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HUTTON, Rev. Thomas, B.D. (Con.).

IAGO, Rev. WILLIAM, B.A. · (Con.). Cornwell, William Covel, D. in Divinitie... Tho. Sessions 1863–71. Bodmin, Liddell and Son, Spark, D. in Divinitie... [By Samuel Hieron?] | 1863–71, 80. Imprinted, 1607, 4o. Br. Museum.

NOTE.- Each of these contains a Report from the NOTE.—To the Christian Reader, 3 leaves, then pp. 1-226.

A Peep at Kirk Maughold, [Isle of Man, The second parte of the defence of the Min- signed W. I. [With 2 sketches by the Author, isters' Reasons for refusal of subscription and engraved by A. H. Collins.] Once a Week, iii, conformitie to the Book of Common Prayer 437–38, (1867). against the several Answers of Th. Hutton, Infringing the Bye Laws, a Railway Misad. Bachiler of Divinity in his two bookes against venture. Illustrated by “Phiz," and signed W. the Minist. of Dev. and Cornwel, William Covel I. London Society (Holiday Number), 1869, pp. ... Th. Spark... Fran. Mason... Imprinted, 1608, 48–53, (generally bound with vol. xv). 4o. Br. Muscum.

The Wreck. A Poem. Signed W. 1. Cassell's Note.-To the Christian Reader, 6 leaves ; list of

Mag., iv, 156-57, (1869). faults, 1 leaf; then pp. 3-243. ·

On the supposed Saxon Slab at Bodmin. By

Rev. W. Iago. With a sketch by the Author, A dispvte vpon the qvestion of kneeling in engraved by J. T. Blight. Journ. R.I.C., Apl., the acte of receiving the Sacramentall bread and

1869, p. 103. wine...or a third parte of the Defence of the Mylor Church, its Crosses, Frescoes, &c., by Ministers' reason for refusall of the subscription Rev. W. Iago, with lithographic illusts. by the and conformitie requyred against the severall answers of 1, D. Spark... 2, D. Covel...3, Thomas The Slaughter-Bridge, Worthyvale, inscribed Hutton in his 2 booke against the Ministers of stone. ib., Ăpl., 1871, p. 318. Devonshire and Cornwell, 4, Thomas Rogers... | Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man. [Verses.] People's Printed, Anno 1608, 49. Br. Museum.

Mag., v, 191, (1870). NOTE.—To the Reader, 3 leaves, then pp. 1-166.

Martyr Bishop. N. and Q., 4 S., viii, 216,

(1871). HUXHAM, JOHN, M.D., F.R.S. b. Halberton,

Parochial... History of the Deanery of Trigg Devonshire. d. Plymouth, 10 Aug., 1768.

Minor. By Sir J. Maclean. Lond., 1868–72, 40. Extraordinary agitation of the sea in Devon NOTE.-Some of the woodcuts of Antiquities in shire and Cornwall; at Plymouth, Mounts-Bay, this History were drawn and cut by Mr. Iago. Penzance. Philos. Trans., xlix, 371-73, (1755).

I'ANS, COL. WREY (son of Edward I'ans). b. HYDE, THOMAS DE LA, Sheriff of Cornwall, 1738. d. Efford, Stratton, 16 Sept., 1816. cf.

1301-13. d. 1313? cf. Foss' Indges, iii, 107; Gent. Mag., lxxxvi, pt. ii, 472, (1816). Rep. R.I.C., 1871, pp. 232, 238–39.

Reply to a circular letter of A. Young's, dated Whitstone House, Stratton, 9 Feb., 1795. Young's Annals of Agriculture, xxiv, 228–31, (1795).

Price of Corn, etc., dated Whitstone House, Dec. 4, 1799. ib., xxxiv, 268–9, (1800).

Letter to Lord de Dunstanville, dated WhitIA, Sr. Came into Cornwall with St. Breaca. cf. A. Butler's Lives of the Saints, (1836), i,

stone House, Mar. 31, 1800, [relative to the 298; Acta Sanctorum, (Oct. 27), xii, 293.

culture of Potatoes.] ib., XXXV, 113-9. Note.-A life of St. Ia was extant in Leland's time, INCE, LIEUT. HENRY, Sergeant Major, 1781cf. his Itinerary, (1744), iii, fol. 8. St. Ia had a sister,

91 ; Ensign Royal Garrison Battalion, GibrUda, and two brothers, Ewinus, [i.e., St. Uny, Patron

altar, 2 Feb., 1796; Lieut., 24 Mch., 1801Saint of Lelant,) and Ercus, [i.e., St. Erth.]

