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MOHUN, CHARLES, 4th Baron. (Con.). Letter from Ja. Modyford to the Protector. Casus Medico-chirurgicus, or a most memorDated St. Cullume, in Cornwall, 8 June, 1656. able case of a noble-man, [i.e., Lord Mohun, Thurloe State Papers, v, 99.

deceased ... By Gideon Harvey, M.D. Lond.,

1678, 8o. MOHS, FRIEDERICK. Professeur de Mineralogie a l'école des Mines de Freiberg. b. Gernrode,

MOHUN, CHARLES, 5th Baron Mohun (son 1774. d. Agordo, Bellune, 29 Sept., 1839.

of the preceding). Slain in a duel with the

Duke of Hamilton, 15 Nov., 1712. bur. St. Treatise on Mineralogy or the natural history

Martin's in the Fields, 25 Nov. cf. Granger's of the mineral kingdom. By Frederick Mohs.

Biog. Hist. ; Lysons Environs of London, (1811), Translated from the German with considerable

i, 781; Rel. Hearniano, (1869), i, 268-69; additions, by William Haidinger, F.R.S.E. Edin

Chumbers' Book of Days, ii, 583; Memoirs...of burgh, printed for A. Constable and Co., 1825,

the Lives and Families of the most illustrious 3 vols., 80., 36/-.

persons who died in 1712, (By J. Le Neve), pp. Note.—This is a translation of Professor Mohs' 403–10; Calamy's Hist. Account of my oun life, Grundriss der Mineralogie which appeared in 1822-24. i, 428, ii, 4, 255; Mackay's Popular Delusions, It contains much information about Cornish minerals.

, 289-92; Larwood's Story of the London Parks,

i, 101-103; Peter Cunningham's Handbook of MOHUN FAMILY. cf. Nichols' Collectanea, iv,

London, (1850), pp. 27, 200, 238–39, 315, 317, 354, 1164.

424, 427; A. Steinmetz's Romance of Duelling, Pedigrees of Mohun. Harl. MSS. 807, art. 68; (1868), i, 233–41; N. Luttrell's Brief Hist. 1393, art. 99, 101; 2043, art. 47; 2188, art. 45 ; Relation of State Affairs, (1857), vol. i to vi, Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 5530, art. 154, fol. passim ; Rev. Joseph Spence's Anecdotes, (1858), ccxliii.

p. 256 ; F. K. Hunt's The Fourth Estate, (1850), Arms of Mohun quartering Burghersh. Arun i, 165 ; Gent. Mag., xxxviii, 219, (1852). del MSS., Br. Museum, 68, fol. 59.

The Tryal of Charles, Lord Mohun, before The Mohun...and Segrave pedigrees; containing House of Peers in parliament for the murder of copies of Charters from Newenham Cartulary... | William Mountford, which began the 31 of Janrecords, the Mohun book of Boconnock, etc. Sir uary, 1692, and continued by several adjournT. Phillipps' MSS. 13,164.

ments till the fourth of February (1693) follow

ing. The most honourable the Lord Marquis of MOHUN, BARON.

Carmarthen, Lord President of their Majesties Lord Mohun's engagement to the Protector,

Council, being Lord High Steward, pro hac vice, Feb., 1655. Thurloe State Papers, (1742), iv, 494.

together with The Questions in Point of Law Letter from E. Nosworthy (Sheriff of Cornwall,

put by their Lordships to the Judges with The 1655,) and others, Commissioners, relative to

Arguments of my Lord Mohun's Counsel and Lord Mohun. ib., iv, 497.

the opinions of the Judges upon the said ques.

tions. Published by command of the House of MOHUN, ALICE DE (4th dou. of William de

Peers. Printed by Edward Jones, in the Savoy, Brewere, and wife of Reginald, Lord de Mohun.

and published by him and Randal Taylor, near d. 1213).

Stationers-Hall, 1693, [March 4, 16%,] fol., pp.

64. Descent of the heirs of Alice de Mohun.

Note.-ef. Howell's State Trials, (1809-26), xii Arundel MSS., Br. Museum, 17, fol. 38 b. cf.

