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ADAMS, John Couch, M.A., F.R.S. (Con.).

ADAMS, John Couch, M.A., F.R.S. (Con.). Contribs. to Memoirs and Monthly Notices of The application of graphical methods to the the Royal Astronom. Soc. of Lond., viz. :

solution of astronomical problems, and in parElements of the Comet of Faye. M.N., vi,

ticular to the determination of the perturbations 20, (1844).

of planets and comets. ib., 1849, p. 1. The relative position of the two heads of

On Professor Challis's new theorem relating Biela's Comet. M.N., vii, 83, (1846).

to the Moon's orbit. Philos. Mag., viii, 27–36, An Explanation of the Irregularities in the


(1894), motion of Uranus, on the hypothesis of distur

On the Perturbations of Uranus. Nautical bances caused by a distant Planet, with a Deter

Almanac, 1851. App., pp. 265–93. mination of the Mass, &c., of the disturbing

Observations of Comet II, 1861. Astronomische body. M.N., vii, 149-52, (1846). Mems., xvi,

Nachrichten, Altona, lvii, col. 235–40, (1862). 427-59, 1847. (Also found as a distinct vol.,

Ephemeris of Neptune and Meridian ObservaLond., 1846, 80.1

tions. By J. C. Adams and James Challis. ib., Researches in the Problem of Inverse Per- | xxvi, col. 241-44, (1848). turbations leading to the Discovery of the planet Neptune. M.N., vii, 218, 244, 285, 308; viii,

ADAMS, SIR WILLIAM. See Rawson, Sir W. 24, 172.

On an Error in Bouvard's Tables of Saturn. ADAMS, WILLIAM GRYLLS, M.A., F.R.S. (bro. Mems., xvii, 1-2, (1849); M.N., vii, 251-52.

of J. C. Adams). Professor of Natural PhiloNew elements of Neptune. M.N., vii, 268–69, sophy and Astronomy in King's College, (1847).

London, 1865. b. Lidcott, 16 Feb., 1836. On the Mass of Uranus. M.N., ix, 159–60, (1849).

Flora of Marlborough, with notices of the The Total Eclipse of the Sun, 28 July, 1851,

birds and a sketch of the geological features of as seen at Frederiksvoern, by Mr. Adams and

the neighbourhood. With a map. [Written by Mr. Liveing. Mems., xxi, 101, (1852).

T. A. Preston.] Lond., J. Van Voorst, 1863, 80. Address at Annual Meeting, 1852. Mems.,

Note.-“The Geological features of Marlborough," xxi, 211, (1853); M.N., xii, 114, (1852).

occupying pp. ix-xxiii, is by W. G. Adams. Address at Annual Meeting, 1853. Mems., xxii, 254, (1854); M.N., xiii, 141, (1852).

The Rectangular hyperbola. Oxford, Cambridge Observations on Comet II, 1861, made at and Dublin Messenger of Mathematics, i, 38-40, the Cambridge Observatory. M.N., xiv, 181, (1862). (1854); xxii, 268, (1862).

On the application of the principle of the New Tables of the Moon's Parallax. M.N., screw to the floats of paddle wheels. Lond. xiii, 175–80, 1853. [Nautical Almanac, 1856, App., Edinb. and Dublin Philos. Mag., xxix, 249-62, pp. 35-53.]

351-61, (1865). On the corrections to be applied to Burckhardt's and Plana's Parallax of the Moon. M.N.,

AITKEN, REV. ROBERT. Curate of Perranuthxiii, 262-64, (1853). On the Secular Variation of the Moon's mean

noe, 1842-44; V. of Pendeen, 1849-73.

b. Crailing, near Jedburgh, 22 Jan., 1800. motion. M.N., xiv, 59-62, (1853); xix, 207,

d. on platform of G.W.R. Station, Padding(1859); XX, 225, 279, 1860. [Philos. Trans.,

ton, 11 July, 1873. bur. Pendeen, 18 July. cxliii, 397-406, 1853.]

