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LYSONS, D. AND S. (Con.).

MACARMICK, GEN. WILLIAM. (Con.). Messrs. Lysons' Magna Britannia. Further 1785; Governor of the Island of Cape Breton, additions and corrections to Cornwall. n.p. or d. 1787-95. bapt. Truro, 15 Sept., 1742. d. [Strahan and Preston, Printers' Street, London, West Looe, 20 Aug., 1815. cf. Rich. Brown's 1815,] 40. Introductory Notice, p. 363; Further Hist. of the Island of Cape Breton, (1869), pp. additions and corrections, pp. 363-82; Errata, 398-409; Gent. Mag., lxxxv, pt. ii, 476,(1815). 389-94.

Note.- General Macarmick is said to have preached Note.- Introductory Notice, dated 1 May, 1815. / and printed a Sermon at Cape Breton in 1791 2 The Errata is intended to replace the Errata in the original work. This portion of the Magna Britannia is Mc CARTHY, Rev. CHARLES P. seldom met with.

The Helston Debate on the Irish Church Britannia Depicta...Partiv. Containing twenty- Question, held in the Guildhall, Helston, Sept. four views in Cornwall, engraved from drawings 3, 1868, between the Rev. C. P. Mc Carthy, of made by J. Farington, Esq., R.A. Lond., printed | London, and R. G. Rows, Esq., together with for T. Cadell and W. Davies...1814, obl. fol., Two Lectures on the same subject, and delivered 31/6.

in the Guildhall, Helston, on the 18 and 21 NOTE.—The letter press description consisting of 1

Sept., 1868, by the Rev. C. P. Mc Carthy. leaf to each view is stated to have been supplied by the

With an Appendix. Lond., T. Wade, PublishMessrs. Lysons.

ing Co.; Pearce, Penryn. n.d., [1868,] demy

80., pp. viii and 80, 11 LYTE, REV. HENRY FRANCIS. Curate at Mara

zion ; Perp. Curate of Lower Brixham, Devon. MACCULLOCH, EDGAR (son of Thos. Mac b. Kelso, 1 June, 1793. d. Nice, 20 Nov., 1847.

Culloch. d. 1852). b. Guernsey, i June, 1808. Observations on the Scriptures, suited to the

Cornish folk lore. King Arthur in the form present juncture; in a Sermon preached at St.

of a Raven. N. and Q., 1 S., viii, 618, (1853). Mary's Chapel, Penzance, November, 28, 1819. By the Rev. H. F. Lyte, A.B. Bristol, printed MACCULLOCH, JAMES (son of John Mac for J. and W. Richardson, Clare-Street, and sold Culloch). b. Kirkcudbright, 12 May, 1746. by Bulgin and Cookworthy, Corn-Street, also by d. Guernsey, 30 Nov., 1832. Hatchard, Piccadilly... 1820, 80., pp. 36, 1/6.

Note.-At the commencement of the American LYTTELTON, SIR GEORGE. Bart. (eld. son of war, Mr. Macculloch, who was then residing in France, Sir Thos. Lyttelton), M.P., Oakhampton. cr.

left that country and took up his residence in Market

Jew St., Penzance. On the renewal of peace he returned Baron Lyttelton, of Frankley, co. Worcester, to France, but on escaping from prison on the fall of 18 Nov., 1756. b. Hagley, Worcestershire, 17 Robespierre he returned to Cornwall, (1794-95), and with Jan., 1788. d. Hagley, 22 Aug., 1773. his family, occupied as a dwelling the Old Vicarage

House at Gulval until about 1801. From early associaMount Edgcumbe. A Poem. Town and Country tions with this locality, his son, the Geologist, when Mag., i, 663, (1769); Reprinted in Anderson's dying from the effects of an accident in Cornwall, dePoets of Great Briton, (1794), x, 267.

sired to be buried in Gulval Church-yard. MACCULLOCH, JOHN, M.D., F.R.S. (3rd son

of the preceding). b. Guernsey, 6 Oct., 1773. d. Poltair Cottage, Madron, 21 Aug., 1835. bur. Gulval. cf. Gent. Mag., iv, 556, (1835); Penny Cyclop., 2nd Suppl.

On the granite tors of Cornwall. Trans. Geol. M. i.e. Jessopp, Maria.

Soc. of London, ii, 66–78, (1814). M.

MAC DONALD, GEORGE, LL.D. Trelawney: A Song of the Western Men.

