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JAMES, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY. (Con.). ampton. Colonel Sir H. James, R.E., F.R.S., Director, MDCCCLXI. Etched by G. de Garlieb, at the Ordnance Survey Office, fol. Introduction 4 pages, Text, pp. i-xi. Appendix, 2 pages.

Note.—The Colophon reads “Printed by Sapper James R. Foggarty, R.E., at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton.” On the Titlepage is a copy of the Seal of the Lord Warden of the Stannaries. This work was the first portion of the Domesday Book brought out by Sir H. James. cf. also Archæol. Journ. [By Joseph Burtt, ] xviii, 132-33, (1861).

A literal extension of the Domesday Book in relation to the county of Cornwall. To accompany the fac-simile copy photo-zincographed under the direction of Col. Sir H. James, R.E. ... Lond., Vacher and Sons, 1861, fol., pp. 22.

On Projections for Maps, applying to a very large extent of the earth's surface. Plate. By Lt. Colonel H. James and Captain Alex. R. Clarke. Lond., 1862, 8o.

Abstract from the Meteorological Observations taken in the years 1860–61, at the Royal Engineer Office, New Westminster, British Columbia. Edited by Colonel Sir H. James, R.E... Lond., printed by G. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1862, 4o., pp. 9.

. On Photo-zincography and other photographic processes employed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton. By Capt. A. De C. Scott, R.E., under the direction of Colonel Sir H. James, R.E., F.R.S., etc. 12 plates. Lond., Longman, 1862, 4o., pp. vi and xvi.—2nd ed., 1863, 4°., pp. vii and xvi.

Extension of the triangulation of the Ordnance Survey into France and Belgium, with the measurement of an arc of parallel in latitude 52° N. from Valentia, in Ireland, to Mount Kemmel, in Belgium... By Colonel Sir H. James, R.E., F.R.S., etc.,... plates. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1863, 4o., pp. vi and 62.

Note on the block of tin dredged up in Falmouth Harbour. By Colonel Sir H. James, R.E. 4 engravings. Lond., Edward Stanford, 6, Charing Cross, 1863, 80., pp. 11.

Army Equipment.-Equipment of Cavalry compiled by Lieut. H. M. Hozier...Forming Part i of the Series of Army Equipments. Prepared at the Topographical and Statistical Deparment, War Office. Col. Sir H. James, R.E., F.R.S., etc., Director. Lond., W. Clowes and Sons... n.d., (1865,] 8°., pp. 288, 4/-.

JAMES, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY. (Con.). and photo-zincographed by command of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, by Colonel Sir H. James, R.E., Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1865, fol.

Note.-Parts i-iii are dated 1865; Part iv, 1868. Comparisons of Standards of Length of England, France, Belgium, Prussia, Russia, India, Australia, made at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, by Capt. A. R. Clarke, R.E., under the direction of Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E. Plates. Lond., printed by G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1866, 4o., pp. viii and 287, 15/-.

Determination of the positions of Feaghmain and Haverfordwest, longitude stations on the Great European Arc of Parallel, being an Appendix to the Account of the principal triangulation of Great Britain and Ireland. "By Capt. A. R. Clarke, R.E., under the direction of Col. Sir H. James, R.E. Plates. Lond., printed by G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1867, 4o., pp. 62.

Fac-simile of National Manuscripts of Scotland, selected under the direction of...Sir W. Gibson-Craig, Bart... and photo-zincographed... by Colonel Sir H. James, R.E., Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1867, fol.

Note.—Part i is dated 1867; part ii, 1870.

A Poor Man's Photography at the Great Pyramid in the year 1865, compared with that of the Ordnance Survey establishment, subsidized by London wealth, and under the orders of Col. Sir H. James, R.E., F.R.S...By Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, F.R.S.S., L. and E...Lond., published by H. Greenwood, 2, York St., Covent Garden, 1870, 80., pp. 39 and 23.

