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MASON, Rev. Robert. (Con.).

MATTHEWS, ALEXANDER. (Con.). A Cornish Excursion; or a brief history of | The Mount Alexander Mail, published daily. pleasing and painful events which occurred dur- | Printed and Published by A. Matthews at the ing a recent visit to the West of Cornwall. By Office of the Mount Alexander Mail, Moystyn Rev. R. Mason. Lond., printed by W. Buck, St., Castlemaine, Victoria, for A. Matthews and Whitechapel, High St., 1831, 120., pp. 40, 6d. Co., Proprietors. Printed by Steam, 1858, single

sheet, fol., 1/ MASON, REV. WILLIAM, M.A. Precentor of York Cathedral. b. Hull, 1725. d. Aston,

NOTE.--The paper was first issued as a weekly, by

A. Matthews, Mr. Saint and another. After sometime Yorkshire, 5 Apl., 1797.

the price was reduced to 6d. In 1863 it became, and Elfrida, a dramatic poem, written on the model

still is, the sole property of A. Matthews, and it is now

published daily at ld. of the ancient Greek tragedy. By Mr. Mason. Lond., printed for John Knapton, in Ludgate MATTHEWS, JOHN (son of Thomas Matthews). St., 1757, 80., pp. xix and 80.-Reprinted in b. Camborne, 15 July, 1818. d. Liskeard, 13 The Works of Rev. W. Mason, (1811), ii, 1–75. Sep., 1857. cf. also pp. 175–93.

The Liskeard Gazette and East Cornwall AdNote.—The scene of this poem is laid at Harewood,

vertiser. Printed and published [every Saturin Cornwall.

day] by J. Matthews, Church St., Liskeard.

First Number published 21 July, 1855, demy MATHEWS, CHARLES (7th son of James

89., 12d. Mathews). b. No. 18, Strand, London, 28 June, 1776. d. Plymouth, 28 June, 1835.

Note.—The size was afterwards altered to double

demy, 4 pages, and finally to double crown, 8 pages. Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian. By The price was reduced to one penny, 5 Jan., 1857. J. Mrs. Mathews. 2nd ed. Lond., R. Bentley, 1839, Matthews occasionally edited the Paper, which, since his 4 vols., 8o.

decease, has been continued by his widow, “ Alice Mat

thews, at her residence and printing office, Market St., Note.—The account of C. Mathews' “ Expedition

Liskeard." from Plymouth to Looe” is contained in iii, 495-96.

MATTHEWS, P. Engineer, Illogan. MATHIAS, REV. LEWIS. Curate of Mevagissey; Stamps and Cleaning Machine. Rep. R.C.P. Curate of Falmouth. b. 1790. d. Falmouth,

Soc., 1851, p. 42. 24 Dec., 1837. cf. Gent. Mag., ix, 215, (1838). A Catechismon the nature, constitution, govern

MATTHEWS, SAMUEL. ment and authority of the Christian Church. By Callipers and Centreing Guage. By S. MatL. Mathias, Curate of Mevagissey, Cornwall. thews, Truro. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1853, p. 40. Lond., printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-yard, and Waterloo-Place, Pall-Mall, 1824, MAULEVERER, HALVATH. 89., pp. 16, 3d.

H. Mauleverer hath the office of Constable of Note.-Preface dated “ Mevagissey, August, 1823." | the Castle of Launceston. [2 Rich. III, Dec. 17,

1484.] Harl. MSS. 433, art. 1139. cf. 9th Rep. MATON, WILLIAM GEORGE, M.D., F.R.S. 6. of Deputy Keeper of Records, where he is called

Salisbury, 1774. d. Spring-Gardens, London, | Halnatheus Maulererer. 30 March, 1835. bur. St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

MAW, St. cf. Alban Butler's Lires of the Saints, Observations relative chiefly to the natural history, picturesque scenery and antiquities of

(1838), i, 637. the Western Counties of England, made in the

MAY, REV. John. V. of Newlyn, 1646 ; Ejected years 1794 and 1796. Illustrated by a miner