The Seaboard Parish. By G. Mac Donald, Willis' Current Notes, 1853, p. 68.

LL.D. Lond., Tinsley Brothers, 1868, 3 vols., 80. Mr. Tilly, of Pentilly House, Cornwall. ib.,

NOTE.—Reprinted from the Sunday Mag., iv, 1, 1853, p. 69.

etc., (1857). A portion of the scene is laid in Cornwall. MACARMICK, GENERAL WILLIAM (only son of | MC DONALD, REV. JAMES, Wesleyan Metho

Jas. Macarmick, Mayor of Truro, 1757 and dist Minister. b. near Enniskillen, 1761. 1766, who d. Truro, 1770). M.P. for Truro, 1 Gosport, 18 Oct., 1833.


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at 71, Clapham kool, Hedge and the Camps

MC DONALD, Rev. JAMES. (Con.).

Mc LAUCHLAN, HENRY, F.G.S. Now resident Observations on Mr. James Cornish's [9.v.] Account of a Convulsive Epidemic in Cornwall. Notice of the Giant's Hedge and the Camps A Letter signed James Mc Donald, City Road, and Barrows contiguous. Rep. R.I.C., 1846, pp. 27 Apl., 1814. Med. and Phys. Journ., xxxi, 464-67, (1814); Methodist Mag., xxxvii, 545-47, ||

| Notes on the Manors of Tybesta and Truro. (1814).

ib., 1847, p. 19; 1848, pp. 19–37. MAC DOWELL, G.

Notes on Castle Kernick and other Castles.

ib., 1849, pp. 19–31. To Laura. A Sonnet. Selector or Cornish Mag., 'Notes relating to the ancient Castles in Corni, 138, (1826).

wall. ib., 1850, pp. 35–42; 1852, pp. 19–21. MACFARREN, WALTER CECIL (son of Geo.

Notes on the Duchy Manors in Cornwall, and Macfarren, who d. 1843). b. London, 28 Aug.,

the Castles and Earth-works, on them. By H. 1826.

Mc Lauchlan. Manors of Tewington, Moresk,

and Tywarnhaile. Published by the Royal InstiMorning Song. Four part song. Poetry by

tution of Cornwall. n.d., [1847,] 8°C, pp. 28 Allan Cunningham. Dedicated to the Penzance

and 16 plates. Choral Society by Walter Macfarren. Lond., 185-, fol.

MACLEAN, SIR John, Knt., F.S.A., 15 Dec., Cradle Song. No. 2 of Two part songs. Poetry

1855 (son of Robert Lean). resumed the prefix by W. C. Bennett. Dedicated to the Penzance

of Mac in 1845. Keeper of the Records of Choral Society, by Walter Macfarren. Lond.,

H.M. Ordnance in the Tower of London, Addison, Hollier and Lucas, (1861,] fol., pp. 5,

1855 to 1861; Deputy Chief Auditor of 27. Separate parts 3d. per page.

Army Accounts, 1865 to 1871. Knighted at MACGILVRAY, JOHN.

Osborne, 14 Jan., 1871. b. Trehudreth Barton, Poems by J. Macgilvray, A.M. Master of the

Blisland, 17 Sept., 1811. Grammar School, of Lestwithiel. Lond., printed Remarks on A Sermon entitled “The Work for J. Bew, No. 28, Pater-Noster Row, and J. of the Spirit,” preached in the parish church of Murray, No. 32, Fleet Street, 1787, roy. 4°., West Hackney, by the Rev. W. Meynell Whitpp. 109, 4/-.

temore, S.C.L. In a Letter to a Friend, By A MACKWORTH, HERBERT FRANCIS, M.I.C.E.

Churchman, [i.e., John Maclean.) No. 1. Lond., Government Inspector of Mines. b. 1824. d.

J. H. Parker, 377, Strand. Hackney, sold by Clifton-wood-house, Bristol, 13 July, 1858.

all the Booksellers in the parish, 1850, 12o., pp.

24. Science in the Mines. By H. Mackworth. In

The Life and Times of Sir Peter Carew, Kt., “Lectures in connection with the Educational

(from the original manuscript). With a historical Exhibition of the Society of Arts, delivered at

introduction and elucidatory notes, by John St. Martin's Hall. (Lond., G. Routledge and

Maclean, Esq., F.S.A...Lond., Bell and Daldy, Co., 1854, 120.)” pp. 121–42.

