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LAWRY, Rev. WALTER. (Con.).
Guard, Polperro (son of Peter Laughrin). b.
Dublin, 9 Mch., 1817. cf. J. Couch's Hist. of

Superintendent of the Wesleyan Missions in British Fishes, iii, 39, 55, iv, 136, 250 ; Couch's

New Zealand, &c. With an Appendix... Edited

by the Rev. Elijah Hoole. Lond., J. Mason, 66, Hist. of Polperro, p. 11.

Paternoster Row, 1850, 120., pp. 303. Observations on the choice of food in the Cod A second Missionary Visit to the Friendly and Ling. Journ. Linn. Soc., vi, 165–66, (1862). and Feejee Islands, in the year 1850. By the

Rev. W. Lawry... Ed. by the Rev. E. Hoole. LAUNCE, JAMES, of Penair, St. Clement. M.P.

Lond., J. Mason, 1851, 120., pp. viï and 217, for Cornwall, 1650–51; for Michell, 1658;

3/6. Surveyor of Duchy of Lancaster. cf. Thos. A Voice from New Zealand. Copy of a Letter Burton's Diary, (1828), iii, 78; Cotton Mather's

from the Rev. Joseph H. Fletcher, Wesleyan Magnalia Christi Americana, (1702), Book iii,

Missionary at Auckland, New Zealand. Lond., pp. 164–65.

printed and published by John Kaye, 80, Fleet

St. n.d., [1851,] 8°., pp. 4, 2/6 per 100. LAURENCE, Miss ELIZABETH (dau. of Captain

Laurence, of the Duke of KentLisbon Packet). NOTE.-Contains severe strictures on the Rev. W. b. 1803. d. Falmouth, 25 Feb., 1826.

Lawry's conduct whilst General Superintendent of the

Wesleyan Mission in New Zealand. Sur la Mort de Miss Elizabeth L..... ce. A Poem, by A. [i.e., Stephen Alfeston.] Selector Letters from the Rev. W. Lawry dated from or Cornish Mag., i, 56, (1826).

New South Wales in 1818–21. Wesleyan MethoSur la Mort de Miss L. Lines by A. Trans- | dist Mag., xliii, 70–71, (1820), xliv, 231, 387, lated into English by N. T. ib., i, 96.

(1821), xlv, 58, (1822).

Letters dated Tonga. ib., xlvi, 479–82, 618-19, LAW, REV. PALMER. Formerly Minister of (1823), xlvii, 273–74, 555-58, 705–708, (1824), Congregational Church, at Penryn (son of

xlviii, 599–602, (1825). William Law). b. Peckham, Surrey, 1832. Obituary Notice of Mary, wife of Rev. W.

The Cornish Shipwreck, by P. Law, Ware, Lawry, who died at St. Austell, 25 Dec., 1825. Herts. Lond., Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row. ib., xlix, 142, (1826). n.d., [1865,] sq. 16o., pp. 60, 6d.

Revival of Religion in the St. Austle Circuit.

ib., 1, 470–71, (1827). LAWRENCE, BROTHER.

Memoir of Mr. Moses Morrish, who was born Tracts concerning the presence of God and

at Perranzabuloe, in 1763, and died there the other religious subjects in the letters and con

18 Feb., 1830. ib., liv, 811-14, (1831). versations of Brother Lawrence. To which is

Memoir of Joseph Lawry (father of Rev. W. added A Letter on Regeneration to one troubled

Lawry) who died at the Barton of Tregarton, in in mind. A new edition translated from the

St. Austell, 29 Oct., 1832, aged 66. ib., lv, 904, French. Falmouth, printed and sold by Jane

(1832). Trathan. n.d., [18- -), 18o.

