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BOND, Rev. John. (Con.).

BONEVILE, THOMAS. Marigold, in Paul's Churchyard. 1645, sm. 4o., I Pardon to T. Bonevile, of Northleigh, Cornpp. 88. Br. Museum.

wall. Treveiyan Pupers, pt. ii, pp. 45-48. Note.—Dedicated to the Rt. Honble. the Committees for the five Western Counties.

BONHOME, REV. JOSHUA. R. of Calstock, 1677 Ortus Occidentalis, or a dawning in the West; 1 -97; Chiplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. as it was delivered in a Sermon before the

The arraignment and conviction of Atheism, Honourable House of Commons, at Westminster,

or an exact and clear demonstration that there upon the day of Thanksgiving for severall is a God, presented to the view of all, but victories in the West. By Rev. John Bond,

especially the learned. Lond., Printed by Tho. Master of the Savoy. Lond., Printed by J. D.

James, for Dorman Newman, at the King's Arms, for Fr. Eglesfield, 1645, sm. 4o., pp. 47. Br.

in the Poultrey, 1079, 80., pp. 152. Br. Museum.


BOND, THOMAS. Town Clerk of Loe. b. 1765.

d. East Looe, 18th Dec., 1838. Notice of, in Gent. Mag., ix, 667, by Davies Gilbert.

Topographical and Historical Sketches of the Boroughs of East and West Looe, in the County of Cornwall, with an Account of the Natural and Artificial Curiosities, and Picturesque Scenery of the neighbourhood. 8 Plates and Woodcuts. Lond., J. Nichols and Son, 1823, 8o., pp. 308, 10,6.

Note.-The views of East and West Looe were drawn by Mrs. Davies Gilbert.

BONNARD, A. H. de.

Note sur le Gisement, l'exploitation et le traitement de l'Etain dans le Duché de Cornouailles. Journ. des Mines, xiv, 443–54. Fructidor, An. xi, 1803.

NOTE.-- Describes more particularly Polgooth Mine, Carclaze Mine, and Pentowan Stream work.


Order to Will. Devyok to seize the lands, &c., of J. Bonython, late of Penryn, forfeited through Rebellion. Harl. MISS., 433, art. 1704.

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BONZE, MR. [Bonds ?] b. Camborne.

NOTE.-The Inventor of an Atmospheric Engine. He was employed in erecting Newcomen Engines in Cornwall, 1770_75. cf. Smiles' lives of Boulton and Watt, ed. 1865, pp. 233-36, 215, 296, 313.

BOOKER, G. W. F. See Gregor, G. W. F.


Parsonage, 18th May, 1822, aged 67. cf.
Gent. Mug., xcii, pt. i, 571 (1822).

BONE, J. H. A., now of Cleveland, U.S.

Petroleum and Petroleum Wells, what Petroleuin is, where it is found, and what it is used for.... With a complete Guide Book and description of the Oil Regions of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. New York, 1865, 80.

The Mayor of Mylor. N. & Q., 1 S., x, 263 (1854).

Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake
Superior. ib., 3 S., iv, 281–83, (1863).
BONE, W. B., Truro.

Apparatus for detaching Railway Carriages which get off the Rails. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1847, p. 20.

Magnetic Water Guage for Steam Boilers. ib., 1866, p. 24.



Wendron. b. Claines, near Worcester.

St. Paul's View of the Christian Ministry. A Sermon son I Thess., ii, 4] preached at Helston, on the 15th June, 1841, at the Visitation of the Venlle. Archdeacon Sheepshanks. By the Rev. G. B., M.A., Vicar of Wendron, and late Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. Published at the request of the Clergy. Helston, J. Roberts, Meneage Street, 1841, 8°., pp. 25.