On the Secular Variation of the eccentricity Truth against Truth ; or the Battle of the and inclination of the moon's orbit. M.N., xix, Covenants. A Sermon delivered in St. Mary's 206--208, (1859).

Church, Penzance, on Friday, the 16th May, Reply to various observations which have 1851, at the Triennial Visitation of the Lord been brought against his theory of the Secular Bishop of Exeter. With a prefatory address to Acceleration of the Moon's Mean Motion. M.N., the Clergy of the Evangelical and High Church xx, 225-40, (1860).

Schools. By the Rev. R. Aitken, Incumbent of Postscript to the Reply to various observations Pendeen, Cornwall, and Domestic Chaplain to which have been brought against the Theory of the Earl of Caithness. Penzance: published by the Secular Acceleration. M.N., xx, 279–80. | F. T. Vibert; Lond., W. M. Pardon, 23, Cole

man Street, 1851, 80., pp. 31, 1/6.

Spiritual Vitality. An Address to the Clergy, Calculation of the perturbations of Uranus by | in two parts. By the Rev. R. Aitken. Lond., the planet Neptune. Brit. Assoc. Section, 1847, | J. H. Parker; Truro, J. R. Netherton (printed, p. 7.

1852, 80., pp. 34, 1/2

AITKEN, Rev. Robert. (Con.).

AITKEN, Rev. Robert. (Con.). Methodistic Catholicism, a word of expostu- Rev. R. Aitken. Lond., W. Macintosh, 1866, lation to the Rev. R. Aitken, in answer to his | 80., pp. viïi and 160, 2/Address to the Clergy, entitled “Spiritual Vital I No. 1. Church reform spiritually considered. ity." By a Parish Priest, fi.e., the Rev. M. M. A Letter to the Right Honorable William Ewart Humble.) Lond., J. H. Parker; Penzance, Vibert Gladstone, by the Rev. R. Aitken, Vicar of Pen[printed,] 1852, 8o., pp. 28.

deen. Lond. Dickinson and Higham, 73 (late The Conversion and Holy Life of St. Augus 92), Farringdon St., 1871, 80. Title and contents, tine. By the Rev. R. Aitken. Lond., J. H. 2 leaves, Church Reform, pp. 1–134, 1/6. Parker; Truro, J. R. Netherton (printed,] 1852, | Mission Services at St. Paul's Church, New12°., pp. 90, 1/

port. Revised and reprinted from The Evening A Letter to one of the Leeds Clergy on the Telegram of March 31st, 1871. A sermon Distinction between Salvation and Christianity, preached at St. Paul's, Newport, on the 30th of being an answer to inquiries on the subject of March, 1871, by the Rev. R. Aitken. Lond., “Spiritual Vitality.” By the Rev. R. Aitken. Dickinson and Higham...Cornish, Penzance. n.d., Lond., Parker; Penzance, F. T. Vibert (printed,] | [1871,] 89., pp. 40, 6d. 1852, 80., pp. 28, 1/

List of valuable engravings, prints, etc., to be Saving faith viewed in reference to the teach sold by auction, Aug. 12, 1873, at the Vicarage, ing of the Rev. R. Aitken and others. Anon.

Pendeen, St. Just, the property of the late Rev. By Rev. John Henry Blunt.] Lond., J. Masters,

R. Aitken. Beare and Son, printers, Penzance. 1854, 80., pp. 24. Bod. Lib.

n.d., [1873,] 8o., pp. 2. The teaching of the Types. Tracts for the

AITKEN, REV. William HAY MACDOWALL Clergy and the Earnest Minded. By the Rev. R. Aitken. Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton. No.

HIUNTER, M.A. (son of the preceding). Now

V. of Christ Church, Liverpool. b. Liverpool, 1-5, 1854. No. 6–10, 1855, 80.

21 Sept., 1841. NOTE.—Each tract has a distinct title, but the pag

Cornwall, its Scenery and Antiquities. Our ination is continuous, and the series forms one vol., pp. Society. (Loni., Kingsland, G. Potter, 1867), 458, price 12/

pp. 16, 51, 76, 110.