16--; V. of Walkampton, Devon, 1659-62. alogical map and sixteen views in aquatinta, by

cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, p. 305. Alken. By W. G. Maton, M.A., Fellow of the Linnean Society. Lond., printed and sold by J. MAY. REV. JOSEPH. V. of St. Austell. circa Easton, 1797, 2 vols., 80., 36/

1613; V. of St. Neot, 16--; Ejected from Note.—The account of Cornwall, with three views

both benefices. d. ante 1660. cf. Walker's is contained in i, 132-275. Dr. Maton was accompanied Sufferings, pt. ii, p. 305; Oliver's Monasticon on this expedition by Mr. O. Hatchett and Rev. T.

Addit. Suppl., p. 9, where he is called Mair. Rackett.

Epaphras. A sermon preached at Saint Avstell, MATTHEWS, ALEXANDER (son of Thomas Mat- in Cornwall, in commemoration of a benefactor, thews). b. Camborne, 16 Mch., 1826.

the second of February, 1639. By Joseph May, MAY, REV. Joseph. (Con.).

MAY, WILLIAM, M.D. (Con.). Master of Arts and Pastour of that parish. Extract from a Letter on the Epidemic Catarrh Lond., printed by T. H. for Humphrey Robin- of 1788. ib., ix, 342–44. son, and are to be sold at the signe of the Three An account of an epidemic fever that prevailed Pigeons, in Paul's Church-yard, 1641, 4o. Br. 1 in Cornwall in 1788. Dated Truro, Jany. 26, Museum.

1789. ib., x, 117–41, (1789). Note.- Dedication « To his worthy friend and

Further remarks on the Treatment of Phthisis friendly benefactor, Mr. Richard Delamine, servant to

Pulmonalis. Dated Maidstone, July 29, 1790. his Majesty in the practice of the mathematickes,” 1 leaf, | ib., xi, 255-65, (1790). To his beloved parishioners of St. Austell, 1 leaf, the sermon, pp. 1-28.

MAYNARD, HENRY (son of John Maynard). MAY, REV. SAMUEL (son of Francis May).

b. St. Ewe? d. Illogan Highway, 17 May, Fellow of Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, 25 June,

1859. 1740 to 1787. b. St. Columb, 1715. d. 6 Guage Cock. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1854, p. 47. Sept., 1787. cf. Hawes' Hist. of Framlingham, p. 285; Gent. Mag., lvii, pt. ii, 839, (1787).' MAYNARD, JOHN (son of the above). b. near

Grampound, 2 Feb., 1826. MAY, WILLIAM

Improved Whim. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1852, p. W. May and others, Commissioners for Corn- | 101. wall, to Edw. Walker, 1644. See Coryton, Will.

MAYNARD, Rev. John. Bible Christian MinMAY, WILLIAM, M.D., 5 June, 1788 (son of | ister (son of Thomas Maynard). b. Northlew,

Sam. May). Physician to the Royal Universal Devon, 14 April, 1820.
Dispensary, London. b. East Looe. bur. Ditti-
sham, Devon, 1817. cf. Munk's Roll of Physi-

Matrimony, or what marriage life is, and how

to make the best of it. By J. Maynard, 1864, cians, ii, 330.

80.-2nd ed. carefully revised and greatly enDissertatio Inauguralis, complectens de Typho | larged. Lond., G. J. Stevenson, 1866, 80., pp. quædam. Auctore Gulielmo May, Anglo. Lugd || viii and 224. (uni] Batav [orum,] 1787, 4o. An account of an Epidemic fever; with a few |

Note.- Preface to 1st ed. dated “St. Mary's, Scilly remarks on the Treatment of fevers in general.

Islands, 23 Jan., 1864,” to 2nd ed. “St. Ives, Cornwall,

8-Mch., 1866." By W. May, M.D., Extra-Licentiate of the College of Physicians, London, and Physician at Self-Mental Culture. A Lecture. By J. MayMaidstone. Maidstone, 1790, 80.

nard. Truro, W. Lake, Boscawen St., 1867, 80.,

pp. 28. Note.—A reprint with additions of the Lond. Med.

