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KILLIGREW, JOHN (eld. son of preceding).

KILLIGREW, MARY (dau. of Sir Robt. Killigrew,

and wife of Sir John James, Knt.) bur. WestAn account of Mr. J. Killigrews great debts

minster Abbey, 10 Nov., 1677. cf. J. G. and the desperate measures he takes to avoid

Nichols' Collect. Topog. et Geneal., viii, 2. paying them. 1588. Lonsd. MSS. 59, art. 18.

Copy of a letter to the Lord Treasurer about KILLIGREW, SIR PETER, KNT., M.P. for the Danish Ship against Thomas Ewens and Camelford, 1660. (2nd son of J. Killigrew, son John Killigrew. 27 Aug., 1588. ib., 157, art. 89. of Sir John Killigrew, who d. 1584). d. on the

Sir J. Cæsar to Lord Burghley, deputy Lord road to Exeter, 1667. cf. Memoirs of S. Pepys Admiral, about T. Ewens and J. Killigrewe, (Bohn's Ed.) i, 57; Relations between England notorious pirates. Lond., 27 Aug., 1588. ib., and Germany, (Camden Soc., 1865), pp. 107, 157, art. 144.

205, 208.

His Majesties enlargement of concessions in KILLIGREW, J. [? Sir John Killigrew, Knt., his last answer touching Episcopacy, sent by Sir

who d. Jan., 1636, and was son of preceding:] P. Killigrew, to both Houses of Parliament.

Letter from J. Killigrewe to Scipio Gentilis, Oct., 21. Lond., 1648, fol., s. sh. Author of a Translation of part of Tasso. MS., Propositions of Charles I, conveyed by Sir P. fol., formerly penes Rich. Heber. cf. Heber's Cat., Killigrew to Parliament, [Jan., 1645. Br. pt. xi, (MSS.) No. 163.

Museum, Addit. MSS. 5,461, fol. 52.

Note.-- This Sir P. Killigrew, for his activity in KILLIGREW, MARGARET, (dau. of Thomas | conveying messages to and from Charles I during the Saunders, of Uxbridge, and wife first of John

Civil War, was commonly called Sir Peter the Post. Leigh, who d. 19 Jan., 1545, and afterwards of

“Sir P. Killigrew's case stated,” a memorial Sir William Killigrew, who d. 1622). cf. J. G.

praying for compensation for losses sustained at Nichols' Collect. Topog. et Geneal., viii, 211.

the taking of Pendennis Castle, &c., 1655. RawNote.--For the works dedicated to this lady and her

linson MSS., Bod. Lib., class A, 27, art. 4. husband, See Killigrew, Sir William.

Mr. Erle's report from the Committee of the

West, concerning Sir P. Killigrew's interest and KILLIGREW, MARTIN (son of Mr. Lister, as

right of inheritance in the site of Pendennis sumed the name of Killigrew on his marriage with

Castle: made to the House of Commons, 19 Ann, youngest dau. of Sir Peter Killigrew). b.

Decr., 1646. Tanner MSS., (Bodl. Lib.), 59, Liston, Staffordshire, 1666. d. St. James'

art. 338. Square, London, 7 Mch., 1745.

Grant of land by Sir P. Killigrew, for a

church and church-yard, at Falmouth: (in History of the family of Killigrew. By M.

Latin). 22 August, 1655. ib., 141, art. 69.
Killigrew, 1737-38. MISS.
NOTE. -- An Abstract of the above is printed in

KILLIGREW, SIR PETER, 2ND BART. (son of Journ. R.I.C. Apl. 1871, pp. 269-82.

preceding and successor to Sir W. Killigrew, first

Bart.) 6. 1634. d. Ludlow, 8 Jan., 1704. bur. Letter to John Merrill, Esq., signed Mart. in Falmouth Church. cf. Corresp. of Earls of Killigrew, dated 2 Dec. 1738, being minutes for Clarendon and Rochester, and Diary of Lord a history of the Corporation of Falmouth. MS.

Clarendon, (1828), i, 658. copy bound up with Hals' Hist. of Cornwall,

Printed papers for the consideration of the penes Rev. E. Boger.

