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Lo Wonder). d. of James Corresp. of

scell. Wome Jamérthens

• LOWER, THOMAS, M.D. (Con.).

LOWER, Sir William, Ant. (Con.). Letter from T. Lower to Sir Hans Sloane, The Innocent Lord, or the Divine Providence. dated “Bartholomew Close, the 28th of 9th Being the incomparable history of Joseph. month, 1703." Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 4052, Written originally in French and illustrated by fol., 97.

the unparallel'd pen of the learned De Ceriziers,

Almoner to my Lord the Kings brother, and LOWER, WILLIAM (? 2nd son of Peter Lower, now rendered into English by Sir W. Lowre, of Trelaske). cf. C. Fitz Geoffry's Affunice, book Knight. Lond., printed by S. G. for Charles

Adams, and are to be sold at his shop at the

sign of the Talbot, near S. Dunstans Church, LOWER, SIR WILLIAM, Knt. (eld. son of Thos.

in Fleetstreet, 1655, 8o. The Translator's ApoLower). d. Carmarthenshire, 1615. cf. Court

logie, To my Lady the Countesse of Chalais, and Times of James I, (1849), i, 363; Rigauds

To the Reader, unpaged, 7 leaves ; then pp. 143. Miscell. Works and Corresp. of James Bradley,

The Triumphant Lady; or the Crowned InF.R.S., (1832), pp. 511-14.

nocence. A choice and authentick piece of the Eight letters from Sir W. Lower to Mr. famous (René] De Ceriziers, Almoner to the Harriott. Dated Ira' Venti, 1610-11. Br. Museum, King. Translated into English out of the oriAddit. MSS., 6789.

ginal French by Sir W. Lower, Knight. Lond.,

printed for Ga. Bedell and Thos. Collins, and Note.- Three of these letters are reprinted in “A collection of letters illustrative of Science, etc. Ed. by

are to be sold at their shop at the Middle-Temple J. 0. Halliwell. (Historical Soc. of Science,” 1841), pp. Gate, in Fleet St., 1656, 80. To the Reader and 38-42.

Discourse, unpaged, 10 leaves, then pp. 142.

The second part of the third tome, called The LOWER, SIR WILLIAM, Knt. (son of John

Triumphant Lady; or the crowned innocence. Lower). b. Tremere, St. Tudy, 16--. d.

Translated from the French of René de Ceriziers. London, 1662. bur. St. Clement Danes ? cf.

By Sir W. Lower. Lond., 1656, 80. Gerard Langbaine's Biog. Dram., (1691), pp.

Horatius, a Roman Tragedy. [Translated from 332-34 ; Baker's Biog. Dram. ; Geneste's Hist. Pierre Corneille.) By Sir W. Lower, Knight. of the Stage, x, 160; Granger's Biog. Dict.;

Lond., printed for G. Bedell and T. Collins... Bliss' Wood, iii, 56, 544-46; Didot Nouvel.

1656, 40. The Actors, 1 leaf, the text, pp. 1-63. Biog. Univ. ; Biog. Univ.; Chalmers; Rose.

The Three Dorothies or Jodelet Box’d. A The Phaenix in her flames : a tragedy sin four Comedy translated from Paul Scarron. By Sir acts and in verse.] The scene, Arabia. The W. Lower, Knt., 1657. Not printed. Author, Master William Lower. Lond., printed Don Japhet of Armenia. A Comedy transby Thomas Harper for Michael Young, 1639, 4o. | lated from Paul Scarron. By Sir W. Lower,

Knt., 1657. Not printed. Note.- The Dedication " To the right worshipfvll, my most honoured Cosin, Thomas Lower, Esquire,"

The Enchanted Lovers : a pastoral [in five acts 1 leaf, prologue and dramatis persona, 1 leaf, the text,

and in verse.) By Sir W. Lower, Knight. Hage, 44 leaves, epilogue, 1 leaf.

printed by Adrian Vlack. [June] 1658, 12o., The Innocent Lady, or the illustrious inno

pp. 104.