How to succeed in business. By J. Maynard. Journ., x, 117-41, (1789).

Lond., F. W. Bourne... Truro, W. Lake. n.d., Essay on pulmonary consumptions, including [1870,] 12o., pp. 49. the histories of several remarkable instances of recovery from the most alarming stages of the

Note.- Preface dated “West Looe, June 25, 1870,” disorder, by an improved method of treatment.

MAYNE, REV. CUTHBERT. Chaplain to Mr. By W. May, M.D. Plymouth, printed and sold by B. Haydon, sold also by Cadell... London,

Francis Tregian, of Golden, in Probus. b. near

Barnstaple. Executed at Launceston, 29 Nov., 1792, 8o., 3/6.

1577. cf. Dodd's Church Hist., (1737), ii, 91-94; Note.- Dedication dated “Plymouth, Broad St., 1

Bp. Challoner's Mem. of Missionary Priests, Mch., 1792," 4 leaves, introduction, pp. i-xxxii, the essay (1803), i, 7-11; Bliss' Wood, (Fasti), ii, 185; pp. 1-107, contents, 1 leaf. This work is said to have Camden's The IIistory of the Princess Elizabeth, been reprinted at Leipzig, 1794, 8o.

(1688), p. 224 ; Oliver's Hist. of the Catholic A cure for a scald. By W. May, M.D. Truro,

Religion, pp. 203, 355; Lingard's Hist. of Eng1794, 4o. cf. Arminian Mag., xvii, 259–61,

land, (1849), vi, 331–32; Girolamo Pollini L'His(1794).

toria Eccl. della rivolucion d' Inghilterra (Rome, An account of the successful Termination of

1594, 4.) Book is, c. 20, pp. 498–501 ; a Case attended with Symptoms of Phthisis

Father John Morris' Troubles of our Catholic Pulmonalis : with remarks on the Treatment of

Forefathers, (1872), i, 64-101. that Disease. By W. May, M.D. Dated Truro, Biographical Memoranda, by Bishop Kennet, July 19, 1788. Lond. Med. Journ., ix, 268-85, relating to C. Mayne. Lansd. MSS. 981, art. (1788).

| 99, fol. 163–64.



MAYOW, JOHN, M.D. (Con.). Commentariolus de Persecutione Anglicana a de Rhachitide. Studio Joh. Mayow, LL.D., et Collegio Romano Anglicano. Ingoltstadü, 1582, Medici ; nec non Coll. Omn. Anim. in Univ.

Oxon. Socii. Portrait. Oxonii ; e Theatro Shel

doniano, An. Dom. 1674, sm. 4o. NOTE.—Contains at the end some hexameters ad. dressed to 0. Mayne. C. Mayne was the first person Note. – Epistola Dedicatoria ; Authori in ejus who was put to death under the Act of 1571 ; being

quinque Tractatus Carmen; and Elenchus Rerum uncharged at Launceston Assizes, 16 Sept., 1577, with the

paged. First 3 Tracts, pp. 1-335; Last two, pp. 1-152. possession of an Agnus Dei and a Bull of Pope Gregory.

cf. Philos. Trans., ix, 101-113, (1674). His conduct also caused the banishment of his patron, Francis Tregian [q.v.]

Johannis Mayow, Londinensis Doctoris et

Medici nec non Coll. Omn. Anim. in UniversiMAYNE, REV. JOHN PASCOE (son of Will.

tate Oxoniensi Socii. Opera omnia medico-phyMayne). Curate of St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly,

sica tractatibus quinque comprehensa. Quorum Dec., 1849; Curate of Mawgan and St. Martin,

catalogum pagina post epistolam Dedicatoriam Meneage, Dec., 1854; Curate of Tywardreath,

exhibet. Editio novissima, Figuris æneis adornata. 1858; Now (1872) Curate of Beer-Ferris,

Portrait. Haga-Comitum apud Arnoldum Leers, Devon. b. Ballyheigh, co. Kerry, 12 Dec.,

1681, 89. Dedication unpaged, 2 leaves, De 1826.

