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MORTON, Rev. Charles. (Con.).

MORTON, Rev. CHARLES. (Con.). The gaming-humor considered and reproved. A Letter from London to his friend in the Or the Passion-pleasure, and exposing money country concerning the improvement of the to hazard by play, lot, or wager, examined. By county of Cornwall, written by C. M[orton,] a Well-wisher to Mankind, Ti.e., C. Morton.] 1683, MS., 80., formerly penes Rich. Heber. cf. Lond., printed for Tho. Cockerill, at the Three Heber's Cat., pt. xi, (MSS.) No. 342. Legs, in the Poultry, 1684, 80., pp. 52. Br. | Compendium physicæ ex authoribus extractum Museum.

à dom. Car. Mortono, 1687. [Transcript by John NOTE.--On the Title of the Book is written in a

Webb, 1704.] MS., 4o. Massachusetts Hist. Soc. contemporary hand “ Antho. Irby, his book" and under Lib. the words “Well-Wisher to Mankind," the name of “Mr. Notes of Sermons delivered by Samuel DarMorton."

forth, Ch. Morton, and others, 1683–86, 2 vols. The Spirit of Man; or some meditations (by | MS., ib. way of Essay) on the sense of that Scripture i A Complete System of Natural Philosophy.

Thess., 5, 23. By C. Morton, Minister of the By C. Morton. MS. Boudoin Coll. Lib.
Gospel at Charlstown, (sic) in New England. Bos-
ton, printed by B. Harris, for Duncan Campbell,

MORTON, JOHN MADDISON (son of Thos. Morat the Dock-head, over-against the Conduit,

ton, who d. 28 Mch., 1838). 1693, 80., pp. 100. Bod. Lib.

MORTON, THOMAS (eld. bro. of the preceding).

The Writing on the Wall. A Melo-Drama in Note.-Prefixed is an unpaged Recommendation,

three Acts. By Thomas and J. M. Morton. signed by Increase Mather, James Allen, Samuel Willard, John Baily, and Cotton Mather. At the end is an ad. Lond., T. H. Lacy, Wellington St., Strand. n.d.. vertisement of some little Treatises formerly published [1852,] 12o., pp. 48, 6d. by this Author," namely:

Note.-- First performed at the Haymarket Theatre, The Little Peace-maker, Discovering Foolish Pride, 9 Aug., 1852. The Scene of this play is laid near Penthe Make-bate, &c., (1674, 120.)

zance. The Way of good men, for wise men to walk in, &c., [1684.]

MORWENNA, ST. (dau. of Brechan). cf. J. Debts discharge, &c., on Rom. xiii, 8, (1684.]

Leland's Collect., iii, 373, 409, iv, 82, Rev. W. The Gaming Humour considered and reproved, &c., [1684.]

J. Rees' Lives of Cambro-British Saints, (1853), The Advertisement then reads—" There are also I p. 160. two little things in English Meeter.

The one, Meditations on the History recorded in MOSELEY, REV. HENRY, M.A., F.R.S. Lecthe first fourteen chapters of Exodus.

turer on Mechanics at Sir C. Lemon's Mining The other, The Ark, its loss and recovery ; being

School at Truro; V. of Olveston, 1854-72; like Meditations on the beginning of i Sam."

Mr. Morton is also stated in Calamy's Continuation Canon of Bristol, 1853–72. b. 1802. d. Olvesto have published the following additional treatises,

ton, 20 Jan., 1872. Of Common Places, or Memorial Books.

The Theory of the steam-engine. Rep. R.I.C., Ευταξια. Considerations on the New River.

1839, pp. 32-42. Letter to a Friend to prove there is no such abso. Remarks on the efficiency of the steam-engine lute need of money as men generally think.

and the methods of measuring it. Rep. R.C.P. Copies of “ The Little Peace Maker” and “The Way of Good Men,” were in Archdeacon Wrangham's

Soc., 1839, pp. 104-10.