Memoir of Will. Munday, who died at Ruan,

4 Sept., 1834, aged 61. ib., lviii, 315, (1835). NOTE.—This is a reproduction of “The Conversa Memoir of Mrs. Roberts, who died at Helston, tions and Letters of Brother Lawrence concerning the

| 14 Sept., 1833. ib., lix, 638, (1836). presence of God. Translated from the French. Lond., Hatchard, 1824, 120.” The letters were written by

Extract from a letter from Mr. Lawry in reNicholas Herman, of Loraine, who was afterward known

ference to the Tonga Mission. ib.,lx, 378, (1837). as Laurent de la Resurrection, Lay-brother of the Car Extracts from the journals and letters of the melite order.

Rev. W. Lawry, General Superintendent of the

New Zealand Mission. Dated Auckland, 1844, LAWRY, REV. WALTER, Wesleyan Minister

1845, 1846. ib., lxvi, 689, 871, (1844); lxviii, ( son of Joseph Lawry). b. Ruthern, St. Gorran,

298–302, 819-29, 1134-36, (1845); lxx, 714-16, 3 Aug., 1793. d. Paramatta, New South

(1847); lxxi, 229–30, 1032-42, 1145–54, 1257– Wales, 30 March, 1859. cf. Bonwick's Curious

67, 1360–71, (1848). [Papers relating to the WesFacts of old Colonial Days, pp. 90–92; Wes

leyan Missions, No. cv, Sept., 1846; Wesleyan leyan Methodist Mag., xlix, 142, (1826), lxiv,

Missionary Notices, No. 99, Mch., 1847.] 545, (1841), lxx, 637–38, (1847); Symons'

Memoir of Mrs. Elizabeth Timmis, who died Life of Rev. D. J. Draper, pp. 22, 37; Memoir

at Burslem, 15 Dec., 1842. ib., lxx, 117-19, of W. Carvosso, (1835), p. 295.

(1847). Friendly and Feejee Islands, a Missionary I Extracts from the Letters and Journals of the Visit to various Stations in the South Seas, in Rev. W. Lawry from the Feejee Islands. Dated the year 1847. By the Rev. W. Lawry, General | 1847. ib., lxxii, 97-105, 209–20, 322–28, (1849). LAWRY, Rev. WALTER. (Con.).

LEAN, BLANCHE. (Con. ). Second Missionary Visit of the Rev. W. Miss B. Harris, she having lately shook hands

the Friendly and Feejee Islands in for life, as she expresses it, with our mathematical 1850. ib., lxxiv, 509-13, 817-29, 832, 921-28, correspondent Mr. Lean. A Poem, 40 lines. ib., 1026–33, 1129–37, 1223-32, (1851).

1778, p. 20.

Answer to an Enigma. A Poem, 48 lines. ib., LAWS, THOMAS BRIGNELL (son of William | 1780, p. 20.

Laws). b. Thames Bank, Pimlico, London, 27 New Enigma. A. Poem, 8 lines. ib., 1780, Aug., 1830.

p. 26. An abstract of “The Stannaries Act, 1869,"

Answer to an Enigma. A Poem, 12 lines. with a few remarks for the information of intend

ib., 1781, p. 16. ing purchasers of shares in the Mines of Devon

1 Enigma. A Poem, 24 lines. ib., 1782, p. 26. and Cornwall. By T. B. Laws. Lond., printed

inted Answer to an Enigma. A Poem, 8 lines. ib., by B. D. Cousins, Helmet Court, 338, Strand,

and | 1783, p. 16. n.d., [1870,] 8°., pp. 11, 6d.

Note.—Miss Blanche Harris contributed poems,

enigmas and rebuses to The Lady's Diary, from about NOTE.—Dated 22 Great St. Helens, London, March, 1775 to 1785, during which period Joel Lean was asking 1870.

and answering mathematical questions in The Gentle

man's Diary. These two contributers were consequently LAYMAN, A. pseud. i.e., Allen, John, (d. 1839). induced to seek an interview which led to their union

on the 2 Jan., 1777. LEACH, REV. CHRISTOPHER, V. of St. Winnow.