Papers on the Great Pyramid ; including a critical examination of Sir H. James' “Notes on the Great Pyramid of Egypt." By St. John Vincent Day, C.E., F.R.S. E... Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas, 1870, 8o., pp. viii and 126.

Record of the Expedition to Abyssinia, compiled by order of the Secretary of State for War, by Major Trevenen J. Holland, C.B., and Capt. H. Hozier. Lond., W. Clowes and Sons, 1870, 2 vols., 40.

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NOTE.—The first of a Series of works on Army Equipment published at the War Office under the direction of Sir H. James.

Fac-simile of the National Manuscripts from William the Conqueror to Queen Anne, selected under the direction of the Master of the Rolls,

Note.—This work was compiled under the direction of Sir H. James, by whom the Preface is signed.

Fac-simile of the Black-letter Prayer book... Photo-zincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, (Major-General Sir H. James, R.E., F.R.S., etc., Director General)... Lond., Longman and Co., 1871, fol. No pagination.

JAMES, MAJOR-General Sir HENRY. (Con.). JAMES, Rev. JOHN HUTCHISON, D.D. (Con.).

On the variegated appearance of the old and Recent Revival of religion at Truro. Dated new red sandstone. Philos. Mag.,xxiii, 1-3,(1843). Truro, Apl. 19th, 1847, and signed R. Young,

On projections for maps applying to a very J. H. James, John W. Greeves. Wesleyan large extent of the earth's surface. By Sir H. Methodist Mag., lxx, 607–12, (1847). James and Alex. R. Clarke. ib., xxiii, 306–12, Memorial Notice of Richard Barnes, who died (1862).

at Regent-House Academy, Penzance, 16 Oct., On a section exposed by the excavation at the 1849, aged 41. ib., lxxii, 1318, (1849). new steam-basin in Portsmouth dockyard. Journ. Revival of Religion in the Penzance Circuit. Geol. Soc., iii, 249-51, (1847).

Dated Penzance, 13 Nov., 1849, and signed Note on the tertiary deposits of the county of Robert Young, John H. James. ib., lxxiii, 33– Wexford. Journ. Dublin Geol. Soc., iii, 195–96, 39, (1850). (1849).

On the necessary correction to the observed | JAMES, Rev. JOHN PAYNE (son of Jas an height of the barometer depending upon the force Patience James). Wesleyan Minister. b. Newlyn, of the wind. Trans. Edinb. Roy. Soc., xx, 377– 7 Apl., 1822. d. Newlyn, 10 June, 1852. bur. 84, (1852).

Paul. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lxxv, 916, On the deflection of the plumb line at Arthur's (1852). seat, and on the mean density of the earth. Proc.

Note.-Mr. James was originally employed in Edinb. Roy. Soc., iii, 364-66, (1857).

Messrs. Batten and Carne's Bank, at Penzance, but On the geodetic operations of the ordnance was afterwards educated for the ministry at Didsbury survey. Proc. Roy. Instit., ii, 516-21, (1854-58). Theological Institution.

On the deflection of the plumb line at Arthur's seat, and the mean specific gravity of the earth. | JAMES, NICHOLAS. Writing Master. Philos. Trans., cxlvi, 591-606, (1856).

Poems on several occasions. By N. James. On the figure, dimensions, and mean specific

Truro: printed by Andrew Brice, 1742, sm. 4o. gravity of the earth, as derived from the Ord

Dedication and preface unpaged, then pp. 148. nance Trigonometrical Survey of Great Britain

List of Subscribers. and Ireland. ib., cxlvi, 607–26. (1856).

Note on refraction. Brit. Assoc. Section, 1858, NotF.-Dedicated to Rev. Mr. William Stackhouse. p. 38.

Note on a block of tin dredged up in Fal JAMES, CAPT. THOMAS, R.N. (son of John mouth Harbour. Rep. R.I.C., 1863, p. 29.