Law Lords, in the case of Mary and Frances

West, Infants, and Mary Erisey and T. Barrable, KILLIGREW, MARY (eld. dau. of Thos. Lucas,

Infants, concerning the settlement made in 1685, of St. John's, near Colchester, sister of Margaret upon the marriage of Richard Erisey and Frances, Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, and wife of Sir daughter of Sir P. Killigrew, of the Barton of Peter Killigrew, Kt. circa 1630).

Clahar, the Manors of Erisey, Baxworthy, Tre

vethan, and Loworthy, in the Counties of CornNOTE. cf. A True Relation of the Birth, etc., of

wall and Devon, with remainder to the Heirs of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle. Printed at Lee Priory, 1814, p. 8. Rose erroneously states that

Charles Vivyan, Esq., by Mary, his wife, daughter this Duchess of Newcastle was, by a first marriage, of the said R. Erisey. Privately printed, 1727, Mrs. Killigrew.


News from the Dead. Or a true and exact KILLIGREW, MARY (dau. of Sir Will. Killi narrative of the miraculous deliverance of Anne

grew, and wife of Frederic de Nassau, Lord of Greene, who being executed at Oxford, Decemb. Zulestein, in Utrecht). cf. Nichols' Illusts. of Lit. | 14, 1650, afterwards revived... Whereunto are Hist., vi, 327.

| prefixed certain poems...Oxford, 1651, 4o.

KILLIGREW, Sir Peter, 2nd Bart. (Con.). KILLIGREW, MAJOR GENERAL Robert. (Con.).

Note. Amongst the Verses is a set by “P. Killigrew, Letter of Attorney to C. Killigrew empowerQueen's Colleg."

ing him to draw the pay for Brig. Gen. Killigrew Letter relative to Sir P. Killigrew's obtaining

and his regiment. 17 Jan., 1735. ib., 20,032, f.

42. an Act of Parliament for building a quay at Falmouth, 12 March, 1669. MSS. penes J. J.

Receipts given to Col. Killigrew for payments Rogers, Esq., Penrose.

made by him. ib., 20,032, f. 50.

Copy of an order for horses to be given to KILLIGREW, SIR ROBERT (eld. son of William

Col. Killigrew's regiment. 1704. ib., 20,032, f.

53. Killigrew, who d. 1622). Captain of Pendennis

Letter to Col. Killigrew from J. 0. Conde de Castle, 21 Mch., 1628; Vice-Chamberlain to

Soure and from J. de Guizenrodo (?) 1704. ib., the Queen and Ambassador to the United Provinces. d. 26 Nov., 1633. cf. Court and Times

20,032, ff. 51, 52, 54. of James I, (1849), i, 175 ; Court and Times

KILLIGREW, SIMON (3rd son of Sir John of Churles I, (1848), i, 382; Whitelocke's Liber Famelicus, (Camden Soc., 1856), p. 41; Dug

Killigrew, who d. 1584). dale's Hist. of Embanking, (1772), p. 424; N. Original Letter of S. Killigrew, to Mr. Withie and Q., 4 S., vii, 454, (1871).

about the coats borne by Manaton. Harl. MSS. The case of Sir Robert Killigrew, Thomas

1,079, art. 12. Wyndham, William Killigrew, Henry Heron,

Lease of certain tithes of S. Anthony and and Edward Heron. Drainers and participants

Manaccan from S. Killigrew to Ja. Mychell. of Lindsey Levell, in Lincolnshire, claiming

A.D. 1622. ib., 6,243, art. 6. under the late Earl of Lindsey. n.p. or d. or printer's name. [Lond., 1665 ?] fol., s. sh.

KILLIGREW, THOMAS (2nd son of Sir J. Killi

grew, who d. 1584). NOTE.-Sir R. Killigrew was one of the original

Instructions given by the Queen's Majesty to shareholders in the New River Co., which was incorporated 21 June, 1619.

her trusty servant T. Killigrew, being sent into

Almayne to Frederick Count Palatine, of Rhine. Martial’s Select Epigrams. By Tho. Farnaby.