Rachitide, etc., pp. 1-416, Elenchus Rerum unA sermon on the death of the Rev. Gerard / paged, 11 leaves. Mann, (1855), q.v.

NOTE.—This is a reprint of the previous work. MAYOW, JOHN, M.D., F.R.S. (3rd Son of | P'AXITIAOAOTIA or A tract of the disease

Philip Mayow). Probationary Fellow of All rhachitis commonly called the rickets, shewing Souls, 1662?'b. St. Dunstan's in the West,

the signes, cause, symptoms and prognosticks. Fleet St., 1644. d. At an Apothecary's House

Together with a most accurate and ingenious bearing the sign of the Anchor, in York St., method of cure. Written originally in Latin (acCovent Garden, London, Sept., 1679. bur. St. cording to a new framed Hypothesis) by that Paul's, Covent Garden. cf. Bliss' Wood, iii, most learned philosopher and famous physician, 1199; Daniel Le Clerc's Bibl. Anatomica, (1699), Dr. John Mayow...rendered into English by i, 1057–64, ii, 554-69; Hallam's Lit. Hist. of W[illiam) S[ury.) To which is subjoyn'd a proEurope, (1854), iii, 581; W. Hewson's Works fitable Appendix touching weights and measures (Sydenham Soc., 1846), pp. 7, 11; Granger; used in the composition of medecines...Oxford, Watkins' Biog. Dict. ; Chalmers ; Didot Nouvel printed by L. L. for Th. Fickus, 1685,[1684,] 12o. Biog. Univ. ; Biog. Univ. ; Rose.

Dedication, 3 leaves, To the Reader, 5 leaves, Tractatvs dvo quorum prior agit de respira A Tract, pp. 1–100, Appendix, pp. 1–17, Terms tione ; alter de rachitide. A Joh. Mayow, Coll. of Art, 3. leaves, Index, 2 leaves. Omn. An. Socio. Oxon, excudebat Hen. Hall,

Chemical experiments and opinions, extracted impensis Ric. Davis, 1668, 80., pp. 108. Sion

from a work published in the last century. With College Lib.

a plate. Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1790,

80., 2/6. Note.-" Tractatus primus de respiratione," pp. 1-61, with two plates; “ Tractatvs Secundus de rachi NOTE. A Letter “ To Edmund Goodwyn, M.D.", tide. A Joh. Mayo...Oxon. excudebat Hen. Hall, im- ) signed “Thos. Beddoes, Oxford, 12 Feb., 1790," pp. pensis Ric. Davis, 1668," pp. 65-108. The pagination i-xli; Contents of the three treatises, pp. 1-18; Analysis of this work is continuous and the second portion has of Mayow's Chemical Opinions, pp. 1-63. a distinct title page. cf. Philos. Trans., iii, 833-35, (1668).

Observations on the claims of the Moderns to

some discoveries in Chemistry and Physiology. Disquisitiones Anatomicæ. A Joh. Mayow.

By G. D. Yeats, M.B... Lond., printed for the Geneva, 1669, fol.

Author, and sold by J. Debrett, opposite BurTractatus duo, quorum prior agit de respira

lington-House, Piccadilly, 1798, 80., pp. xxxvi tione, alter de rachitide. A Joh. Mayow, Coll.

and 403. Omn. An. Socio. Lugd [uni] Batavor (um) apud Cornelium Driehuysen, Felicem Lopez de Haro, NoTE.—This work chiefly relates to Mayow's dis1671, 80., pp. 1-57.

coveries in chemistry and physiology. Prefixed is a

portrait of Mayow, and in the Appendix are letters by Tractatus Quinque Medico-Physici. Quorum

Dr. Beddoes and Dr. Scherer relative to him. primus agit de Sal-Nitro, et Spiritu Nitro-aereo. Secundus de Respiratione. Tertius de Respira- | Johann Mayow's Chemisch physiologische tione Fætus in utero et ovo. Quartus de Motu Schriften Aus dem Lateinischen übersetzt von Musculari, et Spiritibus Animalibus. Ultimus | Joh. Koellner... nebst einer Vorrede von Alex. .