MOSES, REV. RICHARD GEORGE, B.A. ResignAn enquiry into the physical and literal sense ed Baptist Chapel at Falmouth, July, 1872. of that scripture, Jeremiah viü, 7... Written by Now resident at Milne Place, Devonport. an eminent Professor for the use of his scholars.

Baptist Principles in relation to recent tenSigned C. M[orton, and now published at the

dencies of opinion. By R. G. Moses, B.A., Falearnest desire of some of them. Lond., printed

mouth. A paper read at the annual meeting of by J. H. n.d., [16--112o., pp. 36.- Reprinted

the Cornwall Association of Baptist Churches, in Harleian Miscell., (1809), i, 578–88; (1810),

July 2, 1867. Falmouth, published by R. C. V, 498-511. The Improvement of Cornwall by Sea Sand,

Richards... 1867, 80., pp. 15. communicated by an Intelligent Gentleman well Note.-See ante p. 87, under Cornubiensis. acquainted in those parts, [i.e., C. Morton] to

MOULE, REV. HENRY, M.A. (son of Geo. Moule). Dr. Dan. Cox. Philos. Trans., x, 293–96, (1675);

V. of Fordington, Dorset, 1829. 6. Melksham, Abr., ii, 729.

Wilts, 1801. Note. This is stated in Calamy's Continuation, i, 211, to be a reprint of the vii Chap. of “A Discourse of

Eight Letters to his Royal Highness The the Improvement of the County of Cornwall."

| Prince Albert as President of the Council of the


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MOULE, Rev. Henry, M.A. (Con.;. MOYLE, ANNE (dau. of Henry Lok, and first Duchy of Cornwall. By the Rev. Henry Moule,

wife of Robert Moyle). d. 1604. cf. Charles FitzVicar of Fordington, Dorset. Together with the

Geoffrey's Affanice, Book iii. Report, which at His Royal Highness' command, | MOYLE, LIEUT. GRANVILLE RICHARD (eld. son the Secretary of the Council made on the first

of Rich. Moyle, who d. 1855). b. Penzance, 3 of those letters and a Letter from the Secretary

Jan., 1815. d. Kingston, Canada, 12 Jan., to Mr. Moule on the same subject, to both of 1859. bur. 16 Jan. cf. O'Byrne. which the last four letters are a reply. Lond., Bradbury and Evans, 11, Bouverie St., 1855, 80. |

MOYLE, JOHN (son of Robert Moyle). Sheriff of Duchy of Cornwall Office.

Cornwall, 1624. b. 1589. d. Bake, St. Germans, MOULE, THOMAS. b. St. Marylebone, 14 Jan.,

9 Oct., 1661. bur. St. Germans. cf. Echard's

Hist., (1720), p. 424 ; Isaac DIsraeli's Com1784. d. Stable Yard, St. James' Palace, 14

mentaries on Chus. I, (1828), ii, 268 ; John June, 1851.

Forster's Sir John Eliot, A Biography, (1872), Bibliotheca Heraldica...By T. Moule. Lond.,

i, 2-3, ii, 394-95 ; Lord Nugent's Some Memoprinted for the Author, published by Lackington,

riuls of J. Ilampden, (1832), i, 152–56. Finsbury Sq., 1822, 4o., pp. xxiii and 668.

Letters from J. Moyle to Sir J. Eliot, 16--, Note.-Contains Accounts of the Duchy of Corn- | MSS. Port Eliot wall, pp. 81, 110, 290-92. List of Visitations, pp. 569-70, Letter from John Moyle and others, Sequesand other information relative to Cornwall.

trators of Cornwall, to the Treasurers, with a The English Counties delineated... Illustrated Statement of their accompts and list of delinby A Map of London, and a complete set of quents. Saltash, 2 Feb., 1648. Br. Museum, Adcounty maps. By T. Moule. Lond., George dit. MSS., 5494, fol. 79. Virtue, 1837, 2 vols. 4o.