919-1050; Tanner MSS., Bod. Lib. 25, fol. 7. Mr. Dugdale's Monasticon, v, 692.

Richard Hill having proposed marriage to Mrs. Brace

girdle, and, met with a refusal, attacked and slew William MOHUN, LADY CATHERINE (dau. of Mr. Welles,

Mountford, in Howard St., Strand, at 12 p.m., on the

9 Dec., 1692, under the impression that he was the of Bramber, Hants, and wife of Warwick, 3rd

favoured suitor. Lord Mohun was present, but as was Baron Mohun, who d. 1665). d. Apl., 1692. proved on his trial, took no part in the murder.

The Queen, or the excellency of her Sex. An Tryals of Edward, Earl of Warwick and excellent old play. Found out by a person of Holland, and Charles, Lord Mohun, before the honour and given to the publisher, Alexander House of Peers in Parliament, in March, 1699, Goughe. Lond., 1653, 4o.

for the murder of Mr. Richard Coote, in LeicesNOTE.- Dedicated to Lady Catherine Mohun.

ter Fields. [Lond.] In the Savoy, 1699, fol.

Note.-ef. Howell's State Trials, xiii, 939-1060. MOHUN, CHARLES, 4th Baron Mohun (only son

The quarrel, in this case, commenced at Locket's Tavern,

in the Strand, on Sunday, 30 Oct., 1698, when Lords of Warwick, 3rd Baron). d. 1677. cf. N. and Q.,

Warwick and Mohun were seconds for Capt. Coote who 3 S., v, 135, (1864).

was killed on the spot.

MOHUN, CHARLES, 5th Baron. (Con.).

MOHUN, CHARLES, 5th Baron. (Con.). The whole life and history of my Lord Mohun | Lond., printed by J. Read, near Fleet Street. and the Earl of Warwick, with their comical n.d., [1712.] 4"., pp. 12. Bod. Lib. frolicks that they play'd.... Lond., printed by An excellent ballad of the Lord Mohun and J. Johnson, in Fleet St., 1711, sm. 4°., pp. 8. Duke Hamilton. With an exact account of their Grenville Lib., Br. Museum.

melancholy deaths. (A Ballad consisting of 24 A full and true account of a desperate and verses of 4 lines. Printed and sold in Aldermary bloodly duel, which was fought this morning in Church-Yard, Bow-Lane, London.] n.d., [1712,] High (sic) Park, between my Lord Moon (sic) | fol. Roxburghe Ballads, vol. iii, pp. 390-91. and Duke Hambilton (sic). With an account of A true and impartial account of the murder how my Lord Moon was kill'd on the spot and of his Grace, the Duke of Hamilton and BranDuke Hambilton receiv'd a mortal wound of don, by Mr. Mackartney (sic). Lond., printed and which he dy'd in a few hours after he receiv'd sold by John Morphew, near Stationers'-Hall, the wound. Enter'd at the Stamp-Office, accord [10 Dec.,] 1712, 4o., pp. 12. ing to the late Act of Parliament. Lond., printed A defence of Mr. Maccartney. By A Friend. by Edw. Midwinter, at the Star, in Pye Corner. 2nd ed. Lond., printed for A. Baldwin, near the m.d., [1712,0 fol, pp. 5, 1d.

Oxford-Arms, in Warwick-Lane, 1712, sm. 4o., The substance of all the depositions taken at pp. 31, 6d. the Coroner's Inquest, the 17th, 19th and 21st A Letter from Mr. Maccartney to A Friend of November, on the body of Duke Hamilton, of his in London. Dated, Ostend, Dec. 4-15, and the 15th, 18th, 20th and 22nd on the body

1712, giving a particular account of what passed of my Lord Mohun, containing those already before, and at the unfortunate duel between his printed and the substance of the depositions Grace, D. of Hamilton and L. Mohun. Lond., preceding and subsequent to the action. Lond., printed for A. Baldwin, in Warwick-Lane, 1713, printed for A. Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms, sm. fol., pp. 18, 6d. in Warwick-Lane, 1712, sm. 4o., pp. 16, 3d. A full and exact relation of the duel fought The substance of all the depositions, etc.

in Hyde-Park, on Saturday, November 15, 1712,

between his Grace James, Duke of Hamilton, Lond., printed for A. Baldwin, in Warwick

and the Right Honourable Charles, Lord Mohun. Lane, 1712, fol., pp. 2, 1d.