1802. b. Penzance, circa 1737. d. Penzance, IAGO, THOMAS DALBY. See Jago, T. D.

June, 1809. cf. T. W. J. Connolly's Hist. of

Sappers and Miners, (1857), i, 5, 14-32 ; TyerIAGO, REV. WILLIAM, B.A., (son of Will. Iago,

man's Life and Times of Wesley, iii, 46. of St. Mawes), Chaplain of the Cornwall

NOTE.- Sergeant Major Ince proposed and carried County Asylum. b. London, 3 Jan., 1836.

into effect the excavation of the Galleries in the Solid The Reports of the Cornwall County Asylum.

Rock for the defence of the neutral ground at Gibraltar.

The works were commenced 25 May, 1782, and finished Published [annually] by order of the Cornwall |

years after the

Incledon, Surgeon, St. Keverne). b. St. Keverne,

Thoughts on the Abolition of Slavery; humbly 1764. d. Worcester, 11 Feb., 1826. bur. Hamp

submitted in a Letter to the King, signed, Instead Churchyard. cf. Gent. Mag., lxiii, pt.i, 184,

cognitus. Lond., Baldwin ; Vigurs, printer, Pen(1793), lxx, pt. i, 93, (1800), lxxi, pt. i, 181,

zance, 1824, 80., pp. 22. (1801), lxxv, pt. ii, 880, (1805), lxxxi, pt. i, 597, (1811), xcvi, 375–76, (1826); A Dictionary INGLE, Rev. John, M.A. (son of John Thomas of Musicians, (1824), i, 392–93; Diary of H. C. Ingle). R. of St. Olave's, Exeter, 1867. b. Robinson, i, 327, 343–44, ii, 418; W. T. Parke's

Ashby de la Zouch, 10 July, 1823. Musical Memoirs, i, 127, 136, 173–76, 330–34,

Ritual Beauty no mark of Romanism. A Letter ii, 20-22, 56-58, 111-12, 248–51; Annual Biography for 1827, pp. 462-63; New Monthly

to the Rev. J. Rogers, M.A., (of Penrose, PorthMag., xviii, 211, (1826); W.C. Oulton's Hist. of

leven, Cornwall), Canon Residentiary of Exeter, Theatres of London, (1818), ii, 66–87; Didot

in reply to certain statements made by him reNouvelle Biog. Univ.; Biog. Univ. ; Rose ; Re

specting the system pursued by the Incumbent miniscences of Henry Angelo, (1828), ii, 546;

of Porthleven, [the Rev. T. L. Williams, and Memoirs of Chas. Mathews, by Mrs. Mathews,

other matters. By Rev. J. Ingle, Head-master (1839), i, 149, 151, ii, 151, 160–68, 192, 194

of Ely Grammar School. Lond., J. Masters, 207; The Georgian Era, (1834), iv, 289-91 ;

1854, 8o., pp. 56. Fifty Years of an Actor's Life. By W.A. Donald

INGLEBY, CLEMENT MANSFIELD, LL.D. (son son, Sen., (1858), pp. 45–46; W. Clark Russell's Piepresentative Actors,” (1871), pp. 278-83;

of Clement Ingleby). b. Edgbaston, near BirThe Era Almanac, 1870, p. 11.

mingham, 29 Oct., 1823.

Vestiges of the Cornish Tongue. Once a A Statement of the differences subsisting be

Week, i, 193–95, (1866). tween the proprietors and performers of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, given in the

INNES, REV. JAMES. R. of St. Breock. Ejected, correspondence which has passed between them.

1662. cf. Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, By J. Johnstone, J. G. Holman, A. Pope, C.

(1775), i, 275. Incledon... Lond., printed by J. Davis, Chancery Lane, for W. Miller, Old Bond St., 1800, 89., | INNOCENT IV. Pope. (Sinibaldo Fieschi). pp. 69.

1243–54. d. 7 Dec., 1254. Note.-There is also a Supplement of 3 pages in Valor of Firstfruits and Tenths taken by order the form of an anonymous letter to the Actors with

of Innocent, iv. Anno. 1253. their answer, dated “ Theatre-Royal, Cov. Gard., Halfpast 10 o'clock, Feb. 18, 1800.”