27 Jany., 1568. Harl. MSS. 36, art. 18, pp. 1624, 8o.

113-121, 289, art. 65 ; Br. Museum. Addit. MSS. NOTE.-Dedicated to Sir Robt. Killigrew.

2,422, art. 2.

Commission to T. Killigrew, the elder, Squire, "Sir Walter Rawleigh's great cordiall after and W. Devyok, to seize a Brittayne ship now Sir R. Kellegrevvs way.” Sloane MSS., Br. | lying in the countie of Pensans, in the countie Museum, 203, fol. 38-40.

of Cornwall. Harl. MSS. 433, art. 1705. KILLIGREW ROBERT (son of Sir Robert Killi- | KILLIGREW. THOMAS, the Elder (2nd son of grev). bapt. Hanworth, 14 Feb., 1610-11.

Sir Robt. Killigrew, who d. 1633). Page of Britanniæ Natalis. Oxoniæ, 1630, 4o.

Honour to Chas. I; Resident to the States of

Venice, 1651 ; Groom of Bedchamber to Chas. NOTE.-Contains verses by “R. Killigrew, Christ II, 1660 ; Chamberlain to the Queen. b. HanChurch.”

worth, Feb., 1611. d. Whitehall, London, 19

Mch., 168. bur. Westminster Abbey. cf. KILLIGREW, MAJOR GENERAL ROBERT, of

Memoirs of S. Pepys, passim sub Killigrew Arwenack (2nd son of Thomas Killigrew, the

and Lincoln's Inn Playhouse ; Grammont's elder). Killed at Almanza, 14 April, 1707,

Memoirs of Court of Chus. 11, ( Bohn's ed.), pp. aged 47. Monu. in Westminster Abbey. cf.

163, etc. ; Granger's Biog. Hist.; H. Walpole's Dart's Westminster, ii, 102, 104.

Anecdotes of Painting, (1849), i, 326–27, note; Two letters from Col. and Brig. Gen. Robert Bliss' Wood, iv, 692-94 ; Langbaine's Lives and Killigrew to his brother Charles Killigrew, dated Characters of Dramatic Poets, (1699), pp. 82Alicante, 19 Sept., 1706, and Valencia, 8 March, 83; Chas. Dibdin's Complete History of the 1707. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 20,032, ff. Stage, iv, 91-94 ; Halliwell's Dict. of Old Eng32-35.

lish Plays, (1860), pp. 31, 49, 51, 151, 189, Letter to Charles Killigrew from [Cornet) 195, 200, 201, 244, 283; D. E. Baker's Biog. Anto. Addison, relative to the effects left by Dram., (1812), i, 432–34; A. Strickland's Brig. Gen. Killigrew on his death in action, 14 Lives of Queens of England, (1852), V, 586, Apl. Dated Tortosa, 6 May, 1707. ib., 20,032, viii, 166–67; J. Geneste's Account of English f. 39.

Stage, i, 36, 390–92 ; Dr. John Doran's History KILLIGREW, Thomas. (Con.).

KILLIGREW, Thomas, (Con.). of Court Fools, (1858), pp. 218–26; Dr. Doran's

The Parson's Wedding; a comedy. The scene, Their Majesties Servants, i, 55, etc. ; Gent. Mag.,

London. Written at Basil, in Switzerland. By T.

Killigrew. Dedicated to Lady Ursula Bartu, Widow. xxx, 560, (1769), lx, pt. ii, 712, (1790); Uni

(Reprinted in The Ancient British Drama, (1810), iii, versal Biog.; Chalmers; Didot Nouvel. Biog. 354-404; Dodsley's Plays, (1827), xi, pp. 449-585. Plaved Univ. : Biog. Univ. : Rose : Penny Cyclop. 1st at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, entirely by females, Suppl.; English Encyclop.; N. and Q., 1 S., i,

Oct., 1664, and afterwards revived at Lincoln's Inn

Field Theatre.] 219, (1850); Moneys ... for Secret Services, The Pilgrim. A Tragedy, the scene, Millain. Writ. (Camden Soc., 1851), p. 70; J. G. Nichols' | ten in Paris by T. Killigrew, 1651. Dedicated to the Collect. Topog. et Geneal., vii, 363, viii, 2, 5; Countess of Carnarvan. Cat. of 1st Echibition of Nat. Portraits, (1866),