In a Letter to a Member of Parliament. Lond., Begins [p. 5] A Letter giving an account of

printed for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible, the duel between Duke Hamilton and Lord

against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleetstreet, Mohun. n.p. or d. [Lond., 1712,] 80. Br. Mu

1713, 40., pp. 22. seum, but in an imperfect state.

Memoirs of the life and family of the most A true and impartial account of the animosity, illustrious James, late Duke of Hamilton, wherein quarrel and duel between the late Duke of Ham- besides many other curious particulars, is inserted ilton and the Lord Mohun, with The Reports of

the copy of the letter sent by his Grace to his three eminent surgeons who open'd the bodies Son, the Marquis of Clidsdale, in Scotland, the and examin'd the wounds. And some Previous

night before he fought the duel with the Lord Reflections on Sham-Plots, etc. Lond., printed

Mohun. Lond., printed for T. Warner, at the and sold by A. Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms, | Black-Boy, in Pater noster-row, 1717, sm. 4o., in Warwick-Lane, 1712, sm. 4o., pp. 40, 6d. pp. 120.--Another ed. Lond., printed for T.

The Case at large of Duke Hamilton and the | Taylor, at the Rose, in Exeter Exchange, 1742, Lord Mohun, viz. I. A full and exact relation | 80., pp. 120, 1/6. of the duel... II. The Authentick Depositions...

Note.--The Appendix, pp. 109-120, contains the III. The particular wounds of the Peers upon depositions respecting the duel. The 1742 ed. is in the searching their bodies, by Dr. Ronjat, Mr. Buis

Grenville Lib.

An account of the duel with the Duke of Hamilton siere and Mr. La Fage. 3rd ed. Lond., printed

is contained in Thackeray's “Esmond," iii, 150, 159for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible, against St.

62. Besides the duels previously mentioned, Lord Dunstan's Church, in Fleetstreet, 1712, sm. Mohun was concerned in a duel with Lord Kennedy, on 40., pp. 14, 6d.

the 7 Dec., 1692; in a quarrel with Mr. Scobell, a Cornish

M.P., on the 7 Oct., 1694, when Lord Mohun challenged The Lives and Characters of James, Duke of

him ; in a duel with Capt. Bingham, 7 Apl., 1697; in a Hamilton and Brandon, Master of the Ordinance, quarrel with Capt. Hill, of the Foot Guards, at the and Knight of the Garter, and Charles, Lord Rummer Tavern, 14 Sept., 1697, when Captain Hill was

killed. Mohun, who were unfortunately kill'd by each other in Hyde Park, on Saturday, the 15th of The superiority and direct dominion of the this instant, November, 1712. Together with a | Imperial Crown of England over the Crown and true and particular account of that unfortu- | Kingdom of Scotland. 1704, 89. nate action; and also an elegy on their deaths. | NOTE.—Dedicated to Charles, Lord Mohun.

MOHUN, SIR John, 2nd Bart. (only son of Sir

MOHUN, SIR REGINALD. (Con.) Reginald Mohun). cr. 15 Apl., 1628, Baron

Letter from R. Mohun, B. Greenville and J. Mohun, of Okehampton, Devonshire; One of

| Trelawny to Jonathan Rashleigh, 10 Feb., 1627. the Commanders for the King in Cornwall

MSS. Trelawne. during the Civil War. b. 1595. d. 1644. cf. Clarendon's Hist. of Rebellion, (1819), vols. i,

MOHUN, REGINALD (eld. soh of John Mohun. ii; John Forster's Sir John Eliot, (1872), vols.

d. 1508). Sheriff of Cornwall, 1552. i and ii, passim.