LEAN, JOEL (son of Will. and Araminta Lean). bur. St. Winnow, 26 Feb., 1638. cf. Walker's

1 b. Gwennap, Nov., 1749. d. Camborne, 1813. Sufferings of the Clergy, pt. ii, p. 291.

(Lean's Engine Reporter.] Work done by the

following [Pumping] Engines [in Cornwall,] for LEACH, REV. THOMAS CARY. Fellow of Exeter

the last month ending August, 1811. fol. s. sh. Coll. Oxford, 1776-85. b. Boconnock, 1753. d. Exeter College, 1 June, 1785. bur. Exeter NOTE.- Various members of the Lean family have Coll. Chapel. cf. 2nd Rep. of Royal Commis

conducted the system of registering and publicly report

ing the Duty of Steam-engines in Cornwall, from the sion on Historical MSS., p. 127.

year 1811 to the present time. The following table will A List of the succession of Rectors and Fellows show the periods during which the respective gentlemen

have published the Reports. of Exeter College, from 1601 [really 1586,) with

From 1811-1813 Joel Lean, (d. 1813). an abstract of what particulars could be collected From 1813-1827 Thos. Lean (4th son of Joel Lean), concerning them : compiled from the Register of , and his younger brother John Lean, (d. 1851). Subscriptions, the College Registers, Dr. Edg

From 1827-1837 Thos. Lean alone. comb's Collections, Antony à Wood, etc. An

From 1837-1847 Thos. Lean (d. 1847), and his elder

brother, Joel Lean (d. 1856). account of the Foundations, Patronage, &c., is

From 1847-1872 Thos. Lean (son of Thos. Lean), prefixed : with a Catalogue of Benefactions from by whom they are still being published at Marazion. Bishop Stapledon, to the present time. An From 1827 to about 1831 John Lean (d. 1851), pubAppendix is added, containing a short account of

lished a separate Report. On its ceasing to exist the

account of the engines therein reported on was shortly publications, by Fellows of Exeter since the year

afterwards added to the original publication carried on 1600; together with an abstract of the case by Thos. Lean. of Dr. Bury, and some letters and papers from The sheets up to June, 1815, appear to have been the Register, etc., on other subjects. 1780, MSS.

printed at Redruth; from that time until Dec., 1822,

they were printed by W. Penaluna, of Helston, when the Ex. Coll. Lib., sm. 4o.

printing was transferred to L. Newton, of Camborne.

In Apl., 1853, Mr. Thos. Lean, of Marazion, commenced LEAN, BLANCHE (dau. of Francis Harris, of printing the sheets at his printing office at Praze. The Mylor, and wife of Joel Leun). b. Mylor, 1750.

size was folio up to May, 1838, and since then has been

quarto. It at first consisted of one page folio, but in d. Camborne, 1815.

May, 1812, became two pages folio and has for many Reflections on Sublunary Enjoyments. An years past been four pages quarto. Elegy written Aug. 3, 1806, near the ruins of Answer to Mathematical Question, No. 394. Menadarva. By B. Harris. St. Agnes, Stephens, By Joel Lean. In The Gentleman's Diary. (Lond.. printer, n.d., [1806,] s. sh., 80 lines.

Printed for the Company of Stationers), 1776, p. 33. An Answer by Miss Blanche Harris to the

Note.—Joel Lean contributed to The Gentleman's Enigma by Tasso. A Poem. 32 lines. In The

Diary from about 1775 to 1785. See also Lean, Blanche Lady's Diary. (Lond., Printed for the Company of Stationers). 1775, p. 20.

LEAN, JOEL (2nd son of the preceding). b. Answer to an Enigma. In the character of a Gwennap, 5 Aug., 1779. d. Neath, 2 Feb., deserted maid, by Mrs. Blanche Lean, formerly 1856.

LEAN, JOEL. (Con.).

LEAN, JOHN, M.E., (son of John Lean). Lean's Engine Reporter, 1837-1847. See Lean, John Lean, M.E., and Co's (Stock and Share Joel, (d. 1813).

