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KILLIGREW, SIR WILLIAM, Rnt. (Con.). Certaine Papers concerning (Robert Bertie, which every Blast of Cross Fortune has defaced, The Earle of Lindsey his Fennes... With a Paper | but now has laid new Foundations on the Rock directed to Sir W. Killigrew, and signed William of his Salvation, which no storms can shake; Howett. And also an Answer to that Paper by and will last out the conflagration of the world, Sir W. Killigrew. n.p. or d., [Aug. 1649,] 4o., when time shall melt into eternity. 2nd ed. pp. 8.

with additions. Lond., printed for Thomas Sir William Killigrew. His answer to the Hawkins, in George-Yard, in Lombard Street, Fennemens objections against the Earle of Lind- 1684, 120. Title, dedications, and to the reader, sey, his drayning in Lincolnshire. Printed at 4 leaves, then pp. 1–262. London, 1649, 40., s. sh. and a title page. A paper delivered and dispersed by Sir W.

NOTE.-The first dedication to Chas. II bears no Killigrew. Signed “ W. Killigrew, 1 June, 1651."

| name, but the second dedication to Jas. II is signed “W.

Killigrew.” n.p. or d., [1651,] fol., s. sh.

A reply to Sir William Killigrews dispersed Midnight and daily thoughts. In prose and papers, by the Owners and Commoners in Lin verse. By Sir W. Killigrew. Lond., printed for colnshire. n.p. or d., (Lond., 1651,1 fol., s. sh. Randal Taylor, near Stationers-Hall, 1694, 80.

A Breviate of the Cause depending and proofes Title and Verses to Sir W. Killigrew, 2 leaves, made before the Committee of the late Parlia. | then pp. 1-92. ment, for the Fens, by the inhabitants between

NotE.-cf. Sir E. Brydges' Restituta, ii, 130.36. Borne and Kime Eae, in the county of Lincolne, being lords, owners, and commoners of, and in Proofs that Jane Berkeley and Sir W. Killithe several fens, wherein Sir William Killigrew, I grew, combined to defraud Richard Lygon of etc., pretends a title as sharer with the late Earle an estate left him by H. Killigrew. Privately of Lindsey. n.p. or d., (Lond., 1651 1] 4°., pp. 16. printed for the Judges. cf. Heber's Catalogue, pt. Note.—This consists of a Letter from Sir J. Brooke

v, No. 2,556. to Sir W. Killigrew, dated March 27, 1643, and a brief relation by the commoners in Lincolnshire of their legal interest.

Copy of an intercepted note from Col. DoleThe rioters in Lindsey Levell and their abet

man to Col. W. Killigrew, 4 July, 1653. Raw

linson MSS., Bod. Lib., class A, 3, art. 30. ters, etc. n.p. or d., [1654,] fol., s. sh.

Letter from Col. Doleman to Col. W. Killigrew. NOTE.—This is a representation to the Parliament Thurloe State Papers, i, 420, 515. respecting the draining of Lindsey Level. Signed Sir W. Killigrew to Archbishop Sancroft, re"William Killigrew, January 18, 1654, (O.S.”)

commending the bearer to be Gentleman of the The late Earle of Lindsey, his title, by which Horse, 31 Decr., 1677. Tanner MSS. (Bodl. himself and his participants do claim 24,000 Lib.) 41, art. 40. acres of land in the Fennes, in Lincoln-shire; Sir W. Killigrew to Tobias Rustat, under and concerning which a bill hath pass’d the house-keeper at Hampton Court, has permission House of Lords, and is now with the Commons, from the Vice-Chamberlain to occupy Lodgings impowering Sir Henry Heron and Sir W. Killi in the Palace. 1682. ib., 127, art. 27. grew, to perfect their undertaking ;... Signed Lake, Dr. of Divinity, v. Sir W. Killigrew, “Henry Heron, W. Killigrew, July 1, 1661." MS. formerly penes Rich. Heber, from the Cæsar n.p. or d., [1661,] fol., s. sh.

collection. cf. Heber's Cat., pt. xi, (MSS.), No. Reasons proposed against the passing of the

458. bill for setling of 24,000 acres of land, part of the Levell, called Lindsey Levell, in the county

KILLIGREW, WILLIAM (son of the preceding). of Lincoln, upon George Bampfield, Esq., in trust A short but most material part of the History for Sir W. Killigrew, Sir Henry Heron, &c. n.p. of Lindsey Levell, in Lincolnshire, and the present or d., [1661,] fol., s. sh.