The Enchanted Lovers, etc. With Frontispiece cence. Translated from the French of René de Ceriziers. By Sir W. Lower. Lond., 1654, 8o.

in lower center of which is portrait of the Author. The Innocent Lady, or the illustrious inno

Lond., printed for Henry Herringman, 1659,

120. cence, etc. Written originally in French, by the

The Enchanted Lovers, etc. Frontispiece. Lond., learned Father de Ceriziers...and now rendered into English by Sir W. Lower, Knight. The

printed for Fr. Kirkman, 1661, 12o., pp, 104. second edition. Lond., printed for William Lee, Note.-The 1658 copy formerly in the possession and are to be sold at the Turk's Head, in Fleet

of Richard Heber was a presentation copy to Mrs. ElizaStreet, 1674, 80.

beth Lower, with corrections in the author's own hand

writing. Note.-The Translators Apology, the Preface, and

The Noble Ingratitude. A pastoral-tragiTo the Reader, unpaged, 10 leaves; then pp. 150.

comedy, sin five acts and in verse, translated from Polyeuctes, or the Martyr. A Tragedy [in five P. Quinault.] By Sir W. Lower, Knight. Hage, acts and in verse, translated from Corneille. Imprinted by John Ramzey, 1659, 120. By ST. W. Lower. Lond., printed by Tho. Roy | The Noble Ingratitude, etc. Frontispiece. Lond., croft for G. Bedell and T. Collins, and are to be printed for Fr. Kirkman, at the John Fletchers sold at their shop at the Middle-Temple Gate, Head, over against the Angel-Inn on the backin Fleetstreet, 1655, 4o. The Argument, 2 side of St. Clements, without Temple-Bar, 1661, leaves, the actors, 1 leaf, the text, pp. 1–59. | 12o., pp. 101, epilogue and errata, 2 leaves.


LOWRY, STEPHEN, M.D. (Con.). The Amourous Fantasme, a tragi-comedy [in Charles, Plymouth. Lond... Williams and Smith five acts and in verse.) By Sir W. Lower, Knight. ... Elliott, Falmouth,... 1809, 120., pp. xiv and Hage, Imprinted by John Ramzey, 1660, (Nov., 1

| 164, 4/-. 1659, 120., pp. 96.

Note.-cf. Works of Dr. Hawker, i, 244-45. The Amorous Fantasme, etc. Frontispiece. Lond., printed for Fr. Kirkman, at the John Fletchers LOWYS, Rev. THOMAS. V. of St. Gennys. cf. Head over against the Angel-Inn, on the back Tanner MSS. (Bodl. Lib.) 196, fol. 220 b. side of St. Clements without Temple-Bar, 1661, 12o., pp. 96.

LUC, ROBERT, DE CORNUBIA. Principal of Ed.

mund Hall, 1319. cf. Le Neve, iii, 593. NOTE.—This play is translated from the “ Fantôme Amoureux,” by Philippe Quinault.

LUCAS, REV. SAMUEL, F.G.S. (son of John A relation in form of Journal of the Voiage Lucas). Wesleyan Minister in Cornwall, 1856and residence which the most excellent and most 61, 1668–1870. 6. Blidworth, Notts, 9 July, mighty prince Charles the II, King of Great

1811. Britain, &c., hath made in Holland, from the 25 Creation Redemptive; an essay. A contribuof May to the 2 of June, 1660, rendered into / tion to theological science. By the Rev. S. Lucas, English from the original French. By Sir W. F.G.S.,... Helston, printed and published by R. Lower, Knight. Plates. Hague, printed by Adrian Cunnack, 1858, 120., pp. vi and 77.-2nd ed. Vlack. Anno 1660, fol. Printer to the Reader 1 | Lond., J. Nisbet and Co., 1865, 120., pp. 192, page, then pp. 1-116.