BORLASE, GEORGE SIMON, F.R.S. 6. Helston. The fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Know

30th Jan., 1792. d. Helston, 19th March,

1837. ledge. The which doth teache a man to speake parte of all manner of Languages, and to knowe

Notice of some Records on the Commencement the vsage and fashion of al man'er of cou’treys.

of Copper Mining in Cornwall and Devon. And for to knowe the moste parte of all maner

Trans. R.G.S.C., iv, 486-89 (1832). of Coynes of Money. ve which is curraunt in Premiums given by G. S. Borlase. Rep. R.C.P. every region. Made by Andrew Borde, of Soc., 18.54, p. 11. Physicke Doctor....Colophom. Imprinted at Lon

BORLASE, Rev. HENRY. Curate of St. Keyne. don, in Lothbury, over agıynste Sainct Mar

b. Helston. d. Helston, Oct., 1834. cf. N. & Q., garyte's Church, by me, Wyllyam Copland. n.d. [circa 1512), 4o.-El. by W. Upcott, and

3 S., v, 33, 203 (1864). Reprinted, Lond., 1814, 4o.

The Christian Witness. A Quarterly Journal.

Ed. by Rev. H. Borlase. Plymouth, 1834. Note. - The App. to the first chapter treats of

Resurrection not Death the Hope of the Be“ Cornewall and Cornysshe men.”

liever. A Paper pub. in “The Christian Wit

ness,” No. 2, April, 1834, and since Reprinted in BORLASE FAMILY.

“Papers, &c.," 1836. Descent of Borlas with a funeral certificate.

Papers connected with the present state of the

Church; Reasons for withdrawing from the Harl. MSS., 1174, art. 478.

Ministry of the Church of England. Lond.,

Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1836, 120. BORLASE, CHRISTOPHER. bapt. Ludgvan, 8th Answers to the Questions lately considered at

Oct., 1729. d. At sea, off the coast of Guinea, a Meeting held in Plymouth, on Sep. 15, 1834, 21st Feb., 1749, on board H.M.S. “Surprise." and following days. By H. Borlase and B. W.

Newton. Plymouth, 1834, 8o-2nd ed., with A Book of Drawings by C. Borlase, fourth son

preface, &c., by S. P. Tregelles. Plymouth, 1847, of Dr. Will. Borlase. Now in the library at

80., pp. 84. Castle Horneck, 1870.

BORLASE, CAPT. JOHN, R.N. b. 24th Feb., BORLASE, REV. GEORGE (sixth son of Dr.

1811. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Dict., p. 98. Walter Borlise). b. circa 1744. d. 7th Nov.,

BORLASE, JOHN BINGHAM, M.D. b. Penzance, 1809. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxix, pt. ii, 1085, 1233,

1753. d. Penzance, 7th May, 1813. cf. Gent. (1809); Dyer's Cambridge Supp., p. 21; Gun

Mag., lxxxiii, pt. i, 50? (1813); Paris' Life of ning's Reminiscences, i, 108.

Sir II. Davy, quarto ed., 1831, pp. 9–39. Catalogue of Cambridge Graduates. By G. Borlase, University Registrary, Cambridge. BORLASE, JAMES SKIPP (son of William BorLond., 1787, 4.--Cambridge, 1800, 4o.

luse, of Poltesco). b. Truro, now in Australia. G. Borlase was a Contributor to the 2nd ed. Daring Deeds and Tales of Peril. Lond., of “ Kippis' Biog. Brit.” cf. Gent. Alag., lxxxi, Warne, 1868, 80., 26. pt. ii, 239, 1811.

The Night Fossickers, &c. Warne's ComAn Account of a late Rustication from Peter panion Library. Lond., Warne, 1867, 169., 1/-. house, in the University of Cambridge .[by Australian Tales of Peril and Adventure. Robert Hopper). Lond., 1776, 80., pp. 23. Lond., Warne, 1870, 120., 2/-.

A Postscript to an Account of a late Rustica My Native Bay. A Poem. Reprinted from tion from Peterhouse, &c. Lond., 1776, 80., Counsell's Miscellany, pp. 3. pp. 8.

BORLASE, COLONEL NICHOLAS, of Treludra. NOTE.-The conduct of Mr. G. Borlase and the other Fellows who tried the case, is the subject of these Letter from 0. Cromwell to W. Lenthall, tracts.