The Power of Christ's name, or Church and ALAZON. pseud, i.e., Barnes, Rev. R. W. Dissent, and Christ's exposition of both. A sermon delivered in St. Mary's Church, Penzance, ALLEN, JOHN. Schoolmaster of Madras House, at the visitation of the Venerable the Arch

Hackney. b. Truro, 1771, (but no entry in deacon of Cornwall. By the Rev. R. Aitken. Register). d. Hackney, 17 June, 1839. cf. Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton, 1856, 80., pp.

Biog. Dict. of Soc. for D.U.K.; Gent. Mag., 36, 1/6.

xii, 210, (1839). A Word for the Truth, for the Church, and The Fathers, the Reformers, and the public for God. An address to the Clergy on the Formularies of the Church of England, in harpresent [Denison] Controversy, in which the mony with Calvin, and against the Bishop of points at issue are fully stated and the doctrines Lincoln. By a Layman, s pseud. i.e., J. Allen, 1 involved are theologically considered. By the 1812, 80. Rev. R. Aitken. Oxford, T. and G. Shrimpton, Institutes of the Christian Religion. By John 1857, 80., pp. 40, 2/-.

Calvin. Translated from the original Latin and Hints, Suggestions, and Reasons, for the pro- collated with the author's last edition in French. visional adjustment of the Church-Rate, for the By J. Allen. Lond., printed for J. Walker, Reformation of the Church's external admin 1813, 3 vols., 80., 45-—Another ed. Lond., istration, and for the union of Church and Dis-l printed for T Tego 1838. 2 vols 80 sent. By the Rev. R. Aitken. Lond., Long. Memoirs of the Life of the late Major Genman, 1859, 80., pp. 58, 2/6.

| eral Andrew Burn, of the Royal Marines. [By The Prayer Book unveiled in the light of John Allen.] Lond., W. Winchester and Son, Christ, or unity without Liturgical revision. | 1815, 2 vols., 89.-2nd ed. 1816, 89., pp. xx Letters for Nonconformists expository of the and 292. church's teaching, etc., addressed to the Rev. T. Modern Judaism; or a brief account of the Binney. By the Rev. R. Aitken. Lond., W. | opinions, traditions, rites and ceremonies, of the Macintosh, 1863, 8o., pp. xxiv and 353.—2nd Jews in modern times. By John Allen. Lond., ed. 1867, 80., pp. xvi and 382, 5/6.

Hamilton, 1816, 80., 10/6,—2nd ed. revised High Truth. The Christian's Vocation, Pro and corrected. Lond., Seeleys, 1830, 80., pp. gress, Perfection, and State in Glory. By the | xvi and 451, 10/6.

ALLEN, John. (Con.).

ALLEN, John. (Con.). Sermons translated from the French of Daniel and on its inconsistency with the free humbling de Superville, formerly Pastor of the French spiritual nature of the Christian dispensation. Protestant Church at Rotterdam. With memoir | By J. Allen. Lond., W. and F. G. Cash, 1853, of his life. By J. Allen. London, printed for 8o., pp. xvi and 587, 8/6. Burton and Briggs, 1816, 80., pp. xx and 402.

NOTE.-Preface, dated Liskeard, fifth month, 1st, Two dissertations on sacrifices, the first on all | 1853. A Prospectus of this work was printed in 1852, the sacrifices of the Jews...the second on the 4o., 2 leaves. sacrifice of Christ...By William Outram, D.D.

History of the Borough of Liskeard and its Translated from the original Latin, with additional

Vicinity. By John Allen. Map and 17 Ilusts. notes and indexes by J. Allen. Lond., printed

Lond., W. and F. G. Cash ; Liskeard, J. Philp for the translator, and sold by Burton and Briggs, Leadenhall St., 1817, 80., pp. xii and

sprinted]; 1856, post 8°., pp. xviii and 564, 10/-.