2/Note.--This was published in Dutch, French, and I Note.- Preface dated "Helston, Aug., 1858.” English. At the end of the volume Sir W. Lower has published his poems with his name attached at the con LUFF, John. clusion of each poem. cj. Gent. Mag., xcv, pt. i, 216-18, (1825).

Note.--Is said to have published in 1604 a quarto

volume on Armory or Heraldry, dedicated to his patron Three new plays, viz: The Noble Ingratitude, Sir Reginald Mohun. a pastoral-tragi-comedy. The Enchanted Lovers, a pastoral. The Amorous Fantasme, a tragi LUGGAR, NATHANIEL, Mayor of Bodmin, 1661, comedy. All written by Sir Wil. Lower, Knight. 1670, 1681. d. Bodmin, 1693. cf. Moneys... Portrait. Lond., printed for Franc. Kirkman, for Secret Services, (Ed. by J. Y. Akerman for 1661, 120.

Camden Soc., 1851), p. 17. NOTE.-A collected edition of three of the previous

Docquet of a grant of coat and crest to N. plays, each play having a separate title-page, pagination

Luggar, of Bodmin. Harl. MSS., 1172, art. 149, and register. The title-page to the “Enchanted Lovers” fol., 80. was printed at the Hague in 1658.

LUKE, JOHN (son of John Luke). b. 1736. d. Paraphrases on the Apostolical Epistles. By Anthony Godeau, Bishop of Grasse and Vence.

Treviles, Ruan-Lanyhorne, 3 Nov., 1807. bur. Rendered into English by W. Lower, Knt. 4

Ruan-Lanyhorne. parts. Harl. MSS., 4611, pp. 517.

A.D. 1796, July 19, No. 2126. Specification The Pleasures of the ladies. By Sir W. Lower. of John Luke, of Treviles, in the County of MIS. formerly penes Rev. John Boule. cf. Bliss' Cornwall, Esquire, for “Invention of certain Wood, iv, 5-15.

machinery for the purpose of lifting, drawing,

and conveying of loaded and light vessels from LOWNDES, MR.

one canal or branch of canal to another, on a slope

or plane surface in lieu of stone or other locks." Mr. Lowndes concerning the Stannaries of

Drawing annexed. Lond., 1796, fol.—Reprinted Devon and Cornwall, and particularly as to the

Lond., G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1836, emption and preemption of tin. Lansd. MSS.,

fol. Pp. 2, 1/1215, art. 42, fol., 151-57.

LUKE, OLIVER. LOWRY, STEPHEN, M.D. b. Falmouth. d. Fal

Letters from 0. Luke to Sir J. Eliot. MSS. mouth, Jan., 1825.

Port Eliot. Essays explanatory and experimental upon a few select passages of Scripture. By S. Lowry, LUKE, STEPHEN, M.D. (2nd son of John Luke, of M.D., of l'almouth. With a recommendatory Newlyn). b. Penzance, 1763. d. Cavendish preface by Robert Hawker, D.D., Vicar of Sq., London, 29 Mch., 1829. cf. Gent. Mag.,

LUKE, Stephen, M.D. (Con.).

LYELL, Sir Charles, Bart., D.C.L., F.R.S. xcix, 641, (1829); Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, i,

(eld. son of Chas. Lyell). b. Kinnordy, Forfar50-52 ; Hen. Gunning's Reminiscences of Cam

shire, 14 Nov., 1797. bridge, ii, 183; Annual Biog. for 1830, pp.

On the hot lode at Wheal Clifford. Brit. Assoc. 424-25.

Sect., 1864, p. 35. Observations on the Diseases of Cornwall. By | LYHART, RT. REV. WALTER. See Hart, Rt. S. Luke, 1806.

Rev. Walter. Note.—This is incorporated in “The History of LYNE FAMILY. cf. Neota. By Charlotte Hawkey, Cornwall in respect to its population and the health,

(1871), pp. 145–47. strength, activity, longevity and diseases of its inhabi. tants... By the Rev. R. Polwhele, 1806, 10."

