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BLIGHT, John Thomas. (Con.).

BLIGHT, Joan Thomas. (Con.). The Hand Book to Cornwall, with Rendell's Map of the Land's End District, showing tho Map and Illustrations by J. T. Blight. Devon Antiquities comprised in the two day's excursion port, W. Wood, n.d., 169., pp. 158.

of the Cambrian Archäological Association, Account of the Exploration of Subterranean

1862. J. T. Blight, Del. ; Lithog. by Brenton Chambers at Treveneague, in the parish of St. Symons, Truro (1862). Hilary, Cornwall. By J. T. Blight. Printed Note.-ef. Archeol. Camb., viii, 299—368, 1862. for the P.V.H. & A.S. Lond., J. R. Smith;

Barrow with Kist-Vaen in Sancreed. 2 enPenzance, William Cornish ; 1867, 8"., PP. 34. 1 gravings. Archæol. Camb.. x. 243-45 (1864). The Great Stanley: or James, 6th Earl of

The Holed Stones of Cornwall. 3 engravings, Derby ... in their land of Man .... Illustrated

4 woodcuts. ib., x, 292–99. by A. D. Lemon and J. T. Blight. Lond., 1867,

Lostwithiel. ib., xi, 1864. 80.

Cromlech at Llansaintffraid, near Conway. The Cromlechs of Cornwall : with some ac

2 engraving. ib., xi, 278–89, 1865. count of other Prehistoric Sepulchral Monu

Notes of Antiquities in North Wales. ib. ments and Articles found in connection with

A Letter on preparing drawings for wood enthem, in the same County. By J. T. Blight.

gravings. ib., xv. Lond., J. Parker and Co., 1870, 89. [in the press). Ancient Ballads and Broadsides... Reprinted

Account of Rock Markings at Sancreed, from the original copies... preserved in the Library

Cornwall, with illustrations. Proc. Soc. of Antiq., of H. Huth, Esq. ; with 26 copies of the old

iii, 302, 1866. woodcuts drawn on wood by J.T. Blight. Lond.,

Account of Caves or Subterranean Chambers 1867, 4o.

at Castallack and 'Treveneague, near Penzance. Remarks on the Well Chapels of Cornwall,

2 illusts. ib., iii, 498. with illustrations by J. T. Blight, with additional

Account of Excavations ... in Sancreed .... notices and illustrations by Llewellyn Jewitt.

By W. C. Borlase. With 4 illusts. by J. T. The Reliquary, ü, 126 (1862).

Blight. ib., iv, 161, 1868.
Notice of Rock Markings. Trans. P.N.H. &
A.S., iii, 67, 1865.

Holed Stones. 3 woodcuts. Rep. R.I.C., 1862, p. 24.

Cair Conan in St. Breage. ib., 1863, p. 58. View of St. Hilary Church, Cornwall. Gent.

Extracts relating to Cornwall from a rare Mag., xl, 136, 1855.

Tract of the 16th century, with Notes by J. T. B. Ancient British Village at Chysauster. ib.,

Journ. R.I.C., 1864, March, p. i. See Ferris, R. X, 65, 1861 dichæol. Journ., xviii, 39, 1861). 1 Ancient Chapels in the parish of Sancreed.

Cornish Churches, with illustrations by the Woodcuts. ib1864. p. 38. Author. ib., xii, 247, 391, 528; xiii, 21, 255,

Notice of Underground Chambers at Boscas538 (1862); xiv, 151, 572, 690; xv, 130 (1863). well, St. Just, Penwith. ib., 1864, Oct., p. 6. Cair Conan in Breage. ib., xv, 55.

The Cliff Castle at Maen, near the Land's Two days in Cornwall with the Cambrian | End, in St. Sennen. Woodcuts. ib., 1864. p. 8. Archæol. Soc. ib., xvi, 30, 307, 441, 1864.

An Account of a Barrow and Kist-Vaen in Remarkable Subterranean Chambers at Tre

Sancreed. ib., 1865, April, p. 19. lowarren, the Seat of Sir R. R. Vyvyan, Bart.

| Castallack Round, in St. Paul. Woodcuts. ib., xvi, 607 [Archäol., xl, 113-118, 1861).

ib., 1865, Oct., p. 66. On the Cliff Castle of Main or Mayon. ib., | Notice of a Barrow with Kist-Vaen on Trexvii, 75, 1864.

wavas Head, in St. Breage. ib., 1867, p. 306. On Underground Chambers at Boscaswell.