NOTE.—Contains account of Cornish parishes. Variety containing original and selected songs

IRVING, GEORGE VERE, F.S.A., Scot. (only in the favourite entertainment now performing by C. Incledon, of Covent Garden Theatre, at

son of Alexander, Lord Newton). b. 1816. d. the different theatres and public places in most

5, St. Mark's Crescent, Regent's Park, London,

29 Oct., 1869. of the principal towns of the United Kingdom. Lond., published for Goulding, Phipps, and Ancient camps, earthworks, and fortifications D'Almaine, 45, Pall Mall. n.d., (1805,] 80., pp.

in Cornwall. Plate. Collectanea Archæol., ii, 160– 20, 6d.

73, (1863). The Wandering Melodist, or the rose, the thistle, and the shamrock, consisting of fifteen

ISABELLA, QUEEN, d. Castle Rising, Norfolk, songs sung by Mr. Incledon, of Covent Garden 22 Aug., 1358. Theatre, in his tour through the United King Grant to Queen Isabella of the County of dom. Lond., printed for Goulding, Phipps, and Cornwall. 2 Edw. II., [1317.] Br. Muscum. Addit. D'Almaine. n.d., [1805,] 80., pp. 19, 6d. MSS., 15,663, fol. 237.

Lines addressed to Charles Incledon; late of Covent Garden Theatre. By. J. Crow, Wych

ISBELL, DIGORY. d. Trewint, 23 June, 1795, Street. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxxv, pt. ii, 616, (1815).

aged 77.

ISBELL, ELIZABETH. d. Trewint, 8 Oct., 1804, INCLEDON, CHARLES (son of preceding). cf.

aged 87. W. Clark Russell's Representative Actors,” An Account of Digory and Elizabeth Isbell, (1871), p. 281; Geneste's English Stage, ix, 498. late of Trewint, near Launceston. By Francis Nore.-Mr. Incledon made his first appearance on

Truscott. Methodist Mag., xxxii, 165-69, (1809). the stage as Young Meadows in Love in a Village, at Drury Lane, 3 Oct., 1829.

ISHMAEL. pseud. i.e., Harris, Josiah.

IVIA OR IVO, Sr. cf. A. Butler's Lives of the

JACO, Rev. Peter. (Con.). Saints. (1836), i, 519.

A short account of Mr. Jaco written by him. self in a letter to the Rev. Mr. Wesley. Portrait, ætatis, 49. Arminian Mag., i, 541-44, (1778).

Letter from P. Jaco to John Valton, dated London, 28 Sep., 1775. Methodist Mag., xxi,

592, (1798). J. i.e., Jessopp, Rev. A.

Letter from P. Jacco (sic) relative to the deci

sion of the conference in 1761 as to instantaneJ. A. J. i.e., Jessopp. Rev. A.

ous perfection. MSS.

NOTE.-A portion of Article 523 in Dawson Turner's J. J. C. J.

MSS. Lib., sold in 1859. Notice of the Helston Furry-Day. By J. C. J. Lond., W. Plank, 146, Gt. Surrey Street, 1831, | JACOB. REV. JOHN. LL.D.. Master of the 8o., pp. 20.

Devonport Grammar School ; Minister of St. Note.—The Address is dated “London, March,

Aubyn's Chapel, Chapel St., Devonport. 1831."

West Devon and Cornwall Flora. By the Rev.

J. Jacob, LL.D. Coloured plates. Lond., Long. JACK, REV. JAMES. Baptist Minister at Pen

man ; E. Nettleton, Whimple St., Plymouth, zance, Sept. 1871, to Mch., 1872.

1836, vol. i, 8o. No pagination, and signatures Anger, its cause and abatement. A sermon irregular. preached in Clarence St., Baptist Chapel, Pen

Note.—Dedicated to Sir J. St. Aubyn, Bart. Pubzance, 10 March, 1872. By Rev. James Jack. | lished in parts at 1/-. each, but discontinued after 18 Penzance, W. N. Bassett, 1872, 89., 1d.

were issued, the last part is dated 1837. JACKSON, CLEMENT (son of Elephas Jackson). | JAGO, ELEANOR (wife of R. Jago). b. East Looe, 6 May, 1802. d. St. Austell, 28

A Brain Wave. [An account of supernatural May, 1856. cf. J. Couch's Hist. of British Fishes,

| footsteps heard by Richard Jago, son of V. of ii, 81, 125.