Dealers, 5, Austin Friars, old Broad Street, A.D. 1812, Specification of R. W. Fox and London, E.C.] Monthly Mining Guide to safe Joel Lean, for Improvements in Steam-engines. investments. Clayton and Co., Temple Printing See Fox, R. W.

Works, Bouverie Street, Whitefriars, E.C. Feb., A.D. 1825, July 30, No. 5228, Specification 1871, fol. pp. 4, 6d. of Joel Lean, of Fish Pond House, near Bristol, Gentleman, for “A machine for effecting an

| LEAN, JOSEPH F. b. Gwennap, 27 Mch., 1834. alternating motion between bodies revolving

d. Horrabridge, Devonshire, 9 Jan., 1854. about a common centre or axis of motion; also The Young Mining Captain si.e., J. F. Lean.] certain additional machinery or apparatus for

A Tract for Youth signed T. R. J. Lond., pubapplying the same to mechanical purposes." lished by John Mason. 14. City Road, sold at With drawing annexed. Lond., 1825, fol. — 66, Paternoster-row. (Religious Tracts.] No. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp.

624, 12o., pp. 12, 3/- per 100. 7, 6d.

LEAN, THOMAS (4th son of Joel Lean). b. LEAN, JOHN. 6. 1767. d. Camborne, 19 Mch.,

Ludgvan, 8 Feb., 1784. d. Crowan, 1 June, 1836.

1847. Memoir of Capt. John Lean, Senr. By J. Lean's Engine Reporter, 1813–1847. See W. Burgess. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lix, 563, Lean, Joel, (who d. 1813). (1836); Memoir of W. Carvosso, 1835, pp. 93, Historical Statement of the improvements 96, 108.

made in the duty performed by the Steam engines

in Cornwall, from the commencement of the LEAN, JOHN (5th son of Joel Lean, who d. 1813).

publication of the Monthly Reports. Compiled b. Ludgvan, 30 Mch., 1791. d. Camborne,

at the request of the British Association for the 1851.

Advancement of Science. By Thomas Lean and Lean's Engine Reporter, 1813–1827. See Brother (Joel Lean,] Registrars and Reporters Lean, Joel (who d. 1813), and Lean, Thos. (who of the Duty of Steam Engines. Lond., Simpkin; d. 1847).

[L. Newton, printer, Camborne,] 1839, 80., pp. John Lean's Engine Reporter, 1827–1831 ? vii and 152, 10/See Lean, Joel.

Note.- Dedication signed “Thomas Lean and

Brother, Marazion, June, 1839.” LEAN, JOHN (eldest son of John Lean). 6. Cam

Some observations on steam-engines, with a borne, 3 Sept., 1799. d. Camborne, 10 Nov., 1850. bur. 14 Nov. cf. Local Preachers' Mag.,

table of work done by certain engines in Corn1860, pp. 24–25.

wall, from August, 1811, to May, 1815, both

months inclusive, showing the monthly conMemoir of Mr. John Lean, of Camborne.

sumption of coals by the engines reported, the By Geo. Smith, F.S.A. Wesleyan Methodist Mag.,

number of pounds of water lifted one foot high lxxvi, 1088–95, (1853).

by the Coals consumed, and the average work NOTE.-Mr. Lean was Mining Agent for the Basset

| performed by each bushel of coals, expressed in family, the Earl of Falmouth, and Sir S. Spry.

pounds of water, lifted one foot high. By Thos.

and John Lean. Tilloch Philos. Mag., xlvi, 116– LEAN, JOHN, C.E. (3rd son of Fras. Harris 20, 462–64, (1815). Lean). b. Crowan, 22 Mch., 1818.

On the temperature of the mines in Cornwall. Practical Platelayer's Guide. Table for cutting ib., lii, 204-6, (1818). in permanent-way fittings. Signed “J. Lean,

| A statement of the greatest and least quanNeath, May, 1872.” Whittington, printer and

tities of water [in Imperial gallons) discharged stationer, Neath, [1872,] 12°., pp. 4.

per minute from the mines, specifying the months in which it reached its maximum and minimum.