186, Fleet St., 1857, 89. Preface, pp. viii, introNote. — Contains information respecting Mining duction, pp. cxviii, life, etc., pp. 317, list of sub-.. and Mining Schools in Cornwall.

scribers unpaged. The Ventilation of Metallic Mines. Rep. R.C.P.

Note.—Dedicated to W. H. Pole Carew, of Antony, Soc., 1853, pp. 3–27.

Esq. The Ventilation of Mines, by Mechanical and other powers. ib., 1856, pp. 50–82.

Letters from George, Lord Carew, to Sir On the diseases of miners. Being a paper read Thomas Roe, Ambassador to the Court of the at the 16th Ordinary Meeting of the Society of Great Mogul, 1615–1617. Edited by John Arts, April 4, 1855, and a Report of the Dis Maclean, F.S.A., Keeper of the Records of H.M. cussion. Journ. of Soc. of Arts, iii, 347–61,(1855). Ordnance in the Tower of London. Printed for

the Camden Society, 1860, 80., pp. xiv and 160. MACKY, John.

Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George A Journey through England in familiar letters Carew. Edited by J. Maclean, Fellow of the from A Gentleman here si.e., John Macky] to Society of Antiquaries. Printed for the Camden His Friend abroad. 2nd ed. considerably im Society, 1864, 80., pp. vii and 167. proved. Lond., printed for J. Hooke, at the Parochial and family history of the Deanery Flower de Luce, over against St. Dunstan's of Trigg Minor, in the county of Cornwall. By Church, in Fleetstreet, 1722–23, 3 vols., 80. [Sir) John Maclean, F.S.A. Lond., Nichols and

NOTE.-The Account of Cornwall is contained in Sons, 25, Parliament Street ; Budmin, Liddell ii, 231-35.

and Son, 1868, 4o.

Murray, N.. :: 28, Pater-Nosel. Lond., printere

MACLEAN, SIR John. (Con.).

MACLEAN, Sir John. (Con.). Note.- This work is still in progress. Of the parishes | Charles Sandoe Gilbert (The Historian of forming the Deanery of Trigg Minor, the account of 5

| Cornwall.] ib., 4 S., ix, 141, (1872). has already been published, Blisland appeared in 1868, Bodmin, in 1870, St. Breward and Egloshayle, in 1871, NOTE.-The above are the most important of Sir J. and St. Endellion, in 1872. The parishes of Blisland, | Maclean's contributions to Notes and Queries referring Bodmin, Egloshayle and Endellion were published as to Cornwall. separate works with distinct title pages and introductions.

Cornish Insurgents in the 16th century. Journ. The Life of Sir Thomas Seymour, Knight, R.I.C., Apl., 1865, pp. 36-40. Baron Seymour, of Sudeley, Lord High Admiral Stannary Roll 34th Edward I, (1305-6), with of England and Master of the Ordnance. By J. introductory remarks thereon and on other simiMaclean, Esq., F.S.A. Lond., J. C. Hotten, 1869, | lar Rolls. With heliotype plate of portion of roy. 8°., pp. 83, 10/6.

the roll. ib., Apl., 1871, pp. 238–57. NOTE.-100 copies only printed. A portion of this

Trevalga Church. ib., Apl., 1872, p. lxxxiii. work originally appeared in “ Under the Crown.”

Poll Tax Account for the county of Cornwall,

51st Edward III, A.D. 1377, with remarks The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biog- ' thereon. ib.. Apl. 1872. pp. 27-41. raphy. Glasgow, Mackenzie, 1865, 6 vols., imp. 80., 21/- each.

Notarial instrument dated A.D. 1322, relating Note.-Contains in Vol. i articles signed M., Ti.e., Sir J. Maclean] relating to the families of the Blounts,

| to St. Nectan's Chapel, in the parish of St. Carews, and others.

Winnow. Archeol. Journ., xxv, 312-17, (1868). cf. also xxv, 317–18.

Fireworks in the Green Park at the Peace of Aix la Chapelle. Gent. Mag., xlv, 474–83, (1856).

A short account of the families of Carew and Cary. Herald and Genealogist, vii, 19–26, (1873).

Captain Roger Harvie. N. and Q., 2 S., iv, The Principles of the Old English Gilds. A 137, (1857).

paper read at the Conference of Church Guilds, Lady Chichester. ib., 2 S., iv, 169.