Notice of Enclosures at Smallacombe, near ib., xvii, 75.

the Cheesewring. 3 woodcuts and a plan. ib., On Holed Stones. ib., xviii, 353, 1865.

1868, April, p. 10. On Castallack Round, Parish of St. Paul. ib., Woodcuts, by J. T. B., of a Gold Armulet xviii, 756.

found at Tredinmey, near Penzance, and of a Description of the Subterranean Chambers

Mammillary Brooch found near the Lizard, and at Treveneague. ib., iii, 795, 1867.

deposited in the Payne Knight Collection, in Notes on Stone Circles. ib., v, 308–19 (1868). the British Museum. ib., 1868.

The Cliff Castle of Kenidzhek, in St. Just in Map of the Liskeard district, shewing the

Penwith. ib., 1869, April, p. 108. Antiquities. Drawn by J. T. Blight; Lithog. by Brenton Symons, Truro [1862]:-*

The Church of St. Hilary, Cornwall. A View BLIGHT, Joan Thomas. (Con.).

BOASE, CHARLES WILLIAM. (Con.). after the Restoration Churchman's Companion, | portions of our substance to the service of God. xviii, 1855.

By C. W. Boase. Dundee, 1864, 8o. Privately Three Views of All Hallow's Church, Ring printed. more. Church Builder, No. iii, July, 1862.

Tithes and Offerings; a Treatise on the Prin

ciples, Practice, and Benefits of devoting portions Madron Well Baptistry or Chapel. Willis'

of our substance to the service of God. By Current Notes, vi, 1–2, 1856.

C. W. Boase. Edinburgh, T. and T. Clark, Parc an Chapel, Cape Cornwall. ib., vi, 11.

| 1865, 8o.

A Century of Banking in Dundee; being the wwwwwwwwwwwww

Annual Balance Sheets of the Dundee Banking Remains of a supposed Ancient British Village

Co., from 1764 to 1864, etc. By C. W. Boase. in Gulval. Helston Gram. School Mug., pp. 133 Dundee, J. P. Mathews, 1866, 8°., pp. 101 and 34, 1857.

26 pages not numbered. Printed for private Marazion Church, with view. ib., pp. 196-98.

circulation.—2nd ed., Edinburgh, Grant, 1867, The Table Men near the Land's End, with

89., pp. xxxi and 379. view. ib., pp. 251–52.

The Elijah Ministry to the Christian Church ;

its nature deduced from the Ministry of John Penzance and Mount's Bay during the late the Baptist to the Jews, and this compared with Regatta. From a drawing by J. T. Blight. the work of the Lord in these days. Dundee,

Mathews, 1867, 80., pp. 480. Proof copy of 3 The Prince and Princess of Wales landing at parts. Penzance. From drawing by J. T. Blight. ib.,

The Elijah Ministry; the tokens of its mission xlvii, 108, 1865.

| to the Christian Church deduced from the The Prince and Princess of Wales landing at | ministry of Jolin the Baptist to the Jews. St. Michael's Mount. ib., xlvii, 109.

Edinb., R, Grant and Son, 1868, 80., pp. xxi The Richard Lewis Lifeboat landing a ship

and 720. wrecked crew at Penzance. ib., 1, 80, 1867. Race of Six Lifeboats at Penzance. ib., li,

BOASE, GEORGE CLEMENT (fourth son of H. 329.

Bouse). b. London, 25th August, 1810.

To Husbands, Fathers, and Brothers, specially BLIGHT, SAMUEL, of Falmouth.

those of the Labouring classes, being a warning Original Designs for Temples. Rep. R.C.P.

against prevailing delusions and a Word in

Season to the weary and heavy laden. By a Soc., 1843, supp., p. 10.

Brother [i.l., G. C. Boase]. Elinb., Grant;

Lond., Longman ; 1848, 80., pp. 32. BLOME, RICHARD.

Satanic Workings a Sign and a Warning. A Map of the County of Cornwall with its | Anon. Dundee, J. Duff, 1853, 89., pp. 12. Hundreds. In “Britannia, or a Geographical Three Discourses on Certain Symbols used in Description ... of the Kingdoms of England, Worship. Dundee, 1855, 8' Printed for Scotland, and Ireland .... By R. Blome.” private circulation. 1673, fol.