Extracted from Capt. T. Lean's Reports of Steam LEAN, JOHN (son of John and Dorothy Leun).

Engines duty, &c. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1835, pp. b. Camborne, Dec., 1821. d. Camborne, 20

136–37; 1836, pp. 142–43; 1837, pp. 78–79; Apl., 1836.

1838, pp. 169-70. The Young Miner; a memoir of John Lean, Water evaporated by the consumption of a Jun., of Camborne, in the county of Cornwall. | bushel of coals at Loam's Engine, United Mines. By John Bustard. Lond., printed for the author | ib., 1836, p. 34. and sold by J. Mason, 1838, 32°., pp. 75, 9d. Miners' Theodolite. ib., 1836, pp. 59-60.

LEAN, THOMAS (17th child of the preceding). 6.

LEDDRA, WILLIAM. (Con.). Crowan, 26 Apl., 1827. Now residing at The

Several Epistles given forth by two of the Gew, Marazion.

Lords faithful servants, whom he sent to New Lean's Engine Reporter, 1847. See Lean, Joel, England, to bear Witness to his Everlasting who d. 1813.

Truth, and were there (by the Priests, Rulers, NOTE.—This Report is still continuing.

and Professors) after cruel and long Imprison

ment, and Inhumane Whippings and BanishLEAN, WILLIAM (eld. son of Joel Lean, who d. ment, put to death, for no other cause but for 1856). b. Neath Abbey, 26 Nov., 1804.

keeping the commandments of God and Testi

mony of Jesus. William Robinson, William An Evening on Pelion. A poem in three

Leddra. Lond., printed in the year, 1669, 4o., cantos. Anon. Lond., printed for John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill, 1827, 80., pp. 47, 2/6.

pp. 11. Reprinted. Anon. Neath, printed by W. Whit NotE.-W. Leddra's Epistle occupies pp. 9-11, it is tington, Post Office, Wind Street, 1872, 80., pp. signed and dated “Boston Goal, the 13th of the First 47.

Month, 1661." NOTE.-The reprint was made at the cost of Mr. Life of William Leddra. In Hy. Tuke's Biog. John Lean, of Neath, (b. 1818) for gratuitous circulation Notices of Friends, (1813-15), ii, pp. 51-58. — amongst his friends.

The Friend's Library, Philadelphia, 1843, vol. Brief Observations on a pamphlet by Isaac vii. Crewdson, entitled “Water Baptism an ordinance of Christ.” By W. Lean. Lond., Harvey and LEE, SARAH (only dau. of J. E. Wallis and wife, Darton, and E. Fry and R. Davies, Birmingham, Istly, of T. E. Bowdich, 2ndly, of R. Lee). 6. 1838, 80., pp. ii and 23, 1/

Colchester, 10 Sept., 1791. d. Erith, 23 Sept., NOTE.--Preface dated Birmingham, 20th of 10th

1856. Mo., 1838

Sir Thomas, or the adventures of a Cornish A Letter to Robert Charlton, occasioned by Baronet in North Western Africa. By Mrs. R. his “Thoughts on Barclay's Apology.” Signed Lee. With illustrations by John Gilbert. Lond., “W. Lean, Edgbaston, 30 of 5 mo., 1868.” n.p. Grant and Griffith, 1856, fcp. 80., pp. xiv and or d. or printer's nome, (1868,] 8o., pp. 8. 242, 4/6.

NOTE.—Printed for gratuitous distribution.
The Willow of Babylon. A Poem. 56 lines.

LEEDS, FRANCIS, 5th Duke of, (Francis Godol Signed W. Lsean,) Fishpond House, Bristol.

phin Osborne, son of the succeeding). Governor The Oriental Herald, xxi, 281-82, (1829).

of the Isles of Scilly. b. 29 Jan., 1751. d.