The First Part of Cicilia and Clorinda or Love in

Arms. A Tragi-Comedy, The scene, Lombardy. Written p. 154.

in Tvrin, by T. Killigrew. Dedicated to the Lady Anne

Villiers, Countesse of Morton. A Letter concerning the Possessing and Dis The Second Part of Cecilia and Clorinda... Written possessing of several Nuns in the Nunnery of

in Florence by T. Killigrew, 1651. Dedicated to the

Lady Dorothy Sidney, Countesse of Sunderland. cf. Tours, in France. Signed “ Tho. Killigrew,

“ The Poems of T. Carew, Printed for the Roxburgh Orleans, 7 Dec., 1635," fol., s. sh.

Library," 1870, pp. 77-78.]

Thomaso or the Wanderer; a comedy, the scene, NOTE.—This is reprinted in the European Mag.,

Madrid. Written in Madrid by T. Killigrew. In two xliii, 102-106, (1803). It is found in writing in Ashmo

parts. Dedicated to the fair and kind friends to Prince lean USS. (Bou. Lib), 800, art. 3, fol. 21-27; and in

Palatine Polixander. [Aphra Behn's Comedy “The Pepys' Collection, Vo. 8,383, Jagd. Coll. Camb. cf.

Rover or the Banished Cavalier," brought out at Dorset also “ Veritable Relation des justes procedures observées

Garden, in 1677, is, in great part, taken from this play.) au fait de la possession des Vrsulines de Loudun, et au

The first part of Bellamira, her Dream, or the Lore procés de Grandier. Par le R. P. Tr. R. C. à Paris par

of Shadows. A Tragi-Comedy. The scene, Naples and Jean Martin, 1634.” Reprinted in “ Archives curieuses Sicily. Written in Venice by T. Killigrew. Dedicated de l'histoire de France. Par F. Danjou. (Paris, 1838,

to the Lady Mary Villiers, Duchesse of Richmond and 89.).” 2nd S., v, 183-223.


The second part of Bellamira, her Dream. Dedi.

cated to the Lady Ann Villiers, Covntesse of Sussex. The Prisoners and Claracilla, two Tragæ

Claracilla; A Tragi-Comedy. The scene, Sicily. WritComedies. As they were presented at the Phoenix, ten by T. Killigrew, in Rome. Dedicated to his dear in Drury-Lane, by her Mties. Servants. Written

sister the Lady Shannon. [Performed at the New

Theatre, 4 July, 1661.] by Tho. Killigrew, Gent. Lond., printed by T.

The Prisoners; A Tragi-Comedy. The scene, Sar. Cotes for Andrew Crooke, and are to be sold at dinia. Written by T. Killigrew, in London. Dedicated his shop, at the signe of the Greene Dragon, in | to his dear niece the Lady Crompton. Pauls Church-yard, 1641, 12o.

| Comedies, tragi-comedies, with other poems.

By Mr. Will. Cartwright, 1651, 80. See also Note.-Unpaged and signatures irregular. " To his most honor'd vncle, Mr. Thomas Killigrevv...signed

under Grenville, Sir Bevill. H. Benet,” 3 pages. Insignissimo Thomæ Killigræo...

Note.-At pp. 258-60 occurs a poem signed Rob. Waring, 3 pages. To my honour'd friend,

“To Mr.

Thomas Killigrew on his two playes, the Prisoners and Mr. Thomas Killigrew...signed Will. Cartwright, 3 pages. Insignissimo Thomæ Killigræo...signed Guil.

Claracilla.” This has been previously mentioned under Cartvvright, 2 pages. Dramatis Persona, 1 page. The

the title of the play. Prisoners, 61 pages. Claracilla, (with distinct title page) | On Mr. Tho. Killigrew's return from Venice,

and Mr. William Murrey's from Scotland. Sir

John Denham's Poems in Anderson's Poets of Great Comedies and Tragedies. Written by Thomas Killigrew, Page of Honour to King Charles the

Britain, v, 678, [Chalmers' Poets, vii, 244-45.) first, and Groom of the Bed-Chamber to King

A dialogue between Sir John Pooley and Mr. Charles the second. Lond., printed for Henry

Thomas Killigrew. ib., v, 685, [Chalmers' vü,

251-52.] Herringman, at the sign of the Anchor, in the

Twenty-ninth of May; Rare Doings at the Lower-Walk of the New-Exchange, 1664, 4o.,

Restoration. By Ephraim Hardcastle, (pseud. i.e., pp. 1-576, and pp. 1–80.