Jan. 11, 1872. Church Work. The Monthly Paper Riding the Hatch. ib., 2 S., iv, 257.

of the Guild of Saint Alban, the Martyr. (Lond., Thomas Carew, the Poet. ib., 2 S., vi, 234, J. T. Hayes, Lyall Place, Eaton Sq., S.W.), ii, (1859).

53–59, (1872). Arish or Airish. ib., 2 S., vi, 328. Sir G. Carew. ib., 2 S., vi, 436.

M'MULLAN, MARY ANNE (dau. of R. A. E. Payments to M.P.'s, (Bodmin). ib., 2 S., vi,

Ward and wife of William MIMullan, Phy489.

sician, R.N.). b. Millbrook, Maker, 23 Dec., Sir P. Carew. ib., 2 S., ix, 254, (1860).

1776. d. East Looe, 14 Aug., 1856. bur. St. Stone Coffins, (St. Kew). ib., 2 S., X, 296.

Martins. On Barm and Yeast. ib., 2 S., x, 298.

The Wanderings of a Goldfinch, or characterParochialia. Blisland. ib., 2 S., xii, 141, (1861). | istic sketches in the Nineteenth Century. Lond., Raleigh v. Paley. ib., 3 S., iii, 238, (1863). Longman, 1816, 80., pp. vii, xii and 355, 127Raleigh Arms. ib., 3 S., iii, 295.

Note.- Published by subscription. The Dedication Sir Walter Raleigh, inedited letter. ib., 3 S.,

to “The Princess Mary" is signed “M. A. M'Mullan, iv, 3.

London, April 22, 1816.”
Sheriffs of Cornwall. ib., 3 S., iv, 17.
Sir W. Raleigh Arms, (Helland). ib., 3 S., iv,

The Naiad's Wreath. By Mrs. M'Mullan. 33.

Lond., Longman, 1816, 80., pp. 88. Pre death Coffins, (St. Kew). ib., 3 S., v, 424, NOTE.-The Dedication to “ The Princess Charlotte" (1864).

is signed “ M. A. M'Mullan, London, Sept. 18, 1816."

This book contains an ode - To Cornwall," pp. 73-77. Folk Lore. ib., 3 S., v, 446.

Arundel family, of Lanherne. ib., 3 S., vii, The Crescent, a national poem to commemo249, (1865).

rate the glorious victory at Algiers. By Mrs. Cary family, Bishoprick of Killaloe. ib., 3 S., M'Mullan, Relict of W. M'Mullan, Esq., M.D., vii, 467.

Royal Navy. Lond., Longman, 1816, 80., pp. 61. Dagge family. ib., 3 S., x, 247, 320, (1866).

Note.- Published by subscription. The Dedication Jenifer, A Woman's Name. ib., 4 S., ii, 86,

to“ The Prince Regent” is signed “M. A. M'Mullan, (1868).

London, Nov. 12, 1816.”

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M'MULLAN, MARY ANNE. (Con.). MAJENDIE, ASHHURST, F.R.S., F.S.A. (eld. Britain, or fragments of poetical aberration.

son of Lewis Majendie, F.S.A.). Resident at By Mrs. M'Mullan. Lond., Longman, 1818, 80.,

Penzance, 1814 to 1818. b. London, 24 Apl., pp. 109, 7/

1784. d. Hedingham Castle, Halstead, Essex,

7 Oct., 1867. Note.--Dedicated to the sacred memory of “The Princess Charlotte of Wales." Preface signed “ M.A.M.,

Notes on the coast west of Penzance, and on London, Mch. 28, 1818.”

the structure of the Scilly islands. Trans. R.G.S.C.,

i, 27-31, (1818). Lines from the land of streams. A miscel

A sketch of the geology of the Lizard district. lany in verse and prose. By the Author of " The

With map. ib., i, 32–37. Crescent,” &c. Lond., J. Hatchard and Son,

| On stalactites [in Little Bounds Mine,] i, 226. 1841, 80.

Contributions towards a knowledge of the Note.-Contains " Lines to a Lady in Cornwall,” | geological history of wood tin, i, 237–39. [at Maker,] pp. 53-55.

Note.- Mr. Majendie was one of the founders, in Dioramic Sketches. Antient and Modern. | 1814, of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall. Anon. Lond., Hope and Co., Gt. Marlborough St., 1853, 12°., pp. 107.

