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F.L.S. (son of Henry Incledon Johns, and grand 10 Sept., 1698. cf. Wilson's Hist. of Dissenting son of Tremenheere Johns, Solicitor, Helston). Churches, ii, 175, iv, 178–79. Head Master of the Helston Grammar School,

NOTE.—By his will, dated 30 July, 1698, Captain June, 1843 to Dec., 1847. b. Plymouth, 31

Johns left two estates in Essex to be equally divided Dec., 1811.

between five Genera) Baptist Churches in London. Examination Questions on the Historical Parts

JOHNS, BREVET-MAJOR RICHARD, R.M. Light of the Pentateuch. For the use of families,

Infantry (son of Major William Johns, Adjunational schools, and the lower forms in Gram

tant of Cornwall Militia). b. Helston, 5 Oct., mar Schools, by the Rev. C. A. Johns, B.A.,

1805. d. Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, F.L.S., Head Master of the Grammar School,

6 Nov., 1851. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxvi, 671, Helston, Cornwall. Lond., J. Masters, 1847, (1851). 120., pp. 70, 1/.

Poems. By R. Johns. Lond., W. Sams; PenThe Loss of the Amazon. Compiled by the

zance, E. Rowe, (printed,] 1825, 80., pp. 81. Rev. C. A. Johns. Woodcuts. Lond., Soc. Prom.

List of Subscribers. Christ. Knowledge. n.d., [1852,] sm. 8°., pp.

Ascension. A Poem. By R. Johns. Lond., 124, 6d.

Smith, Elder, and Co., Cornhill, 1836, 8o., pp. NOTE.—This work contains accounts of Charles | 32, 2/6. Henry Treweeke and Lieut. C. G. Grylls, R.N., q.v.

NOTE.–From the Advertisement it appears that the A Winter Ramble in the Country. By the Author passed many years at Ascension. Rev. C. A. Johns. Woodcuts. Lond., Soc. Prom. į Legend and Romance. By R. Johns, Lieut. Christ. Knowledge, 1847, 8°., pp. 93, 1/-. Royal Marines. Lond., R. Bentley, 1839, 3 vols.,

NOTE. Written during the Author's residence in 80., 24/Cornwall and the scene laid in the County. The Frontis

NOTE.-Contains (ii, 189-287) a tale called “The piece represents “ Holy Well, Trehill, near Helston.”

Pirate Island," a legend of a Cornish Maiden married Flowers of the Field. By the Rev. C. A. to a Smuggler. Johns. Woodcuts. Lond., Soc. Prom. Christ.

The Schoolfellows or a By-way to Fame. By Knowledge. n.d., [1847 1] 2 vols., 80.

R. Johns. Lond., Bentley, 1841, 3 vols., 80., NOTE.--A considerable portion of this work was

31/6. written during the Author's residence in Cornwall.

The Last Day. By R. Johns. Lond., 1846, A Week at the Lizard. By the Author of 80., pp. 66. Flowers of the Field, [i.e. Rev. C. A. Johns.] The Calendar of Victory, being a record of Woodcuts and Map. Lond., Soc. Prom. Christ. British Valour and Conquest by sea and land on Knowledge. n.d., (1848,] 8°., pp. 336, 3/6. every day during the year. Projected and com

On the Land-Slip at the Lizard. Quart. Journ. menced by the late Major Johns, R.M., continued Geol. Soc. Lond., iv, 193–94, (1848).

and completed by Lieut. P. H. Nicolas, R.M.

Lond., Longman, 1855, 80., pp. xxiv and 660. JOHNS, REV. HENRY, V. of St. Issey, 29 Aug.,

The Naval and Military Heroes of Great 1638. Ejected, 1651. Restored, 1660. bur. Št. Britain or Calendar of Victory... With chronoIssey, 3 Aug., 1666. cf. Walker's Sufferings of logical and alphabetical indexes. Illustrated the Clergy, pt. ii, 279.

with 24 Portraits engraved on steel. Lond., H. JOHNS, REV. J. Unitarian Minister.

