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NANCE, JAMES. Superintendent of Mining On the New Year. Verses. Rev. H. A. Simcoe's

Works in France. b. 1802. d. Liskeard, 4 Light from the West, i, 24, (1832).

Sept., 1869. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., The Eddystone Lighthouse. Verses. ib., i, 48.

xciii, 767, (1870). Rejoice in the Lord. Verses. ib., i, 120. .

NANCE, REV. JAMES. Wesleyan Minister (son The New Year. Verses. ib., ii, 24, (1833).

of John Nance). b. St. Columb, 16 Apl., 1820. N. S.N. .

cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag.,lxxxviii, 96, (1865); Aisles in Cornish Churches (and Sentry Fields.]

xci, 765–66, (1868). Letter signed “S.N., June, 1781.” Gent. Mag.,

All for Jesus, by the Rev. J. Nance, Wesleyan li, 305, (1781).

Minister. Redruth, J. S. Doidge. n.d., (1859,]

roy. 32° --An entirely new edition, greatly enN. W.N. See Noy, William.

larged. Redruth, J. S. Doidge, Fore St. ; Lond., NANCARROW, JANE. 6. Grampound, 27 July,

H. J. Tresidder, 17, Ave Maria Lane. n.d., 1752. d. St. Austell, 29 June, 1788.

[1862, roy. 320., pp. 32, 2d.

Trust the Pilot. By the Rev. J. Nance. RedAn account of the death of Jane Nancarrow.

ruth, printed and published by J. S. Doidge, By John Moon. Arminian Mag., xiii, 185–193;

| 1861, roy. 32°., pp. 36, 3d.—4th ed. n.d., [1862,] 240-246, (1790).

120., pp. 36, 3d. NANCARROW, JOHN, Jun. Market Jew. b. ' Cornwall as it was before visited by the Wescirca 1737. cf. Archæologia, v, 84, (1779). leys. Signed N.J. Christian Miscellany, ix, 101

103, 133–35, (1863). NANCARROW, John. .

The Wesleys in Cornwall. ib., ix, 203-206, A new and exact chart of Mount's Bay and | 231-34. parts adjacent, from the Lizard to Cape Corn The progress of methodism in Cornwall. ib., wall. Accurately surveyed by John Thomas, ix, 292-95, 326-28, 357-64. John Nancarrow, and Dionysius Williams. Pub. Cornish Methodist Worthies. A Skilful Pilot 30 Jan., 1751, 4/3-Published by J. Rennel, 25 [Richard Trewavas.) ib., x, 11-12, 41-46, (1864). June, 1793, and sold by G. Nicol.

Cornish Methodist Worthies. A poetic fisherNore.-Dedicated to Sir John St. Aubyn.

man (Richard Trewavas, Junr.] ib., x, 136-40,

170-75. NANCARROW, John, [of Cornwall ?]

Cornish Methodist Worthies. A conscientious Calculations relating to grist and saw mills for accountant (J. E. Trezise. ib.,x, 198–202,233–38. determining the quantity of water necessary to Cornish Methodist Worthies. A devout phiproduce the desired effect, when the head and losopher (Samuel Drew.] ib., xi, 37-41, 71-76, fall are given in order to ascertain the dimen- | (1865). sions of a new invented Steam Engine, intended I Cornish Methodist Worthies. A distinguished to give motion to water-wheels, in places where christian minister [Francis Truscott.] ib., xi, there is no fall and but a very small spring or 166–70, 202-206. stream. Amer. Philos. Soc., iv, 348–61, (1799); The Hearing Ear. ib., x, 306-308. Gilbert, Annal., `xvi, 152-55, (1804); Tilloch. Philos. Mag., ix, 300-302, (1801); Nicholson's

NANFAN FAMILY. cf. Rrv. Treadwny Nash's Journ., iv, 545–46, (1801).

History and Antiquities of Worcestershire, i, 84


Richard Nancarrow. the Cornish Miner No. NANFAN, JOHN. 6. Cornwall. Lieut.-Governor 43. York Friends Tract Association, 1850,

of New York, 1697-1701; Governor of New 12o... Reprinted, 1852, 120.