Will. Hen. Pyne.] Lond., printed for Knight

and Lacy, 1825, 2 vols., 120.—2nd ed., 1825, 2 Note.-There is a portrait of T. Killigrew, by “W. Sheppard pinx. W. Faithorne sculp.” The plays, eleven

vols., 12o. in number, were written (except The Prisoners) during

Note.-An historical novel in which one of the the author's twenty years of banishment from England,

characters is T. Killigrew. each has a distinct title, they are as follows. The Princesse, or Love at first sight. A Tragi.

Indenture made 29th Mch., 1673, between Comedy. Written in Naples by T. Killigrew. Dedicated to his dear niece the Lady Anne Wentworth, wife to the

Thomas Killigrew, Esq., one of the Groomes Lord Lovelace.

of his Majesties Bedchamber, Robert Lewright,

74 pages.


KILLIGREW, Tom. (Con.). Esq., John Dryden, Esq., and others respecting | etc...By Tom Killigrew, Junior, President of the the money expended in building a scene house at Wits Club, in Piccadilly, and Great Grandson to the new play house, called the Theatre Royal, the Famous Killigrew, Jester to King Charles situate between Drury Lane and Bridges Street. the Second of Merry Memory. Lond., printed Printed in The Shakespeare Society Papers," for S. Smith, at No. 17, in Pater Noster-Row. (1849), iv, 147–55.

n.d. [1769,] 12°, pp. 128, 1/-. Letters and documents relative to the license granted to T. Killigrew and Sir W. Davenant, KILLIGREW, Sir WILLIAM, M.P. (5th son of to act plays, 1660-62. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. John Killigrew, of Arwenack). Chamberlain 19,256. [See also Killigrew, Charles.]

of the Exchequer, 1605-6. d. Lothbury, Official and private papers relating to the London, 23 Nov., 1622. cf. Corresp. of Jas. affairs of T. Killigrew. ib., 20,032.

VI, of Scotland, (Camilen Soc., 1861), pp. 91– Mr. Tho. Killegrew's Letters of his Travels. 92 ; Court and Times of James 1, (1849), i, 47 ; Trin. Coll. Dublin MSS. cf. Bernard's Cat. MSS., Mem. of R. Cary, Earl of Monmouth, (1808), II, pt. ii, 22.

p. 85; J. G. Nichols Collect. Topog. et Geneal., Articles of agreement between Geo. Jolly, of viii, 211. London, of the one part, and T. Killigrew, one Christ Jesvs triumphant, wherein is describ’d of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, and Sir

the glorious triumph and conquest of Christ Will. Davenant of the other part, respecting the

over sin, death, and the law. By John Fox. transfer of a royal licence to form a players' Translated from Latin into English by the company. Dated 30 Dec., 1662. Br. Museum,

Printer, [Richard Daye.] Lond., 1579, 1607, Addit. Charters, 9,297.

169. Note.- See also Killigrew, Cicily, his wife.

A Godly Sermon preached in Latin, at Great

St. Maries, in Cambridge, in March, 1580, by KILLIGREW, THOMAS, the Younger. Gentle- Rob. Some, and translated by himself into Eng

man of the Bedchamber to Geo. II, when lishe. Lond., 1580, 169. Prince of Wales. bur. Kensington, 21 July,

NOTE.—The above works are dedicated to “W. 1719. cf. Lysons' Environs of London, (1795),

Killigrew and Mystresse Margarie Killigrew, his wife.” iii, 219, Dr. Doran's Their Majesties' Servants, q.v. i, 331; D. E. Baker's Biog. Dram., (1812), i,

A suit to the Queen of W. Killigrew, Esquire,

one of the Grooms of the Chamber; to farm Chit-Chat; a Comedy in five acts. As it is

the profits of the Seals of the Queen's Bench acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane, by

and Common Pleas, with the Queen's Consent, his Majesties servants. Written by Mr. Killi 1577. Lansd. MSS., 25, art. 67. grew. Lond., printed for Bernard Lintot,

Some objections to Sir W. Killigrew's farming between The Temple Gates. n.d., [1719,] 80., the Seals of Her Majesty's Bench, 1578. ib., 1/6.