G. Bohn, 1860, 80., pp. xxiv and 660.

Note.—This is apparently of the same impression The Kingdom of God. A Sermon delivered

as the previous work, but there is a new title page and before the Devon and Cornwall Unitarian Asso- an addition of the portraits. It forms vol. 68 of " Bohn's ciation, at Tavistock, July 2, 1823, by the Rev. Illustrated Library.” J. Johns. 1823, 8o.

The White Squall. A sea song. Sung by Mr. JOHNS, JAMES (son of Zacharias Johns). b.

Barker... The Poetry from “The Forget-me-not," Redruth, 1820. d. Redruth, 20 Apl., 1872.

written by Richard Johns, Esq., Author of " As

cension,” etc. The music composed and dedicated A Directory of Redruth. By J. S. Doidge,

to John Braham, Esq., by Geo. A. Barker. 6th (1866). q.V.

ed. Lond., Z. T. Purday, fol., pp. 9, 2/6. Note.-Contains an “Introductory History of Redruth, by Miss G. Angove and Mr. J. Johns,” pp. ix-xxiii. JOHNS, TREMENHEERE JOHN (son of Rev. John Parish of Redruth. Census of 1871. Statis

White Johns, V. of Crowan). b. Helston, 1 tics of Ages, etc. Signed “James Johns, Regis

Dec., 1836. Drowned at Oxford, 26 Oct., 1855. trar.” Printed and sold by N. Odgers, Redruth, | Music. By T. G. P. i.e., T. J. Johns and n.d., [5 May, 1871,] 4o., s. sh., 1d.

Cudlip, Rev. P. H.. q.v.


JOHNS, REV.ted, 1651. ResWalker's Su


JOHNSON, Samuel, LL.D. (Con.). A Week of Jersey, by Y. Z. i.e., T. J. Johns. Review of Dr. Borlase's History of the Scilly Helston Gram. School Nag. Part i, pp. 27-29, | Isles. Literary Mag. or Universal Rev., i, 91-97, (1852).

(1756). Spring Song from the Ancient Poets. A Trans- | lation of Horace. Book i. Ode iv. ib., Part i,

JOHNSTONE, Rev. GEORGE DEMPSTER, M.A. p. 37, (1852).

(4th son of James R. Johnstone, of Alva, N.B.)

R. of Creed, 1857-67. d. Creed, 8 Sept., 1867. JOHNS, REV. WILLIAM STABBACK, M.A. (son of cf. Gent. Mag., iv, 546, (1867). Rev. J. W. Johns). Head Master of Newton

Note.--Mr. Johnstone m. Mary Anne Hawkins Abbot Grammar School, South Devon. b.

niece of Sir C. Hawkins. Helston, 11 May, 1838.

The Fall of Alba. By B. B. fi.e., W. S. Johns JONES, MR., of Chacewater. and W. M. Rogers.) Helston Gram. School Mag. Machine for raising and lowering miners. Rep. Part i, pp. 4-14; Part ii, pp. 38-41, (1852). I R.C.P.Soc., 1837, pp. 63–64. JOHNS, WILLIAM TREMENHEERE (son of Lieut. | JONES. REV. HARRY LONGUEVILLE, M.A. (son John Johns). b. St. Mary's, Scilly, 27 Oct.,

of Edward Jones). b. Piccadilly, London, 1804. d. Scilly, 1849.

April 16, 1806. d. Kensington, 16 Nov., 1870. Meteorological observations made at Scilly.

St. Piran's Round. Archæol. Camb., viii, 224– Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1841, p. 145 ; 1842, pt. 2, p. 25. (1862). 94; 1843, sup. p. 2.

Early Inscribed Stones of Cornwall. Woodcuts. JOHNSON, MR. Resident some years at Fal

fal. ib., ix, 286–90, (1863). mouth.