Wendron.] Spectator, 20 Feb., 1869. Rare or uncommon Birds observed in Cornwall. By Clement Jackson, J. Couch, and Rev. JAGO, Rev. GEORGE, First Minister at Love; J. Lakes. Loudon's Mag. Nat. Hist., iii, 175– Tutor to Mr. Buller in 1712 ; V. of Harberton, 77, (1830).

1714. b. Cornwall. cf. J. Couch's Hist. of

British Fishes, ii, 123–24. JACKSON, G. FREDERIC.

Joannis Raii synopsis methodica avium et St. Columb and the North West Coast of

Piscium. Londini, 1713, 80. Cornwall. 3 Woodcuts. Once a Week, vii, 527– 32, (1862).

Note. In the Synopsis methodica piscium” is

printed (pp. 162-66) a “ Catalogus quorundam piscium JACKSON, WILLIAM (son of Rev. John Jackson, rariorum quos oris Cornubiæ maritimis nuper observavit,

et artifici manu elegantissimè delineavit, curiosissimus Rector of St. Mewan). bur. St. Mewan, 28

rerum naturalium indagator D. Georgius Jago, ReverJuly, 1698.

endus, Dignissimusque oppidi Looe Parochus, et ad D. Christenings and Burials of the Children of

Jacobum Petiverum Historiæ Naturalis scientissimum,

misit.” W. Jackson, of St. Mewan, 1675-1716. Br. Museum. Addit. MSS., 15,561, fol. 160.

J. Petiver's opera varia. [Lond., 1715 ?] fol.

Br. Museum.
JACO, Rev. PETER. Wesleyan Minister (son of
Nicholas. Jacko). b. Newlyn, near Penzance.

NOTE.-Contains two plates of " fishes lately dis

covered on the coasts of Cornwal by the Reverend Mr. bapt. Paul, 4 May, 1728, as P. Jacko. d. Mar

George Jago." gate, 6 July, 1781. bur. City Road Chapel, London. cf. Treffry's Mem. of R. Trewavas, Sen., 19 Letters from G. Jago to James Petiver, (1839), pp. 12–13; Sidney's Life of Rev. S. dated Looe, 1709-15. Br. Aluseum, Addit. JISS., Walker, p. 233; T. Jackson's Lives of Early 4,049, art. 859. Methodist Preachers, (3rd ed.), i, 259–68; Tyer Drawings of fish, crabs, and shells, in colours, man's Life and Times of Wesley, ii, 249, ii, 296– chiefly from South America. By Rev. George Jago 300; G. J. Stevenson's City Road Chapel," pp. and others. ib., 5,262, fol. 58, 59, 74; Arminian Mag., iv, 62), (1781); 1 Drawings of fish in colours. By Rev. George Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lxxiii, 33–34, (1850). | Jago and others. [Art. 48, being a letter from

JAGO, Rev. GEORGE. (Con.).

JAGO, Rev. John (son of Rev. Robt. Jago, V. Petiver to Mr. Jago, dated 30 Dec., 1712, with

of Wendron, and grandson of the Rev. Robt. his reply, dated Morval, 3 Jan., 1712.] ib., Jago who d. 1685). V. of Wendron and Helston, 5,267, fol.

1706–22.d. Helston. bur. 26 July, 17:22. NOTE.—When Mr. Jago died his MSS. and drawings were left with his friend Mr. Dyer, of East Looe, and

Sermons of Rev. J. Jago, preached at Wen. were afterwards handed by him to Dr. Borlase, then en.

dron, Helston, Cury, Gunwalloe, Mawgan, St. gaged on his “ Natural History of Cornwall."

Martin, St. Breage, between 1688 and 1703. JAGO, HONOR. d. 1 Nov., 1841, aged 83.

MSS. 8 vols. penes N. H. P. Lawrence, Esq.,

Launceston. The Last days of Honor Jago. Lond., Friends Tract Assoc., 1844, 120., pp. 4. Republished in 1 JAGO, LIEUT. JOHN SAMPSON, R.N. (son of 1850, 1855, 1858, 12o.