York, 1701–2. cf. W. Smith's Hist. of Province

of New York, (1757), pp. 90, 92, 97-103. NANCE, CAPT. FRANCIS (son of John Nance). b. St. Martin's, Isles of Scilly, 1832.

NANKIVELL, ARTHUR W., F.R.C.S. (son of the A Full Report of the Board of Trade Inquiry

succeeding). Resident Surgeon, St. Bartholoheld at Penzance, in March, 1867, into the cir

mew's Hospital, Chatham. b. Coventry, 1837, cumstances connected with the abandonment of Excision of knee joint for injury. Brit. Med. the schooner “Hannah Codner,” in the Atlantic | Journ., i, 30, (1868). Ocean, on the 21st Dec., 1866. Penzance, printed Case of urinary calculus that had ulcerated its by Edward Rowe, 30, Market Place, 1867, 8o., | way into the vagina. ib., i, 479–80. pp. 25, 1/

The working of the “Contagious Diseases Act, NOTE.—This Report was published by Capt. Nance

1866,” at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. ib., i, 564" for the vindication of his character."

| 65, (1869).

9, 1032.

NANKIVELL, ARTHUR W. (Con.). NANKIVELL, John, M.D. (son of Thos. NanErysipelas of the head and neck with violent

kivell). b. Truro. delirium treated with chloral. ib., ii, 437, (1871). Dissertatio medica inauguralis de catarrho...

Injury of the cervical vertebræ ; ankylosis of Pro gradu doctoratus summisque in medicina the atlas to the occipital bone; dislocation of honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consethe axis; death. ib., ii, 437.

quendis, Eruditorum examini subjicit Joannes

Nankivell, Britannus, Societatis Medicae EdinNANKIVELL, CHARLES BENJAMIN (3rd son of ensis Socius... Edinburgi apud Balfour et Smellie,

Thos. Nankivell). b. Truro. Now resident at Academiae typographos, 1778, sm. 4o., pp. 33.
Ashley Lodge, Torquay.
Fractures of the ribs by muscular action. By

NANKIVELL, John Hicks, M.R.C.S. (son of C. B. Nankivell, Surgeon to the Coventry Self

Samuel Nicholls Nankivell, who was b. Wadesupporting Dispensary. Lond. Med. Gazette, xvi,

bridge, 1785, and d. St. Columb, 1816). b. St.

Columb Major, 23 Feb., 1809. 590-601, (1835).

Treatment of Cholera by preventing the dis Vestiges of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Toncharge of the serum of the blood, or supplying gues.-- No.] 1. By J. H. Nankivell, M.R.C.S., it artificially. By C. B. Nankivell, M.D., Tor etc., Penzance. From the “Gentleman's Magaquay, Devon. b., ix, 755–56, 1054–57, (1849). zine,” [xviii, 674, 1865,) September, 1865. n.p.

On the provision of medical attendance on or d. or printer's name, (1865,] 80., pp. 4. the independent poor by provident dispensaries. Lines on a Crystal Felspar Cross, found in a British Medical Journ., ii, 274, 318-20, (1871). | piece of Cornish Granite 1866. Anon. n.p. or d.

or printer's name, (1866,] 12o., NANKIVELL, LIEUT. EDMUND, R. V. (2nd son

of J. H. Nankivell). b. Penmellyn, St. Columb Major, 16 July, 1844.

Brief notes of cases of disease treated homeoTringanu. [An article on China and the

pathically. The Monthly Ilomeopathic Rev., iii,

503-512, (1859). Chinese.] Chambers' Journ., 17 Dec., 1870, pp.

Hydrastis canadensis in chronic tumour of 809-11.

the breast. ib., iv, 71-74, (1860).

A few cases of disease treated at the Penzance NANKIVELL, HERBERT, M.D. (eld, son of J. H.

Homeopathic Dispensary. ib., v, 326–32, (1861). Nankivell). b. Penmellyn, St. Columb Major,

Allopathic Drug-provings. ib., v, 174–77. 26 May, 1843.