Speaker of the Parliament, in behalf of Colonel An Account of the late Dispute between the N. Borlase. Dated Edinburgh, 13th June, 1651. Bishop of Ely and the Fellows of Peterhouse, Carlyle's Cromwell, ed. 1857, iii, app. No. 22. concerning the Election of the Master of that College, addressed to the Colleges under his BORLASE, Rev. WALTER, L.L.D. V. of Modvisitation. By a late Member of one of the

ron and Kenwyn, Prebend. of Exeter. bapt. Colleges. 2nd ed., n.d. [1787], 89., pp. 45.

Pendeen, 5th Nov., 1694. d. Madron, 26th

April, 1776. Note.-The Fellows desired to have Mr. Borlase as their Master, but the Bishop refused to appoint him.' A MS., neatly written, apparently for the



BORLASE, Rev. William. (Con.). Press (most probably by Dr. W. B., Vice-Warden 1755. ib., xlix, 373 (1755); Abridg., x, 653. of the Stannaries), containing Accounts, of the Subterranean Trees found in Mount's Bay. parishes of “ Philley, Sithney, St. Mawgan, St. ib., 1, 51 (1757); Abridg., xi. 80. Paul, St. Madderne, Witstone." n.d., i vol., fol. Earthquake in 1757, in Cornwall. ib., 1, 499 In the Library at Castle Horneck, 1870.

(1758); Abridg., xi, 96.

Roman Antiquities found at Bossens, St. Erth. BORLASE, Rev. WILLIAM, LL.D., F.R.S. R. of ib., li, 31 (1760); Abridg., xi, 322 ; [Gent. Mag.,

Ludgvan and V. of St. Just in Penwith. b.
Pendeen, 2nd Feb., 1695. d. Ludgvan, 31st Agitation of the Sea in Mount's Bay. ib., lii,
Aug., 1772. cf. Chalmers ; Rose ; Bing. Brit. ; 418 (1762).
Penny Cyclop. ; English Cyclop. ; Kippis' Biog. Agitation of the Sea and two Thunder Storms
Brit. ; Chambers' Book of Days, i, 212; Nichols | in 1761, in Cornwall. ib., lii, 507 (1762);
Lit. A necdotes, iii, 78, 689 ; Nichols' Illustrations, | Abridg., xi, 621; (London Chronicle, 28th June,
iv, 227–28, 445, 460, 468.

1763). Old Haunts and Remains of a Cornish Genius

Mild Weather in Cornwall and the Fall of [i.e., Rev. W. Borlase). By the Rev. S. W.

Rain in 1762. ib., liii, 27; Abridg., xi, 684. Christophers. Lonilon Quart. Rev., xvii, 385–413,

The Rain and the Weather in 1763, in CornJan., 1862

wall. ib., liv, 59 (1764). Memoir of the Rev. W. Borlase, written by

Native Tin found in Cornwall. ib., lvi, 35

(1766) and 305, lix, 47 (1769); Abridg., xii, himself, in a letter to the late Wm. Huddesford,

277, 359, 597. Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, who gave it

Meteorological Observations made at Ludgvan. to the late Rev. Thomas Warton, dated Ludg

ib., lviii (1767), lix, lx, lxi, lxii (1771); Abridg., van, May 8, 1772. Gent. Mag., lxxii, pt. 2, 1114-1117 (1803). cf. Nichols Lit. Anecdotes,

xiii, 46, 126, 325. V, 291-303 (1812).

Observations on the Antiquities, Historical Descriptive, Analytical, and Critical Catalogue and Monumental, of the County of Cornwall... of the MSS. bequeathed to the University of and a Vocabulary of the Cornu-British Language. Oxford by Elias Ashmole. Including also some 32 plates. Oxford, W. Jackson, 1754, fol., pp. additional MSS. contributed by Kingsley, Lhuyd, 414, 15)-:--2nd ed., revised, 36 plates, Lond., Borlase, and others. By Will. Hen. Black. Oxford W. Bowyer, 1769, fol., pp. 464.

University Press, 1845, 4°., pp. 1522. Observations on the Ancient and Present

Note.- MSS., 1822, 1824, contain Original Letters State of the Islands of Scilly, and their Import

from Dr. Borlase to Will. Huddesford. ance to the Trade of Great Britain, in a Letter MSS., 1823, contains the Original Drawings for "The to the Rev. Charles Lyttleton, LL.D., Dean of Natural History and Antiquities of Cornwall." 1 vol., Exeter and F.R.S. Maps and plates. Oxford,

fol., 44 leaves.