MANATON, AMBROSE, of Trecarrell (son of NOTE.-The above lady must not be confounded

Peter Manaton), M.P. for Launceston, 1639, with Mary Anne Macmullen, the authoress of " Taunton,

1640. d. 11 June, 1651. bur. South Petherwin. or the town we live in," 1858, 80., and other works, she cf. Bliss' Wood, (Fasti), iv, 66. being dau. of Will. Bristow, of Calcutta, (where she was born), and wife of Lieut. Frederic Summers Macmullen.


Private case between Walter Radcliffe and 10 Jan., 1830.

Martha Fursman, etc., respecting the property of Down Channel from London to the Land's | Henry Mannaton, of Harewood, 1730, fol. PriEnd in the “ Leo,” 3 Tons, and from London to vately printed. the Scilly Islands in the “Orion,” 16 Tons, R.T.Y.C. With other cruises. By R. T. McMANDERSON. COMMANDER JAMES, R.N. b. Mullen. Illustration by Barlow Moore. Lond.,

1762. d. Mawnan, 13 Feb., 1837. cf. Gent. Longman, 1869, 80., pp. xii and 77.

Mag., vii, 661, (1837). MACORMICK. See MACARMICK.

A Letter to the Prime Minister and the First

Lord of the Admiralty from a Captain in the MADERN FAMILY.

Royal Navy, [i.e., J. Manderson,] on the extenArms and quarterings of the family of Cossen sion of the naval establishments of the country, als Madern, Co. Cornwall. Br. Museum, Addit. with an engraved sketch of Falmouth Harbour; MSS., 5,524, fol. 214b.

wherein it is proved, that this harbour, from the

combination of situation, safety, ease of entrance, MADERN, OR MADEN, St. d. Madron. cf. capacity and extreme susceptibility of improve

Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints, (1836), i, ment, is the First Harbour in Great Britain for 636.

all Naval purposes connected with the Atlantic

Ocean. Lond., printed for J. Stockdale, PiccaMADGE, TRAVERS (son of Rev. Thos. Madge). dilly, Dec., 1810, 4o., pp. 50, 4/6. 6. Thorpe, near Norwich, 12 Oct., 1823. d.

NOTE.-A presentation copy to The Right Hon. Norwich, 22 Mch., 1866.

Thomas Grenville is now in the Grenville Lib. Br. Travers Madge. A memoir by Brooke Herford.

Museum. It contains the letter which accompanied the Lond., Hamilton, 1867, 80., pp. 192, 1/6.—2nd

work dated “ Tretheage, Penryn, 11 Jan., 1811." ed. Lond., 1868, 80., pp. 192, 1/6.-3rd ed.

An examination into the true cause of the Lond., 1868, 8°., pp. 192, 1/6.

Stream running through the Gulf of Florida. NOTE.—The account of T. Madge's visit to Cornwall, Lond., 1812, 80. as a Unitarian Minister, in 1848, is contained in pp. Twelve letters addressed to the Rt. Hon. 42-50, in all the editions.

Spencer Perceval. Wherein a view is taken of MAHAR-SHALAL-HASH-BAZ. pseud., i.e.

the present magnitude of the British Navy, the

royal establishments for its equipment and reThe New Chapel, or Penzance Zeal. By Mahar ception ;...also of the policy of the measures shalal-hash-baz. pseud., i.e.,

Pen about to be adopted for supplying the evident zance, J. Thomas, 1825, 12o.

defects in the present anchorages and royal dockMANDERSON, COMMANDER JAMES. (Con.).

MARRYAT, Capt. Frederick. (Con.). yards. From James Manderson, Esq., Captain Life and letters of Capt. Marryat. By Florin the Royal Navy. Lond., printed for Thomasence Marryat, (Mrs. Ross Church). Lond., R. Underwood, No. 40, West Smithfield, 1812, 8o., | Bentley and Son, 1872, 2 vols., cr. 8°. pp. viii and 151. Grenville Lib., Br. Museum. I

NOTE.-In i, 102-103, is an account of Capt. WarNOTE.- The chief aim of these letters is to advocate ryat being upset in a boat in Falmouth Harbour. the making of Falmouth Harbour a Naval Station.