On the Spiritual Nature of the Christian 400.

Dispensation, and on some of the obstacles to NOTE.-Alexander Allen (son of John Allen, of Hackney). b. Hackney, 21 Sept., 1814. d. 6 Nov., 1842,

its full apprehension and reception. (Anon). was the author and editor of various Classical School Lond., printed for the Tract Association. (No. books and other works.

4, New Series] ; sold at the Depository, 84,

Houndsditch; 1857, 18o., pp. 41. ALLEN, JOHN. A Friend (son of John Allen and Eliz. Fox). b. Liskeard, 26 Sept., 1790.

Note. This is a “Cursory View, 1840, 8o." with d. Liskeard, 15 Feb., 1859. bur. 22 Feb.

alterations. cf. Liskeard Gazette, 19 and 26 Feb., 1859 ; On the duty of Christian Simplicity and The Annual Monitor for 1860, pp. 3–26. Plainness in Language, Dress, and Behaviour, The cause of the heavy burdens of Great

according to the views of the Society of Friends. Britain and of her national debt ; comprising a

By J. Allen. Lond., Tract Association of the rapid survey of some of the great events con

Society of Friends. [No. 137,] 1860, 12o., pp. nected with British History during the last | 12, 6d. per doz. hundred and fifty years. Anon. Lond., Darton and Harvey, 1836, 120., 1 sheet.—2nd ed., revised, 1843, 120., 1 sheet.

Chronological Chart of the Wars of the Cursory view of some of the obstacles to the

British Empire. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1835, p. 126. right apprehension and full reception of the

The Private and Public Capital and Income Spiritual Nature and Blessings of Christianity.

l of the Nation, etc. ib., 1839, pp. 58–73. By J. Allen. Lond., Harvey and Darton, 1840,

Statistics of the Natural History of Cornwall 80., pp. 32.

as shewn in the destruction of wild animals in The Statistics of War and Peace. By John 1609: 10., 1841, PP. 122–21:.. Allen, Esq., and others. Being part of the

Hints on the provision of labour for the poor. Papers read to the Peace Convention, in 1843.

| ib., 1849, pp. 19–26. Lond., printed by Rich. Barrett, and sold by Charles Gilpin. n.d., (1843,1 12o., sheet.

ALLEN, RALPH (son of William Allen, of St. On our Home Population. By John Allen.

Blazey, or of John Allen, of Tywardreath). Lond., Simpkin, 1814, 180., 26.

Post Master, Bath; Contractor for Cross Compendious view of the tithe system, its

Posts, 1722-1764 ; Erected Prior Park, 1736 ; progress, conversion into tithe rent charge, etc.

Mayor of Bath, 1742. b. at the Duke William By J. Allen, 1850, 12o.

Inn, St. Blazey Highway, 1693, (but no entry

in Register). d. Prior Park, Bath, 29 June, Note. First appeared in The Friend, viii, 26-28, 1764. bur. Claverton. cf. Chatham Correspon(1850); and since 1850 has again been reprinted by The London Tract Association.

dence, (1838), ii, 223–38, 253-56, 289-91;

Rev. Fras. Thuckeray's Life of Lord Chatham, Christian Baptism ; or the Baptism of Christ. (1827), ii, 23-27; John Wood's An Essay Do the Christian Churches generally entertain towards a description of Bath, (1742-43); H. sound scriptural views respecting it? Anon. Walpole's Memoirs of last 10 years of George Lond., C. Gilpin, 1850, 120., pp. 36, 4d.-Re II, (1822), ii, 202; H. Walpole's Memoirs of printed by the Tract Association of the Society the reign of King George III, (1845), i, 281of Friends. [No. 118,] 1854, 12o., pp. 24, 1/ 82; Sam. Derrick's Letters written from Liverper doz.