A Calendar of cases treated at the Penzance The Homeopathic Medical Directory of Great | Homeopathic Dispensary. ib., vii, 172–77, 206Britain and Ireland and Annual Abstract of 12, 294-306, 502-507, 537–44, 595-600, (1863). British Homeopathic Serial Literature, 1870. Two cases of spinal disease. ib., vii, 411-19. H. Turner and Co., London, 77, Fleet St., E.C., Effects of glonoine in neuralgia. ib., vii, 1870, 80., pp. 368, 3/6.


Apis mellifica in scarlatina maligna. ib., viii, Note.- This work was edited during the years 1870, 1871, 1872, by “H. Nankivell, M.D., Branksome Lodge,

30–36, (1864). Bournemouth."

Brief notes on cases of disease. ib., viii, 216–

19, 342-48, 485-89, 544-52. Repertories. British Journ. of Homeopathy, xxiv, Cases from my dispensary note book. ib., ix, 344278–90, (1866).

48, (1865). On Arsenic in phthisis. ib., XXX, 515-42, A case of traumatic iritis with hypopion. ib., (1872).

ix, 609-12. The Climate of Bournemouth. Monthly Homco A case of chronic bronchitis and traumatic pathic Rerieu, xiii, 17-24, (1869).

corneitis. ib., ix, 687–89. Two cases of brain irritation in children. ib., Annual Report of the Penzance Homeopathic xiii, 360–62.

Dispensary, for the year 1866. Signed J. H. Medical Directories. ib., xiii, 574-76. Nankivell. ib., xi, 190–91, (1867). Chronic Diuresis. ib., xiii, 718–22.

Notes from dispensary practice. ib., xi, 206Repertories, New and Old. ib., xiv, 15–21, 217, 269–78, 331-43. 191-93, (1870).

Case with remarks. ib., xi, 698-702. Case of poisoning by kali bichromas. ib., xiv, A case of rectal hæmorrhage. ib., xii, 757–58, 419-20.

(1868). Cases with remarks. ib., xv, 29-32, (1871). Modern antique prescriptions. ib., xiii, 190–92,

Esophageal stricture; treatment by dilata (1869). tion. ib., xvi, 7276, (1872).

. Clinical reports. ib., xiii, 357–60.

NANKIVELL, John Hicks. (Con.). The Lancet and scientific medicine. ib., xiii, 466-68.

Hahnemann's Homeopathic system. ib., xiii, 661–71.

On the treatment of diseases with the assistance of repertories. ib., xiv, 147-52, (1870).

Records of dispensary practice. ib., xv, 13538, (1871).

A fragment from the cypher repertory. ib., xv, 498-502.

On the pathogenesy of aconite, with clinical observations. British Journ. of Homeopathy, xix, 529-58, (1861); xx, 62-70, 353-69, (1862); xxi, 48–66, 420-47, 650–60, (1863); xxii, 8392, (1864); xxxi, 211-24, (1873).

On the Tubercular Lung Disease of Cornish Miners. ib , xxiii, 177–95, (1865).

On diseases of cervical vertebræ. ib., xxix, (1871).

York Homeopathic Dispensary and briefs of cases treated there. The Ilomeopathic World, iv, 56, 72-74, 144-46, (1869).

Thoughts and suggestions on medical and surgical practice. ib., iv, 215–16.

Ophthalmia. ib., v, 63-65, (1870); vi, 56-57, (1871).

Remarks on vaccination, etc. ib., v, 129–30.

Extracts from the debates of the French Medical Homeopathic Society. ib., v, 152-54.

On the rapidity of cure with homeopathic remedies. ib., v, 221-22.

Common form of Bowel-irritation. ib., vi, 57–58.

Homeopathic practice. ib., vi, 79-81, 135–37, 150-52, 271-73.

NAYLOR, REV. FERMOR. R. of St. Martin's by

Looe, 1707 ? to 1714. b. Tavistock. bur. St. Martin's, 31 Oct., 1714. cf. Harwood's Alumni Etonenses, p. 276.

The Works of Walter Moyle, Esq., [9..] Lond., 1726, 2 vols., 80.

