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LEVIÊN, EDWARD, M.A. (Con. ). B.A.

On Unpublished Devonshire Manuscripts in Yachting round The West of England. By the British Museum. Journ. Brit. Archæol. Soc., the Rev. A. G. L'Estrange, B.A., of Exeter xviii, 134-45, (1862). College, Oxford, R.T.Y.C. Lond., Hurst and

Note.-Contains an account of "A Discourse of Blackett, 1865, 80., pp. vi and 313, 15/-.

Devonshire and Cornwall, with Blazon of Arms, etc.
Harl. MSS., 5827, fol., pp. 171." This MS. is now

ascertained to be the same as “ Synopsis Chorographica LETHBRIDGE, REV. CHARLES (son of Rev.

| or brief description of the Province of Devon, by John John Lethbridge, R. of St. Stephen's, Launceston). Vowell, alias Hoker,” of which only one other copy is R. of Landulph, 20 Nov., 1787-1805; R. of known to be in existence. St. Thomas by Launceston, 1791-1840; R. of Stokeclimsland, 26 Apl., 1805–1840. b. 1763.

LEWES, GEORGE HENRY. 6. London, 18 April, d. St. Stephens, 15 Dec., 1840. cf. Gent. Mag., 1817. XV, 324, (1841).

Seaside studies at Ilfracombe, Tenby, the

Scilly Isles and Jersey. By G. H. Lewes. With LETHBRIDGE, ELIZABETH ANN (dau. of Jasper illustrations. Lond. and Edinburgh, Blackwoods,

Baron and wife of the succeeding). 6. 20 July, 1858, 8°., pp. ix and 414, 10/6.--2nd ed. 1860, 1799. d. Tregeare, 1 Feb., 1833. bur. Eglos 89., pp. 428. kerry.

Note.--Scilly Isles described, (1st ed.), pp. 177Sermon on the death of Ann, wife of J. K.

261.-(2nd ed.), pp. 187-279. “ Seaside studies" origi

nally appeared in Blackwood's Mag. in 1856-57. Lethbridge, Esq. By the Rev. H. A. Simcoe, (1833). q.v.


Bull's-Cross, Enfield, 18 Dec., 1856. LETHBRIDGE, John King, of Tregeare, Eg

The scenery of the rivers Tamar and Tavy, loskerry (son of Christopher Lethbridge). .

in 47 subjects, exhibiting the most interesting 6 Feb., 1789. d. Weston-Super-Mare, 28 May,

views on their banks, from the source to the 1861. bur. Egloskerry. cf. Gent. Mag., i, 96,

termination of each...Drawn and engraved by (1861). See Hocker, Rev. C., p. 247.

F. C. Lewis. Lond., published by J. and A.

Arch, Cornhill, 1823, 4o., 73/6. List of SubLETHBRIDGE, LIEUT.-GENERAL ROBERT (bro.scribers.

of Rev. Chas. Lethbridge). b. 1760. d. 5 Jan., 1831. cf. Gent. Mag., ci, pt. i, 370–71, (1831); }

Note.—No letter press, 24 plates of the Tamar and

23 of the Tavy. Annual Biog. for 1832, p. 454.

LEWIS, SIR GEORGE CORNEWALL, Bart., M.P. LETTSOM, JOHN COAKLEY (son of Edward (eld. son of Rt. Hon. Sir T. F. Lewis, Bart.)

Lettsom). b. Little Vandyke, Virgin Islands, b. Harpton Court, Radnorshire, 21 Oct., 1806. 22 Nov., 1744. d. Sambrook Court, London, d. Harpton Court, 14 Apl., 1863. 1 Nov., 1815.

An historical survey of the astronomy of the Letters on Prisons. By J. C. Lettsom. Gent. ancients. By the Right Hon. Sir G. C. Lewis. Mag., 1805-1808.

Lond., Parker, Son and Bourn, West Strand,

1862, 80., pp. viji and 527.. NOTE.-Contains,-Letter iv. Account of the Prison of the Hundred of Penwith and the Penzance Borough

Note.-The account of the “Navigation of the Gaol in a communication from Jas. Neild, dated " Land's

Phoenicians" containing references to the Cassiterides End, in Cornwall, in a little room of the last Inn in is found in pp. 446-515. England, 14 Oct., 1803." Gent. Mag., lxxiv, pt. i, 197200, (1804);-Letter vii. Account of Launceston Work

Supposed Voyage of the Phoenicians in the house and Bodmin Gaol in a communication from J. Northern Seas. N. and Q., 2 S, vii, 3, (1859). Neild. Gent. Mag., lxxiv, pt. ii, 608-611, (1804).