John Sampson Jago). b. Mevagissey, 21 Oct., JAGO, JAMES, B.A., Cambridge ; M.D., Oxford;

1794. d. Corran, Št. Ewe, 20 Dec., 1871. cf. F.R.S., Physician to Cornwall General Infir

O'Byrne; London Gazette, 1816, p. 1,792. mary. b. Trevethan Farm, in Budock, Dec.,

JAGO, Rev. ROBERT (son of Pascoe Jago). V. 1814.

of Wendron and Helston, 1685. b. Dartmouth, Ocular spectres and structures as mutual ex

1608. d. Helston, 1685. cf. Palmer's Nonconponents. A Treatise. Eustachian Tube, why

formists Memorial, (1802), i, 346, ii, 17. opened in deglutition. A Paper. By J. Jago, A.B., Cantab., M.B., Oxon., Physician to the

JAGO, THOMAS DALBY (son of Robert Jago). Royal Cornwall Infirmary, and the Physician to

b. St. Mawes, 24 Nov., 1794. d. Bodmin, 2 the Truro Dispensary. Lond., J. Churchill,

Jan., 1871. bur. Tywardreath. New Burlington Street, 1856, 80., pp. vii and 110.

The trial of Symonds versus Jago for libel at Entoptics, with its uses in Physiology and

the Cornwall summer assizes at Bodmin, on Medicine. Engravings. By J. Jago... Lond., J.

Tuesday, 2nd August, 1831, before Mr. Justice Churchill and Sons, 1864, 8°., pp. xv and 188,

Alderson and a special jury. Taken in short

hand by Cherer, 89, Chancery Lane, London. 5

Falmouth, James Lake, 1831, 80., pp. xvi and 68. Points in the Physiology and Diseases of the

JAMES, CHRISTIAN. Eye. Lond. Med. Guz., i, 62–66, 97-102, (1845), vi, 673–76, 760–64, (1848).

A Wonderful Prophesie declared by Christian The opening of the Eustachian Tube, limited

James, a Maid of twenty years of age (late to the act of deglutition, now first rightly ex

daughter to Dan James) who was born and bred plained. Rep. R.I.C., 1853, pp. 26–35.

near unto the town which is called Padstow, in Observations on the Solar Phenomena of the

the county of Cornwal, who departed this life 5th Apl., 1871. ib., 1872, pp. Ixxiii-lxxviii.

upon the 8 of Mar. With the true Relation of Ocular spectres and structures as mutual ex

her behaviour, both in her life time and in the ponents. Proc. Roy. Soc., vii, 208–13, 326–27,

hour of her death, worthy to be had in memory.

The tune is, “In summer time.” Contrived into (1854–55). Ocular spectres, structures, and functions,

Meeter by L[awrence] P[rice.] Woodcut. London, mutual exponents. ib., viii, 603–10, (1856–57).

printed for J. Wright, at the Globe, in Little On the functions of the tympanum. ib., ix,

Brittain. n.d., fol. 134-40, (1857–59).

A Wonderful Prophecy, Declared by Christian On Entoptics. Brit. For. Med. Chir. Rev., xxiii,

James, a maid of twenty years of age, late

daughter to Daniel James, who was born and 465–85, xxiv, 165-78, (1859). Obscure trunk pains; or chronic pains in the

bred near the town which is called Padstow, in abdominal and thoracic walls. ib., xxvii, 490

the County of Cornwel, who departed this life 502, (1861).

upon the 8th of March...Newcastle-upon-Tyne, The functions of the tympanum. Part i. Eus

Printed and sold by John White, n.d., (1720, tachian Tube. Part ii. Tympanic Membrane,, fol., pp. 2. Br. Museum, Roxburghe Ballads, &c. ib., xxxix, 175–86, 496–520, (1867).

vol. iii, No. 664. Entacoustics. ib., xlii, 225–37, (1868).

Note. At the end it is stated that “ The Names of The functions of the Tympanum. (A note to the Masters of the Parish that saw the Maid on her the Article in 1867). ib., xlv, 229–36, (1870). | death-bed, and heard the words of the Prophecy which The Eustachian Tube. When and How it is

she delivered, were as followeth: W. Wates, Curate ;

| T. Davies, Head Constable ; R. Wilkins, and C. Tanner, opened ? Journ. of Anat. and Physiol., iii, 341

Church-Wardens...Contrived in Metre by Lawrence) 48, (1869).

| P[rice.]”



JAMES, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY. (Con.). A Wonderful Prophesie, declared by Christian Ordnance Trigonometrical Survey of Great James... In “The Garland of Good-Will, by | Britain and Ireland. Account of the observaThomas Deloney. Ed. by J. H. Dixon.” (Percy tions and calculations of the principal triangulaSoc., 1851, 8o.), pp. 76-82.

tions, and of the figure, dimensions, and mean

specific gravity of the earth as derived therefrom. NOTE.— There is no doubt but that this story is a Drawn up by Capt. A. R. Clarke, R.E., F.R.A.S.,

under the direction of Lt. Colonel H. James,

R.E., F.R.S., M.R.I.A., &c. Lond., Eyre and JAMES, FRANCIS (son of James James). b. Spottiswoode, 1858, 4o., pp. xvii and 782. Helston. d. Helston, 20 Jan., 1849.