The Lord's Tithe. A Sermon preached 27th

March, 1859, n.p. or d. [Dundee, 1859), 80. BLUNT, Rev. WALTER, M,A. Curate of Helston. Opinions and Warnings of the Press and Report of the proceedings under the commis

Public Men, regarding the perils which threaten sion issued by the Bishop of Exeter, to enquire

our country. By G. C. Boase, Treasurer of the into the complaints against the Rev. Walter

Dundee Volunteer Rifles. Dundee, F. Shaw, • Blunt, Curate of lielston, including the Report

1859, 80. of the Commissioners and the Bishop's judg

The Queen's Visit to the Duke of Athole, 15th ment; with notes an l subsequent correspondence

Sept., 1863. A Poem. Anon. n.p. ord, (by W. M. Best). Lond., Sweet (?), 1844, 80.,

[Dundee, 1863), 80., pp. 4. pp. 102,

The Restoration of Apostles, or the true posi

tion of those who acknowledge them in relation BOASE, CHARLES WILLIAM (third son of II.

to the rest of the Church. By G. C. Boase, Bouse), b. London, 8th June, 1804.

Dundee, F. Shaw, 1867, 80., pp. 36, 3d.

My Native Home. A Song By Britannicus Tithes and Offerings; being an attempt to fi.e., G. C. Boase). Cornish Mag., iii, 44 (1828). establish the Principles, to illustrate the Prac- Note. The first of several poetic pieces, etc., tice, and to trace the Benefits of devoting | under the same siguature,

BOASE, HENRY. 6. Madron, 3rd June, 1763.

BOASE, Henry Samuel. (Con.). d. Penzance, 8th April, 1827. cf. J. Owen's

Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Contagio. Hlist. of Bible Soc., 1816, vol. i, passim.

... Edinburgh, J. Moir, 1821, 80., pp. 31. Remarks on the impolicy of repealing the

Contribution towards a knowledge of the Bank Restriction Bill. With an Appendix.

Geology of Cornwall, extracted from the fourth Lond., G. & W. Nicol, 1802, 8°., PP. 123. App., volume of the transactions of the Geclogical pp. 22.

Society of Cornwall. Geol. Map of Cornwall, Guineas an unnecessary and expensive incum

and 2 Section Maps. Penzance, T. Vigurs, brance on Commerce, or the impolicy of repealing

| 1832, 80. the Bank Restriction Bill considered. Lond.,

A Treatise on Primary Geology ; being an 1802, 80., pp. 123.-- 2nd ed., to which is added

examination, both practical and theoretical, of the an appendix, shewing the influence that the

Older Formations. By II. S. Boase, Sec. of the Restriction Bill has upon our Foreign Exchange

Royal Geol. Soc. of Cornwall. Lond., Longman, and Commerce. Lond., W. Bulmer, 1803, 80.,

18:4, 80., pp. xi and 399, 12'-. pp. 123 and App. 22.

The Parochial History of Cornwall, by D. A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord King, in

Gilbert (including a minute Geological account defence of the conduct of the Directors of the

of each Parish by Dr. Boase). Lond., 1837, 4 Banks of England and Ireland, whom his Lordship

Lordship vols., 80. (in a publication entitled “Thoughts on the

The Philosophy of Nature; a Systematic restriction of payment in specie,” &c., déc.,) accuses i Treatise on the Causes and Laws of Natural of abuse of their privilege; with remarks on the Phenomena. Lond., Longman, 1860, 80., pp. cause of the great rise of the Exchange between

xvii and 358, 12:Dublin and London, and the means of explaining

An Essay on Human Nature, shewing the it. Lond., G. & W. Nicol, 1804, 89., pp. 52, 2 2.

necessity of a Divine Revelation for the perfect The disadvantage of the new plan of Finance,

development of man's capacities. Lond., Longdemonstrated by a comparison of its results

man, 1865, 80., pp. xvi and 396. with that of the like supply raised on the present system, together with observations on

1 On the Tin-ore of Botallack and Levant, the Sinking Fund, and War Taxes, in a Letter

| Cornwall. Trans. R.G.S.C., ii, 383-403, 1822. to a Member of Parliament. Not Published). Some observations on the Alluvial Formations Lond., J. Smeeton, 1807, 80., pp. 24.

of the Western part of Cornwall, ib., iii, 17-34, Remarks on the new Doctrine concerning the

| 1827. supposed depreciation of our currency. Lond.,

| On the Sand Banks of the Northern Shores W. Bulmer, 1811, 80., pp. visi and 110, 41-. .

of Mount's Bay. Plate. ib., iii, 166-191, 1827. A brief exposition of the Agricultural question,

Contributions towards a knowledge of the by a freeholder. [1.e., H. Boase]. Lond., G. &

Geology of Cornwall. Maps. ib., iv, 166-474, W. Nicol, 1823, 80., pp. 20.