pool, etc., (1767), ii, 57-60; Philip Thicknesse's State Churches and the Kingdom of Christ, New Prose Bath Guide for 1778, pp. 76-78; an essay on the establishment of ministers, Bishop Hurd's Works of Will. Warburton, Bp. forms and services of religion by secular power, l of Gloucester, (1788), i, 45, 49, 89; The


ALLEN, Ralph. (Con.). Letters of Pope to Atterbury when in the Tower Cooper, at the Globe, in Pater-noster Row, 1750, of London, Ed. by J. G. Nichols, (Camden | 4o., pp. 32. Miscell., vol. iv, 1859), p. 17 ; Rev. John The Novels of Henry Fielding, Esq. Lond., Collinson's Hist. of Somerset, (1791), i, 117- Hurst, Robinson and Co., printed by J. Ballan18, 145-50, 169-70; Rev. W. L. Bowles' tyne and Co., Edinburgh, [Novelist's Library, Works of A. Pope, (1806), iv, 350, ix, 338, 1 vol. i,] 1821, 80. 349-63, 374, 391, x, 57, 60, 63 ; Rev. Joseph Warton's Works of A. Pope, (1797), ix, 319-32; |

Note." Amelia” is dedicated “To Ralph Allen,

Esq.", by “Henry Fielding, Bow St., Dec., 1751," and Britton and Brayley's Beauties of England and in * The History of Tom Jones, a foundling," the charWales, (Somersetshire, by Rev. J. Nightingale, acter of Squire Allworthy is intended to pourtray Ralph 1813), xiii, pt. i, pp. 438-42 ; Pierce Egan's

Allen. Walks through Buth,(1819), pp.189–207: Lætitia

Another answer to the Letters of the Right Haukins' Anecdotes, (1822), i, 325; F. Lawrence's

Hon. William Pitt, Esq., to Ralph Allen, Esq., Lifeof Henry Fielding, (1855), pp. 252, 292, 370–

in which the reasons are assigned for not vene71 ; Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, (1831), i,

rating the administration of that late Secretary 10-12 ; Life and Times of Countess of Tunting

of State, and for subscribing to the term adedon, (1841), i, 450-51; Lord Mahon's Hist. of

quate, in relation to the peace. By Another MemEngland, (1851), v, 63-64 ; Rer. A. H. Neu's

ber of the Corporation of Bath. Lond., 1763, The Coronet and the Cross, (1857), pp. 24, 134, 394 ; Rev. Geo. Oliver's Hist. of Exeter, (1861),

sm. 4o., PP. 46, 1/-p. 164; Rev. J. S. Watson's Life of Bp. War . NorE.-of. Annual Register, vi, pt. i, p. 206, (1763). burton, (1863), pp. 202, 205, 232, 239-42, 276, 294, 411-12, 476, 495, 561–62; Will. | AMICA. pseul. i.e., Pearce, Miss Alice. Lewins' Her Majesty's Mails, (1865), pp. 104112; Papers relative to the agreement inude by | ANGOVE, GRACE. See Michell, Grace. Government with Mr. Palmer, (1797), passim ; Rev. John Bartlett's History of Parish of St. ANSTEY, THOMAS. Blazey, (1856), pp. 20–25; Nichols Literary Anecdotes, vols. ii, iii, v, vi; Nichols' Illustra

Penzance. A Descriptive Poem. Penzance, tions, ii, 830–39, iv, 732, v, 1814; Chambers'

printed and sold by T. Vigurs, 1819, 80., pp. 15,

9d. Book of Days, (1864), ii, 566 ; Chambers' Journ. (The Bath Post Boy), xi, 260-62, (1848); The ' Note.-The Dedication to Thomas Giddy, Esq., is Family Economist (The Story of R. Allen, by signed “ Thomas Anstey." Mrs. Bunbury), v, 129–33, (1856); Some Literary Ramblings about Buth. Cornhill Mug.,

ANSTIS, JOHN (son of John Anstis, Registrar of xxvii, 694-702, (1873); Annual Register. vi, Archdeaconry of Cornwall, who d. 1692). Adpt. i, 206, (1763), vii, 95, (1701); Gent. Mag.,

mitted at Exeter College, 1685; M.P. St. xxxiv, 350, (1764); Biog. Dict. Soc. D.U.K.; Germans, 1702; M.P. Launceston, 1713; Rer. Jos. Hunter's Connection of Buth with

Received reversionary patent for the place of literature and science of England, (1850), pp.