25, art. 100. Note.- The Dedication “ To his grace the Duke of

Articles for a Grant of the Farm of the Seals Argile," 2 pages, The Prologue, 1 page, Persons of the required by Mr. Killigrew, &c., 1578. ib., 25, art. Drama, 1 page, Chit-Chat, pp. 1-70, Epilogue, 2 pages. 101-107. The profits of this play are said to have been above

Sir F. Drake and Mr. W. Killigrew, at Ply£1,000. It was brought out at Drury Lane, 14 Feb., 1719, and was acted eleven times.

mouth, to Lord Burghley, of the arrival there of

Sir M. Frobisher, in the Garland, Sept. 5, 1592. Chit-Chat... 2nd ed. Lond. n.d., [1719,] 89. ib., 70, art. 31. Note.—This is of the same impression as the first

Sir F. Drake, W. Killigrew, and John Bland, edition.

to the Privy Council, that the Great Carrack ar

rived safe at Dartmouth, &c. Sept. 8 and 14, Miscellanea Aurea or the Golden Medley.

1592. ib., 70, arts. 32, 42, and 44. Lond., printed for A. Bettesworth, 1720, 80.,

Mr. W. Killigrew's account of the profits and pp. 295.

increase of the Seals of the Kings Bench and Note. — Contains pp. 194-95. “The Fable of Common Pleas, 1597. ib., 83, art. 79. Aumilius and the Statue of Venus. By T. Killigrew.". Copy of a Privy Seal of the Queen for Mr.

Killigrew to receive £3,000 from the Exchequer, KILLIGREW, Tom. pseud. i.e.

April 7, 1596. ib., 83, art. 80. The Merry Quack Doctor, or The Fun Box The Archdeacon of Surrey, contra Sir W. broke open. Containing an entire spick and span | Killigrew, Knt. ib., 163, art. 133. new and curious collection of brilliant jests,

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KILLIGREW, Sir William, M.P. (Con.).

KILLIGREW, SIR WILLIAM, Knt. (Con.). Letter from Lord Burleigh, dated the Strand, Note.-Contains (Book i, 28) a song, by Sir W. 26 May, 1596, to Mr. W. Killigrewe, Esquire,

Killigrew, entitled “ Beauty Paramont,” and commenc

ing “ Come, come, thou glorious object." one of ye gromes of hir Mties. Privie Chamber. MSS. Cannb. Univ. Lib., Ee. iii, 56, art. 94.

Three Playes, written by Sir William Killigrew, Vice-Chamberlain to Her Majesty the

Queen Consort, 1664, viz., Selindra ; Pandora; Warrant to W. Killegrew to deliver money to

Ormasdes. Lond., printed by T. Mabb for John the Bishop of London. 5 Apl., 1596. Br.

Playfere, at the White Lion, in the Upper Walk Museum, Āddit. MISS., 5,750, fol. 45.

of the New Exchange; and Thomas Horsman, Certificate of plate delivered by W. Killegrewe

at the three Kings, in the Strand, 1665, 8o. to the Master of the Jewels. 12 Aug., 1594. ib., 5751, fol. 220.