Lyne and Tucker Correspondence, (1816). See

Tucker, Benjamin. Contributions to Physical and Medical Knowledge...By Thos. Beddoes, M.D...1799, 89. LYNE, [STEPHENS] CHARLES (4th son of Rev. John

Lyne. d. 1791). Assumed by Royal Licence in Note.-Contains "On nitrous acid in dropsy. By S. Luke," pp. 420-28.

1826 the additional name of Stephens, after his cousin John Stephens of Lisbon. b. Castle

Hill, Liskeard, 10 Mch., 1764. d. Roehampton, LUKE, VICE-ADMIRAL WILLIAM (only son of John Luke, who d. 1776). b. Treviles, Ruan

Surrey, 9 May, 1851. cf. Gent. Mug., xxxvii, Lanyhorne, 1747. d. Tregolls, Truro, 19 Dec.,

208, (1852). 1818. bur. Ruan-Lanyhorne. cf. Gent. Mag.,

A Letter to the Right Hon. G. Rose, M.P... lxxxix, pt. i, 186, (1819).

in which the real causes of the scarcity and con

sequent high price of gold and silver are stated LUKIS, REV. WILLIAM COLLINGS (son of Freile and exemplified. By Charles Lyne, Esq. Lond.,

rick Corbin Lukis). R. of Wath juxta Ripon, | printed for J. M. Richardson, 23, Cornhill...1810, 1862. b. Guernsey, 1817.

8o., pp. ii and 51. An Account of Church Bells...By Rev. W. C.

A Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Castle

reagh on the North American Export trade Lukis. Lond., Parker, 1857, 80., pp. vii and 149.

during the war. By .C Lyne, Esq. Lond., 1813, Note.-Contains pp. 66-67, the Bell Inscriptions at 8°., pp. 46. St. Michael's Mount, Lansallos, Calstock and North A Letter on the impossibility of a speedy reTamerton.

turn to a Gold Currency. By C. Lyne, Esq.

Lond., 1819, 80., pp. 46. LUMISDANE, WILLIAM.

A Letter on the conflicting consequences of W. Lumisdane to the Lord Treasurer respect- | the Corn and Cash-payment Bills. By C. Lyne, ing the spoil committed upon him by the Vice- | Esq. Lond., 1820, 80., pp. 70. Admiral of Cornwall. London, 26 May, 1597. A Letter to the Lord High Chancellor on the Lansd. MSS., 157, art. 159.

nature and causes of the late and present dis

tress in commercial manufacturing and banking LUTTRELL, FRANCIS.

concerns; with proposed partial remedies. By Warrant for granting to F. Luttrell the hold

C. Lyne, Esq. Lond., printed for E. Lloyd and ing of an annual fair at Penheale, in Cornwall, Son, Ilarley Street, 1826, 80., pp. 23. Nov., 1661. Sloane MSS., Br. Museum, 856, art. LYNE, REV. CHARLES, M.A. (son of Rev. Rich. 37, fol. 10 b.

Lyne, who d. 1834). Curate of Little Petherick;

R. of Roche, 1834-1841; V. of Tywardreath, LYDSTON, REV. JOHN, M.A. V. of St. Mellion

2 June, 1841 to 15 Jan., 1847, and from 1851 circa 1653. Ejected 1662. b. Coombe, near

to 1863 ; Preb. of Exeter, 1842 ; cr. M. A. of Dartmouth, 18 July, 1613. d. Saltash, 3 Sept.,

Lambeth, 27 May, 1843. b. Castle Hill, Lis1671. cf. Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial,

keard, Aug., 1802. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., (1775), i, 280–81.

Ixiv, 330, (1841). The last words of Mr. Francis Whiddon to A Selection of Psalms and Ilymns, extracted his dearly beloved and longed for, the inhabi from the old and new versions of the Psalms of tants of Totness... With a preface written by his David and various authors, adapted to public, brother-in-law, Mr. John Lydston, Vicar of St. | family and private worship. By Rev. Vyell F. Mellion. 1662, 4o.