1832. A Letter to Sir Richard R. Vyvyan, Bart., M.P. for the County of Cornwall, on the nature An inquiry into the nature of the structure of and use of credit and currency, by one of his Rocks. Lond. and Edinb. Philos. Mug., vii, 376– constituents. [i.e., H. Boase). Penzance, printed 383, 445-454, 1835. and sold by T. Vigurs; Lond., Longman; 1826, Remarks on Mr. Hopkins' “Researches in 80., pp. 49, 16.

Physical Geology." ib., ix, 4-9, 1836. An Ode for the 25th October, 1809, on the Mr. Hopkins' Reply. ib., ix, 171, 366. celebration of George the Third's Jubilee. By Additional Remarks on Mr. Hopkins' “ReBritannicus. [i.l., H. Boase). 14th Oct., 1809. searches in Physical Geology.” ib., x, 14-18, Poctical Magazine, ii, 26 (1809). .

1837. An Ode for the celebration of George the On the composition and origin of Porcelain Fourth's coronation at Penzance, 19th July, 1821. Earth. ib., x, 318-53. [Erilman's Journ. Prak. Literary Gazette, 1821.

Chem., Leipcig, xi, 146-57, 1837]. On the introduction of the Steam Engine to A sketch of M. Faye's “Examen d'un Mémoire the Peruvian Mines (also called Capt. Trevithick's de M. Plana sur la force repulsive et le milieu Adventure). Trans. R.G.S.C., i, 212-223 (1817). resistant,” with a few remarks thereon. ib., xxii,

On the Submersion of a part of Mount's Bay; 458–70, 1861. and on the Inundation of Marine Sands on the North coast of Cornwall. ib., i, 129-144 (1818).

On Rain Guages. T. Thompson's Ann. Philos.,

xvi, 177–79, 1820. BOASE, HENRY SAMUEL (eldest son of H. On the difference in the annual statements of

Boase), F.R.S., M.D. b. London, 2nd Sep- the quantity of rain falling in adjacent places, tember, 1799,

ib., iv, 18-21, 1822.

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BOASE, Henry SAMUEL. (Con.).

BOASE, WILLIAM MILLETT. (Con.). Notes on Capros aper, Lacep., Zeus aper, Linn., Review of W. W. Harvey's “Sketches of and a Tetrodon taken in Mount's Bay, Cornwall. | Ilayti.” ib., iii, 45. Proc. Zool. Soc., i, 114-115, 18:33.

Covfessions by Gregory Hopeful [i.e., W. M. On a new Oxide similar to that of Donium. | Boase). ib., iii, 73. R. D. Thom on's Records, iv, 20-22, 1836. (Journ. Recollections of a Way-Faring Man. Anon. de Pharm, Paris, xxii, 609-612, 1836).

Nos, i & ii. ib., ii, 100, 112.

The Lion's Head to his Friends. ib., iii, 105. BOASE, JOHN JOSIAS ARTHUR (second son of H. Bouse). b. London, 23rd June, 1801.

BODENER, William. 6. Mousehole, 1711 (?).

d. 1794. Spicilegia, by Johannes Buritonensis. [i.e., J.

A Letter in the Cornish Language. MS. in J. A. Boase. The Selector or Cornish Mag., iii,

Museum of Soc. Antiq. of London. Archæol., 78, 83, 121, 140 (1828).

Local Historical Documents. In App. to J. S. Courtney's “Guide to Penzance," 1845, 80.

| BODLEY, Sir TIIOMAS. 6. Exeter, 2nd March, Seal dug up in the parish of St. Burian.

1544. d. London, 28th January, 1612. Archæol. Juurn., xiii, 297 (1856). Megalithic Remains. Gent. Mag., ii, 493-95.

