and Co., 7, Serle St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1868, in honor of Britannia's Isle. Dedicated to the

80., pp. 55, 1/6. 500 copies printed. Nation. The words and music composed by A. M. Hoblyn. Lond., D'Almaine and Co., (June, HOBLYN, CAPT. FRANCIS, 40th Regt. (4th son 1852,) fol., pp. 6, 2/6. 100 copies printed

of Rev. Robt. Hoblyn, who d. 1839). d. Lubon, The Englishman's Return, recitative and a near Talavera, in Spain, 30 Aug., 1809. cf. patriotic song, in honor of Britannia's Isle. Dedi Gent. Mag., lxxix, pt. ii, 987, (1809). cated to the Nation. The words and music composed by A. M. Hoblyn. Lond., D'Almaine and

HOBLYN, John (eld. son of Thos. Hoblyn). b. Co., (June, 1852,] fol., pp. 6, 2/6. 100 copies

1690. d. 1754. printed.

An appeal case before the House of Lords

HOBLYN, ROBERT, LL.B., &c. (Con.). Letter from R. Hoblyn, dated Nanswhyden, Jan. 23, 1748–9. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 11,759, p. 230.

Private case between Bickford, Robert Hoblyn, and Pendarves, relative to the marriage of Robert Hoblyn, [b. 1641. d. 1692,] to Grace Carew. 1724, fol.

HOBLYN, REV. ROBERT, M.A., (eld. son of

Samuel Hoblyn, of Perranzabuloe. d. 1790). Matric. Ch. Ch., Oxon., 25 Mar., 1768; Student, 5 July, 1770. Curate of Gwennap, 1776 to Apl. 1784. Curate of Kenwyn and Kea. b. 27 Dec., 1751. d. 32, Pulteney St., Bath, 20 Jan., 1839. cf. Gent. Mag., xi, 216, (1839).

A translation of the first book of the Georgics of Virgil, in blank verse, with notes critical and explanatory. By Robert Hoblyn, M.A., of Nanswhyden, in Cornwall, late Student of Christ Church, Oxford. Lond., printed and published by W. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard St...1825, 80., pp. xxiii and 388, 12/6.

Prize Essay.-On the diseases of Wheat. Letters and Papers of Bath and West Engl. Soc., xiv, 54–96, (1816). Also found as a Pamphlet, 89.

HOBLYN, John. (Con.). between John Hoblyn, Thomas Arundell, and others, James Burrow and others against the Crown, respecting the rights of Heleron, (sic). [Helston.] Privately printed, 1730, fol. HOBLYN, MARIA THERESA (7th dau. of Rev. E.

Hoblyn.) b. Mylor Vicarage.

The Fisherman's Daughter and Dreams of the Past. By Theta, si.e., Miss M. T. Hoblyn.] Lond., W. Macintosh. n.d., [1 Jan., 1869,] 80., pp. 31, 9d.

Note.—Title from the Cover.

The Dew Drop Waltzes. Composed for the Piano Forte, by Miss M. T. Hoblyn. Published for the Authoress, by Cocks and Co., Lond., [1851,] fol., 2/6. HOBLYN, REV. RICHARD (son of Rev. John

Hoblyn, V. of Newton, St. Cyres. d. 1823). Matric. Balliol Coll., 19 Oct., 1786, afterwards Fellow; R. of All Saints, Colchester, 1799– 1827, and St. Lawrence, Newland. b. 18 July, 1771. bapt. Newlyn, in Pydar. d. Exeter, 31 May, 1827. bur. in the Cathedral. cf. Annual Biography, 1828, pp. 443-45; Gent. Mag., xcvii, 90, 182–83, (1827).

Note.-Richard Dennis Hoblyn, son of the above, was b. Colchester, 9 Apl., 1803, and has published numerous works. HOBLYN, ROBERT, LL.B., F.R.S., M.P. for

Bristol (only son of Francis Hollyn anul Penelope, dau. of Sidney Godolphin). b. Nanswhyden. bapt. St. Columb Major, 5 May, 1710. d. Nanswhyden, 17 Nov., 1756. bur. St. Columb. cf. Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, iii, 730, viii, 481; Willis' Current Notes, (1852), pp. 7, 11. Epithalamia Oxoniensia. Oxon., 1734, fol.

NOTE.-Contains verses by "Rob. Hoblyn, C. C. C. Sup. Ord. Comm.” [Matric., 18 Dec., 1727.]

Bibliotheca Hobliniana, sive Catalogus Librorum juxta exemplar quod manu suâ maxima ex parte descriptum reliquit Robertus Hoblyn, Armiger, de Nauswhyden in Comitatu Cornubiæ. Londini, 1768, 2 vols., 80., pp. vii and 650.

Bibliotheca Hoblyniana... Londini. Prostant apud J. Murray, in Fleet St., 1769, 80., pp. vii and 650.

Note. This is the same work as the preceding with a new Title page. The former is made two volumes on account of its being interleaved with clean paper. At p. 338 is a half title which reads " Bibliothecæ Houblinianæ. Pars altera," and serves as the title to vol. ii of the 1768 edition. The latter work is stated in Nichols' Literary Anecdotes, iii, 730, and viii, 481, to have been printed for John Quicke, Esq., of Exeter, when the Library became his property. In T. F. Dibdin's Bibliomania, (1812), p. 74, the arrangement of this catalogue is highly commended.

HOBLYN, THOMAS, F.R.S. (son of Edward

Hobling, sic). V.P. of Soc. of Arts ; Chief Clerk in the Treasury. b. Liskeard, 1778. d. White Barns, Herts, 6 Aug., 1860. bur. Furneux-Pelham, Herts, 13 Aug. cf. Journ. of Soc. for Encouragement of Arts, ix, 4; S.T. Darenport's The Society of Arts, Past and Present." (Lond., W. Trounce, n.d.), p. 31.

Precepts for the use of Hoblyn's Equalizers ; exhibiting the value in imperial measure, equivalent to any given value in wine measure, &c. Lond., printed for the inventor; published by Knight and Lacy, Paternoster Row...1826, 120., pp. 10, and folding table.

A.D. 1852, June 28. No. 14,191. Specification of Thomas Hoblyn, of White Barns, in the county of Hertford, Esquire, for the Invention of “Certain improvements in the art of navigation.” With Drawing annexed. Lond., 1852, fol.-Reprinted. Lond., G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1857, fol. pp. 5, 1/2.

On importing cocoa-nut oil. Trans. of Soc... of Arts, xxxiii, 60, (1816).

On preparing rice in the Isle of Ceylon. ib., xxxiv, 250-60, (1817).

On a press for cocoa-nut oil. ib., xxxiv, 26170.


Rev. Robt. Hoblyn, who d. 1839). Perpetual Curate of West Molesey, 1830–39; R. of

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