Flint finds. Journ. R.I.C., 1866, pp. 117–20. The Selector or Cornish Magazine... [Edited JONES, HENRY, of Penrose, Sennen (eld. son by Mr. Johnson.) Falmouth, J. Philp. Vols. i of Hugh Jones). and ii, 1826, 1827, 8o.

The reasons of Henry Jones Esquire, for Lines to Sarah on her Birthday. By Jsohnson,

building a mould or peere in Whitsand Bay, at Mount Sion, Falmouth. Selector or Cornish Mag.,

the Land's End. [Plan by Fredrick de Hauttei, 41, (1826).

court, 1702.] n.p. or d. [1702, s. sh. fol. NOTE.—The first of a series of poetical pieces. Reasons humbly offered by Henry Jones Esq., Sketches of Cornwall. ib., ii, 13, (1827).

for building a mould or harbour in WhitsandNote.—The first of a series of Sketches.

Bay, at the Lands-End, in Cornwall. [Plan by

Fredrick de Hauttecourt, 1702.] n.p. or d. [1703] JOHNSON, CUTHBERT WILLIAM, F.R.S. (son s. sh. fol. of William Johnson). b. Widmore House,

NOTE.-In the volume in the Br. Museum contain: Bromley, Kent, 28 Sept., 1799.

ing the above is bound up a MS. petition of Henry Jones Manure from the Sea-Shore [of Cornwall and

to the House of Commons setting forth that the House

had resolved in Feby., 1704, that a harbour at Whitsand Devon.] Journ. Bath and W. E. Soc., xii, 356

Bay would be of great benefit for the preservation of 64, 1864 ; [Farmer's Mag., xxvi, 366–69, 1865.] shipping and praying that the matter may be expedited.

Note.—This article originally appeared in the Reasons humbly offered to the Parliament asMark-Lane Express.

sembled for building a mould or harbour in The North Shore of Cornwall. ib., xv, 164- | Whitsand Bay, at the Lands End, in Cornwal, 70, 1867. [Farmer's Mag., xxxii, 278–80, 1867.1 situate betwixt the north and south channels;

Valleys of the Tamar and the Fowey. Farmer's and also for erecting a Light-House on the PorMag., xxxiv, 276-78, (1868).

De-Nac point, near the said Bay. By R. Michell,

Engineer. n.p. or d. (17--] S. sh. fol. JOHNSON, SAMUEL, LL.D. (son of Michael Several objections against Whitesand Bay's

Johnson). b. Lichfield, 18 Sept., 1709. d. being made a Harbour answered. n.p. or d. London, 13 Dec., 1784.

[17--, s. sh. fol. [Author's name not known.] The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Lond.,

JONES, REV. John PIKE. Curate of North Longman, 1796, 12 vols., 8o.

Bovey, 1814-31. Note.- In vol. viii, pp. 94-97, in the pamphlet called

A Botanical Tour through various parts of the “ Taxation no Tyranny," is found “A Supposed Address from the Cornishmen, in order to shew the false argu

counties of Devon and Cornwall. [By Rev. J. P. ments in the American resolutions and addresses." | Jones.] Exeter, printed for J. Îreadwin, 217 Mine."

JONES, Rev. John Pike. (Con.).

JONES, WILLIAM, F.S.A. High St., and G. and W. B. Whittaker. London, The Treasures of the Earth, or mines, mine1820. 120. pp. yüü and 74.-2nd ed. 1821. 120. rals, and metals. With anecdotes of men who

have been connected with mining. By W. Jones, Note.—Dedication signed John Pike Jones.

F.S.A. Lond., F. Warne and Co., 1868, 8o., pp. Ecclesiastical antiquities of Devon; being ob xvi and 301. servations on many churches in Devonshire (and

Note.-Contains considerable amount of informaCornwall] originally published in the Exeter and tion about Cornwall interspersed between pp. 74-153, Plymouth Gazette... [By the Rev. J. P. Jones 278-82. The Frontispiece represents “ A Cornish Tin and George Oliver.] Exeter, printed by E. Woolmer, 1828, 120., pp. xiii and 175.