Signature of John Moyle to an order of the

Committee of the Navy, 25 Sept., 1649. ib., NOTE.-The Account of Cornwall is contained in i,

5497, fol. 162. 281-96, 297.312. The Map of “ Cornwall, drawn and engraved for Moule's English Counties by J. Dower," is

NOTE.— It was the above named Mr. John Moyle on the scale of 1 inch to 8 miles. Mr. Moule is stated

whom Sir John Eliot, when a youth, wounded in the to have qualified himself for this work by personal visits

side with his sword. to all the counties except Devonshire and Cornwall. MOUNT EDGCUMBE. See Edgcumbe.

MOYLE, CAPT. MATTHEW. 6. Blackwater? near

Chacewater, 1747. d. Chacewater, 17 Oct., MOUNTSTEVENS, JOHN (son of John Mount 1845. bur. Gwennap. cf. F. Trevithick's Life

stevens, of St. Mabyn). M.P. for West Looe, of Rich. Trevithick, (1872), ii, 307. 1695-1701 ; Secretary to Lord Sunderland;

MOYLE, MATTHEW PAUL (son of John Moyle). Commissioner of King's Tin farm in Cornwall and Devon, and resident at Lancarfe, in Bodmin.

b. Chacewater, 4 Oct., 1788. bapt. St. Mabyn, 1644. Killed himself London, Queries respecting the flowing of water in 19 Dec., 1706. cf. Sidney's Diary of Times of (Chacewater] Mine. Letter dated Helston, 7 Charles II, i, 43, 51, 96-101, 252-55, 282-83; Mch., 1814. T. Thomson's Annals of Philos., iii, ji, 22–23; N. Luttrell's Brief Hist. Relation of 393–94, 1814. [cf. also iv, 258–60.] State Affairs, (1857), vi, 119; Diary of Dr. Queries respecting the valves, with a descripThomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester, (Camden tion of the valves in the human body. ib., vi, Soc., 1843), pp. 62, 74.

305-7, 1815. [Gilbert's Annal., liv, 368-71,

1816.1 MOUSLEY, Rev. John. Master of Lostwithiel On the temperature of the Cornish Mines.

Grammar School; The First Archdeacon of Trans. R.G.S.C., ii, 404-15, (1822); Journ. de Madras.

Phys., xcv, 307-14, (1822); T. Thomson's Annals A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of Philos., iii, 308–10, 415-16, (1822). of the Grammar School, at Lostwithiel, on Tues Meteorological journal kept at Helston, Cornday, the 17th Sept., 1799. By the Rev. J. wall, for 1821. T. Thomson's Annals of Philos., Mousley. St. Austell, printed at the Office of iïi, 190–94, (1822). Edmund Hennah, opposite the Market House. | On an electrical phenomenon. ib., iv, 439–40, n.d., [1799] 4°., pp. 24.

1822. [Annal. de Chimie, xxii, 219-20, 1823.]

On the depression of the barometer in Dec., MOYLE FAMILY.

1821. ib., iv, 448–49, 1822. [Gilbert Annal., Pedigree of Moyle family. Br. Museum, Addit. lxxiii, 291-94, 1823.) MSS., 5521, p. 47; Harl. MSS., 1079, pp. 141, 1 On the temperature of mines. ib., v, 34–39, 182; 1162, p. 132.

| (1823); vi, 15-16, (1823).


MOYLE, MATTHEW Paul. (Con.). | MOYLE, ROBERT (son of John Moyle). cf. C. On the height of the barometer. ib., v, 376–

Fitz-Geoffrey's Affania Book iii.

Ecclesiastes, otherwise called the Preacher, On granite veins. ib., vi, 90–94. [Bulletin Univ. etc. Composed by H. L[ok.] Lond., 1597, 40. des Sciences, Ferussac, i, 6, 1824.]