MAYOW, JOHN, M.D. (Congo

MELORUS, ST. (son of Melianus, Duke of CornNicol Scherer. Jena bey Johann Christian

wall). Patron Saint of Mylor. d. 1 Oct., Gottfried Gopferdt, 1799, 80., pp. xxii and 456.

411? cf. Acta Sanctorum, 3 Jan., i, 136–37, Register, 6 leaves, Inhalt, 1 leaf.

1089; Leland's Itin., ïïi, 194; Hardy's Cat. of Mayow anticipated, or the discoveries of Hooke

Materials, i, 39-40; William of Malmesbury relative to the composition of our atmosphere.

Gesta Pontificum, ii, 87; Haddan and Stubbs Communicated by J. R. Thornton, M.D. Tilloch's

Councils, i, 35–36, 161-62, ii, 84.
Philos. Mag., iii, 370–75, (1799).
Letter from [Thomas) Beddoes, M.D., respect-

MELVILL, REV. HENRY,B.D. (son of Capt. Philip ing Cit. Fourcroy's account of the discoveries of

Melvill). Fellow and Tutor of St. Peter's Mayow. W. Nicholson's Journ. of Natural Philo

Coll., Camb., 1822-32?; Incumb. of Camden sophy, iii, 108, (1800).

Chapel, Camberwell, 1830 ?; Chaplain to the

Tower of London, 1840; Golden Lecturer, St. MAYOW, PHILIP WYNELL (eld. son of John

Margaret's, Lothbury, 1850-56; Principal of Salt Wymell Mayow. d. 1802). b. 17 Mch., East India Coll., Hailey bury, 1843; Canon of 1771. d. 54, Guilford St., London, 28 Dec., St. Paul's, 1856–71; Ř. of Barnes, 1863–71. 1844. cf. Gent. Mag., xxiii, 316, (1845). b. Pendennis Castle, 14 Sept., 1798. d. Resi

dentiary House, Amen Court, London, 9 Feb., Note.The Rev. Mayow Wynell Mayow, M.A. (2nd

1871. bur. St. Paul's, 15th Feb. cf. J. Grant's son of the above), b. 8 July, 1810, is the author of numerous works.

Metropolitan Pulpit, (1839), ii, 1–21 ; Diary of

H. C. Robinson, ii, 177-78; The London Pulpit, MAYOW, Rev. RICHARD. Canon of Exeter. b. by J. Ewing Ritchie, (1858), pp. 60-68; Jos. Bray ? d. 1500. cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 709.

Johnson's Popular Preachers, (1863), pp. 189

201 ; The Preacher's Lantern, Ed. by Revs. MAYOW, REV. ROBERT WYNELL, B.A. (2nd Paxton Hood and D. Longuill, (1871), i, 193–

son of John Salt Wynell Mayow). Curate of 207, 257–67, 332–42, (1871); English Cyclop; St. Thomas' Chapel, Ardwick, near Manches Men of the Time; Annual Register (Obituary), ter, 1816–17. b. Saltash, 8 Oct., 1777. d. 1871, p. 145. Ardwick, Manchester, 8 Jan., 1817. cf. Gent. The veil lifted up, a sermon preached at St. Mag., lxxxvii, pt. i, 90, (1817).