St. James' Sq., London, 31 Jan., 1799. cf. One LEDDRA, WILLIAM, of Barbadoes. b. Cornwall?

and All, 1 Dec., 1868. Executed in Boston, New England, 14 Jan., Journal of The Duke of Leeds' Tour to the 1689. cf. Sewel's Hist. of Friends, (1834), i, West, from June 15 to July 15, 1791, accom252–54, 349–56.

panied by the Duchess, Miss Anguish and Mr. An Appendix to the book entitled, New Eng Brooks, sgiving an account of his daily progress land Judged : being certain writings (never yet

through Salisbury, Exeter, Truro and Helston printed) of those persons which were there

to Godolphin, his grand reception there, the executed. Together with a short relation of the places and persons they visited, is presented by tryal, sentence, and execution of William the Mayor, Mr. Glynn, with the Freedom of the Leddra. Written by them in the time of their Town, &c., thence to St. Mary's, the Western imprisonment, in the bloody town of Boston.

Islands, Penryn, Tregothnan, the seat of Lord Lond., printed for Robert Wilson, at the sign of Falmouth, etc.] MS., 80., pp. 28. the Black-spread-eagle and Windmil, in Martins

NOTE.—This MS., priced 84/-., was for sale at Le Grand, 1661, 4o., pp. 177–98.

Reeves and Turner's, 196, Strand, London, in Dec., Note.-Contains “To Friends in New-England, or

1868. where this may come, Greeting,” signed “W. Leddra, Boston-Prison, in New-England, 1660,"pp. 196-92, (sic).

LEEDS, THOMAS, 4th Duke of, (Thomas Osborne, An Epistle of William Leddra to Friends, written by him the day before he was put to death, signed “W.

son of 3rd Duke of Leeds). b. 6 Nov., 1713. Leddra, the 13 of the first month, 1600," pp. 193-95. d. St. James' Sq., London, 23 Mch., 1789. The Examination of W. Leddra, pp. 195-96.

Lewis Pugh, Esq., and Elizabeth, his wife, The Copy of a Letter, touching the death of W. Leddra, signed Thos. Wilkie and addressed to Mr. Geo.

| Appellants. The most noble Thomas, Duke of

Appellant Lad, Master of the America, of Dartmouth, pp. 197-98. Leeds, the rt. honble. Francis, Lord Godolphin,

LEEDS, Thomas, Duke of. (Con.).

LE GRICE, Rev. C. V. (Con.). George Gould, Esq., and Thomas Quicke, Esq., of Trinity College, Cambridge. Printed by B. and Mary, his wife, Respondents. The Appel Flower, for W. H. Lunn and J. Deighton, and lants' Case. n.d., [1780,] fol., pp. 5.

for T. Shepherd, Bury, 1794, 18°., pp. 47, 1/-. The Respondents' Case. n.d., [1780,] fol., pp. A prize declamation spoken in Trinity College

Chapel, May 28, 1794, on the following subject,

Richard Cromwell, if he had possessed his LEEK, MR. Auditor of Cornwall, temp. Edw. |

father's abilities, might have retained the proVI. cf. J. S. Burn's Star Chamber, (1870), p. tectorate. To which is added A Speech delivered 49.

Dec. 18, [1794,] being the day of public com

memoration to prove that the reign of Queen LEEK, SAMUEL

Anne has been improperly called the Augustan Note concerning the arms of Samuel Leek, of | age of English genius. By C. V. Le Grice. CamSt. Ives. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 6675, fol., bridge, printed by B. Flower, 1795, 80., pp. 43, 236.


A Strait Waistcoat for Lunatics. By C. V. LEGG, REV. JOHN, M.A. V. of Prescot, Lanca Le Grice. 1795, 8o.

shire, 18 July, 1690 to 14 Nov., 1691. b. St. A General Theorem for A * * * * * * * Columb Major. d. Prescot, 14 Nov., 1691. cf. [Trinity Coll. Declamation. By — With Harwood's Alumni Etonenses, p. 261.

copious Notes. By Gronovius, [i.e., Rev. C. V.