case of dreiners stated. Signed “ W. Killigrew.” A Proposal shewing how this nation may be n.p. or d., [1695,] fol., pp. 24. vast gainers by all the sums of money, given to The property of all English-men asserted in the crown, without lessening the perogative... | the History of Lindsey Levell. Dedicated To By W. Killigrew. To which is prefix'd The late the Queen's most excellent Majesty... In behalf Honourable Sir James Sheene's Letter on the of himself and the rest of the dreiners and parsame subject. n.p. or d., (London, 1663,] 4o., | ticipants of Lindsey Levell, in Lincolnshire. By pp. 16.

| W. Killigrew, Esq. “Cursed is he that removes The Artless Midnight Thoughts of a Gentle his neighbour's land mark." Lond., printed in man at Court, who for many years built on sand, I the year 1705, fol., pp. 24.


membe dre ss Midnight Thoughts of




KING, Rev. JOHN, D.D. (Con.). (son of Daniel Kinahan). b. Holles Street,

partial edition of Dr. Barnard's relation and Dublin, 19 Dec., 1829.

sermon at his funeral... With a brief account of Notes on the Features of Devon, Cornwall, a conspiracy against the life of Mr. Robert and Galway. Geol. Mag., vii, 310-14, (1870). Hawkins, Minister of Chilton, Bucks,...also of

the plot of Robert Young and Stephen BlackKING, REV. CHARLES WILLIAM, M.A. b. 1818. head, against the Bishop of Rochester. Anon.

Seal set with an intaglio of Laocoon, used by Lond., printed for Luke Stokoe, at the Golden Thomas Collyns, Prior of Tywardreath, Cornwall,

Key and Bible, near Charing-Cross, and sold by early in the 16th cent. Archæol. Journ., xxiv,

J. Morphew, near Stationers-Hall, 1710, 80. Br. 44-54, (1867).


Note.- To the Reader, unpaged; The Case, pp. KING, EDWARD, F.R.S. b. Norfolk, 1735. d.

3-35; Appendix, pp. 37-44. In the Appendix are two 16 April, 1807. bur. Beckenham, 25 Apl. anonymous letters, but the first was from Dr. Thomas

Mill, Bishop of Waterford, and the second by the Rev. Munimenta Antiqua...By E. King. Lond.,

Mr. Alcock, Chancellor of that Diocese. printed by W. Bulmer for G. Nicol, Pall Mall, 1799–1805, 4 vols., fol.

Tolando-Pseudologo-Mastix, or a Curry-comb

for a lying coxcomb. Being an answer to a late Note.- The Cornish information scattered through

piece of Mr. Toland's called Hypatia. Anon. out these volumes is principally taken from Dr. Borlase's works. There are many engravings.

Lond., printed for Luke Stokoe, and sold by T.

Bickerton, 1721, 8o. KING, HENRY.

Account of Chelsea, written about 1715. By Lease of the Rectory of Paul from [Sir

Rev. J. King. MS. penes Rector of Chelsea for Andrew Henley, of Bramshill, in Hants, to

time being. Henry King, of Truro, Gent. Dated 24 Dec.,

Remarks on the Life of Sir Thomas Moore, 1659. Sloane MSS., Br. Museum, 813, fol. 12.

with Epitaphs and verses on various persons.

Br. Museum, Addit. MSS. 4,455. KING, REV. JOHN, D.D., R. of Pertenhall, 7

NOTE.-Faulkner, in his Description of Chelsea, (p. June, 1690–94; R. of Chelsea, 24 Nov., 1694 185), records his acknowledgments for the assistance 1732; Preb. of York, 1 May, 1718 to 1731. | derived from Dr. King's MS. collections, and states that b. St. Columb, 1 May, 1652. d. Chelsea, 30

he found Dr. King “a faithful historian and a valuable May, 1732. bur. Pertenhall. cf. Gorham's Memoirs of John and Thomas Martyn, (1836),

KING, JOHN, M.A., Fellow of King's Coll., pp. 48–50; Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, iii, 157,

Cambridge (eld. son of the preceding). b. Ad652, 758 ; Lysons' Environs of London, (1811),

stone, Northamptonshire, 5 Aug., 1696. d. ii, 72; Faulkner's Description of Chelsea, (1829),

Stamford, Lincolnshire, 12 Oct., 1728. bur. pp. 182-85; Chalmers; Rose ; Didot Nouvel.