Vyvyan, Rector of Withiel, and Rev. C. Lyne, A book of receipts for Physicke and Chirur Minister of Little Petherick, ('ornwall. Southgerie. By John Lydston of St. Mellion. An. ampton, printed by John Fletcher, 1832, 12o., 1665. Sloane MSS., Br. Muscum, 500, fol., 1–20. pp. 124.


[printed, yhdManches of

LYNE, Rev. Charles. (Con.).

LYNE, FRANCIS, F.R.G.S. (son of Joseph and Second Pastoral Letter to the Inhabitants of

Charlotte Angelica Lyne). b. Lisbon, 27 Dec., the Parish of Roche, in the County of Cornwall,

1800. bapt. 10 Mch., 1801. registered at St. from their faithful and affectionate Minister C.

Ive Church, Cornwall, Apl., 1809. Lyne. Printed by J. H. Drew, St. Austell, 1839, Reasons for our having Tribunals of Com12o., pp. 38.

merce. By F. Lyne, 1850 80. A Pastoral Letter to the inhabitants of the Tribunals of Commerce. A Letter to the parish of Tywardreath, in the county of Corn merchants, bankers, traders and others of Great wall, from their very affectionate Minister C. Britain. By F. Lyne. Lond., Effingham Wilson, Lyne. St. Austell, J. H. Drew, 1841, 8o.

1851, 80., pp. 24, 1/2 Modern Methodism not in accordance with Tribunals of Commerce. The Report of the the principles and plans of the Rev. John progress of this movement. By the Honorary Wesley during any period of his life. A Dialogue Secretary, F. Lyne. With the review of his last between a Clergyman [i.e., Rev. C. Lyne,) and publication for the promotion of the movement one of his Methodist parishioners. In Tracts on ... Lond., Effingham Wilson, 1852, 80., pp. 23, Christian Doctrine and Practice. (Lond., J. 3d. Burns, 1842), vol. iv, pp. 36, 3d.

Tribunals of Commerce. A Letter to the Methodism a schism, an exposure of the re bankers of London, reviewing the origin and cent numbers of the “ Wesleyan Tracts for the progress of the movement in favour of Tribunals Times.” In A Second Dialogue between a of Commerce...By F. Lyne, Chairman of the Clergyman [i.e., Rev. C. Lyne,) and one of his Executive Committee. Lond., Effingham Wilson, parishioners. ib., vol. iv, pp. 24, 2d.

1854, 8o., pp. 47, 1/-. An Old Man's Wanderings : or an account of Tribunals of Commerce. A Letter to the mera tour through the manufacturing districts. chants, bankers and traders of London. By F. Edited by C. Lyne, M.A., Incumbent of Tywar Lyne, F.R.G.S., Chairman of the London Tridreath and Prebendary of Exeter. Lond., Simp bunal of Commerce Association... With an outkin Marshall... Manchester, Simms and Dinham, line of the Trial of Watney v. Lyne... Lond., [printed,] 1845, 80., pp. viii and 188.

Frederick Farrah, 282, Strand, 1867, 8o., pp. Note.-The dedication to William Rashleigh, Esq., | 74, 2/6. of Menabilly, is dated “Tywardreath Parsonage, Sept. 26, 1844."

Note.-The Rev. Joseph Leycester Lyne (known as

Father Ignatius) 2nd son of Fras. Lyne, was 6. Trinity The authority character and responsibility of

Sq., London, 23 Nov., 1837; he is the author of “ All the Christian ministry. Preached at the visita for Jesus, three sermons, 1867, 169," and various other tion of the Lord Bp. of Exeter, at Bodmin, works.-Augustus Adolphus Lyne, 3rd son of Fras. Friday, July 25, 1845. By C. Lyne... In Eight

Lyne, was b. Hunter St., Brunswick Sq., London, 9

Feb., 1841; he has written “ The Midshipman's Trip to Visitation Sermons...and Two Consecration Ser

Jerusalem, 1871, 8.." mons, (1845), No. v, pp. 149–65.