MSS., 1824, also contains Catalogue, in Dr. Borlase's W. Jackson ;... and Messrs. Jewell and Mitchell,

writing, of Clays and Native Fossils given by him to the in Cornwall ; 1756, 4o., pp. 140, 8, -

Ashmolean Museum. Nore.-A review of this work, by Dr. Johnson, is in the Lit. Mag., May, 1756.

List of the MSS. of the Rev. W. Borlase, The Natural History of Cornwall ... of the Inhabitants...the Cornish Language ... Map and

now preserved in the Library at Castle Horneck,

viz:28 plates. Oxford, W. Jackson, 1758, fol., pp.

Original Letters, containing autograph letters 328, 21/...

of Pope, Stukeley, Hutchins, Pennant, GronoAdditions to Borlase's Nat. Hist. of Cornwall.

vius, Dr. Oliver, Atterbury (Bp. of Rochester), From MSS. Annotations by the Author. Journ.

Dr. Lawson, Tonkin, Dr. Lyttleton, Browne R.I.C., 1864, No. 2. Supp. et seq.

Willis, Lavington (Bp. of Exeter), Pocock

(Bp. of Ossory), Jer. Milles, Dr. Mason, Sir J. Spar and Sparry Productions, called Cornish St. Aubyn, Sir Richard Vyvyan, and many Diamonds. Philos. Trans., xlvi, 250 (1749); others. MS., 5 vols., fol., and 1 vol., sm. 4o., Abridg., ix, 699.

v.d. The Íslands of Scilly. ib., xlviii, 55 (1753); Autograph Letters of Dr. Borlase. MS. copies. Abridg., x, 324.

Chiefly answers to the above Original Letters. Storm of Thunder and Lightning in Cornwall. 3 vols., fol., v.d. ib., xlviii, 86; Abridg., x, 335; (Gent. Mag., | “Parochial Memoranda ” of Parishes, RecJune, 1754).

tories, Vicarages, and Chapelries, Chauntries, Agitation of the Water in Mount's Bay, ) and Oratories. MS., 1738, 1 vol., fol.

BORLASE, Rev. WILLIAM. (Con.). “Formantur Tempora.” An Introduction to Greek Grammar. Ms., 1739, sm. 4o.

“ Arms." Family History of Cornwall. MS., 1740, fol.

Note.-Contains upwards of 80 pedigrees besides Heraldic Memoranda.

“Inscriptions, Topographical Sketches, Church Monuments, Buildings, Epitaphs, and Remarks, tending to elucidate the Ecclesiastical and Parochial History of Cornwall.” MS., 1748, fol.

Note.-Contains numerous drawings of Churches, Chapels, Monuments, and Inscriptions. - "A Plain Exposition of the Church Catechism.” MS., 1748, 4o.

“Memorandums of the Cornish Language.” MS., 1749, fol.

Nore.-Contains notes on the language and grammar from Tonkin, Gwavas, Boson, Lluyd, and other sources.

“Memorandums of Geography and Astronomy.” MS., 1751, obl. fol.

“The Creation and the Deluge." Book I, The Earth ; its origin and contents. Book II, The Deluge. MS., fol.

Note.—This volume was nearly ready for the Press. It contains at one end the commencement of a work on St. Michael's Mount.

“Private thoughts on the Creation and the Deluge; pointing out some seeming mistakes in the accounts hitherto published, relating to these interesting events, by a Country Clergyman.” MS., 1771, 4o.

Note.-Ready for the press; containing a specimen of the printing by Nichols. This was Dr. Borlase's last work. “Exercitationes Sacræ.” MS., sm. fol.

Note.-Contains Paraphrases on the Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Lamentations, Remarks on the Prophets and Genesis, and “de presentia et adventu Dei.”

“Exercitationes Sacræ.” MS., sm. fol.