JONES, THE VENBLE. ARCHDEACON WILLIAM Note.-The account of the Cornish Priories with BASIL (son of Will. Tilsley Jones, of Greynfryn, lists of the Priors [by Rev. J. P. Jones] occupies pp. co. Cardigan). V. of Bishopthorpe; Arch165-75.

deacon of York. b. Cheltenham, 1822. JONES, RICHARD (son of Owen Jones). b. Beau On Certain Terms of Celtic Ethnology, and

maris, Anglesey, 19 Dec., 1811. Came to on the Origin of the Welsh ; the Welsh, Breton, reside at Penzance in 1853.

and Cornish Languages. Archæol. Camb., 3 S, iv, The Cornubian Tune Book; a manual of

125-51, (1858); v, 27–44, 224-31, (1859); vi, hymn tunes, carols, sanctuses, etc. Composed by

319–22, (1860). Richard Jones. Penzance, printed and published JOPE, REV. JOHN, JUNR. (son of Rev. J. Jope, by William Cornish, The Library, 1870, 4°., pp.

V. of St. Cleer). Curate of St. Ive, Mch., 1810 x and 200, of which 100 pages consist of en to 1814. b. St. Cleer, 12 Mch., 1787. bapt. graved music.

13 Mch. d. Lisbon, 2 Apl. 1815. cf. Gent. NOTE.-Dedicated “ To N. B. Downing, Esq., Mayor Mag., lxxxv, pt. i, 571, (1815). of the ancient and loyal borough of Penzance.” The Preface is dated “ Penzance, Nov. 1st, 1870." The JOPE, REV. ROGER, M.A. (2nd son of J. Jope, of volume was published by subscription but no list Merrifield, in St. Cleer). b. circa 1582. of subscribers is given. Some of the hymn tunes are

Academiæ Oxoniensis Justa Funebria... Annæ named after the subscribers and others after places in Cornwall. Mr. Jones is the composer of upwards of Monarchæ Jacobi Sponsæ. Oxon. 1619, 4o. 1800 pieces of music, many of which have been published in the Dysgedydd, The Templar, The Temperance

Note.-Contains Sonnet, by “ Rog. Jope, M.A., League, and other periodicals. JONES, Mrs. RYMER.

JORDAN, REV. JOHN. V. of Enstone, 1840. A True Legend of the Land's End. With an

A Tract for the Times. Wesleyan Methodism

and Apostolical Succession. A Letter to the illustration. Every Boy's Magazine, 1863, pp.

Editor of the Church and State Gazette, by the 84–87.

Rev. J. Jordan, Vicar of Enstone, Oxfordshire. JONES, WILLIAM.

Stratton, Cornwall, 1845, 12o., pp. 8. List of Cornish manuscripts in the possession of

JORDAN, THOMAS BROWN (son of Thos. Jordan). William Jones, Esq. cf. R. Heath's Account of

Resident in Cornwall from 1827 to 1840 ; the Islands of Scilly, (1750), pp. 453–56.

Secretary of R.C.P.Soc., 1835; Keeper of MinJONES, REV. WILLIAM.

ing Records, 1842 to 1846. b. Bristol, 24 Oct.,

1807. A complete history of all the religious houses in the counties of Devon and Cornwal before the

Steam whim engine. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1834, Dissolution... By Rev. W. Jones, A.B. Lond., printed for Smerdon and Underhill, Sweeting's

Horizontal air pump. ib., 1835, p. 115. Alley, Royal-Exchange, 1779, 120., pp. vii and

Observations on the diurnal variation of the 87, 2/6.

magnetic needle. ib., 1838, pp. 166–67.