Margaret's, Lothbury, Feb. 20, 1871, being the Plain Preaching, or sermons for the poor and Tuesday after the funeral of Canon Melvill. By for people of all ranks. By the Rev. R. Mayow. | Daniel Moore, M.A. Lond., Oxford and Cam2nd ed. Lond., printed for Baldwin, Cradockbridge, Rivingtons, 1871, 4o., pp. 23. and Joy, Paternoster Row. [R. Cocker, printer, Ormskirk,] 1816, 120., pp. viii and 406, 6/-. . Sermons and Miscellaneous Pieces. By the

A Sermon in behalf of the London AssociaRev. R. W. Mayow, formerly of Exeter College, tion, in aid of the Missions of the United Oxford, and Čurate of Ardwick, near Man Brethren. Preached at St. Clement's, London, chester. To which is prefixed a memoir of his April 26, 1830. By H. Melvill, M.A., Minister life. Lond., printed for Budd and Calkin, 100, of Camden Chapel, Camberwell, and late Fellow Pall Mall, 1821, 80., pp. 453, 7/6.

and Tutor of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.

Lond., published by L. B. Seeley and Sons. MAYSON, REV. CHARLES, D.D. (son of Rev. [Printed by L. B. Seeley and Sons, Weston

Peter Mayson). Fellow of Wadham Coll. ; R. Green, Thames Ditton,] 1830, 89., pp. 32, 1/6. of Lezant, 31 July, 1784 to 1815. b. Frome, The 'Spital Sermon. Preached before the Lord 1753. d. Lezant, 14 Jan., 1815. cf. Gent. Mayor and Corporation of the City of London, Mag., lxxxv, pt. i, 94, (1815).

at Christ Church, Newgate St., Apl. 5, 1831.

By the Rev. H. Melvill, M.A. Lond., L. B. MEASOM. GEORGE SAMUEL, F.R.G.S. (son of | Seeley and Sons, 1831, 80., 1/6.

Daniel Measom). b. Greenwich, Dec., 1818. Report of two Funeral Sermons for the late

The Official Illustrated Guide to the Bristol Rev. William Howels, A.M. By the Rev. H. and Exeter, North and South Devon, Cornwall Melvill, A.M., and the Hon. and Rev. Baptist and South Wales Railways. By G. Measom. Noel, A.M., preached at Long Acre Episcopal 300 Engravings. Lond., R. Griffin, n.d., [1860, Chapel, on Sunday, Nov. 25, 1832. To which 89., 1/-: -2nd ed. Lond., Griffin, Bohn and Co.

is added substance of a sermon by the late Rev. n.d., (1861,] 8°., pp. 280, 1/-.

W. Howels. Lond., published by W. Strange,

21, Paternoster Row, 1832, 80., pp. 34, 1/-. Nore.—The Account of the Cornwall anå West Cornwall Railways, with 27 views, is contained in pp. NOTE.—The Sermon preached on Sunday morning 213-64.

| by the Rev. H. Melvill occupies pp. 3-21.


MELVILL, Rev. Henry, B.D. (Con.).

MELYILL, Rev. HENRY, B.D. (Con.). A Sermon preached...on the occasion of the nected with the London Hospital. By H. Meldeath of the Rev. W. Howels, M.A...By H. vill, B.D. Lond., sold by J. G. and F. Rivington, Melvill, M.A. 2nd ed. Lond., published by L. 1839, 80., pp. 32. B. Seeley and Sons. [Thames Ditton, printed,] Four Sermons preached before the University 1832, 80., pp. 50.-3rd ed. 1832, 80., pp. 50. of Cambridge, during the month of November,

Sermons. By H. Melvill, M.A. Lond., J. G. 1839. To which are added Two Sermons preached, and F. Rivington, 1833 and 1838, 2 vols., 80. the one at Great St. Mary's, the other at St. –4th ed. 1840-42, 2 vols., 80.–5th ed. Lond., Michael's. By H. Melvill, B.D. Cambridge, F. and J. Rivington, 1846, 2 vols., 80.-New printed for J. and J. J. Deighton, 1839, 80.,5/-. ed. Lond., Oxford and Cambridge, Rivingtons, 1870, 2 vols., 80.

Note.-Three editions of this work have been pubThe Divine Patience exhausted through the

lished. making void the divine law. A sermon preached

Protestantism and Popery. By the Rev. H. at Camden Chapel, Camberwell, on Sunday, the

Melvill. Extracted by permission from his second 26 April, 1835, by H. Melvill, A.M. Minister of

volume of Sermons published by Rivingtons, the Chapel. Lond., J. G. and F. Rivington,

London, 1838. 3rd thousand. Lond., printed by 1835, 80., pp. 36.