National Education. A sermon preached on LYNE, REV. JOHN (son of Rich. Lyne, of Listhe anniversary of the Devon and Exeter Na keard). R. of St. Ive, 1754-1791; Master of tional Schools, July 2, 1846, in the Cathedral Liskeard Grammar School. 6. Liskeard, 13 Church of Exeter. By C. Lyne, M.A., Preben Sept., 1723. d. St. Ive, 12 Feb., 1791. bur. dary of Exeter... Lond., F. and J. Rivington, St. Ive Church. cf. Gent. Mag., lxi, pt. i, 281, 1847, 8o., pp. 14 and appendix, pp. 56.

(1791). NOTE.—Prefixed to the appendix is the following half title “Appendix containing a review of Dr. Hook's LYNE, REV. PHILIP, D.C.L. of Oriel Coll., Oxletter on National Education, reprinted, with the Editor's ford (son of John Lyne). V. of Liskeard, 21 Apl., permission, from the eleventh number of the English 1768 to 1775 ; V. of Mevagissey, 1771-1824, Review. This review may be had separately, price 6d."

bapt. Liskeard, 6 Nov., 1739. d. Trelevan, A Sermon preached at the consecration of the

Mevagissey, 23 Feb., 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, at Biscovey,

xciv, pt. i, 643, (1824). in the district of Par, in the county of Cornwall, on the Festival of All Saints, in the year of our LYNE, REV. RICHARD, M.A. (2nd son of Rev. Lord, 1849. With an Appendix containing ex John Lyne. d. 1791). Master of Liskeard tracts from the writings of the Reformers on the Grammar School; R. of Little Petherick, doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration. By C. Lyne, 1812 to 1834. b. Castle Hill, Liskeard, 23 M.A., Prebendary of Exeter. Lond., J. Masters, Nov., 1760. d. Little Petherick, 24 Sept., 33, Aldersgate street...Chudleigh, J. E. Searle, 1834. cf. Gent. Mag., ii, 553, (1834); Life of [printed,] 1849, 80., pp. 36.

S. Drew, (1834), p. 162; M. Ecclesia ChudA Correspondence with the Rev. W. Haslam, leigh's Midnight Meditations, (1854), pp. 17, (1854). 2.0.

62–69, 105–109.

LYNE, Rev. RICHARD. (Con.).

LYNE, Rev. RICHARD. (Con.). Isagoge sive Janua Tusculana, for the use of | Two letters from the late Rev. R. Lyne, R. Grammar Schools. By Rev. R. Lyne. New ed. of Little Petherick, to his daughter, Christian Lond., 1791, 80., 2/-.

Mary Glubb. [9.0.) I. The Old Testament equal An Introductory Book for the use of Gram- | to the New Testament in worth and authority. mar Schools. The Latin Primer: in three parts II. The Eternity of Future Punishment. [Edited ...By The Rev. R. Lyne, Master of the Gram- by C. M. Glubb.] Lond., Wertheim, Mackintosh mar-school, at Liskeard. Lond., printed for the and Hunt, 24, Paternoster Row. n.d., [1861,] author, by T. Gilbert, Bartholomew Close, and 80., pp. vi and 109, 2/-. sold by T. Stockdale, Piccadilly, 1795, 12°., pp. 192, 2/6.—2nd ed. revised and enlarged by the

Note.- At the end is an unpaged “Extract from Author. Portsea, printed for the Author and

a work by the same Author." Mr. B. Tucker, Jun., by W. Woodward, 1797, The Departed Saint. A Treatise on the lappi80., pp. 224, 3/-:-4th ed. revised and enlarged ness, Constitution and Character of Celestial by the Author. Lond., printed for C. Law, 13, Beings in their Likeness to God. By the Rev. Ave-Maria-Lane, 1806, 12o. Title and To the | R. Lyne. MSS., 2 vols., pp. circa 2000. Young Learner, pp. 1-11, the text, pp. 1-262. -5th ed. 1813, 80., 1/-. — 8th ed. Lond., Note.-Written in memory of the author's wife, printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-Lane, Mary Arundel, dau. of Johm and Loveday James, of 1825, 120., pp. xx and 256.