James, of Truro). 6. Truro, 16 Oct., 1797. d. The Great Pyramid of Egypt. Letter dated Stonehouse, 10 May, 1857. bur. Plymouth “Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 9 Nov., and Devonport Cemetery, 15 May. cf. O'Byrne. 1867," and signed “H. James.” Athenaeum, 16 Nov., 1867, p. 650.

JANE, JOSEPH, Mayor of Liskeard, 1631, 1635; The Block of Tin dredged up in Falmouth M.P. for Liskeard, 1625 and 1640; (son of Harbour and now in the Truro Museum. Archæol. Thos. Jane, Mayor of Liskeard, 1621). b. LisJourn., xxviii, 196–203, (1871).

keard. cf. Bliss' Wood, iv, 644. JAMES, REV. John HUTCHISON, D.D. (son of

E.Kw Aka@otos. The Image Vnbroaken. A Rev. John James). Wesleyan Minister in Corn

perspective of the impudence, falshood, vanitie wall, 1845–51. b. Macclesfield, 1 Jan., 1816.

and prophannes, published in a libell entitled

Eikovonhartns against Erkwv Bagian, or the PourThe nature and destiny of the human soul:

traicture of his sacred Majestie in his solitudes the substance of a sermon preached in St. Mary's

and sufferings. Anon. Printed Anno. Dom., Wesleyan Chapel, Truro, on Sunday, Aug. 2nd,

1651, 40. Grenville Lib., Br. Museum. 1846. By John H. James. Truro, 1847, 80., pp. 20.

Note.--Introduction, pp. 3-4; Preface examined Dr. Campbell and The Wesleyans. Originally pp. 5-56; then Erwy Alina0 Tos pp. 57-267. References

to this work will be found in the Account of Roscius published in the Cornish Banner for Feb. and

Anglicanus, in F. G. Waldron's Lit. Museum, (1792) p. 9, Mch., 1847, under the title of “A false witness

and in Todd's edition of Milton's Poems, (1826) i, 115. rebuked.” With additional remarks. By the Rev. J. H. James. Lond., published by Aylott JANE, REV. JOSEPH (nephew of Rev. Will. and Jones, 8, Paternoster Row, and sold by N.

Jane, D.D., and grandson of the preceding). V. Lomas, Castle St., Bristol; Geo. Clyma, Lemon of Gwinear, 15 Nov., 1710 to 1711 ; R. of St., Truro; Rowe and Son, Penzance. n.d., St. Mary's, Truro, 1711-45; Master of Free [1847,] post 80., pp. 16, 1d.

Grammar School, Truro, 1714 ? to 1728. d. Note.-Dated Traro, 13 Apl., 1847.

Truro. bur. 19 Nov., 1745.


JANE, Rev. Joseph. (Con.).

JANE, Rev. WILLIAM, D.D. (Con.). An account of Tin Bounds in Perranzabuloe Rev. J. Hunt's Religious Thought in England, and St. Agnes bought of John Argall by the (1871), ii, 194, 206–208, 283-84 ; Matthew Rev. J. Jane, 1733. MS. which was penes the Sylvester's Reliquice Baxteriana, (1696), pt. iii, late Charles Sholl, Esq., Controller H.M. Customs, p. 177.

A sermon preached at the consecration of the Note.—Printed in Cornish Teleg., 14 Feb., 1866. Hon. Dr. Henry Compton, Lord Bishop of Ox

ford, in Lambeth Chappel, on Sunday, Dec. 6, JANE, Rev. JOSEPH (son of the preceding). 1674. By W. Jane, B.D., Student of Christ

Student of Christ Church; R. of Iron Acton, Church and Chaplain to his Lordship. Lond.,
Gloucestershire, 1764–89. 6. Truro. d. 1795. printed by W. Godbid, and are to be sold by
cf. Welch's List of Westminster Scholars, (ed. R. Littlebury, at the King's Arms, in Little
1852), p. 308; Tyerman's Life and Times of Britain, 1675, 4°., pp. 44.
Wesley, ii, 75; Sidney's Life of Walker, pp.