Wideslade's title to the Courtney's land, now The Emperovr of the East. A Tragæ Comedie.

held by Mr. Mohun. Harl. MSS., 380, art. 60. The scene, Constantinople. As it hath been diuers times acted, at the Black-friers and Globe Play-houses, by the King's Maiesties Seruants.

MOHUN, THOMAS AND WILLIAM (twin sms of Written by Philip Massinger. Lond., printed

Sir W. Mohun, Knt.). cf. C. Fitz Geoffry's by Thomas Harper, for John Waterson, Anno

Affanice Book iii. 1632, 4o., unpaged. A-I, K-M, in fours.

MOHUN, William. cf. C. Fitz Geoffry's Affaniæ Note.-First produced at the Black Friars' Theatre,

Book iii, and (Cenotaphia.] 11 Mch., 1631. The Dedication is "To the right honorable and my especiall good Lord, Iohn, Lord Mohvne, Baron of Okehampton, etc.”

MOISSENET, LÉON (son of Jean Baptiste and Order signed by Lord Mohun and others to

Marguerite Thèrese Moissenet). Professeur de Piers Edgcumbe, concerning plate to be sent to

Docemasie; Chef de Bureau d'Assais ’Ecole

des Mines, Paris. b. Chalon-sur-Saone, 2 Aug., Sir R. Vivian. Launceston, 29 April, 1643. MSS. penes Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, Mount Edg

1831. cumbe.

Excursion dans le Cornwall en 1857. Annal. Letter from R. Mohun, B. Greenville, and J. des Mines, xiv, 77276, (1858). Trelawny, to J. Rashleigh, recommending J. Description des “man engines” employés dans Mohun to Sir R. Edgecumb. 10 Feb.. 1627. le Cornwall pour descendre et remonter les MSS. Trelawne.

ouvriers-mineurs. ib., xv, 1-45, 1859. [Also An act for the establishing of some manors in found as a Pamphlet, 1860, 8°.] Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, upon J. Mohun, Analyses de quelques fontes du Cornwall. Esquire, 3 May, 1621. MSS. penes House of Formation de grès cuprifère... ib., xvii, 1–17, Lords.


De l’Extraction dans les Mines du Cornwall. Note.-Committed 17 May, 1621, but not proceeded

ib., ii, 155-272, (1862); H. C. Salmon's Mining with.

and Smelting Mag., iii, 161, 225-30, 272-82, MOHUN, John. pseud. i.e., Cornelius, John.

350-58, (1863); iv, 19–23, 88–96, 151-57, 327–

35, (1864). MOHUN, MARY (dau. of Sir Henry Killigrews

Du dosage de l’étain dans les minerais de ce and 1st wife of Sir Reginald Mohun, Bart.). cf.

métal. Paris, Comptes Rendus, li, 205–7, (1860). C. Fitz Geoffry's Affania (Cenotaphia,] 1601. Études sur les filons du Cornouailles et du

Devonshire...ib., lv, 759–62, (1862); Annal. des MOHUN, SIR REGINALD (son of Sir William

Mines, ii, 161–71, (1863); H. C. Salmon's MinMohun, Knt.). cr. Bart., 25 Nov., 1612. cf. C.

ing and Smelting Mag., iii, 20-23, (1863); iv, 25, Fitz Geoffi y's Affania Book ii, 1601; Father

(1864). John Morris' Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers, (1872), i, 99; John Forster's Sir John Eliot, MOLESWORTH, MAJOR GENERAL. ef. Clar(1872), ii, 123–25.

endon's History of Rebellion, (1849), iv, 115, The Curse of Corne-horders, etc. By C. Fitz 122. Geffrie, 1631, 4o.

Lord George Goring to Prince Rupert, April Note. Dedicated“ to the truly ennobled and rightly | 12, 1644, complaining of Col. Molesworth for honored Sir Reginald Mohvne, Knight and Baronet.” disobeying his orders. Br. Museum, Addit. DISS.