Note.—Three copies of this scarce work contain, On an improvement of the clinometer. ib., after the table of contents, Sixty Sonnets, amongst vii, 122, (1824).

them is one to R. Moyle, of Bake. On the rapid descent of the barometer in

Memoranda touching the petition of Robert Oct., 1824. ib., viii, 442.

| Moyle, at Lord Coke's lodgings in the Temple, On a machine for raising heavy weights. ib.,

and a letter from Lord Burleigh about a Grant x, 65, (1825).

to R. Moyle. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 5521, p. On the temperature of mines. ib., xi, 259–60,

40. (1826). Tilloch's Philos. Mag., lxvii, 302–3,(1826). On the atmosphere of Cornish Mines. Rep.

MOYLE, SAMUEL, C.E. (eld. bro. of M. P. R.C.P. Soc., 1839, pp. 74-95; 1840, pp. 37-48.

Moyle). b. Chacewater, 17 Jan., 1784. d. BosOn asphyxia. ib., 1840, pp. 49-53. Meteorological]Observations for three months

vigo, Kenwyn, 5 Jan., 1867. made at Helston. ib., 1841, p. 145.

Report for a breakwater in Plymouth Sound,

submitted to the Board of Admiralty, September Note. These observations have been continued 7, 1812, by S. Moyle. Plymouth, Jenkins, 1813, annually up to the present time.


Truro, Redruth, and Penzance Railway, in An analysis of the atmosphere of some of the

continuation of the London, Exeter, and FalCornish Mines. Philos. Mag., xix, 357–68, (1841);

mouth Railway, with a breakwater at Penlee Annal. de Chimie, iii, 318–31, (1841); Annal.

Point, Mount's Bay. Patron, King William IV, des Alines, ii, 417, (1842).

Duke of Cornwall. Patroness, Duchess of Kent On the formation of electro-type plates, inde

and the Princess Victoria. Vice Patron, the Duke pendently of any engraving. Sturgeon, Ann.

of Sussex. Admiralty chart of the Mount's Bay, Electr., vi, 112-14, (1841).

Land's End, and Lizard Point, shewing the On the Temperature of Mines. By M. P.

| soundings, set of the tides and the proposed Moyle and R. W. Fox, (1823). See Fox, R. W.

breakwater. Engineer, S. Moyle, Truro; Sur

veyor, C. J. Dean, Exeter. Lithog., 1836. MOYLE, RICHARD, M.D. (son of Rich. Moyle).

On the ventilation of the Cornish Mines and b. Gwennap, 1756. d. Bodmin, 3 Dec., 1828. , the deterioration of the air in the lower Levels.

Case of an Extra-uterine foetus. Communicated | Rep. R.I.C., 1838, pp. 26-29. ... by Mr. R. Moyle, “ Marazion, Feb. 19, 1785.” On the ventilation of Mines., ib., 1839, pp. Lond. Med. Journ., vi, 52-53, (1785).

57-60. Case of a bronchial polypus. ib., vi, 252-56.

An account of some specimens of Auriferous An account of a remarkable tumor on the head

Pyrites. ib., 1840, pp. 76–77. opened and cured. ib., vi, 257–59.

Report of Committee of House of Commons, Description of Joseph Kneebone's wheel-drag

1834, on Sir G. Gurney's claim to the invention for two-wheeled carriages. Trans. of Soc. for En of the Locomotive. 1834, fol. couragement of Arts, xiii, 254–62, (1795).

Note.-Refers (p. 6), to Mr. S. Moyle's opinions on An account of the drainage of a marsh, near Locomotives. Marazion, in Cornwall, with account of Expenses of the same and other particulars, 1795. ib., xiv, | MOYLE, SAMUEL, B.A., Exon. 152–82, (1796); Communications to Board of Agri Threni Exoniensium in obitum D. Johannis culture, ii, 115–18, (1800).