Justa Funebria Ptolemæi Oxoniensis Thomæ (1866).

Bodleii Equitis, &c. Oxoniæ Excudebat Josephus

Barnesius, &c., 1613, 4".
Notice of a remarkable Cromlech in France. Note.-Contains Verses by Arthur Harris, Pet.
Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., ü, 30 (1851).

Prideaux, Barn Greynville, q.v.
Address of the Vice-President si.e., J. J. A.
Boase). ib., ii, 129 (1853).

BODRIGAN, SIR HENRY, KNT. cf. Ilarkvorth's A brief notice of Plouharnel, Carnac, Lock

Chronicle of first 13 years of Edwd. IV, ed. mariaker and Gavr Inis. ibi, iii, 45 (1865).

Camden Soc., 1839, pp. 26-27.

Warrant to Sir H. Bodrigan and T. Kelgrove

to deliver a Balangar (sic) to Thomas Yonge... Bronze Medals. N. & Q., 1 S., v, 608 (1852).

Harl. MSS., 433, art. 1565. Medallic Queries. ib., vi, 314, 459.

Warrant to aid Sir H. Bodrigan in taking Plagiarisms of Medallists. ib., vi, 529.

possession of the Manors of Trewelawne and Eiebreis. ib., vi, 568.

Trewardreth. ib., 433, art. 1616.
Dolly Pentreath. ib., 2 S., i, 359 (1856).
Queries on a Tour. ib., i, 470.

BOGER, Mrs. C. G. (uife of Rev. E. Boger).
Sardian Motto and Legends on the Edges of
Coins. ib., i, 512.

A Dream of New Year's Eve. By E. N. R. Sources d' Eaux at Buda. ib., ü, 338.

I lice, C. G. Roger] Helston Gram. School Mag., Why was Ludovicus Sforza styled Anglus. ib.,

Part i, 32-34, 1852. vii, 183 (1859).

| BOGER, CAPT. CORYNDON. d. Plymouth, 17th Report of the Librarian [i.l., J. J. A. Boase]

May, 1804, aged 26. cf. James' Naval llist., of the Geol. Soc. of Corn., with a Catalogue of

vols. ii, iv; European Mag., xlv, 399, 1804 ; the Books. Trans., vol. vi (1844).

Gent. Mag., lxxiv, 597, 1804.

BOGER, DEEBLE. b. Plympton, Devon, 1799. BOASE, WILLIAM MILLETT, M.D. (son of John

Suggestions for the Amendment of the Poor Boase). b. Penzance. bapt. 28th July, 1802.

Law. Plymouth, Nettleton, 1841, 89. Disputatio Medica Inauguralis quaedam de The Manor of Ridwri. Journ. R.I.C., 1865, Phrenetide complectens. Edinburgh, J. Moir, , p. 42. 1823, 80., pp. 13.

The Selector or Cornish Magazine. Vols. üi BOGER, ADMIRAL EDMUND (second son of John and iv, ed. by W. M. Boase. Falmouth, J. Philp, Boger). b. Maker, 1775. d. Lipson, near Ply1828–29,89.

mouth, 19th Dec., 1844. cf. Gent. Mag., xxiii, Sketches of Cornwall. By Delta. si.e., W. M. 313, 1845 ; Marshall's Naval Biog. Boase). Selector, ii, 173 (1827). Essay on Magazines. ib., ii, 186.

BOGER, REV. EDMUND. Fellow of Ex. Coll., Essay on Happiness. ib., ii, 189.

Oxford, late Master of Helston Gram. School, Essays on Social Abuses. Nos. i & ii. ib., iii, now Head Master of St. Sariour's Gram. School, 33, 81, 126 (1828).

Southwark. . 6. Lostwithiel.

BOGER, Rev. Edmund. (Con.).

BONAPARTE, PRince Louis LUCIEN. (Con.). Outlines of Roman History. H. Ince & J. Photographie de la pierre tumulaire érigee en Gilbert's Educational Series. Lond., Kent, 1861, | Juin, 1860, dans le cimétière de Saint Paul près, 120.