1,519, art. 23. Registrum brevium olim Raynold Mohun of Co. Cornwall. Sir T. Phillipps' MSS., 9,301. MOLESWORTH, LADY ANDALUSIA GRANT Coats of arms of Earls and Barons of England

(only dau. of Bruce Carstairs, and wife, 1stly, from the Conquest. ib., 11,934.

of Temple West, of Mathon Lodge, Worcester, Note.-Conjectured by Sir T. Phillipps to have be

2ndly, on 9 July, 1844, of Sir Will. Molesworth, longed to "wohun, the Antiquary."

8th Bart.).

MOLESWORTH, LADY A. G. (Con.). MOLESWORTH, SIR John, 4th Bart. (eld. son On the Portrait of Lady Molesworth. Portrait. of Sir John Molesworth, 3rd Bart.) M.P. for By H. T. Chorley. The Keepsake, 1857, pp. 1-2. Newport, 1734, 1739; for Cornwall, 1744,

1757-1762. bapt. Egloshayle, 28 Feb., 1705. MOLESWORTH, SIR ARSCOTT-OURRY, 7th

d. 4 April, 1766. bur. Egloshayle, 14 April. Bart (eld. son of Sir Will. Molesworth, 6th

cf. H. Walpole's Memoirs of last 10 years of Bart). Sheriff of Cornwall, 1816. b. 1789. d.

Geo. II, i, 82. Pencarrow Park, 26 Dec., 1823. bur. Egloshayle, 3 Jan., 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., xciv, pt. | MOLESWORTH, Sir John, 5th Bart. (eld. son i, 177, (1824).

of the preceding). M.P. for Cornwall, 1765-75. MOLESWORTH, SIR HENDER, 1st Bart. cr.

Colonel of the Cornish Militia. b. 12 Mar., 19 July, 1689 (second son of Hender Moles

1729. bapt. Egloshayle, 9 April. d. 20 Oct., worth). Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica,

1775. bur. Egloshayle, 26 Oct. cf. H. Walpole's 1684–87. b. circa 1628. bur. St. Ann's, Soho,

Journ. of George III, from 1771 to 1783, i, 315. 12 Aug., 1689. cf. The Ellis Corresp., (1829),

MOLESWORTH, RICHARD (3rd son of Hender ii, 70: Corresp. of Earls of Clarendon and

Molesworth). M.P. for Lostwithiel, 1703, but Rochester, and Diary of Lord Clarendon, (1828),

unseated on petition of Col. James Kendall. i, 578, ii, 132.

cf. N. Luttrell's Brief Hist. Relation, (1857), A dialogue between the Assembly men of

V, 626. . Jamaica for and against passing the Revenue Bill (drawn by Col. H. Molesworth, 1682.] Br. MOLESWORTH, SIR WILLIAM, 6th Bart. (eld. Museum, Addit. MSS., 12,429, ff. 129, b. to 134.

son of Sir John Molesworth, 5th Bart). M.P. for Speech of Samuel Bernard, Esq., to His Ex

Cornwall, 1784-90. Sheriff of Cornwall, 1816. cellency Col. Molesworth on his approving the b. Langdon, near Plymouth, 30 June, 1758. Assembly's Choice of him for their Speaker,

d. Gloucester Place, Portman Sq., London, with Col. Molesworth's Speech to the Assembly 22 Feb., 1798. bur. Egloshayle, 8 Mch. cf. of Jamaica. ib., 12,429, ff 150–53.

Gent. Mag., lxviii, pt. i, 260, (1798). Note.-Sir H. Molesworth was the first Baronet created by William III.

MOLESWORTH, REV. WILLIAM, M.A. (2nd MOLESWORTH, Rev. Sir Hugh Henry, 9th

son of the preceding). R. of Beaworthy, 1816– Bart. (eld. son of Rev. Will. Molesworth). R.

51; R. of St. Breock, 1816-51; R. of St. Ervan, of Little Petherick, 1848--62. b. and bapt. St.