Note.- Contains Letter from Mr. Navlor to Mr. Moyle, dated - St. Martin's, 2 Nov., 1711," and Mr. Moyle's answer thereto, i, 376-98. NAYLOR, REV. JOHN (son of preceding). Clerk

Assistant of House of Commons, 1740-44; R. of Milton, Cambridge ; V. of Orton, Peterborough ; Preb. of Exeter, 26 Feb., 1719 to 1761. b. St. Martin's by Looe, 7 Mch., 1710. d. Orton, 12 Feb., 1761. cf. Harwood's Alumni

Etonenses, p. 317. NEALE, REV. John MASON, D.D. (son of Rev.

Cornelius Neale). Warden of Sackville College, East Grinstead, Sussex. b. Conduit St., London, 24 Jan., 1818. d. Sackville College, 6 Aug., 1866.

Note.--A Paper by Dr. Neale on the Ecclesiology of the Deanery of Penwith was read at a meeting of the Cambridge Camden Soc., 28 Nov., 1812, but does not appear to have been printed. cf. Rep of Cambridge Camden Soc., 1813, p. 69. NEAT, REV. CHARLES. Chaplain at Leghorn;

Curate of Bishop's Hatfield, Herts ; Curate of Mawgan and St. Martin's, 7 June, 1818 to 1820. b. 1792. Killed near St. Ives, Cornwall, 4 July, 1838. cf. Gent. Mag., x, 223, (1838).

Sermons by the late Rev. Charles Neat... Lond., Seeley...1839, 80., pp. xv and 324. List of Subscribers. NECTANUS, St. (son of Breachan). cf. J. Le

land's Collectunea, (1715), iv, 153. NEILD, JAMES, M.D. b. 1744. d. Cheyne Walk,

Chelsea, 16 Feb., 1814.

Letters on (Cornish] Prisons, 1803. See Lettsom, J. C. NELSON, REV. John. Wesleyan Minister. b.

Birstal, near Leeds, Oct., 1707. d. Leeds, 18
July, 1774. bur. Birstal.

An extract of John Nelson's Journal; being an account of God's dealing with his soul from his youth to the forty-second year of his age... Written by himself. Bristol, printed by E. Farley and Co., 1767, 120., pp. iv and 169, 2/

Memoirs of the late Mr. John Nelson of Birstal... Written by himself. Birmingham, R. Peart, Bull St., n.d., [1807,] 12o., pp. vi and 214, 2/6.

Nore.-J. Nelson accompanied the Rev. J. Wesley and Mr. Downs in a preaching tour through Cornwall, in Aug. and Sept., 1743, the account is in pp. 73-76 in the first work, and in pp. 87-91 in the latter.

NANKIVELL, Rev. John ROBERT (son of John

Thomas Nankivell). Now Chaplair of Crediton, Devon. b. Truro.

A Manual of Prayers and Hymns for the use of Sailors, compiled from various sources. By Rev. J. R. Nankivell. Brixham, Crauford, 1864, 12"., 6d. NANKIVELL, THOMAS, of Golden, 1812. cf.

F. Trevithick's Life of Rich. Trevithick, (1872), ii, 38.

NATION, REV. FRANCIS, M.A. V. of Lewannick,

1657-1660. b. Bishop-Liddyard, Somerset. d. Parkham, Devon, aged 82. cf. Walker's Suffer

ings, (1714), pt. ii, p. 320. NAUTICUS, Penzance. pseud., i.e., Rosewall,


the Times of Whroniclete zabeth Chasslot.

NELSON, Rev. JOHN. (Con.).

NETHERTON, Edwin. (Con.). Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan. A Story of A Polite Invitation to a friend to visit Truro. the Times of Whitfield and the Wesleys. By the Anon. Truro, James R. Netherton, 1862, 120., Author of “Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta pp. 11.-Reprinted. 1863, 120., pp. 11.-ReFamily, etc., etc.” [i.e., Elizabeth Charles.) Lond., printed. 1864, 120., pp. 11.-Reprinted. 1866, T. Nelson and Sons, 1865, 80., pp. 304.