Petrei, Baronis de Writtle, 1613, 4o. Note.- Mr. Moyle received the Gold Medal of the Note.-Contains two sets of verses by S. Voyle. Society for the Encouragement of Arts for the successful drainage of 36 acres of this Marsh.


Pedigree of Thomas Moyle, of Bodmin, in MOYLE, RICHARD, Junr. (son of preceding). b.

Cornwayle. Harl. MSS., 6113, art. 3, f. 50.
Marazion, 11 Jan., 1784. d. Penzance, 17
Apl., 1855. bur. St. Mary's Churchyard.

MOYLE, SIR WALTER, Knt. (son of Hen. Moyle, On the effects of small pox and cow pox, of Bodmin). M.P. Bodmin, 1432; Liskeard, dated “ Penzance, 22 Aug., 1817.” New Monthly 1441; Justice of Common Pleas, 1454. b. Mag., viii, 189-91, (1817).

Cornwall. d. 1480. Will proved 31 July,

MOYLE, Sır Walter, Knt. (Con.).

MOYLE, Walter. (Con.). 1480. cf. Foss' Judges, iv, 445–46; Sir N. Original Letters, familiar, moral and critical. H. Nicolas' Test. Vetusta, (1826), pp. 349, 402. By Mr. Dennis. Lond., printed for W. Mears, Note.-Sir Thos. Moyle, Grandson of the above,

at the Lamb without Temple Bar, 1721, 2 vols., was Speaker of the House of Commons, 1542.


Note.-Contains two letters from Dennis to W.

| Moyle, (1, 159-62, 211-13), dated respectively Jan. 16, Particulars relative to estates of W. Moyle

| 1719-20, and May 24, 1726. one of the King's Wards temp. Hen. VIII. Arundel MSS., (College at Arms), xxxiii, f. 271,b.

An argument shewing that a Standing Army MOYLE, SIR WALTER (son of John Moyle, who is inconsistent with a free government, and ab

d. 1661). b. 1626. d. 19 Sept., 1701. ' bur. | solutely destructive to the Constitution of the St. Germans.

English Monarchy. [By John Trenchard and W. Letter of Sir W. Moyle to W. Blathwaite,

Moyle.] Lond., 1697, 4o., pp. 30.—Another ed. Secretary of War, dated Plymouth, 31 Mch., Lond., printed in the year 1698, 4o., pp. 32. 1694. MS. on sale at T. Thorpe's, 1843.

Note.-The Dedication is signed A.B.C.D.E.F.G. MOYLE, WALTER (3rd son of the preceding). M.P.

This work was reprinted in The Pamphleteer, x, 109

140, (1817). for Saltash, 1695-98; Vice-Warden of the Stannaries. b. Bake, 1672. d. Bake, 10 June, An argument against a Standing Army recti1721. bur. St. Germans. cf. Gent. Mag., xlix, fied, and the reflections and remarks upon it in 231, (1779); J. Ray's Synopsis Methodica several pamphlets consider'd. Lond., printed Animalium, (2nd ed. 1696); Extracts from in the year 1697, 4o., pp. 30. Corresp. of Di. Richardson, (1835), pp. 173, A letter from the Author of the Argument 249–50; Rel. Hearniance, (1857), ii, 607-8,

against a Standing Army to the Author of the 635; Nathaniel Lardner's Large Collection of Ballancing Letter. [By J. Trenchard and W. Ancient Testimonies to the Truth of Christianity, Moyle.] Lond., printed in the year 1697, 4o., (1764-67), i, 229, 241, 249-50, 355-56, 366– pp. 15. 69; Hallam's Constit. Hist. of England, (1854),

The second part of an argument shewing that iii, 137; Memoir of Rev. Joshua Parry, (1872),

a Standing Army is inconsistent with a free pp. 131-32; Nichols' Illusts. of Lit., i, 301, government and absolutely destructive to the 308, 364, etc.; Granger's Biog. Hist.; Biog.

constitution of the English Monarchy. With Brit; Chalmers ; Rose; Biog. Univ. ; Didot remarks on the late published list of King Nouvel. Biog. Univ.; West Briton, (under St.