A. Macintosh, 20, Great New-Street. Published Sermons preached before the University of

by the Protestant Association. [Tract No. 18, Cambridge, during the month of February, 1836.

1839, 89., pp. 12, 1}d. To which are added two sermons preached in

The Church of Rome in her primitive purity Great St. Mary's at the evening lecture. By H.

compared with The Church of Rome at the Melvill, M.A. Cambridge, printed for J. and

present day... By John H. Hopkins, D.D... First J. J. Deighton, 1836, 80., pp. viii and 141, 5/-. London edition revised and corrected by the NOTE.—This work has extended to five editions.

Author, with an introduction, by the Rev. H.

Melvill, B.D. Lond., printed for J. G. and F. A Sermon preached at the sixty-second Anni Rivington, 1839, 80., pp. xxiv and 396, 8/6. versary of the Royal Humane Society, at St. Sermons preached at Cambridge during the Luke's Church, Chelsea, on Sunday morning, month of November, 1839. By H. Melvill, B.D. May 1, 1836. By the Rev. H. Melvill, M.A. Lond., printed for J. G. F. and J. Rivington, Lond., printed for the Society by Compton and 1840, 80., pp. viï and 141. Ritchie, Middle St., Cloth Fair, 1836, 80. pp. Spiritual Destitution of the parish of Bethnal36, 1/-.

Green, London. Two sermons preached in the Four Sermons preached before the University parish church of St. Vedast, Foster Lane, Cheapof Cambridge, during the month of February, side, on Sunday, Dec. 29, 1839. By the Rev. 1837. To which are added two Sermons preached H. Melvill, B.Ď., and the Rev. Thomas Dale, at the Evening Lecture, in Great St. Mary's M.A. Lond., Smith, Elder and Co., 1840, 80., Church. By H. Melvill, B.D. Cambridge, printed pp. 60 and 7, 2/for J. and J. J. Deighton, Trinity St., 1837, 80., pp. 140, 5/-.

Note.-Mr. Melvill's Sermon with a half title called

“Christ weeping over the City," and a preface dated Note.-Five editions of this work have been printed. “Camberwell, 14 Feb., 1840," occupies pp. 1-27. Religious Education, a sermon preached at Angels rejoicing in the gospel. A sermon Camden Chapel, Camberwell, on Sunday, Jan. preached on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 1840, in the church 28, 1838, after the reading of the Queen's letter of St. John the Evangelist, Brighton, on the on behalf of the National Society. By H. Mel occasion of its Consecration by the Right Rev. vill, B.D. Lond., printed for J. G. and F. Riv The Lord Bishop of Worcester. By H. Melvill, ington, 1838, 80., pp. 36, 1/6.—2nd ed., 1839, B.D. Lond., printed for J. G. F. and J. Riving80., 1/6.

ton, 1840, 80., pp. 32. The Greatness of being useful. A Sermon Remarks on Evangelical preaching, (exclusively preached in the church of St. Nicholas, Dept so called) as exhibited in a published sermon of ford, on Trinity Monday, June 11, 1838, before the Rev. Henry Melvill. Lond., 1840, 80. the Corporation of Trinity House. By H. Mel Christianity the Guardian of Human Life. A vill, B.D. Lond., printed for J. G. and F. Riv Sermon preached in the church of St. Nicholas, ington, 1838, 4o., pp. 23, 1/6.

Deptford, on Trinity Monday, June 15, 1840, The East Wind and the Rough Wind. A before the Corporation of Trinity House. By H. sermon preached at the church of St. Philip, Melvill, B.D. Lond., printed for J. G. F. and J. Stepney, on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 3, Rivington, 1840, 8o., pp. 24. 1839, in behalf of the Samaritan Society, con- / The Englishman's Library, No. xi. A Practi.

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