On the process used for obtaining artificial Note.- Preface dated London, July 1, 1779.

metallic veins in clay. ib., 1838, pp. 167–68. Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus Provincialis; or a O n a new method of registering the indications survey of the diocese of Exeter... [By the Rev. of meteorological instruments. ib., 1838, pp. W. Jones?) Exeter, printed and sold by the 184-89. Editors, B. Thorn and Son, in the Fore St., 1782, Description of a new arrangement of helio4o., pp. iv, 116, xi, vii and ii.

graph. ib., 1839, pp. 115–16. Note.—The Survey of Cornwall occupies pp. 87.

A few remarks on electro-metallurgy. ib., 1840, 116.

| pp. 7377. [Philos. Mag., xix, 452–56, 1841.]


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JORDAN, Thomas Brown. (Con.). JPOLPERROC, pseud i.e., Couch, Jonathan. Description of a protracting rule for laying Note.Jpolperroc stands for J. C. (of) Polperro. down surveys, etc., for mining and valetical purposes. ib., 1842, pt. ii, p. 78.

JUKES, JOSEPH BEETE, M.A., F.R.S. b. near A few remarks on the drainage of deep mines, Birmingham, 10 Oct., 1811. d. Dublin, 29 with suggestions for obviating some of the July, 1869. difficulties of the system now in use. ib., 1859, Notes on parts of South Devon and Cornwall, pp. 105–11.

with remarks on the true relations of the old High pressure steam boilers. ib., 1867, p. 32. red sandstone to the Devonian formation. Journ.

Hydraulic machinery for mining purposes. ib., | Roy. Geol. Soc. of Ireland, ii, pt. i, (1867-68). 1867, p. 40.

JULYAN, NICHOLAS BICE (eld. son of John Description and use of a dipping needle de

Julyan). b. Penzance, 1797. d. Penzance, flector. By T. B. Jordan, and R. W. Fox. Nov., 1850. bur. Wesley Rock Cemetery, Sturgeon, Ann. Electr., iii, 288–97, (1838–39). Madron.

Jordan's Miners' Theodolite. Rep. of Miners' Assoc. of C. and D., 1861. (18 Sep. Meeting,]

NOTE.- Mr. Julyan took some part in writing the

“Canorum Conclave.” See Harvey, John. pp. 4-5. JORDAN, WILLIAM, of Helston.

JUNIUS, pseud. i.e., Edmonds, T. R. The Creation of ye World being a Cornish play or opera written by Mr. William Jordan, (called in the original Gordon,) and for the better understanding of that language translated into English Verbatim, by Mr. John Keigwyn, of K. A. J. K. i.e., A. J. Kempe. Moushole, of ye Lower House, at ye request of ye Rt. Revd. Father in God Jonathan Ld. Bishop

KAPPA. pseud, i.e., Penneck, Rev. H. of Exon, 1697. Harl. MSS., 1867, ff, 58.

KARKEEK, WILLIAM FLOYD (son of Geo. Note. At the end is "wryten by William Jordan:

Karkeek). Secretary of Cornwall Agricultural the xii of August, 1611.” Two other copies of this play are in the Bodleian Lib. The first, marked N 219 has no

Association. b. Truro, 1802. d. Pentreve, translation; the second, presented by Edwin Ley, Esq.,

Truro, 25 June, 1858. bur. St. Mary's Burial of St. Ives, has J. Keigwin's translation attached to it. Ground. cf. The Veterinarian, xxxi, 478-80, In 1858 Mr. J. C. Hotten, Bookseller, of Piccadilly, had (1858). another copy in his possession. The Creation of the World with Noah's Flood,

The Veterinarian; a monthly journal of written in Cornish in the year 1611, by William

Veterinary Science. Lond., Longman, 1828–72, Jordan; with an English Translation by John Keigwin. Ed. by D. Gilbert, F.R.S., F.S.A. Note.-Mr. Karkeek was one of the Editors of this Lond., printed for J. B. Nichols...sold by Tre Journal from 1833 to 1841. goning, Truro; Vigurs, Penzance, 1827, 8o.