LEWIS, MATTHEW GREGORY. Author of the LEVERTON, REV. NICHOLAS, B.A. Minister Monk (only son of Matthew Lewis, Deputy Secreof St. Tudy. Ejected 1660. b. St. Wall circa

tary of War). b. London, 9 July, 1775. d. 1600. d. Bermudas. cf. Palmer's Noncon.

in the Gulf of Florida, coming from Jamaica, Memorial, (1802), i, 371-76; Sunday at Home,

14 May, 1818. vi, 81–84, (1859).

Village Virtues. A dramatic satire in two

parts. By M. G. Lewis, 1796, 4o. LEVIEN, EDWARD, M.A., F.S.A. Of the Manu

NOTE.—This piece was never acted. The scene is script Department, British Museum.

laid in a farmhouse in Cornwall.

RNEWAL. "Levit. 1806

LEY, EDWIN (3rd son of succeeding). b. Abing

LAUYD, EDWARD. (Con.). don, 1802. d. Jetwells, Camelford, 5. Apl.,

An extract of a letter from the late Mr. Edw. 1865. bur. Penzance Cemetery. cf. Gent. Mag.,

Lhuyd to Dr. Tancred Robinson; giving an acxviii, 668, (1865).

count of some uncommon plants growing about NOTE.-Mr. Ley, in 1849, gave to the Bodleian Lib. Pensans and St. Ives in Cornwall. Dated Pena MS. copy of Jordan's play of The Creation, accom

sans, 22 Sept., 1700. Philos. Trans., xxvii, 527, panied by Keigwin's translation. cf. W. D. Macray's

(1712). Annals of Bod. Lib., (1868), p. 44.

Letter from E. Lhuyd to Bishop Tanner... LEY, HUGH, M.D. b. Abingdon ? 1762. d. St. mentioning some collectors of Cornish Literature,

Ives, Cornwall, 3 Aug., 1826. bur. St. Ives. 12 April, 1698. Tanner MSS., Bod. Lib., 22, art. cf. Gent. Mag., xcvi, pt. ii, 188, (1826). 44.

Note.-Hugh Ley, Jun., M.D. (eld. son of the preceding). b. Abingdon, 1790. d. Stilton, Huntingdonshire,

LIDDELL, EDWARD TRESCOTT (son of John 24 Jan., 1837, was the anthor of books and scientific Liddell. b. Bodmin, 1796). b. St. Columb, papers, which are sometime erroneously attributed to 1827 ? his father.

Our Town. New Monthly Mag., cxxxviii, 357– LHUYD, EDWARD (son of Charles (?) Lhuyd). 71, (1866).

b. Llanforda, South Wales, circu 1670. d. Ox The Heir of Nestleby, a mysterious tale of ford ? July, 1709. cf. Archæologia, v, 84-85, new year's eve. ib., cxxxix, 21-39, (1867). (1779); Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, i, 165.

An Engineroom Story. London Society, (ChristArchæologia Britannica, Giving some account mas Number), 1866, pp. 41-47. additional to what has been hitherto publish'd of the Languages, Histories and Customs of the

NOTE.--Mr. E. T. Liddell has also contributed to

Blackwood's and Tait's Magazines. Original Inhabitants of Great Britain. From Collections and Observations in Travels through LIDDELL, COMMANDER JAMES, R.N. (son of Wales, Cornwal, Bas-Bretagne, Ireland and Scot James Liddell. d. Bodmin, 1839). 6. Bodmin, land. By E. Lhuyd, M.A., of Jesus College, 17 Jan., 1798. cf. O'Byrne. Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Vol. i, Glossography. Oxford, Printed at the

Meteorological Observations made at Bodmin. Theater for the Author, and sold by Mr. Bate

Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1851, p. 54, and continued an

nually. man, in Pater-Noster-Row, London, and Jeremiah

Meteorological Journal kept in Bodmin. Journ. Pepyat, bookseller, at Dublin, 1707, fol.