Pertenhall. cf. Harwood's Alumni Etonenses, Biog. Univ. ; Biog. Univ.

p. 294; Chalmers. A Sermon preached at the funeral of Sir

Epistola ad virum ornatissimum J. Freind... · Willoughby Chamberlain, K., who died at his

in qua D. W. Trilleri...epistolam medico-criticam house, at Chelsey, Dec. 6, and was interred at

super primo et tertio epidemiorum, a viro ornathe parish church of St. James Garlick Hith,

tissimo editis ad examen revocavit Johannes London, Dec. 12, 1697. By J. King, Rector of

King, Coll. Regal. Socius. Cantabrigiæ impensis Chelsey, near London. Lond., printed for

Corn. Crownfield...prostant apud Jonam Bowyer Thomas Bennet, at the Half-Moon, in St. Paul's

... in comiterio D. Pauli Lond., 1722, 80., pp. Church-yard, 1697, 49., pp. 18 and half-sheet |

99. unpaged. Br. Museum.

Euripidis Hecuba, Orestes et Phænissæ. Ed. The Divine favour the best Alliance, or Re Joh. King. Cantabrigiensis, 1726, 2 vols., 80. pentance the safest Sanctuary in times of Danger. A Sermon preached at Chelsea, near London, KING, R. J. Friday, 19 Dec., 1701. By Rev. J. King. Lond., A Tichborne Case of the last century. N. printed for Thomas Speed, 1702, 4o.

and Q., 4 S., viii, 515, (1871). Animadversions on a pamphlet intituled “A Letter of Advice to the Churches of the Non

NOTE.—This refers to the case of Mr. Symons, of conformists of the English Nation." 2nd ed.

Hatt, in Botusfleming. cf. D. Gilbert's Cornuall, i,

105-106. Lond., printed for Thomas Speed, 1702, 4o.

The case of John Atherton, Bishop of Water KING, REV, R. LETHBRIDGE, B.A. (son of Rear ford in Ireland, fairly represented against a late Admiral Sir Rich. King, d. 1834). Formerly

Cheway, 1718 ..

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KING, Rev. R. LETHBRIDGE, B.A. (Con.). KINGDON, Rev. GEORGE THOMAS, M.A. (Con.). one of the Masters of Truro Grammar School. which his church is founded and built. A Sermon Now Incumb. of St. John's Paramatta, N.S.W., | in which the usual objections against the above Australia.

view are examined and disputed. By the Rev. Freshwater Shells in Cornwall. Zoologist, i,

G. T. Kingdon, Incumbent of Ivy Bridge, Devon. 1,038, 1,194, (1845).

Lond., Macmillan and Co.; Exeter, Eland;

Plymouth, S. Bowering, (printed] 1870, 80., pp. NOTE.-The first of a series of short articles. 22. 1/Notice of Shells not mentioned in the Cornish KINGDON, REV. SAMUEL NICHOLSON, B.D. Fauna discovered by J. (sic) Lethbridge King. (bro. of the preceding). V. of Bridgerule, Rep. R.I.C., 1845, pp. 38–39.

1844. 6. Bridgerule, 16 May, 1805. bapt. 23 Observations on the mode of developement of June. d. Bridgerule, 17 Mch., 1872. the young of Pentelasmis, by R. Lethbridge Tracts for the Times on Political Subjects. King. ib., 1848, pp. 54-55.

(Anon). Lond., W. Macintosh. n.d., [18- -;]

80., ld. each KING, WILLIAM HENRY, M.R.C.S. (son of

Note.- No. 1. Equal Rights, pp. 16. William King). b. Camelford, 22 Oct., 1796.

, 2. Who are the Working Classes ? pp. [On a case of] Hydrophobia [at Camelford.]

16. Med. Times, ix, 60–61, (1843).

, 3. Does Two and Two make Four?

pp. 16. NOTE.—The article is stated to be by “W. H.

, 4. Mr. Bright's Candidates for the King, Esq., of Plymouth," but the latter word is a mis

Franchise, pp. 15. print for Camelford.