NOTE.-A portion of this Sermon exists in the MS 325, 493, 547–49, 553–55.

No. 390, fol. 148, Queen's Coll., Oxford.
Epicedia Oxon. in obitum...Frederici Principis
Walliæ. Oxon., 1751, fol.

The present separation self-condemned and

proved to be schism, as it is exemplified in a Note.-Contains verses by “ Josephus Jane, S.T.B., sermon preached upon that subject, by Mr. W. Ædis Christi Alumnus."

Jenkyn, and is further attested by divers others Righteousness. A Sermon. By Rev. J. Jane.

of his own persuasion. All produced in answer Bristol, 1766, 8o.

to a letter from a friend. Lond., printed for

Edward Croft, at the Seven Stars, in Little Lum-
JANE, REV. WILLIAM, D.D. (son of Joseph Jane, | bard Street, 1678, 40., pp. 134.
M.P.). Canon of Christ Church, 5 July, 1678;

NOTE.— The letter from a friend, signed H. N., pp.
Prebendary of St. Paul's, 24 June, 1679;

1-17; the sermon, pp. 19-42; the answer to his worthy Treasurer of St. Paul's, 7 Aug., and Archdea friend H. N., signed S. R., pp. 43-134. con of Middlesex, 7 Oct., 1679–86; Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford, 19 May, 1680;

Celeusma, seu clamor ad theologos Hierarchiæ Dean of Gloucester, 6 June, 1685 ; Chancellor

Anglicanæ, sanctitate doctrinæet vitæ conspicuos. of Exeter, 2 Feb., 1703-1704 ; Precentor, 6

Londini, 1679, 4o. May, 1704–6. bapt. Liskeard, 22 Oct., 1645. Note.-In this work written in answer to the pred. Oxford, 22 Feb., 1709. bur. Christ Church,

ceding pamphlet it is insinuated that Dr. Jane was the Oxford, 27 Feb. cf. Bliss' Wood, iv, 643-4;

author of “ The present separation self-condemned.” Neals Puritans, Toulmin's ed.), v, 90–91; A sermon preached on the day of the Publick Newcourt's Repertorium ... Londinense (1708– Fast, April the 11th, 1679, at St. Margaret's, 10), i, 83; Bishop Atterbury's Miscellaneous Westminster, before the House of Commons. Works, (1789–98), i, passim; Atterbury's Corres By William Jane, B.D., Canon of Christ Church pondence, i, 90, 194, 206; Bishop Kennet's Biog. in Oxford, and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Memoranda, Lansd. MSS., 987, art. 137, fol., London. Lond., printed by M. C., for Henry 298–99; Macaulay's Hist of England, i, 331, Brome and Richard Chiswel, in St. Paul's Churchii, 149–51, iii, 470–72, 489–90; Welch's List yard, 1679, 4., pp. 51. of Westminster Scholars, (1852), p. 153; Life A Letter to a Friend containing some Queries of Dean Prideaux, (1748), pp. 54-56 ; Matthew about the New Commission for making AlteraArnold's St. Paul and Protestantism, pp. 17-18; tions in the Liturgy, Canons, etc., of the Church Birch's Life of Arch-Bp. Tillotson, pp. 168, of England. Anon. [Oct.], 1689, 4o., s. sh. 173–4, 177, 184, 186–92 ; Corresp. of Earls of Clarendon and Rochester and Diary of Lord

Note.--Wood says that these queries were called

in London “Oxford Queries, and said there to be written Clarendon, (1828), ii, 89-92, 123, 127, 295; by Dr. Will. Jane." Lathbury, however, in his “History Calamy's Hist. Account of his own Life, i, 210, of Convocation," p. 326, says that the copy in his pos214, 275; [J. Gother's] Good Advice to the

session had been ascribed by one of the Nonjurors to Pulpits, (1687); MSS. C.C.C. Oxford, (13th

Dr. Sherlock. Volume of W. Fulman's Collectanea), No. 307, A sermon preached before the Honourable fol. 88; Palin's Hist of Church of England, House of Commons, at St. Margaret, Westmin(1851), pp. 39, 196, 380; Lathbury's Hist. of ster, on Thursday, the 26th of Nov., 1691, Convocation, (1853), pp. 321, 328, 346; Burnet's being a day of publick thanksgiving (for the History of his own Time, (1724), i, 684; N. preservation of the King) By W. Jane, D.D... Luttrell's Brief Relation of State Affairs, i, Oxford, printed at the Theater for Thomas 391, 607–608, i, 95, 309, iv, 150, vi, 142; | Bennet...1691, 4°., pp. 34.