Note.-Contains (besides Remarks on Genesis), " Mems. of Richard, King of the Romans, and his successors, the Earls of Cornwall”; “ The Elegy on Sir William Burlacy, of Marlowe and Bockmore, com. Bucks”; and “ An Account of the manor and p'ish of Ludgvan."

“ Barometrical Observations, &c., with an account of the wind and weather from 1752." MS., fol.

Meteorological Observations. MS., 1768, fol.

Observations relating to the Natural History of Cornwall. MS., 1754, fol.

Note.-Note in the title page, “ This was my first copy, which I altered as I transcribed, in numberless instances.”

Addenda to the rough copies of the Antiquities and Nat. Hist. MS., fol.

Miscellaneous Observations in Natural History

BORLASE, Rev. WILLIAM. (Con.). and Antiquity; containing, Book I, British Antiquities. – Book II, History of British Religion.

- Book III, Rude Stone Monuments.—Book IV, Geographical and Topographical History of Cornwall from the earliest times to 1600.-Book V, Observations on Natural History.

Note. The original folio MS. for the Histories of Cornwall.

List of Subscribers to the Antiquities and Natural History, with cost of printing. MS., 1756, 2 vols., sm. 4o.

“ Collectanea, or Collections for the Natural History and Antiquities of Cornwall, &c.” MS., fol., v.d. “Excursions.” MS., 1751-1758., sm. thick 8o.

Note.- Contains notices of Glastonbury, Plymouth, and numerous other places, with drawings.

“Acts, Hints, and Memorandums relating to the Poor.” MS., 1764, fol.

Note.-Contains dissertation on the Poor Laws. “The Poor and the Poor Laws," with the letters from Tho. Gilbert, Esq., M.P., Chairman of the Committee on the Poor Laws. MS., 1764, sm. 4o.

Domesday Book of Cornwall. MS. copy of the Exeter Domesday, with notes by Dr. Borlase. fol.

“ Tracts and Extracts.” MS., 4o., v.d.
“Extracts and Remarks.” MS., 4o., v.d.

A Volume of Drawings, by Dr. Borlase, in pen and ink and water colours. fol. Sermons. MS.

Note.—This Volume contains some rare old engravings.


Sumuel Borluse). b. Castle Horneck, 5th April, 1848.

Excavations and Discoveries at an Ancient Cave in Sancreed. Truns. P.N.H. & A.S., iii, 14 (1863).

Unpublished Proverbs and Rhymes in the Cornish Language, from the MSS. of Dr. W. Borlase. Journ. R.I.C., 1866, April, p. 7.

Account of the Opening of Morvah Hill and Tredinney Barrows, in Cornwall. Archæol. Camb., xv, —, 1868. Reprinted in a Pamph. entitled. “ Barrows in Cornwall.” Engraving and woodcut, n.p. or d., 80., pp. 8. Signed W. Č. Borlase, and dated Sept., 1868.

A Cornish Barrow. One and All,"Sep., 1868.

Account of Excavations and Discoveries in Subterranean Chambers at Chapel Euny, in Sancreed... between 1863 and 1867, with 4 Illusts. by J. T. Blight. Proc. Soc. Antiq., iv, 161, 1868.

BORROW, GEORGE. b. East Dereham. bapt.

BORROW, Rev. William. (Con.). 17th July, 1803.

The Rivulet. Valse brillante, for the Piano. Penquite and Pentyre; or the Head of the Forest and the Headland. A Book on Cornwall, Gleams of sunshine. Caprice, for the Piano. 2 vols. Lond., J. Murray.

Lond., fol., 3NOTE.-Announced in 1857 as ready for the press.

Golden days. Song ; words hy A. A. Procter.

Lond., Ashdown and Parry, fol., 2, BORROW, Rev. HENRY (eldest son of Henry As o'er the deep. Duet, for soprano and alto. Borrow). R. of Lanivet. 6. Truro, 19th Feb., 1829. | Lond. (1861), fol., 2.6. A Description of the Mural Paintings, dis

What of the night ? Song; words by Rev. covered on the walls of Lanivet Church, during |

F. G. Lee. Lond. (1861), fol., 2its restoration in 1864. With some speculations

Four Christmas Carols. Words by Rev. F. G. as to their meaning and date, accompanied by

Lee. 1-Joseph down akneeling;11- In the early Illustrations, reduced from actual Tracings hy the

morning ; 111- Lowly in the Bethlehem manger; Rector. Netherton, Printer, Truo, n.d., (1864?],

1V-Slowly fall the snow flakes. Lond., fol., 9d., 8o., pp. 4. [Printed for private circulation].

or 3d. each.