Tracts on the Church of England. No. i. The KINGDON, REV. ALFRED CORY, B.A. (son of

Liturgy. Anon. Lond., W. Macintosh. n.d., Cory Kingdon, M.D.) Vicar of Bunny, sť. | [18--7] 8°., pp. 16, Id. Mary, Notts, 1868. b. Stamford Hill, Poughill. I Note.—No more published. Our Father's Message. A Series of Twenty

Church Psalmody. By the Rev. S. N. KingShort Tracts on The person and work of Jesus

| don, 1856, 8o. Christ, consisting of texts of scripture, with a

The History and Sacred Obligation of the few words of comment suggesting the message

Sabbath; and the close connexion of its due they contain for us. By the Rev. A. C. Kingdon,

observance with our social and national wellChaplain at Messrs. Adams and Co's. Warehouse,

being. By S. N. Kingdon, B.D... Lond., Seeley, Nottingham. Lond., W. Macintosh, 24, Pater

1856, 80., pp. vii and 131. noster Row. [Butler and Tanner, The Selwood

Schism and its Results. Brought to the Test Printing Works, Frome and London.] n.d.,

of Scripture and Experience, with some mention

of the Popular Excuses alleged in its defence. [186-] 120., 4 pages each, 1/6 per 100.

By a Clergyman in the West, [i.e., Rev. S. N. Note.- No. 1. Christ One with the Father. Kingdon.) Lond., Seeley, 1856, 80., pp. 32, 1/-. No. 2. Christ made like unto us.

God and the Country Robbed, or the NonconNo. 3. Christ's Death. 4. Christ's Resurrection.

formist Movement for the Abolition of Church 5. Christ's Ascension.

Rates, briefly exposed. (Anon). Launceston, Christ our suitable High-Priest. [printed] P.D. Maddox ; Lond., Simpkin, 1857, 7. Christ the source of repentance

80., pp. 15, 6d.
and pardon.
8. Christ our righteousness.

Address on St. John, üi, 5, delivered at the 9. Christ our Advocate.

Plymouth Combined Clerical Meeting, June 27 No. 10. Christ the one Mediator.

and 28, 1865. By the Rev. S. N. Kingdon... No. 11. Christ our strength.

Lond., W. Macintosh, 1865, 80., pp. 16, 6d.
No. 12. Christ the light of the world.
No. 13. Christ our pattern.

A Lecture on the Voluntary System as a
No. 14. Christ the giver of peace.

means for supporting the Christian Church, DeNo. 15. Christ the world's Saviour.

livered on Monday Evening, June 8, 1868, in No. 16. Christ in the midst of his people.

the Central Subscription Rooms, Launceston. No. 17. Christ the preserver of his people.

By the Rev. S. N. Kingdon... Lond., W. Macin-
No. 18. Christ our ever present friend.
No. 19. Christ's second coming.

tosh... Launceston, P. D. Maddox, 1868, 80., pp. No. 20. Christ the raiser of the dead. 19, 3d.

A Lecture on the Irish Church, delivered on KINGDON, REV. GEORGE THOMAS, M.A. (son

Monday evening, May 4th, 1868, in the Central of Rev. T. H. Kingdon). b. Bridgerule, 1814.

Subscription Rooms, Launceston. By the Rev “Upon this rock I will build my church;". S. N. Kingdon. Lond., W. Macintosh ; Laun or Christ himself, and not Peter the rock on ceston, P. D. Maddox, 1868, 8°., pp. 16, 3d.


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KINGSTON, WILLIAM HENRY GILES. (Con.). son of Rev. John Kingdon, R. of Whitstone).

Paul Petherwick, (sic) the pilot, by W. H. G. Fellow of Exeter Coll., 1794-1804; V. of

Kingston. Chatterboi, July and Aug., 1868, pp. Bridgerule, 18- -; Resigned, 1844; R. of

266–67, 275–76, 282–83. Pyworthy, 1808–53. b. Bridgerule, 1 Feb., 1775. bapt. 5 Apl. d. Pyworthy, Devon, 31 KINSMAN, JOHN (son of Thos. Kinsman). b. Jan., 1853. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxix, 328, (1853). Cornakey, Morwenstow, 23 May, 1826.

The True Christ ascertained, with a Rule to No. 1. A Catalogue of Books, in fine library Judge of false Christs. By T. H. Kingdon, B.D., condition, being a portion of a select stock of V. of Bridgrule, in the County of Devon, and ancient and modern literature, now on sale at formerly Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. Lond., greatly reduced prices by John Kinsman, No. printed for L. B. Seeley, 169, Fleet Street, W. 2, Chapel St., Penzance. Waterlow and Sons, Mc. Dowall, printer, 1815, 120., pp. 58.

printers, Carpenters' Hall, London. n.d., (Dec., The Sacrament of Baptism considered, with 1859,] 8°., pp. 14. an especial reference to the Church of England.