NOTE.-The Plates are in a distinct volume entitled A volume of collections towards a History of “ Ordnance Trigonometrical Survey. Principal Trian. Helston and other documents. Fol. penes Rev.

gulation. Plates. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1858, 40." Edmund Boger, St. Saviour's, Southwark, (1872). Ordnance Trigonometrical Survey. Geodetical

Tables based on the elements of the figure of JAMES, GEORGE COULSON (2nd son of Trevenen the earth, given in the Account of the Principal James). b. Penzance, 26 Aug., 1828.

Triangulation. By Lt. Colonel H. James. Lond.,

1858, 4o. Pseudo Cost-Book Mines. A Letter to a Share

Report of the Committee on the reduction of holder. By G. C. James, Solicitor. Lond., Effing-|| the Ordnance Plans by photography. Lond., ham Wilson, Royal Exchange, 1855, 80., pp. 56. Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1859, fol., pp. 8. The Companies' Act, 1862. With introduc

NOTE.-At the end of the Report is “ Account of tion and summary of law. By G. C. James,

the Methods employed for the reduction of plans by Solicitor. Lond., W. Kent and Co., Paternoster photography at the Ordnance Survey Office, SouthampRow, 1863, 80., pp. xiv and 150.

ton...By Lieut. A. De C. Scott, R.E., under the direc-
tion of Colonel James "...Plates. Lond., Eyre and

Spottiswoode, 1859, fol., pp. 19."
F.R.S. (5th son of John James, of Truro). b.

Instructions for taking meteorological obserRose-in-Vale, St. Agnes, 1803. Knighted, 1860.

vations, with tables for their correction, and cf. Men of the Time, (1868).

notes on meteorological phenomena. Drawn up

by order of the Secretary of State for War, by Papers on subjects connected with the duties Colonel Sir H. James, Royal Engineers...plates of the Corps of Royal Engineers... Vol. I. New and plans. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1860, Series. Plates. Lond., J. Weale, 59, High Hol 89., pp. 53. born, 1851, 80., pp. viii and 122.

Tables for the reduction of the meteorological

observations taken at the stations of the Royal Note.- Contains “Notice of the Arrangements Engineers...Edited by Colonel Sir H. James, which have been made for taking Meteorological Observations at the principal Foreign Stations of the Royal

Royal Engineers... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, Engineers. By Capt. H. James, R.E.", pp. 101-12.

1860, 80., pp. 34.

Ordnance Survey. Abstract of the principal Abstracts from the Meteorological Observations lines of spirit levelling in England and Wales. taken at the stations of the Royal Engineers in By Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E. Lond., printed the year 1853–4... Edited by Lieut. Colonel H. by G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, and sold James, R.E. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, by Longmans, 1861, 4°., pp. xii and 624, 15/1855, 4o., pp. 122 and diagrams.

NOTE.—Abstract of levelling from Plymouth to St. Abstracts from the Meteorological Observa Ives, etc., pp. 85-106. Abstract of levelling from Losttions taken at the Stations of the Royal Engineers

withiel to Padstow, pp. 129-34. Abstract of levelling

from Tavistock to Liskeard, pp. 135-38. in the years 1853–59. Edited by Lt. Colonel H. James, R.E... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ordnance Survey. Abstract of the principal 1862, 4o., pp. 744.

lines of spirit levelling in Scotland. By Colonel Ordnance Survey. Meteorological Observa Sir Henry James, R.E. Lond., printed by G. tions taken during the years 1829 to 1852, at E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, and sold by the Ordnance Survey Office, Phoenix Park, Longmans, 1861, 40., pp. xii and 375, 10/Dublin... Edited by Captain Cameron, R.E. - Domesday Book, or The Great Survey of Lieut. Colonel Henry James, R.E., Superinten England of William the Conqueror. A.D. dent of the Ordnance Survey. Dublin, printed MLXXXVI. Fac-Simile of the part relating to by A. Thom and Sons, 1856, 4°., pp. XXV and Cornwall. Photo-zincographed by Her Majestys 603, 5/

| command at the Ordnance Survey Office, South

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