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JANE, Rev. WILLIAM, D.D. (Con.).

JANE, Rev. WILLIAM, D.D. (Con.). A sermon preached before the King and Catalogue of MSS. formerly in the possession Queen at Whitehall, in November, 1692. By of John Theyer ; certified by Dr. Beveridge and William Jane, D.D., Dean of Gloucester, and Dr. Jane (29 July, 1678) as being worth £572 Chaplain in Ordinary to their Majesties...Ox- | 3s. 6d. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 6,414. ford, printed at the Theater for Thomas Bennet, An Indenture of Lease from William Jane, at the Half-Moon, in St. Paul's Churchyard, Dean of Gloucester, to Joseph Prout, of the London, 1692, 4o., pp. 30.

Burrough of Liskeard... Seine-maker, for four The Doctrine of the Blessed Trinity briefly score and nineteen years, if the said Joseph explained, in a letter to a Friend. By John Prout, Peter Prout, his son, and Hannah, the Wallis, D.D. Lond., 1690, 4o.

wife of the said Peter Prout, should so long live,

at the rent of Eight Shillings yearly, of two Note.-This was followed in 1690 and the two succeeding years by seven other letters written by Dr.

fields in Liskeard containing 41 acres of land Wallis; in the second and seventh of which he prints now in the possession of the said Joseph Prout. two letters addressed to him by W. J[ane,) on the sub Dated 1 Sept., 8th Will. iii, [1696.] MS. penes ject of the Trinity. The first of Dr. Jane's letters is dated London, 23 Sept., 1690, and occupies six pages;

N. Hare, Esq., Jun., Liskeard. the second is dated London March 24, 16.99 and occu

JANSSON, JEAN. pies 10 pages. A relation of a conference before his Majesty |

Le Nouvel Atlas ou Théâtre du Monde, auquel and the Earl of Rochester, Lord High-Treasurer;

est representée la Grande Bretagne...Par Jean concerning the real presence and transubstantia

Jansson. Amstelodami apud Ioannem lanstion, Nov. 30, 1686. Now publish'd to obviate

sonium. Anno. 1646, roy. fol. the false account given thereof, by Laurence Note.—The Fourth Volume treats of "Britanrus," Echard, A.M., in his History of England. Printed and contains, in pp. 156-62, an account of Cornwall, Anno. Dom. 1722, 80., pp. 60 and Preface un

with a map entitled “Cornubia sive Cornwallia, Am.

stelodami excudebat Ioannes Ianissonius." The map is paged.

embellished with the County Arms and the Arms of the NOTE.-The disputants were Dr. Patrick and Dr.

Earls of Cornwall. There is an edition of this work in Jane on behalf of the English Church, and Dr. Giffard

Dutch, dated Amstelodami, 1649, roy. fol. and Dr. Godden for the Roman Church.

JARS, GABRIEL, The Elder. 6. Lyons, 26 Jan., Supplex Recognitio...oblata... Jacobo secundo. Oxon., 1685, fol.

1732. d. Clermont, Auvergne, 20 Aug., 1769. Pietas Univ. Oxon. in obitum Gulielmi üii,

Voyage Métallurgique...Par feu M. etc. Oxon., 1702, 4o.

publiés par M. G. Jars. A. Lyon chez G. Reg

nault, 1774-81, 3 vols., 4o. NOTE.—The above two works contain verses by W. Jane.