Note.-Mr. Kinsman has, since 1859, periodically By Rev. T. H. Kingdon, B.D., V. of Bridgerule.

published catalogues of books for sale, the last being Lond., Seeleys, 1834, 8o., pp. 144.

No. 20, brought out in Sept., 1872. KINGDON, THOMAZINE (sister of Samuel Drew

Catalogue of Books in the Penzance Public and wife of James Kingdon). b. St. Austell,

Library, prepared by John Kinsman. Lond., 1771. d. Tywardreath circa 1842. bur. Tywar printed by S. and J. Brawn, 1872, 8o. dreath. cf. Wesley Banner, i, 261-62.

Note.- The first portion of this work is now (1872)

in the printers' hands. KINGFORD, REV. WILLIAM. 6. Kilkhampton?

The Marrow Controversy. N. and Q., 3 S., ii, Letter (from Dean Granville) to Mr. James | 55, (1862). Hope, Curate of the Parish of Easington, and Policy Unveiled. ib., 3 S., ix, 285, (1866). Mr. Wm. Kingford, Curate of the Parish of Autographs in Books. ib., 3 S., xi, 397, (1867). Sedgefield, in the Bishoprick of Durham, sub Fairford Windows. ib., 4 S., iii, 613, (1869). stituted by Dr. Granville to serve the aforesaid Cures. Printed (with the Dean's “Two Plain

KINSMAN, RÉv. RICHARD BYRN, M.A. (youngest Farewell Sermons," etc.,) at Rouen, 1689.-Re

son of Róbert Jope Kinsman, of Green Bank, printed in the “Remains of Denis Granville,

Falmouth). R. of Mawnan, 1838, Resigned, D.D.(Surtees Soc., 1866), pp. 119–127.

1842; V. of Tintagel, 1851 ; Prebendary of

Exeter, 1870. KINGSLEY, REV. CHARLES, R. of Eversley, Sermons. By the late Rev. Geo. Kemp, (1842),

and Canon of Chester. b. Holne Vicarage, 9.V. Devon, 12 June, 1819.

Sermons. By the late Rev. W. Hichens, (1851), Yeast a Problem. Anon. Lond., J. W. Parker, West Strand, 1851, post 80., pp. vi and 379, 9/-.

Posthumous Gleanings...By the late Rev. E

Budge, (1866), q.o. NOTE.-Contains numerous descriptions of Cornish scenery.

NOTE.—The above three works were edited by the

Rev. R. B. Kinsman. Two Years Ago. A Novel. By Rev.C. Kingsley.

The Leper cleansed. Church of England Mag., Cambridge, Macmillan, 1857, 3 vols., 80., 31/6.

viii, 100-101, 126-28, (1840). NOTE.--Contains an account of Mevagissey (under

A few observations on Tintagel Castle. Plate the name of Aberalva) during the Cholera, and other and plan. Journ. R.I.C., Apl., 1872, pp. 42-46. references to Cornwall. Mr. Kingsley received part of his education under the Rev. Derwent Coleridge, at KIP, WILLIAM Helston Grammar School. In 1844, he married Fanny, dau. of Pascoe Grenfell, Esq., of Taplow.

Cornwall, Olim pars Danmoniorvm. William

Kip, Sculp. -Map with view of “Launceston, KINGSTON, WILLIAM HENRY GILES (son of Olim Dunheuet," size 153 in. by 114 in., fol.

Lucy Henry Kingston). b. Harley Street, NOTE.—This map is in "Britain,” by Philemon London, 1814.

Holland, (1637). q.v. Adrift in a Boat. By W. H. G. Kingston.

KIRBY, JOHN DE (eld. son of Sir William Kirkby. Lond., Hodder and Stoughton, 1869, 80., pp.

of Melton, Mowbray). Dean of Burian, 1275; 109.

Bishop of Ely, 1286. d. Ely, Palm Sunday, NOTE.—A story of two Cornish boys.

1290. cf. Hardy's Cat. Mat., (1871), iii, 327.