Garter, . Apl., 1714 ; Created Garter King at 64-65, 93-94.

Arms, 20 Apl., 1718. b. St. Neots, 28 Sept., Ralph Allen and Prior Park. By the Rev. F.

1669. d. Mortlake, 4 March, 1743. bur. Duloe Kilvert, M.A. Read before the Bath Literary

Church, 23 Mch. cf. Chulmers ; Rose ; Biog. Club, Dec. 13, 1856, and repeated before the

Univ. ; Didot Vouvel. Biog. Unii.; Biog. Dict.

of Soc. for D.U.K.; Nichols' Literary AnecBath Literary and Philosophical Association,

dotes, vols. i, ii, iii, v, vi; Nichols' Illustrations, Jan. 12, 1857. Bath, H. E. Carrington, 1857,

vols. iv, v, vi ; dutobiog. of Mrs. Deluny, (1861), 89., pp. 31. A sermon occasioned by the present unnatural

i, 42; Rel. Hearninna, (1857), i, 337, ii, 571; rebellion... Preached in Mr. Allen's Chapel, at

H. IValpole's Letters (Cunningham's ed.), ii, Prior-Park, near Bath, and publish'd at his

184 ; Archeol., i, p. xxviii, (1770); Rev. Mark request. By William Warburton, M.A., Chap

Noble's Hist. of College of Arms, (1804), pp. lain to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

354, 376–79, with portrait; The London Mag., Lond., printed for J. and P. Knapton, in Lud

xiii; 153, (1744). gate Street, 1745, 80., pp. 27.---Reprinted in Cyria Militaris, or a Treatise of the Court of Bishop Hurd's Works of W. Warburton, Bp. Chivalry, in three books...By John Anstis, Esq., of Gloucester, (1788), v, 207–18.

| (of the Middle Temple). Lond., printed by T. Of the characters of men. An epistle (in verse] Mead, in Gilt-Spur-Street, near the Back-Gate of to Ralph Allen, Esq. Lond., printed for M. | St. Sepulchre's Church, 1702, 80.

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ANSTIS, John. (Con.).

ANSTIS, John. (Con.). NOTE.—This consists of Title, 1 leaf, Dedication to | Respondents' Case. To be heard at the Bar of Jonathan [Trelawny,] Lord Bishop of Exeter, 1 leaf, the House of Lords, on — the day of Introduction, pp. i-xli, Contents, 5 leaves, this is all that was published.

- 1734–5. n.p. or d. or printer's name, fol., ..

pp. 4. Letters to a Peer, concerning the Honour of Earl Marshall... [By John Anstis.) Lond., printed

NOTE.- Respecting Frances Gandy and Mary Dyer, and sold by the Booksellers of London and West

nieces of John Anstis, to whom John Anstis and the

Rev. John Penneck were Guardians and Trustees. The minster, 1703, 80., pp. 35.-1706, 80., pp. 52.

respondents having filed a bill in Chancery against the

appellant to recover money spent on Frances Gandy Note.—The Letter is signed N. S.. si.e., John

during infancy, obtained a decree in their favour. On Anstis.)

appeal to the House of Lords the decree of the Court [Introduction to the Register of the Order of of Chancery was affirmed without costs. the Garter By John Anstis.] n.d., [1720 ?] fol.,

| A full and authentick narrative of the intended pp. 25.

horrid conspiracy and invasion, containing... The Register of the most noble Order of the

The case of Edward Harvey, of Combe, Esq., Garter, from its cover in black velvet usually