Note.-Contains “Mines de cuivres de Wheal

Spernon, Redruth...1765," in vol. iii, pp. 86-87, “ Mines Dr. Jane to Archbishop Sancroft, undertaking

d'étain et de cuivre de la province de Cornouaille, 1765,"

in vol. iii, pp. 186-223, “Usages, loix et coutumes de la to preach at Whitehall. Oxford, 16 Jan., 1678-9.

province de Cornwal...," in vol. iii, pp. 522-38. Tanner MSS., (Bodl. Lib.), 314, art. 12.

The same to the same, thanks for recommend JARVIS, THOMAS. ing him to the King for the deanery of Glouces

Table of the soundings offe Sylly shewing ter. Christ Church, 27 April, 1685. ib., 31, art.

what manner of grownd you shall have, how the 31.

land beareth from you, how farre offe, what The same to the same ; excusing himself from

depth, and what latitvde, etc. Arundell MSS., preaching at Whitehall. Oxford, 8 March, 1685–

| Br. Museum, 502, fol. 6–8. 86. ib., 31, art. 164.

Instructions for entering the principal harThe same to the same; excused by the Lord

bours (Falmouth, etc.,) and passing through the Chamberlain from taking one of the Lent Ser

more difficult straits in the English seas, with mons. 7.Jan., 1686-7. ib., 37, art. 140..

a few rude sketches of the coast, by Thomas Dr. Jane to Bishop Compton, concerning a

Jarvis. ib., 502, fol. 18. questionable sermon preached at St. Mary's. Oxford, 18 July, 1680. ib., 37, art. 55.

JEANS, EDWARD. b. Marazion, 1809, d. CatherAnonymous letter to Archbishop Sancroft,

ine Street, Strand, London, 7 Jan, 1869. cf. complaining of a sermon preached by Dr. Jane,

Register and Mag. of Biog., (1869), i, 245–46. at St. James', on 5 Nov., 1688. ib., 28, art. 249.

Notices of Dr. Jane by Bishop Gibson and A catalogue of Books in all branches of literaBishop Compton. ib., 24, art. 96; 38, art. 59. ture, both ancient and modern...the rarest of

which date from 1479 to 1603...on sale at E. JEANS, EDWARD. (Con.).

JEFFERY, DOROTHY. (Con.). Jeans's, bookseller, White Lion St., Norwich, Tales in verse. By. J. Trenhaile. With a por1860, 8°., pp. iv and 376.

trait of Old Dolly. Devonport, W. Wood; Lond.,

Houlston and Wright. n.d., [1854 ?] 12o., pp. NOTE.--Mr. Jeans was a Bookseller at Exeter, Cam

46, 6d. bridge and Norwich. He was latterly in the employment of Messrs. Willis and Sotheran, Strand, London. He

The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. [Dr. John was well known as an experienced Bibliographer.

Wolcot.] Lond., 1812, 5 vols., 80.

NOTE.-Ode xxi of the Lyric Odes to the Royal JEFFERIES, ANNE (stated to have m. Will.

Academicians, (in vol. i, pp. 119-20), contains a reference Warren, formerly Hind to Dr. Rich. Lower, and to Doll. Pentreath. afterwards to Sir Andrew Slanning, and to have been b. St. Teath, Dec., 1626, and to have been

On the expiration of the Cornish Language. Living in 1696).

An Account of Dolly Pentreath.] In Letters

from the Hon. D. Barrington. Archeol. iii, 278– An account of Anne Jefferies, now living in

84, (1776), v, 81–86, (1779). See also Barringthe County of Cornwall, who was fed for six

ton, Hon. Daines ; Bonaparte, Prince L.L. months by a small sort of airy people called Fairies; and of the strange and wonderful cures

Note.—The articles in the Archæologia were re

printed verbatim in the Cor. Teleg., 9 and 16 June, 1865. she performed with salves and medicines she