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KLAPROTH, MARTIN HEINRICH. (Con.). Rotuli feodorum quæ tenentur de Rege in Analytical Essays towards promoting the capite et de aliis diversis in singulis comitatibus Chemical Knowledge of Mineral Substances by Angliæ, secundum Inquisitiones inde factas coram M. H. Klaproth. Translated from the German. Johanne de Kirby, tunc Thesaurario domini Lond., T. Čadell, 1801, 80., pp. xvi and 591. Regis, et sociis suis ad hoc assignatis per ipsum Regem. MS.

Note.-Contains numerous notices of Cornish

Minerals. NOTE.-Copies of portions of these inquisitions are preserved in the Public Record Office, the Br. Museum, Mineralogisch-chemischer beytrag zur natur(Addit. MSS. 26,729), and at York.

geschichte Cornwallischer Mineralien. Beob. der

Berlin. Ges. Naturf. Fr., i, 141-96. KIRKNESS, FRANCIS SAVERLAND. d. Falmouth,

Kurze berichtigung, betreffend den Schwerstein 1825.

von Pengilly. ib., iv, 319-22. On the death of F. S. Kirkness. A Sonnet. Chemische untersuchung des Cornwallischen Selector or Cornish Mag., i, 22, (1826).

Seifensteins. Beit. zur Chem. Kenntn. der Mine

ralkörp., ü, 180–83. KITCHIN, THOMAS.

Chemische untersuchung des Zinnkieses. ib., A New improved Map of Cornwall from the

ii, 257-64. best Surveys and Intelligences, divided into its

Untersuchung des Angeblichen Tungsteins, hundreds, shewing the several roads and true

und des Wolframs aus Cornwall. Crell's Chem. measured distances between town and town, also

Annalen., ii, 502-7, (1786). the Rectories and Vicarages, the Parks and

Chemische untersuchung des Holy-zinnes. ib., Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, with other

ii, 507–12. useful particulars, regulated by Astronomical Observations. By Thomas Kitchin, Geographer. | KNEEBONE, EDWARD. b. Linkinhorne, 1631. Printed for Carrington Bowles, in St. Paul's d. Linkinhorne, 16 Oct., 1685. Church-yard. n.d., (174-) One sheet roy. atlas fol.

A History of the Hundred of East. By E.

Kneebone, Ĝent., 1684. MS.
NOTE.—Dedicated to the Noble and Right Honble.
Richard, Lord Edgecumb.

NOTE.—A copy of this is now (1872) penes N. H.

P. Lawrence, Esq., Launceston.
Cornwall from the best surveys. (By T.
Kitchin.) Printed for J. Hinton, at the King's

KNEEBONE, JOSEPH. Cordwainer at Marazion. Arms, in St. Paul's Church Yard, 1748, 4o.

Description of J. Kneebone's wheel-drag for KITT, WILLIAM (son of John Kitt). 6. Cardyn two wheeled carriages. By Richard Moyle. Trans. ham, 18 May, 1792.

Soc. for Encouragement of Arts, xiii, 254-62, The Select Vestry. Anon. Liddell and Son, (1795). Bodmin. n.d., [1832,] 8o.

NOTE.-J. Kneebone received a bounty of 20 guineas NOTE.—A broadside satirical poem on the St.

for his invention. Austell vestry. Reprinted in the St. Austell Gazette, 25 Feb., 1870.

KNIGHT, J. KITTO, BENEDICT (son of William Kitto). b.

The Collects of the Prayer Book, with a Breage, 9 Feb., 1841. cf. J. H. Collins'

Hymn on each, and a Carol on the Nativity of · Western Chronicle of Science, i, 16, (1871).

our Saviour, by J. Knight. Redruth, printed

by F. Symons, 1852, fcp. 8°., pp. iv and 175. On Mineral Veins. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1869, pp. 48-52,


rode, Saxony, 1 Dec., 1743. d. Berlin, 1 Jan., b. East Looe, 1709. d. Harwich, 8 Sept., 1775. 1817.

cf. Charnock's Biog. Navalis, v, 475–76; Gent. Observations relating to the Mineralogical and

Mag., xlv, 455, (1775).
Chemical History of the Fossils of Cornwall.
By M. H. Klaproth, Assessor of the College of

| KNIGHT, Rev. T. B. Physicians, etc., Berlin. Translated from the Model Cornishmen-A Lecture on H. Davy, German. By J. G. Groschke. Lond., J. Johnson, S. Drew, and H. Martyn. By the Rev. T. B. 1787, 80., pp. viï and 84, 3/6.

| Knight. Truro, W. Lake, 1867, demy 80., 4d.

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