Liskeard, (d. 20 June, 1813, aged 46), of whom there

is a short memoir. The VSS. were corrected by Mr. NOTE.-The Dedication "R. L. Virgilio suo S.” is | Lyne, after being written by his daughter, now wife dated 1 Sept., 1794. Mr. Virgil Stephens Lyne b. 22 Mch., |

of Rev. N. F. Chudleigh, St. Columb Minor, in whose 1791. d. London, 31 Mar., 1871.

possession the MSS. now are. Introduction to the making of

The Roman Priesthood. By Rev. R. Lyne. which is subjoined the second part of Lyne's

MSS. Latin Primer. By William Biglow, Teacher of

The Church Liturgy. By Rev. R. Lyne. MSS. an Academy in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem,

Plerophoria, or full assurance. By Rev. R. printed by Joshua Cushing...1801, 12o., pp. 257. | Lyne. ÀSS.

Note.— The portion of this work occupied by R. Pax Mortuis. By Rev. R. Lyne. MSS. Lyne's Latin primer is not stated.

The New Latin Primer; containing first, LYSONS, REV. DANIEL, F.R.S. (eld. son of Rev. lessons for construing and parsing... second, ex- |

Sam. Lysons). b. and bapt. Rodmarton, 28 tracts from the minor Latin classics...third, the Apl., 1762. d, Hempsted Court, Gloucesterfirst part of Lyne's Latin primer... By W. Big shire, 3 Jan., 1834. bur. Rodmarton. low, A.M... Second edition. Boston, Massachu LYSONS, SAMUEL, F.R.S. (bro. of the above). setts,] published by John West and Co...1809, b. and bapt. Rodmarton, 17 May, 1763. d. 120., pp. 246.

Cirencester, 3 July, 1819. bur. Hempsted, 5 Note.-Part Third, Lyne's Latin primer, occupies

July pp. 173-246.

Magna Britannia ; being a concise topographFestiva Grammatica, or The Child's Guide to

ical account of the several Counties of Great some principles of the Latin Grammar. By the

Britain. By the Rev. Daniel Lysons, A.M., F.R.S., Rev. R. Lyne. Lond., Law, 1807, 120., pp. 142,

F.A. and L.S., Rector of Rodmarton, in Glou 2/6.

cestershire, and Samuel Lysons, Esq., F.R.S. The sinfulness and idolatry of charms and

and F.A.S., Keeper of His Majesty's Records of all unbidden christianlike ways of worship

in the Tower of London. Volume the Third ping God, shewn in two letters addressed to the

containing Cornwall. 38 plans and plates. Lond., inhabitants of Little Petherick...also a letter to

| printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, in the

Strand, 1814, 40. Titles, contents and list of a clergyman and alledging that idolaters cannot and according to Scripture antiently did not plates, pp. l-viii;. Cornwall General History, believe their idols to be real gods...By the Rev. | pp. i-cclii; Parochial History, pp. 1–337 ; ApR. Lyne, Rector of Little Petherick. Bodmin, pendix, pp. 338-41; Additions and corrections, printed and sold by J. Liddell; sold also by

pp. 342-61; Index, 345 (sic) to 389; Errata, Messrs. F. C. and J. Rivington...1817, 8o., pp.

389-90, 75/-, large paper, 126/106.

Note.-The original Correspondence, miscellaneous Note.- In the Methodist Mag., xli, 654-61, (1818), Collections, sketches and drawings relating to Magna, are found " Remarks on the Rev. R. Lyne's The Sinful Britannia in 25 volumes, quarto, and 17 volumes, fol., ness and Idolatry of Charms." Signed “A Traveller, | are in the Br. Museum, Addit. USS., 9408-9430, 9437Salutation Inn, near Little Petherick, 10 June, 1817." | 9150, 9460-9464.

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