All the accounts state that Dolly Pentreath wis 102, but received from them, for which she never took

her real age at the time of death seems to have been one penny of her patients. In a letter from only 63. Moses Pitt to...Dr. Edward Fowler, Lord Bishop of Gloucester. Lond., printed for Richard Cum JEFFERY, JAMES (son of John Jeffery.) Adm. berland, at the Angel, in St. Paul's Church-yard, Sizar of Pembroke Coll., Cam., 18 Mch., 1696, 40. — Reprinted in J. Morgan's Phoenix 1700, Fellow, 22 Oct., 1708. b. Marazion, Britannicus, (Lond., 1732, 4o.), pp. 545–51, and 1682. d. ante 9 Mch., 1735. cf. Hawes' Hist. in C. S. Gilbert's Cornwall, i, 107-14.

of Framlingham, (1798), p. 283. Note. There is no entry of the baptism of A. | JEFFERY, JOHN (son of Benjamin and Mary Jefferies at St. Teath between 1625-27 or afterwards.

Jeffery). Minister of the Baptist Chapel Re

gent Street, Lambeth, London, 1824-1834; JEFFERIES, MRS. BLANCHE (dau of Mr. Tre

Minister of Chapel at New Mill, Tring, Herts, villian). b. Gwinear. d. St. John's Parish, Westminster, 7 Mch., 1797, aged, as reported,

3 Sept., 1834 to Oct., 1836. b. Mousehole. about 117.

Remarks on an Extract of a letter from Mr.

Jeffery, of Newlyn, inserted in the Baptist Memoir of Mrs. B. Jefferies. Portrait. Evan

Magazine for January, 1824, by John Watergelical Mag., v, 221–26, (1797).

house. Penzance, E. Rowe, [16 Jan.,] 1824, JEFFERY, DOROTHY (generally known by her

12o., pp. 12.-3rd ed., 1824, 120.

The Tuck-Net, or free animadversions on the maiden name of Dolly Pentreuth, dau. of Nicholas Pentreath). bapt. Paul, 17 May, 1714. d.

very unkind and unchristian “Remarks” of the Mousehole, Dec., 1777. bur. Paul, 27 Dec.

Rev. J. Waterhouse, of Penzance, and his Methocf. Gent. Mag., i, 690, 1866, (by J. Wilkins);

dist friends against Mr. John Jeffery, of Newlyn, N. and Q., 1 S., xii, 407, 500 ; 2 S., i, 17,

and his Baptist friends in general, by G. C. 350; Halliwell's Rambles in Western Cornwall,

Smith. Penzance, T. Vigurs, (Feb.,] 1824, 12o., (1861), pp. 17577; Transactions of Logger

pp. 114, 4d. ville Literary Society, (by Will. Sandys), pp. Note.-Pt. i, pp. 1-34, pt. ii, pp. 35-74, pt. iii, 75109-111.

114, pt. iv was announced but never published. Recreations in Rhyme by a Cornubian. [pseud. “The Tuck-Net" split, or an examination of i.e., J. Trenhaile.] With portrait of Dolly Pen the pamphlet lately published by the Rev. G. treath, (1834). See Cornubian.

C. Smith. By Pindar. pseud. i.e., Specimens of Cornish Provincial Dialects, Penzance, G. Glanvill, 1824, 120., pp. 12. collected and arranged by Uncle Jan Trenoodle, “The Tuck-Net” retucked, or Porpoises in(pseud. i.e., Will. Sandys,] with some introduc stead of Pilchards !!! The Printer has refused tory remarks and a glossary, etc., by an Anti to print the following pages without the Author's quarian Friend. Also a Collection of Songs name affixed to them, he subscribes himself and other pieces connected with Cornwall. With George Edmonds. Penzance, E. Rowe, 1824, a portrait of Dorothy Pentreath. Lond., J. R. 12o., pp. 8. . Smith, 1846, post 8°,, pp. 108, 4/-.

| An Appeal to the public in compliance with Dolly Pentreath and other humourous Cornish | the mandate of the Rev. G. C. Smith, of Pen

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