Thou ait gone from this world of care. Song; BORROW, Rev. William (2nd son of Henry

words by W. Borrow. Lond., fol., 2/-. Borrow). V. of Heigham Green, 18th May,

| The Brooklet. Song; words by Longfellow.

Lond., fol., 2 1849. b. Truro, 1831.

Awake! the daylight sweetly falls. Part Song The Isis Waltzes, for the Piano. Performed

(S.A.T.B.); words by Willy de Burgh. Lond., at Buckingham Palace. Lond., fol., 2 6.

80., 4d. The Water-lily Waltzes, for the Piano. Lond., Twilight. Reverie, for Piano. Lond., Augener, Metzler and Chappell (1858), fol., 3

fol., 3The Passion Flower Polka, for the Piano. | Six Songs. 1-Streamlet; words by Peter Lond., fol., 3

Spenser, B.A. 11-The dews are falling fast; The Eastnor Polka, for the Piano. Lond., words by E. Borrow. 111--I love the ripple of fol., 2, 6.

the stream ; words by Norman Yonge, B.A. L'Allegro. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond.

1V-Oh! that we two were maying ; words by [1855), fol., 2/

Professor Kingsley. V— The lost chord; words The Militia Galop, for the Piano. Lond. | by A. A. Procter. *VI-The Passing Bell ; words (1855), fol., 2

by W. Borrow. Lond., fol., 5Though Spring returns in gladness. Song, Desolate. Song; words by Willy de Burgh. words by W. Borrow. Lond., Ollivier, fol., 2 -- Lond., fol., 3

The murmur of the stream. Valse brillante. Book of Music. 1-Starry Crowns of Heaven; Lond. [1855), fol., 3,

Part Song; words by A. A. Procter. 11-Give. Note.- Now (1869), in its 31st 1000, it was bought ib. III-Claribel; Part Song; words hy Temy. in at the sale of Messrs. Metzleis' copyrights for £116.

son. IV-A Shadow ; Song; words by A. A. Il Penseroso. Caprice, for the Fiano. Lond., Procter. V- Where the little babbling streamlet. [1855), fol., 2/

ib. 11-Agnes ; Reverie, for l'iano. Lond., fol., The Eglantine Galop, for the Piano. Lond. 10.6. [1858), fol., 2.

Claribel [printed separately from above). Evening Dews. Song [begins “Softly night Lond., fol., 3 - ; and “in Choir," 80., 1d. dews fall"); words by Rev. F. G. Lee. Lond. Daybreak. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond. (1858), fol., 2/-.

(1870), fol., 3,. Ocean Spray. Valse brillante, for the Piano. Lond. [18581, fol, 2, 6.

The Parable of the Ten Virgins [a Sermon The Sea hath its pearls. Song; words hy on St. Matt., XXV, 1). In Miscellaneous Sermons. Longfellow. Lond., Ashdown and Parry (1858), By Rev. F. G. Lee. Lond., 1860, 12o. .fol., 2,6. Summer Rain. Caprice, for the Piano. Lond.

BOSAVERN, PENLEZ. See Penlez, B. (1858), fol., 3,

Carol, ('arol, Christians. A Christmas Carol ; BOSCAWEN. See also Falmouth, Earls of. solo and quartette; words by A. C. Coxe. Lond. (1859), fol., 2,

BOSCAWEN, BENJAMIN. pseud. i.e. The Music of the Sea. Song [begins “The The Life and Adventure of Mr. Peter Quill, Night is calm ”). The words by Longfellow. a ('ountry Attorney. Printed for the Zingra Lond. (1859), fol., 2/-.

Club [Bristol], 1859, 120.

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