An Essay on Artificial and other Manures. Note.-Preface pp. i-viii. The Creation, pp. 1-186. Prize Essay of Cornwall Agricultural Soc. By The First Chapter of Genesis, etc., in Cornish, pp. 187 W. F. Karkeek, Veterinary Surgeon. Truro, E. 237.

Heard ; Lond., Longman, 1844, 80., pp. 23. Gwreans an bys. The Creation of the World, An Essay on Fat and Muscle. Prize Essay. a Cornish mystery, edited with a translation and Journ. Roy. Agric. Soc. of England, v, 245–66, notes by Whitley Stokes. Published for the 1845. (Reprinted. Lond., 1844, 8°., pp. 24.] Philological Society, by A. Asher and Co., Ber On the Farming of Cornwall. Prize Report. lin. (Berlin, printed by A. W. Schade, Stall With Map. ib., vi, 400–62, 1845. [Reprinted. schreiberstr. 47,] 1863, 89., pp. 1–208.

Lond., Clowes, 1846, 80., pp. 66.] Note.—This work forms a portion of the Trans. Diseases of Cattle and Sheep caused by MisPhilol. Soc., for 1864, but has a distinct title and pagi management. Prize Essay. ib., xi, 541-58, 1850. nation. This is “ The Creation " re-edited and again [Reprinted. Lond., W. Clowes and Sons, 1851, translated. Mr. D. Gilbert's edition is so full of errors that it is of comparatively little value.

80., pp. 20.)

On the Hereditary Diseases of Horses and JOSE, JOHN. b. 1800. d. Breage.

Cattle. Journ. Bath and W. E. Soc., ü, 157-71, A Selection of Sacred Poetry composed by John 1854. [Reprinted. Lond., Ridgway, 1854, 80., Jose, Lizard, Cornwall. Helston: printed by R. pp. 16. Woolcock, printer and bookbinder, 1861, 120., Fermented Food for Cattle and Pigs. Report pp. 12.

of a visit to the farm of Mr. Richard Davey, of

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KARKEEK, WILLIAM FLOYD. (Con.). Polsew Farm, near Truro. ib., V, 314-17, (1857); vi, 338–42, (1858).

An Essay on the future existence of the Brute Creation. MSS.

On the metamorphoses of matter in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, having especial reference to agriculture. MSS.

An historical account of the horse. MSS.

Papers on Agricultural subjects read before the Probus Farmers' Club. MSS.

Note.—The above MSS. are penes the author's son, Mr. Paul Quick Karkeek, The Ferns, Torquay. KEBLE, REV. JOHN (son of Rev. J. Keble). V.

of Hursley, 1835–66. b. Fairford, Gloucestershire, 25 Apl., 1792. d. Bournemouth, 29 Mch., 1866.

A Memoir of the Rev. J. Keble, M.A., late Vicar of Hursley, by the Right Honorable Sir J. T. Coleridge, D.C.L. Oxford and Lond., Parkers, 1869, 89., 10/6.

Note.- Mr. Keble visited Cornwall several times. See Hedgeland, Rev. P., ante p. 227. KEELDAR, SHIRLEY. pseud. i.e., Miss Ely.

“The Winding Wye.” A Song. The music by Shirley Keeldar. The words by J. Harris. Lond., Augener, (1863,] fol., 2/-. KEIGWIN FAMILY.

Pedigree of the Keigwin Family. n.p. or d., s. sh. fol., penes Miss John, Penzance, June, 1872. KEIGWIN, [? RICHARD, who d. 1636.]

Epigram: Mr. Kedgwyn. Manningham's Diary (Camden Soc., 1868), p. 2. KEIGWIN, REV. JAMES PHILIP (son of Rev. J.