R.I.C., 1865, p. 71, and continued annually. NOTE.- Partly unpaged and pagination irregular. No more published. It is mentioned in the Preface that

LIDDELL, THOMAS (son of James Liddell). b. Sir J. Trelawney, then Bp. of Exeter, “ was pleased besides the generous encouragement of a contribution

Bodmin, 15 Nov., 1801. not subscribed or expected towards the expense of

Begins “As I understand that the games, comtravelling; to recommend me to those of best skill in the Cornish.” A Cornish English vocabulary was in

monly called Bodmin Riding, are to be celebrated tended to have been included but was omitted on account again this year.” Signed * *, and dated 10 July, of “a Cornish Vocabulary composed by a Gentleman | 1826. Liddell and Son, printers, Bodmin, n.d., who lives near Truro, in that county, who may probably (1826.] 80, pp. 8. have some thoughts of publishing it.”

Observations on the proposed Railway between Several Letters [12] written by E. Lhuyd, St. Minver and Camelford delivered at a public A.M., of Jesus College and Keeper of the Ash meeting, held at St. Teath Church town, on molean Museum, in Oxford, to Thomas Tonkin, Monday, 19th of January, 1835, by T. Liddell. Esq., signed “E. Lhuyd, and dated St. Ives, Bodmin, Liddell and Son, 1835, 80. Falmouth and Oxford, 1700-1708.” In Will. The Pastoral Address of the Rev. Thomas Pryce's “Archäologia Cornu-Britannica," (1790), Martin, Chairman of the Devonport District, to on 7 leaves unpaged at the end. [Reprinted in the Wesleyan Methodists of the Camelford CirPolwhele's Cornwall, v, 8-16.]

cuit, with An Answer to the same. By Mr. T. Dhan tiz hegaraz ha pendzhiviz pou Kernou Liddell, of St. Minver. Bodmin, printed by annerh, ehaz, hag eyrysder viskvethek. Signed Liddell and Son. n.d., (1835,] 8o., pp. 16, 3d. E. Lhuyd. In “Will. Pryce's Archæologia Cornu Three Letters detailing the cause of the DisBritannica,” (1790). On 3 leaves unpaged at the turbances in the Camelford Circuit; with an commencement.

account of the expulsion of T. P. Rosevear, Esq., To the courteous and noble inhabitants of the and the Rev. John Averill. addressed to a county of Cornwall, honour, health, and happi Member of the Bodmin Circuit. By T. Liddell, ness everlasting. Signed E. Lhuyd. In ib. 3 St. Minver. Bodmin, Liddell and Son. n.d., [1835, leaves being the translation of the Cornish. | 8°., pp. 38, 6d.

LIDDELL, Thomas. (Con.).

LILLO, GEORGE. (Con,). Four letters to the Editor of the West Briton Stolz und Verzweiflung. Schauspiel in drey on the subject of Parish Roads. Signed respec. | Acten nach Lillo. [By W. H. Brömet, Dessau tively a Traveller, a Triggite, a Parish Way- | und Leipzig, 1785,] 80., pp. 247–310. warden, and a Contributor to the Way Rate,

Note.—This forms a portion of W. H. Brömet's and dated St. Teath and Trigg, in 1838. Liddell

“ Beitrag zur Deutschen Bühne." and Son, printers, Bodmin. n.d., [1838,] 8°., pp. 8.

The Fatal Curiosity... Nordhausen, printed for LIDGEY, CATHERINE, of Redruth.

C. G. Cross, 1794, 80., pp. 98. A Testimony from the West Division of Corn

Fatal Curiosity... As performed at the Theatres wall Monthly Meeting, concerning Catherine

Royal, Drury-Lane and Hay-Market... With reLidgey. Testimonies concerning Deceased Ministers

marks by Mrs. Inchbald. Lond., Longman; for 1854, pp. 28–29.

[Edinburgh, J. Ballantyne and Co., Printers.

n.d., [1817,] 12o., pp. 43. LIDSTONE, J.

Note.-" Fatal Curiosity” is also found in Bell's Improved lock for sliding pannels and doors. British Theatre, (1797), vol. xxiii, pp. 55; Thos. Davies' By J. Lidstone, Devonport. Rep. R.C.P. Soc.,

ed. of Lillo's Dramatic Works, (1810), ii, 1-49; The

London Stage, (1820), vol. iii, pp. 8; The British Drama, 1852, pp. 102-103.