12 Apl., 1817-51. b. 5 Nov., 1792. d. St. Breock, 13 Oct., 1818. d. Little Petherick, 6

Breock, 28 March, 1851. cf. Gent. Mag., XXXV, Jan., 1862. bur. 11 Jany. cf. Gent. Mag., xiii,

677, (1851). 225, (1862).

Statement of Quantity of Rain at St. Breock Monody on the death of the Rev. Sir Hugh

and Goodamoor. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1840, p. 71; Molesworth, Bart., of St. Petroc Minor, Corn

1841, p. 147 ; 1842, p. 93. wall. Signed“ J. S., Wadębridge, Cornwall, January, 1862.” s. sh.


Bart., F.R S. (eld. son of Sir A. O. Molesworth, MOLESWORTH, REV. John.

and Mary, dau. of P. Brown, of Edinburgh). Letter from J. Molesworth, Priest, to John

M.P. East Cornwall, 1832–37 ; M.P. Leeds, Trevelyan. Trevelyan Papers, i, 97–98.

1837-1841; M.P. Southwark, Sept., 1845–

55 ; Sheriff of Cornwall, 1842; First ComMOLESWORTH, Sir Jown, Knt., and 2nd missioner of Public Works, Jan., 1853; Sec

Bart. (eld. son of Ilender Molesworth, and eld. retary of State for the Colonies, 21 July, bro. of Sir H. Molesworth, 1st Bart). Sheriff of 1855. b. London, 23 May, 1810. bapt. St. Cornwall, 1691. Vice-Admiral of North Corn George's, Hanover Sq. d. Eaton Place, London, wall ; M.P., Bossiney, 1701. M.P., Lostwithiel, 22 Oct., 1855. bur. Kensal Green. cf. Fraser's 1702. bur. Egloshayle, 18 Oct., 1716.

Mag., (with portrait), xvii, 338, (1838); Cyrus Edward Trelawney and Elizabeth, his wife,

Redding's Personal Reminiscences, ii, 1-22; Gent. on behalf of Elizabeth Trelawney, their daughter,

Mag., xliv, 645–48, (1855); Penny Cyclop., an infant... Appellants, Sir J. Molesworth, Knight

2nd Suppl.; English Cyclop.; Didot Nouvel. and Bart., John Arscott, Esq., Executors of

Biog. Univ.; Biog. Univ.; Vapereau Dict. Univ.; Thomas Darrell, Esq., and Frances Arscott, wife

The Times, 23 Oct., 1855, p. 7; Athenaeum, of the said John, and the Lady Gratiana Carew,

1855, p. 1242. Respondents, 28 Mch., 1701. In Rich. Colles' Notices of the late Sir W. Molesworth, Bart., Cases in Parliament, (1789), pp. 163–65. M.P., Secretary of State for the Colonies. Por

by I. mill


MOLESWORTH, SIR WILLIAM. (Con.). trait. Printed for private circulation. Lond., no | Sir W. Molesworth, Bart. Portrait of T. Hobbes. printer's name, 1857, 80., pp. ix and 167.

Lond., John Bohn, 1839-45, 11 vols., 80. Note.- The Introductory Letter addressed to “My

Note.-The production of T. Hobbes' Works is re

ported to have cost Sir W. Molesworth £6,000. He is dear Lady Molesworth" is signed “ Tho. Woollcombe,

stated in John Britton's Autobiog., (1850), pt. i, 423, Devonport, 1st Jan., 1857.” This work consists entirely of extracts from newspapers respecting Sir W. Moles

to have left MSS. collections of an intended life of

Hobbes. worta.

State of the Nation. Condition of the People. The London Review, vol. i, April-July, 1835.

Speech of Sir W. Molesworth, Bart., M.P., deVol. ii, July-January, 1835-6. Lond., Simpkin,

livered Feb. 5, 1840. From the Leeds Times. Marshall and Co., 1835–36, 2 vols., 80.