James' Irish Forces in France. [By J. TrenGermans), 27 Feb., 1868; 30th Report of Dep.

chard and W. Moyle.] Lond., printed in the year Keeper of Records, p. 447.

1697, 4o., pp. 27. Vota Oxoniensia pro... Guilhelmo Rege et

Some queries concerning the disbanding of Maria Regina. Oxon., 1689, fol.

the Army, humbly offered to publick considera

tion, which may serve for answer to Mr. A.B.C. NOTE. - Contains verses by “Walter Moyle, Eq. D.E.F.G.'s Argument. (Lond.,] printed in the Aur. fil. natu max. Exeter.”

year 1698, 4o., pp. 12. · Letters and essays on several subjects, philoso A True Account of Land Forces in England phical, moral, historical, critical, amorous, in and provisions for them, from before the reputed prose and verse, directed to J. Dryden, Esq., conquest downwards, and of the regard had to G. Granville, Esq., W. Moyle, Esq., Mr. Con foreiners. In a Letter to A.B.C., T.T.T., etc. greve, Mr. Dennis and other ingenious Men of With animadversions upon their argument and the Age. Lond., 1694, 80.

history of standing armies; militia reformed; Note.—A copy of this work was formerly in Sion

pretended confutation of the ballancing letter; College Lib., but cannot now be found.

life of Milton; and letters concerning guards, Letters upon several occasions ; written by

garrisons and mariners. Lond., printed and and between Mr. Dryden, Mr. Wycherly, Mr.

sold by J. Nutt, near Stationer's-Hall, 1699, 4o., -------, Mr. Congreve and Mr. Dennis. Pub

pp. 72. lished by Mr. Dennis... Lond., printed by Sam.

A collection of State Tracts publish'd during Briscoe, at the Corner-Shop of Charles-Street,

the reign of King William III. Lond., printed in Russel-Street, in Covent Garden, 1696, 8o.

in year 1706, 2 vols., fol. Note-Contains 3 Letters from Dennis to W. Moyle

Note.-Contains the following: written in 1695, one from Mr. - [Moyle) to Congreve,

"An argument shewing that a standing army is dated October 7, 95, and one from Congreve to Mr. — | inconsistent with a free government,” etc., ii, 564-76. [Moyle,] dated August 13, 95.

“ The second part of an argument," etc., ii, 577-84.


MOYLE, WALTER. (Con.). “A letter ballancing the necessity of keeping of a collected and revised by Sir Charles Whitworth. land-force in times of peace," etc., ii, 585-89.

Lond., 1771, 5 vols., 80. “A letter from the Author of the Argument against a standing army," etc., ii, 590-95.

Note.-W. Moyle's “Discourse upon improving

the revenue of the state of Athens" is reprinted in i, An History of Standing Armies in England, 303-12. written by that eminent patriot, John Trenchard, Esq., with an incomparable preface upon Govern

The Works of Lucian, translated from the ment... Lond., printed and sold by Dick Thomas,

Greek by several eminent hands. With the life near York-Buildings, in the Strand, 1739, pp.

of Lucian... written by John Dryden, Esq. Lond.. 68, 1,

printed for Sam. Briscoe... 1711, 4 vols., 80.Abridgment of that eminent patriot Mr. John

Another ed. 1745, 4 vols. 8°. Trenchard's History of Standing Armies in Eng

Note.- Four of the Dialogues were translated by land. With an incomparable preface upon Gov W. Moyle, viz. :ernment. Printed and Distributed gratis by the Of Sacrifices, [a bold-spirited satyr on the Whole Society for Constitutional Information. 1782,8°.,

Heathen Superstition,] i, 11-24.

Herodotus or Action, [a Speech to the Wits and pp. 16.