(1824), i, 1-15; The British Drama, illustrated, (1864),

i, 310-20. The plot of Lillo's tragedy is taken from & LIGHTFOOT, JAMES (son of Jas. and Elizabeth black letter pamphlet, giving an account of a murder at Lightfoot). b. Lower Trenaige, St. Breock,

Bohelland farm, near Penryn, in Sept., 1618. The only

known copy of the pamphlet is in the Bod. Lib., and is 1817. Executed at Bodmin, 13 Apl., 1840.

entitled “Newes from Perin, in Cornwall, of a most LIGHTFOOT, WILLIAM (bro. of the preceding).

bloody and un-exampled murther, very lately commited b. 1807. Executed 1840. cf. Cornwall Gazette, by a father on his owne sonne, (who was lately returned (with portraits) 17 Apl., 1840.

from the Indyes), at the instigation of a mercilesse step

mother. Together with their most wretched endes, being Note.-The two Lightfoots were the murderers of all performed in the month of September last, Anno. Mr. Nevell Norway on the 8 Feb., 1810, on the road from 1618. 3 plates. Lond., printed by E. A., and are to be sold Bodmin to Wadebridge. An account of a remarkable at Christ Church Gate, 1618, 4.." A summary of this dream by Mr. Norway's brother respecting this murder pamphlet is in W. Sanderson's “Compleat Hist. of the is contained in c. Carlyon's Early Years, (1813), ii, Lives and Reigns of Mary, Queen of Scotland and of her 289-93.

son James." Lond., 1656, fol., pp. 464-65. An Abridg

ment was printed in the Cor. Teleg., of the 2 and 9 LILLO, GEORGE. b. near Moorfields, London, Nov., 1864.

4 Feb., 1693. d. London, 3 Sept., 1739. Philological Enquiries, in three parts. By

Fatal Curiosity: a true tragedy of three acts. James Harris. Lond., C. Nourse, in the Strand, As it is acted at the New Theatre, in the Hay- 1781, 2 vols., 80. Market. By Mr. Lillo. Lond., printed for John

Note.-Contains (pt. ii, pp. 154-58), an account of Gray at the Cross-Keys, in the Poultry, near

the incidents in Lillo's play. Cheapside, 1737, 80., pp. 48, 1/-.

Note.--First produced at the Little Theatre, in the
Haymarket, in 1736.

Reports of the present state and condition of

his Maiesties fortifications, buildings and artillery Fatal Curiosity...As it is acted at the Theatres

in the South Western Department of England, Royal, in Drury-Lane and Covent Garden...

otherwise called Plymouth District, viz. : At Lond., printed for Harrison and Co., 1780, pp.

the Islands of Scilley, at Mount's Bay, and in the 13.

severall ports of Falmouth, Plymouth, etc. By Fatal Curiosity... Written by G. Lillo, 1736.

Collo. Christian Lilly, one of his Majesties InWith alterations, as revived at the Theatre

geniers, 1714-17. Royal. MSS., Br. Museum, No. Royal, Haymarket, 1782. Lond., printed for T.

45, 1 vol., fol. Cadell in the Strand, 1783, 8o., pp. 52, 1/-.

NOTE.--Contains A Report of the fortifications and NOTE.-pp. 46-52 are occupied with a Postscript by

artillery at the Island of Scilly. With 6 plans, fol., 5-17. Geo. Colman, in which he describes the history and A Report of the fortification and artillery in Mount's origin of the play.

Bay, fol., 18.

A Report of the fortifications and artillery in the The Shipwreck or Fatal Curiosity. A Tragedy.

port of Falmouth, with 7 plans, fol., 20-30. Altered from Lillo. As performed at the Theatre Royal, in Covent Garden, 1784. Lond., printed LINDENTHAL, HERR Von. for T. Cadell, 1784, 80., pp. 1-8 and 1–76, 1/6. Nachricht von mineralien und bergwerken in NOTE.-The Shipwreck was first acted at Covent

England, besonders Cornwallis und Derbishire. Garden, 10 Feb., 1784.

Klipstein's Minerolog. Briefwechel, ii, 1–14.

LINTON, ELIZA LYNN (dau. of Rev. J. Lynn,

LITTLETON, NICHOLAS. (Con.). V. of Crosthwaite, and wife of Will. Jas. Linton,

Advanced Reading Teacher for Teachers and the Engraver). . Keswick, 1822.

Tyros. By N. Littleton...Lond., W. Kent and The Death-Ship of Trescat Cove. In 5 chapters. Co. ; Plymouth, W. Brendon, A.D. 1855, 8o., Illust. Lond. Neus, lvii, 654–55, 658–60, (1870).

| unpaged.