Penzance, in Cornouailles, par le Prince Louis The Helston Grammar School Magazine. (Com Lucien Bonaparte et le Rev. Jean Garrett vicaire piled under the direction of the Rev. E. Boger; de cette paroisse à la mémoire de Dorothée Printed by Richard Cunnack, Helston].' Part i, Pentreath morte en 1778, et censée avoir été la April, 1852, pp. 36; Part ii, June, 1852, pp. 68. dernière personne pouvant parler la langue

Note.- No more published of this series; see Jessop, cornique. W. Brooks, Photographer, Penzance, Rev. Augustus.

1860. The Spirit of Boyhood. IIelston Giam. School

The Literature and Dialect of Cornwall. Mag., Part i, i, 1852.

Cumh. Journ., 30th Nov., 1861. A Lay of Samnium. ib., i, 18-26.

Cornish Literature, reprinted from the CamThe Telescope and Spectacles; a Fable. ib.,

brian Journal, 1861. [A Letter, including a copy i, 29. .

of the Dedication of T. Tonkin to W. Gwavas Spring Songs from the Ancient Poets, trans

prece ling his Vocabulary.] Privately printed. lated from Meleager. ib., Part ii, 37.

Lond., Nov. 30th, 1861, 80., s. sh. A Ramble in the Seven Mountains. ib., ii, 1 Note.--About 250 copies only printed. 53-56.

Some Observations on the Rev. R. Williams' Flora Day, 1852 ib., ii, 62–64.

Preface to his Lexicon, signed L. L. Bonaparte.

[London, May, 1865), s. sh., 4o. [Annexed is a The Fate of the Flemings; a Legend of Corn

Letter from the Rev. W. Gwavas to Thomas wall. Sharpe's London Vay., ii, 82.

Tonkin, datel Penzance, 25th Jan., 1732].

BONATREE, JOHN. The Peiho. Once a Week, i, 272, 1859.

Grant of Arms to I. Bonatree, Gent., 1st April, Reliques of the Lost. ib., i, 311-312.

20 Hen. VI. Hurl. JISS., 1079, art. 7; 1162,


Report of the Exportation of Pilchards for BONAVENTURA, or BONAVENTURE, THOM1851. Trans. P. V.II. & A.S., ii, 51.

ASINA, afterwards Dame Thomisina Percival.

b. Week St. Mary. d. Weck St. Mary, 1512. BOLITHO, THOMAS SIMON. b. Chyandour, 1808.

of. Herbert's list. of the... Lirery Companies of

London, ii, 436-7, 445, 451–54, 502-3; Gent. On the Exportation of Pilchards in 1847 and

M 19., xlii, 11, 1854. 1818. Trans. P. V.H. & A.S., i, 253. Short Notes on the Pilchard, more especially

Thomasina Bonaventure for the Cornish with reference to its Migration during the

Shepherless of the 15th Century, who became Summer of 1850. ib., i, 441.

Lady Mayoress of London. All the Year Roun 1,

276-80, 16th March, 1867 (by Rev. R. S. Hawker). BOLLEIT FAMILY. cf. One and AN, December,

---Reprinted in Cornish Teleg., 20th and 27th

March, 1807. 1868.

Thomazine Bonaventure, or the Maid of Week BONAPARTE, PRINCE Louis LUCIEN. 6. Morn

St. Mary. By E. Nicolls. Callington, E. Philp, grove, Worcestershire, 1813.

1865, 80., pp. 20. The Song of Solomon in the living Cornish BOND, THE FAMILY OF. Gent. Mag., xv, 431, dialect. From the authorised English version.

526 (1863). Privately printed by Geo. Barclay, 28, Castle Street, Leicester Sq. (Lond.], 1859, 16o. BOND, Rev. Join. bur. Steeple, 30th July,

Note.-250 copies only printed. The Trans. made 1676. by Mr. Edwin Netherton of Truro.

Occasus Occidentalis, or Job in the West; as On the Expiration of the Cornish Language. as it was laid forth in two severall Sermons, at In a Letter from the Hon. Daines Barrington, two publike fasts, for the five associated Western Vice Pres. S. A., to John Lloyd, Esq., F.S.A., read Counties, by J. Bond, B.L., late Lecturer in the at the Society of Antiquaries, May 6, 1773. City of Exon, now Minister at the Savoy, Reprinted by Prince L. L. Bonaparte. [Lond., London. A Member of the Assembly of Divines. 1860), 4°., s. sh.

Lond., Printed by J. D. for Fran. Eglesfield, and Note.-Twelve copies only printed.

are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the

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