J. Keigwin, of Wadham College, Founder's kin.). 6. Illogan Rectory, 31 Dec., 1811.

The Excellency of the Church of England. A farewell sermon, preached in the Chapel of Saint Mary the Virgin, at Portreath, in the Parish of Illogan, on Sunday evening, Sept. 3, 1843. By J.P. Keigwin, M.A., Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, and late Curate of Illogan, Cornwall. Published by request. Exeter, P. A. Hannaford : Lond., Rivington, 1843, 80., pp. 25, 6d., or 4/6 per doz.

The Promotion of Unity, a Christian Duty. A Sermon preached in St. Andrew's Church, Isle of Cumbrae. By J. P. Keigwin, Incumbent and Canon of Cumbrae. Lond., J. Masters; Millport, D. Wishart, 1865, 80., pp. 21, 4d.

The Sabbath, and the Lord's Day. [A review of Dr. Hessey's Bampton-Lectures.] The Scottish Guardian, iii, 3–13; 49–61; 141-57, (1866).

KEIGWIN, JOHN (only son of Martin Keigwin).

b. Mousehole. bapt. Paul, 7 Jan., 1641. d. Mousehole, 1710?

Mount Calvary or the history of the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (as it may be conjectured) some centuries past, interpreted in the English Tongue, in the year 1682. By J. Keigwin, Gent. Edited by D. Gilbert, F.R.S., F.S.A., etc. Lond., printed for Nichols and Son...also by Tregonning, Truro, and Vigurs, Penzance, 1826, 8°.

NOTE.- Introduction, pp. v-x. Memoir of J. Keigwin by Sir N. H. Nicolas, pp. xi-xviii. Extract from Mr. Scawen's “ Observations," pp. xix-xxii. The Translator's Advertisement, 1-2. Mount Calvary, 3-91. Protest of Bishops in Britain, p. 92. First Chapter of Genesis in Cornish, pp. 93-95. Extract from Benedictus Abbas, p. 96. Extract from Symmachus, pp. 97-98. The work is dedicated to Baron De Dunstanville.

Copies of the MS. are found at Lambeth, No. 806, art. 17, (where the original is on one side, the transla. tion on the other); in Harl. MS., No. 1782, and in the Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 28554, pp. 24-49. An“ Amended and corrected copy by W. H(als ?] 1679-80,” also occupies pp. 51-58 of the latter MS. Another copy is in the volume presented to the Bodleian Lib. by Edwin Ley.

Pascon Agan Arluth. [The Passion of our Lord.] A Middle Cornish Poem. Transcribed and translated from a British Museum MS., Harl. No., 1782, by Whitley Stokes. Trans. of Philol. Soc., 1860–61, Pt. i, App. pp. 1-100.

Note.- This is the same poem that Davies Gilbert, edited and entitled “Mount Calvary.” His edition is, however, so full of errors that it is of little value.

The Creation of ye World... by Mr. W. Jordan ...translated into English verbatim by Mr. J. Keigwyn. MS. See Jordan William.

Letter from J. Keigwin to W. Gwavas, 1693. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 28,554, pp. 139–40.

KEIGWIN, MARGARET (dau. of John Giffard,

of Brightley, Devon, and wife firstly of John Keigwin, of Mousehole, son of Will. Keigwin, and secondly of Sir E. Yonge). bapt. 6 Sept., 1646. bur. Huish, Somerset, 1692.

Poems by Mrs. M. Keigwin. (Communicated by Clionas, i.e., Sir N. H. Nicolas). Gent. Mag., xcvii, pt. i, 32, (1827).

KEKEWICH, PETER, of Catch French, in St. Germans ?

Sheriffs cravings of P. Kelkwick, and Jno. Lampen, Sheriffs of Cornwall, 1650. Sir T. Phillipps' MSS. 15,629.

KELK, REV. THOMAS. Wesleyan Minister in

Cornwall. b. 1767. d. Birmingham, 12 Nov., 1836. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lx, 77, 708, (1837).

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