Lond., published by H. Hetherington, 126,

Strand, 1840, 80., pp. 16, 1d.
Note.-Contains “On the State of the Nation,"
i, 1-24, by Sir W. Molesworth, being the first of several

Speech of Sir W. Molesworth, Bart., on Transarticles by him. This work was established by J. A. portation. Delivered in the House of Commons Roebuck and Sir W. Molesworth ; after 2 volumes had on the 5th May, 1840. Lond., H. Hooper, Pall been published Sir W. Molesworth purchased the West

Mall East, 1840, 80., pp. 76, 1/6.
minster Review (which had alrearly run to 24 volumes)
and brought out the united magazines under the title

Speech of Sir W. Molesworth, Bart., M.P., of the London and Westminster Review with the double in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, 25th numbering of vols. iii and xxv.

July, 1848, on Colonial Expenditure and Govern

ment. Lond., Jas. Ridgway, Piccadilly, 1848, The London and Westminster Review, Jan

80., pp. 40, 1/3 uary-April, 1836. Vol. iii and xxv. Lond., John Observations on the speech of Sir W. MolesMacrone, St. James's Square, 1836, 8°., and worth, Bart., M.P., in the House of Commons, continued until 1851, forming a series of 32 on the 25th July, 1848, on Colonial Expendivols.

ture and Government. By J. Towne Danson,

Barrister-at-law. Lond., Jas. Ridgway, PiccaNote.- This work was edited for a considerable time by Sir W. Molesworth and J. S. Mill, the former

dilly. n.d., (1848,] 80.-2nd ed. Lond., n.d., contributing to its columns The Orange Conspiracy,

[Dec., 1848, 80., pp. 87, 2/2 iii, 181-201, (1836), and many other articles.

Speech of Sir W. Molesworth in the House

of Commons, 1850, on the Government of the Sir W. Molesworth's Speech in the House of Australian Colonies. Lond., 1850, 80., pp. 75. Commons, March 6, 1838, on the state of the Speech of Sir W. Molesworth, Bart., M.P., Colonies. Lond., T. Cooper, 1, Birchin Lane, in the House of Commons, on the 10th of April, 1838, 4o., pp. 59.

1851, for a reduction of the Colonial ExpendiSir W. Molesworth's Speech on the Corn Laws, ture of the United Kingdom. Lond., Jas. Ridg13 March, 1839. Lond., 1839, 120., pp. 36. way, Piccadilly. n.d., [1851, 80., pp. 41, 1/

Report from the Select Committee, on Trans Southwark Election. Speech of Sir W. Molesportation, together with the Minutes of Evidence,

worth, June 1, 1852. . Lond., 1852, 8°., pp. 15. appendix and index. Ordered by the House of Speech of Sir W. Molesworth, Bart., M.P., in Commons to be printed, 3 Aug., 1838. Lond.,

the House of Commons, on Friday, the 5th of n.d., [1838,] fol.

March, 1853, for the second reading of the

Clergy Reserves of Canada Bill. Charles WesterNote.—Sir W. Molesworth acted as Chairman of ton (Westerton's Library), 20, St. George's Place, this Committee.

Hyde Park Corner, (London), 1853, 80. Library

of House of Commons.
Report from the Select Committe of the House
of Commons on Transportation. With a Letter

MOLL, HERMAN. d. 1732.
from the Archbishop of Dublin on the same
subject, and notes by Sir W. Molesworth. Lond.,

A New Description of England and Wales... 1838, 80., pp. 54.

To which is added a new and correct set of Maps Thomæ Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera Phi

of each County...By H. Moll, Geographer. Lond.,

printed for H. Moll, over-against Devereuxlosophica quæ Latine scripsit omnia in unum

Court, in the Strand, 1724, fol., pp. xii, 343 and corpus nunc primum collecta studio et labore

X, 25/
Gulielmi Molesworth. Portrait of T. Hobbes.
Londini, apud Joannem Bolin, 1839-45, 5 vols., NOTE.— The account of Cornwall is contained in

pp. 16-26. The coloured map is entitled " Cornwall, by

H. Moll, Geographer," and is on a scale of half an inch The English Works of Thomas Hobbes, of

homas Hobbes, of to 5 miles. There are sketches of seven antiquities Malmesbury, now first collected and edited by | in the margin.

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