Orators of Macedon, i, 25-30.

Conference with Hesiod, [a pleasant drollery on Nore. - These pamphlets on the Standing Army

Hesiod against inspiration,] i, 31-36. gave rise to a long printed controversy. Narcissus Lut

Panegyrick upon Demosthenes, [a compleat Model trell, in His Brief Hist. Relation of State Ajjairs, (vol.

of Panegyrcks, sic i, 37-66. iv, under date 26 Nov., 1698), says “Yesterday a severe

The second and third of the Dialogues are said to pamphlet against Standing Armies came out, which gives

have been translated by Mr. Moyle in 1693; the fourth offence at Court, and Mr. Secretary Vernon has ordered is stated in the body of the work to have been done the printer to attend him to discover the Author."

" by another hand.”

The Works of W. Moyle, Esq. None of which Discourses on the Publick Revenues and on the were ever before publish'd. Lond., printed for Trade of England... In two Parts. By the Author | J. Darby, 1726, 2 vols., 8o. of the Essay on Ways and Means, Ti.e., Charles Note.--Dedicated to Joseph Moyle, Esq., by Thomas Davenant, LL.D.) To which is added a discourse Sergeant, 14 Feb., 1725. These volumes contain the upon improving the Revenue of the State of following works by Mr. Moyle, which do not appear to Athens. Written originally in Greek, by Xeno

have been published separately

A charge to the Grand Jury at a Session in Lescard, phon; and now made English from the original

April, 1706. with some historical notes, by another Hand, The Miracle of the Thundering Legion explained ; [i.e., W. Moyle. Lond., printed for James in several letters between Mr. Moyle and Mr. King.) Knapton, at the Crown, in St. Paul's Church

A Dissertation upon the age of Philopatris; a Dia

logue commonly attributed to Lucian, in several letters Yard, 1698, 2 parts, 8o.

to Mr. K(ing.)

Letters to Dr. Musgrave, of Exeter, on subjects of Note.-After page 279 of Part i is the following

“ Criticism and Antiquity." distinct title page “A discourse upon improving the Letters from and to Mr. Moyle upon various subState of Athens, etc., with some historical notes, by W.

jects. Moyle,] Esq. Lond., printed for J. Knapton...1697.". The discourse has a distinct pagination and is numbered The Whole Works of W. Moyle, Esq., that pp. 3-62.

were published by himself. To which is prefixed Political Arithmetic, or a discourse concerning

some Account of his life and writings. [By the extent and value of lands, people, buildings,

Anthony Hammond.] Lond.; printed for J. etc. By Sir William Petty, late Fellow of the

Knapton, 1727, 8o., 5/-. Royal Society. Glasgow, printed and sold by Note.--The Dedication to The Lord Viscount Robert and Andrew Foulis, 1751, sm. 4o., pp.

Townshend, is signed E. C[urll,] 2 leaves, then pp. 1-97 and 1-44.

1-285, errata and index 5 pages.

Of the Thundering Legion, or of the miracuNote.-Contains, with a distinct and complete title, “Xenophon's Discourse upon improving the revenue of

lous deliverance of Marcus Antoninus and his the State of Athens. Translated from the Greek by W.

army upon the prayers of the Christians. As Moyle, Esq., first printed in the year 1697. Glasgow, | also of Alexander the Great meeting the Highprinted and sold by Robert and Andrew Foulis, 1751," Priest of the Jews at Jerusalem. Occasion'd by sm. 4o., pp. 1-44. This Discourse is not mentioned on the title-page of Sir W. Petty's Arithmetic, but it is on

Mr. Moyle's Works lately published. By William the half-title.

Whiston, M.A. Lond., printed for J. Senex, in

Fleet-Street, 1726, sm. 4o., pp. 64, 6d. The political and commercial works of that An apology for the writings of W. Moyle, celebrated writer Charles D'Avenant, LL.D... | Esq., in answer to the groundless aspersions of

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