Le Grice.] Cambridge, (printed] 1796, 80,LEGGATT, ABRAHAM. Surgeon to His Majesty's Reprinted by T. Vigurs, Penzance, 1835, 8o., Garrison, at Scilly.

pp. 13. Letter concerning a most extraordinary crop

NOTE.—The Reprint is a facsimile of the original, of oats cut at St. Mary's, one of the Scilly Isles.

with an extra page of letterpress headed “ College ReEuropean Mag., Xxvi, 125, (1794).

miniscences," and dated “Trereife, 1835.”

LEGGATT, REV. BENJAMIN. Wesleyan Minister A Sonnet on Mount's Bay. Written in 1796.

in Cornwall, 1789–91. b. near "Epworth, 1 | Signed C. V. L. 1796, 80, s. sh. Feb., 1761. d. Deal, 4 Oct., 1822. cf. Wesleyan Analysis of Paley's Principles of Moral and Methodist Mag., xlvi, 349–59, (1823).

Political Philosophy for the use of Students. By

C. V. Le Grice. Cambridge, printed by B. LE GRICE, REV. CHARLES VALENTINE, M.A. Flower for G. G. and J. Robinson, 1795, 80.,

(eld. son of Rev. Charles & Sophia Anne Le Grice). 1/--2nd ed. 1796, 80., 1/6.-3rd ed. Cam. Incumb. of St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, 31 | bridge, printed by B. Flower for J. Deighton, July, 1806, resigned June, 1831. 6. Bury St. 1799, 80., pp. 96,2/-.~4th ed. Sold by Deighton, Edmunds, 14 February, 1773. bapt. 30 April. Cambridge and by Conder, Bucklersbury Lond. Trereife, Penzance, 24 Dec., 1858. bur. don, 80., 2/6.—5th ed. Harrow, 1807,8°., pp. 104. Madron. cf. Gent. Mag., vi, 322–24, 1859, (by -6th ed. Lond., printed for B. Flower, 1823, Rev. H. Penneck); Gunning's Reminiscences of 8o., pp. 91.-7th ed. Lond., printed by C. Camb., ü, 7; A. C. Robinson's Diary, iii, 111 Teulon for R. Baynes, 1820, 86., pp. 96, 236.12; Lit. Mem. of Living Authors, (1798), i, 8th ed. Lond., printed for W. Baynes and Son, 362–3; Coleridge's Table Talk, (1851), p. 196; 1822, 80., pp. 96, 2/6. C. Lamb's Works, (Talfourd's ed., 1859), pp. 6–8; Thoughts on the Harvest. A Sermon preached Essays of Elia, pp. 190, 192, 328, 376; Upcott's | at the Chapel of St. Mary, Penzance, Sunday, Biog. Dict. of Living Authors, (1816), pp. 201, Jan. 17, 1802, being the second Sunday after 440; Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, ii, 96-103. the Epiphany. By Č. V. Le Grice, A.B., late An Imitation of Horace's First Epistle. Cam

Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Truro, bridge, 1793, 8o.

printed and sold by J. Tregoning...1802, 80., An Imitation of Horace's First Epistle.

pp. 32, 1/Written and Printed at Trinity College, Cam

Daphnis and Chloe. A Pastoral Novel now bridge, in the year 1793. Signed C. V. L. G.

first selectly translated into English from the Reprinted. Penzance, 1824, 80,—Truro, Heard

original Greek of Longus. Anon. Penzance, and Sons, 1850, 80., pp. 8.

printed for the Editor by T. Vigurs. Sold by The Tineum containing Estianomy or the

Vernor and Hood, Poultry...1803, 8o., pp. 265, Art of Stirring a Fire; the Icead, a mock-heroic Poem, an Imitation of Horace, Ep. i, lib. i;

I NOTE.-Dedicated to Robert Bloomfield, Author of Epigrams; a Fragment, etc. By C. V. Le Grice, the Farmer's Boy.

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