Pantography or Universal Language. (Long LINTON, WILLIAM.

looked for come at last !) Charles Wood, printer, Colossal Vestiges of the older nations. With

Saltash, 1871, 80., pp. 28, 1/2 a diagram. By W. Linton. Lond., Longmans,

NOTE.—Preface signed Nicholas Littilton, (sic) Salt1862, 8°., pp. iv and 152.

ash, Oct., 1871. Note.-Contains a few slight references to the Cromlechs and Dolmens of Cornwall.

Account of a male child born without a brain. LIPSCOMB, GEORGE, M.D. (son of James Lips- | Lond. Med. and Phys. Journ., xxxiv, 104-6, comb). b. Quainton, Buckinghamshire, 4 Jan.,

(1815). 1773. d. 9 Nov., 1846. bir. St. George the Observations on the causes which influence Martyr, Southwark.

the size of the pupil. Plate. ib., xxxvi, 89-94, A Journey into Cornwall through the coun 265–72, (1816). ties of Southampton, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset

Enquiry on the redoubling pulse. ib., xxxvii, and Devon. Interspersed with remarks, moral, | 164, (1817). historical, literary and political. By G. Lips On the pupil and accidents attending it. ib., comb. Warwick, printed and sold by H. Sharpe | xxxviii, 283–85. and F. and C. Rivington ; London, 1799, 80., On some Phenomena of vision. ib., xxxix, pp. xiii and 364, 5/2

354–61, (1818).

On the utility of large doses of opium. ib., NOTE.- The portion relating to Cornwall is com

xxxix, 447–54. prised within pp. 200-308.

Observations on pertussis. ib., xl, 26-33. * LISKERRET, (LISKEARD), PAGANUS DE.

On distinct vision at different distances. ib., Marny Prebendary St. Endellion, 1265. cf.

| xl, 177-83. Oliver's Monasticon, pp. 43, 49, and Suppl. p.

On specific gravity. ib., xl, 269–72. 5 ; Sir J. Maclean's History of Trigg Minor, i, 486, 500.


the preceding). 6. Saltash, 20 June, 1824. LITTLETON, NICHOLAS, M.R.C.S. (son of A.D. 1854. No. 2532. Provisional Specifica

Nicholas Littleton). b. Brighton, in Landrake. tion of Thomas Littleton, of Saltash, Bachelor

Tributes to Truth. By N. Littleton. Wherein of Medicine and Fellow of the Royal College of a few obscurities made or left by Locke and Surgeons of England, for “Improvements in others are removed and philosophy and common separating gases from sewage and other waters sense go hand in hand. Vol. i, part i. Bodmin : for the manufacture of manure and for supplyprinted and published for the Author by J. ing of steam-engines." Lond., Eyre and SpottisLiddell and Son; sold also by G. and W. B. woode, 1855, fol., p. 1, 3d. [cf. Journ. of Soc. of Whittaker, London...1819, 40, pp. 200, 10/-. | Arts, iii, 323, 1855.] Note.- Dedication “To the guardian spirit of the

Note.—Mr. Littleton did not proceed with this British Isles,” dated “Padstow, 1819.” The title page

patent. of the copy in the Br. Museum is altered in the Author's hand-writing from the above to “Plymouth ... W. Brendon. ..1868.”

Effects of submarine descent (on man and the

limits of his capability, as observed at the conLexicon of the thoughts in the English Lan struction of the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash.] guage. Anon. Lond., W. Kent and Co. ; Ply Association Med. Journ., iii, 127-28, (1855); ií, mouth, W. Brendon, George St., 1854, 4o. Part 274, (1871). i, pp. 68, 3/6.

Mr. J. B. Brown's operation (for the treatment

of epilepsy.) British Med. Journ., i, 537, (1866). Note.- A Specimen Number.

New method of treating fractures (and diseases English Reading Teacher for old and young; of the joints by the use of inflated Mackintosh for weak capacities and adverse habits. By N. splints and pads.] ib., ii, 423, 463, (1867). Littleton. Lond., W. Kent and Co.; Plymouth, On the preservation of meat. ib., ii, 599, W. Brendon. n.d., [1855,] 8°., unpaged, 6d. | (1869).


LLOYD, BITHA. (Con.). Abdominal puncture in tympanites. ib., ii, The water-seller of Venice. ib., vi, 584-86. 518, 1871; (Lancet, ii, 699, 1871.]