John Anstis, Esq., etc. Lond., printed for J. called The Black Book, with notes placed at the

Roberts, in Warwick Lane, 1715, sm. 4o., pp. bottom of the pages and an introduction prefixed

38, 6d. by the Editor, [i.e., John Anstis.) Lond., printed by John Barber, upon Lambeth-hill, 1724, 2 Note.- The account of Mr. Anstis being suspected vols., fol.

of a design to restore the Stuarts and of his imprison

ment is contained in pp. 9-10. Note.-Dean Milles possessed Anstis' own copy, 1 containing large additional matter.

Collectanea Curiosa...By John Gutch. Oxford,

at the Clarendon Press, 1781, 2 vols., 80. A discoverie of certaine errours published in print in the much commended Britannia, 1594 Note.-Contains in ii, 210-56, Nomenclator fecia...By Ralphe Brooke... To which are added The

lium, qui Angliæ et Walliæ comitatus visitârunt quo

anno et ubi autographa seu apographa reperiuntur. By learned Mr. Camden's answer to this book and

J. Anstis. The account of the Visitation Books for Mr. Brooke's reply. Now first published from Cornwall is on p. 217. an original manuscript in the Library of J. Anstis, Esq. Lond., printed for James Woodman,

Syllabus (in English) of...Rymer's Foedera. 1724, 49

By T. D. Hardy. (Rolls Series.] Lond., Long

man, 1869-73, 2 vols., 40. NOTE.-Contains Prefatory Letter to the publisher, Mr. Woodman, signed “ J. Anstis."

Note.-Contains in i, pp. cxxvii-cxxviii, cxxx, cxlii,

copies of Letters from John Anstis to Sidney, Earl of Observations introductory to an historical es- Godolphin, the Earl of Oxford, and others. say upon the Knighthood of the Bath. By John Anstis. Lond., printed by James Woodman, in

Extracts from the correspondence of John Russell St., Covent Garden, 1725, 4o. Title, 1

Anstis, the Herald, affecting West Cornwall. leaf, Observations, pp. 1–88, Collection of Author

By J. Couch. Trans. P.N.H. and A.S., iii, 20-25, ities, pp. 1-112.


The Ceremonial of the marriage between Note.-Dean Milles possessed Anstis' own copy con- | Frederick. Count Palatine, and the Princess taining considerable additional matter.

Elizabeth, daughter of James I. J. Lelandi de The Ceremonies of the Installation of a Knight Rebus Britannicis v, 325–36, (1770). of the most noble order of the Garter, as settled The Ceremonial of the marriage between by Mr. Anstis. Lond., 1757, 12o.

William of Orange and Mary daughter of Charles Chronological Data of the Coronation Days | I. ib., v, 337-51, (1770). of the Kings and Queens of England, from Extract relative to the Burial of King EdAlfred the Great to George IV. Originally com- | ward IV, from a MS. of the late Mr. Anstis. piled by John Anstis, (with Notes and a contin Archæol., i, 348-55, (1770). uation by the Editor. Lond., printed by J. On two volumes of drawings of antiquities Johnson for J. H. Burn, 1821, 80., 6 leaves. collected by J. Anstis. ib., xiii, 208–22, (1800).

John Anstis, Esq., Garter, Appellant. John Three Letters from J. Anstis to Sir H. Sloane. Gandy, and Frances, his wife, Respondents. The Gent. Mag., 1, 460, (1780). Appellant's Case. To be heard at the Bar of the The Dean of Westminster's pretensions to House of Lords, on Monday, the 24th March, bear the ensign of the Order of the Bath. ib., 1734–5. n.p. or d. or printer's name, fol., pp. 4. | lxix, pt. i, 194-95, (1799).

John Anstis, Esq., Appellant. John Gandy, On Mr. Anstis' MS. History of Launceston. Gent., and Frances, his wife, Respondents. The ib., lxxx, pt. ii, 103, (1810).

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