NOTE.-- Preliminary matter, 10 pages. The Plays have distinct title pages. Selindra, pp. 1-110, Pandora,

| pp. 1-96, Ormasdes, pp. 1-90. KILLIGREW, Sir WILLIAM, BART. (eld. son of

John Killigrew and bro. of Sir Peter Killigrew, Three new playes, viz., Selindra, Ormasdes, who d. 1667). cr. Bart. 22 Dec., 1660. bur. Trage-Comedies; Pandora, a Comedy. Written Westminster Abbey, 17 July, 1665. cf. J. by the Honourable Sir William Killigrew... G. Nichols' Collect. Topog. et Geneal., vii, 373. Lond., printed for Simon Neale, at the signe of

the Three Pidgeons, in Bedford-Street, in CoventKILLIGREW, Sir William, Knt. (eld. son of Garden, 1674, 80. Sir Robt. Killigreu). Vice-Chamberlain to the

Note. This work seems to be of the same impres. Queen, 1662-81, and Governor of Pendennis

sion as the preceding with the order of the arrangement Castle. bapt. Hanworth, 28 May, 1606. d. of the plays altered and the distinct titles omitted. London, 1695. bur. Savoy Church, 17 Oct. cf. Clarenilon's Hist. of the Rebellion, (1819), ii,

Fovr new playes, viz., The Seege of Vrbin, 63; Memoirs of S. Pepys (Bohn's ed.), ii, 268;

Selindra, Love and Friendship, Tragy-('omedies, Court and Times of Chas. I, (1848), i, 114;

Pandora, a Comedy. Written by S" W. KilliCorresp. of Earls of Clarendon and Rochester,

grew, Vice-Chamberlaine to Her Majesty. Oxand Diary of Lord Clarenilon, (1828), i, 657,

ford, printed by Hen. Hall, printer to the Uniii, 258; Bliss' Wood, iv, 691-2, 694-8; Lang

versity, for Ric. Davis, 1666, fol. buine's Lives and Characters of Dramatic Poets, Note.- Introductory matter, unpaged, 8 leares, (1699), p. 83; C. Lamb's English Dramatic Siege of Urbin, pp. 1-52, Selindra, pp. 1-51, Love and Poets. (Bohn's ed.). pp. 529-30 : C. Dibdin's Friendship, pp. 1-54, Pandora, pp. 1-48. All the plays Hist. of the Stage, pp. 490–91; Halliwell's

have distinct title pages, and they are sometimes found Dict. of Old English Plays, (1860), pp. 126,

in a separate form. 150, 151, 186, 188, 223, 228, 283; Baker's To Mr. Killigrew upon his altering his play Biog. Dram.; Dr. Doran's Their Majesties' Pandora from a Tragedy into a Comedy because Servants, i, 180–81; Gent. Mag., xlv, 400, not approved on the stage. Edmund I'aller's (1856); Chalmers; Didot Nouvel. Biog. Univ.; Poems in Anderson's Poets of Great Britain, v, Biog. Univ.; Rose ; Cat. of 1st E.chibition of 488–89. Nat. Portraits, (1866), p. 127.

The Imperial Tragedy; taken out of a Latin Carolus Redux. Oxon., 1623, 4o.

Play, and very much altered, by a Gentleman Note.-Contains Sonnet by “ Will. Killigrew,

for his own Diversion. Who, on the Importunity Equitis aurat. fil. nat. max. Joannensis."

of Friends, has consented to have it Published,

but without his name, because many do censure A declaration of the Commons assembled in Plays according to their opinions of the Author, Parliament, upon two letters sent by Sir John Lond., printed for Will. Wells and Robt. Scott, Sir W. Killigrew, at Oxford, (inter-at the Prince's-Armes, in Little Britain, 1669, cepted neer Coventrey) giving his advice how the

is advice how the fol., pp. 51. Bod. Lib. King should proceed in the Treaty upon the propositions for peace...also the ordinance of

Note.-Acted at the Nursery, in Barbican. both houses made the 17 of Decemb., 1642. An Answer to the Objections made by some May 10. Lond., printed for Edw. Husbands, in Commoners of Lincolnshire against Robert, the Middle-Temple, 1643, 40., pp. 14.

Earl of Lincolnshire, and his participants, conAyres and Dialogues for one, two, and three cerning the Drayning of those Fens which lye voyces. By Henry Lawes... The First Booke. betweene Lincoln, Berne (Bourne), and Boston. Lond., printed by T. H. for John Playford... | Set forth by Sir W. Killigrew. Printed for the 1653, fol.—The Second Book. 1655, fol. Author, 1647, 40.

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