The Italian teacher of Rome. ib., vi, 746–48. On the mortality of infants as to suffocation The Christmas Tree. Verses. ib., vi, 832. by overlaying, &c., and its prevention by the How to see the English Lakes. ib., vi, 423–26, general use of the arcuccio. ib., ii, 367, (1872). | 439-43, 455-59, 470-74, 489-92. Dilatation of the anus. Lancet, ii, 531, (1868). Studies in History. Tamerlane and his siege

of Delhi. ib., vii, 7-11, (1858). LLOYD, BITHA (youngest daughter of George The Story of Lighthouses. ib., vii, 135-39,

For and wife of William Reynolds Lloyd, of 191-92.
Clifton, Bristol). b. Perran-ar-worthal, 13 The Path-Finder. An evening with Dr. Living-
March, 1811.

stone. ib., vii, 269-71. How to see the English Lakes. Anon. With

The time of the singing of birds is come. Illustrations. Lond., Religious Tract Soc. n.d.,

Verses. ib., vii, 271. [1858 ?] 80., pp. 110.

Our mountain sheep dogs. ib., viii, 363–65,

(1859). NOTE.–First published in The Leisure Hour, vi, | The Story of Fountains. ib., viii, 454-57, 423, etc., (1857).

467-69. The Yews. [A Westmorland Tale.] By the The death-bed of a lion. ib., ix, 5-6, (1860). Author of “How to see the English Lakes." Notes of a Westmorland Naturalist. ib., ix, Lond., Religious Tract Soc. n.d., 1859 ?] 80., | 171–72, 301-303, 490-92, 557–58. pp. 108.

Arthur and the Round Table. Illustrated. ib., Pictures of Heroes and Lessons from their | ix, 790–94. Lives. Anon. Lond., J. Hogg and Son. n.d., [1859 ?] 4°., pp. 274, 3/6.

The Catacombs of St. Sebastian. Sunday at

Home, iii, 380–81, (1856). Note.—Preface dated Windermere.

Relics. ib., iii, 582-84. Studies of Christian Character. By Bitha | The school boy, the student, the missionary, Fox. Author of “Pictures of Heroes," “ The [i.e. Rev. H. Martyn.) ib., iv, 491–94, (1857). Yews,” etc. With Illustrations by Jas. Godwin. | The Vessels of the Jewish Temple; where Lond., J. Hogg and Sons. n.d., (1860, 80., pp. are they now ? ib., iv, 782–83. xiii and 337, 6/-.

Water and salt; or, the Bible a book for all Watchers for the Dawn and other Studies of climes and for all times. ib., v, 125–26, (1858). Christian Character. By Mrs. W. R. Lloyd. 2nd Oil and Lamps; or, the Bible etc. ib., v, ed. Lond., Hogg, (Sept.,] 1868, 129., 376. 155-56. Note.-This is the previous work with an alteration

The Shepherd; or, the Bible etc. ib., V,

237-39. in the title.

Honey; or, the Bible etc. ib., v, 283–84. The Flower of Christian Chivalry; by Mrs. The Bible etc. Gold. ib., v, 748-50. W. R. Lloyd. With illustrations by J. D. || House and home; or, the Bible etc. ib., vi, Watson. Lond., James Hogg and Sons. n.d., | 52-55, (1859). [1863,] 80., pp. 314, 3/6.

Bread cast upon the waters and found after NOTE.- Preface dated Malvern, 1863.

many days. ib., vi, 293–95. The Ladies of Polcarrow; A Tale of Cornish

Half an hour with Charlemagne. Titan, (ElinCoast Life. By Mrs. W.R. Lloyd. Lond., Seeley, 1864, cr. 80., pp. 218, 3/6.-2nd ed. [Mch.,]

dey; ! burgh, J. Hogg and Son, 80.), xxvi, 204-208, 1865, 120., 3/6.


Ilow Christianity first came to Norway. The Neapolitan Letter-writer. Leisure IIour, | Churchman's Shilling Mag., iv, 100-108, (1868). iv, 773–74, (1855). The Bronze Horses of Venice. Illustrated.

LOAM, MICHAEL, of Treskerby, Gwennap. b. ib., v, 232-34, (1856).

Ludgvan, 1798. d. Moditonham, BotusflemA steam-trip round the Bay of Naples. ib., | ing, 14 July, 1871. bur. Gwennap. V, 295-97.

Counter for registering and numbering the rades of Naples. Illustrated. ib., V, number of feet passed over by the Piston of a 824-26; vi, 40-42, 296–97, 326-28, 391-93, steam-engine in its acting stroke. Rep. R.C.P. (1857).

Soc., 1835, pp. 108–109.


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