MARSH, HENRY. 1. Sidmouth, 1824. Now ResiMANN, REV. GERARD (son of Rev. Horace Nann). R. of Mawgan, 1851 to 1856. b. Maw

dent in Sidney, Australia. gan-in-Meneage Rectory, 20 Mch., 1821. d. The Duke of Cornwall's Waltzes for the pianoMawgan, 21 Oct., 1855. bur. 29 Oct.

forte. Composed and dedicated to Mrs. Pidwell A sermon, preachedat Mawgan Church, Novem

Batten by Henry Marsh. Lond., R. Cocks and ber 4th, 1855, on the occasion of the death of the

Co., [1812,] fol., pp. 6, 3/

The Mount's Bay Quadrilles for the pianoRev. Gerard Mann. By the Rev. Saltren Rogers. Penheale-Press, Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston,

forte. Composed and dedicated to Miss Fanny

Scobell by Henry Marsh. Lond., Chappell and Cornwall, 1855, 120., pp. 21. A sermon, preacher at Mawgan Church, Octo

Co., [184-,) fol., pp. 6, 4/-. ber 28th, 1855, on the occasion of the death of NOTE.-Wr. Marsh married a dau. of Jr. James the Rev. Gerard Mann. By the Rev. J. P. Dawson, Comedian, of Truro. Mayne. Penheale Press, Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston, Cornwall, 1855, 12o., PP. 20.

MARSH, REV. JOSEPH. Wesleyan Minister in

Cornwall, 1812-19. b. 1788. d. Atherstone, MANNING, JAMES (son of Rev. Jas. Manning). 2 Feb., 1845. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag.,

Her Majesty's Ancient Serjeant-at-law. b. I lxviii, 405, 916, (1845).
Exeter? 1781. d. 44, Phillimore Gardens, Memoir of James Henry Davies who was b.
Kensington, 29 Aug., 1866.

in Jamaica, Nov., 1795, and d. at St. Ives, 12 A Digest of the Nisi Prius Reports with notes | Sept., 1818. Methodist lag., xli, 603-10, (1818). and references and some original cases chiefly Memoir of John Organ who was b. at St. collected on the Western Circuit. By James | Austell, Nov., 1788, and d. at St. Austell, 21 Manning, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-law. 2nd Sept., 1815. ib., xlii, 129–32, (1819). ed, with considerable additions. Lond., printed for J. and W. T. Clarke, 1820, 80. Index and

MARSHALL, CHARLES. 6. Bristol, Apl., 1637. contents unpaged, the digest, pp. 1-376, names

d. Southwark, 15 Sept., 1698. of cases unpaged.

Sion's Travellers comforted and the disobedient The Practice of the Court of Exchequer, warned. In a Collection of Books and Epistles Revenue Branch. By James Manning, of Lin of that faithful minister of Jesus Christ, Charles coln's Inn, Barrister-at-law. 2nd ed. corrected | Marshal. Lond., printed and sold by T. Sowle, and enlarged. With an Appendix, containing 1704, 80. An Inquiry into the tenure of the conventionary The Journal, etc., of C. Marshall... Lond., R. estates in the assessionable manors, parcel of | Barrett, 1844, 80. the Duchy of Cornwall. Lond., printed by A.

Note.-C. Marshall visited the Meetings in CornStrahan for H. Butterworth, 1827, 80., pp. wall in Mch., 1671. “A Copy of a Letter to Friends in xlviji and 516, 31 6.

Falmouth,” signed “ C. Marshall," occurs in the first

work on pp. 177-80, and is reprinted in the second on Note.—The Inquiry occupies pp. 356-94.

pp. 196-97. MANORS, GILBERT.

MARSHALL, WILLIAM. b. Yorkshire, 1746. To G. Manors, divers Manors, &c., in Corn d. Pickering, Yorkshire, 18 Sept., 1818. wall. Ilarl. MSS., 433, art. 867.

The Rural Economy of the West of England, MANORS, Sir ROBERT, Knt.

including Devonshire and parts of Somersetshire, To Sir R. Manors, several Manors: whereof | Dorsetshire and Cornwall, together with Minutes that of Tremwelle, in Cornwall, was late of

in practice. By Mr. Marshall. Lond., printed Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset. llarl. MSS.. for G. Nicol, Pall Mall, 1796, 2 vols., 80. 12. 433, art. 825.

Note.-An Excursion in Cornwall is in ii, 3-17. MARRYAT, CAPT. FREDERICK (son of Joseph A Review (and Complete Abstract) of the

Marryat, of Wimbledon). b. Westminster, 10 Reports to the Board of Agriculture from the July, 1792. d. Langham, Norfolk, 9 Aug., Southern and Peninsular departments of Eng. 1848.

| land... By Mr. Marshall. York, printed by T.

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