12o., pp. 11.-Reprinted. 1873, 120., pp. 11. Nore.-The account of J. Nelson's visit to Corn. An Old Private Account Book. Journ. R.I.C., wall is contained in pp. 90, 124, 130, 139, 140-46, 161, 1864, pp. 66–72. 164, 171, 173, 175, 304.

NETHERTON, JAMES RESUGGAN (bro. of the NEOT; Sr., a near relative of Alfred the Great.

preceding). b. Truro, 8 July, 1818. b. former part of IX Century. d. Ham-Stoke, i.e., St. Neot's, 31 July, 877? bur. St. Neot's.

Netherton's Cornish Almanac for 1854 ...

Printed and sold by Netherton, Truro, 1854, 8o. cf. F. Wise's Asser., (1722); sub annis, 878, 884; Hardy's Cat. of Materials, (1862), i, 538–

NOTE.-This Almanac has since been continued 49, 557; Thos. Wright's Biog. Brit., (1842), i,

| annually. The numbers are frequently found to contain

Tales (either original or reproduced) in the Cornish 381–83, and Essays on Archæological Subjects,

Dialect. (1861), pp. 177, 262; J. Leland's Collectanea, (1770), iii, 214, iv, 13; J. Leland's De Scrip

Four Tales in Verse and Prose in the Cornish toribus, (1709), c, 113, 115; Ordericus Vitalis,

Dialect. 'Lizbeth Jane's Courtship. The Cornish ii, 99, William of Malmesbury's Gesta Pontifi

Farmer and the Squire. Luke Martin's Cowld. cum, (1870), Book iv, 182; John de Glastonbury

Tom Teague on Zebedee Jacka. Truro, printed (Hearne's ed., 1726), pp. 110-12; Ingulfi Croy

and published by J. R. Netherton. n.d., [1867,] landensis Historia in Will. Fulman's Rerum An

8o., pp. 42.—Reprinted. 1873, 80., pp. 42. glicarum scriptorum veterum, (1684), i, 27; Life I NOTE.—The first and third tales appeared in Netherof St. Neot, by J. A. Froude, in J. H. Newman's ton's Cornish Almanac for 1869. Lives of the Saints, (1844), The Hermit Saints;

NETTELL, JAMES TREGONING (son of Edward Chronica Joannis Wallingford in Thos. Gale's

Nettell, who d. 17 Oct., 1839). b. Illogan, 18 Scriptores, (1691), i, p. 536.

July, 1835. Now resident at Mount Pleasant, The Life of Saint Neot, the oldest of all the

Norton, Swansea. brothers to King Alfred. By Rev. J. Whitaker,

Report from the Mining School, at Crow's D.D., Rector of Ruan Lanyhorne, Cornwall.

Nest, Liskeard. Rep. of Miners' Assoc. of C. and Lond., 1809, 80.

D., 1863, [3 Feb. Meeting,] p. 6. The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and St. Neot's, in Huntingdonshire, and of St.

Note.—Edward Nettell, above mentioned, wrote "A

History of Carn Brea," which was published in the Neot's in the county of Cornwall. By G. C.

Cornwall Gazette. Gorham, (1820), q.v.

Anglo Saxon Homily on St. Neot. Cotton. NEW, ALEXANDER. MSS. Vesp. D., 14 ff, 142 b-148 a.

A Funeral Sermon for Alexander New. By Life of St. Neot. MSS. Bod. Lib.,535; Cotton. MSS. Rev. Will. Fowler. Bodmin, 1812, 8o. Claud. A 5; MSS. Magd. Coll. Oxford, liii, 199–207.

NEWCOMBE, WILLIAM (son of Thos. NewNOTE.—The Cotton. MS. Vesp., D. iv, (printed in Gorham, pp. 256-61), which is not later than the 11th

combe). Curator of the Royal Institution of cent. is the most ancient life of St. Neot extant, as it Cornwall. b. Newquay, Devon, 25 May, 1805. does not mention the translation to Huntingdonshire;

Summary of Meteorological Observations at it was probably written for the church service at St. Neot's in Cornwall. Asser who d. 883 must refer to a

Truro for the year 1863, from Registers kept at previous life.

the Royal Institution of Cornwall. Journ. R.I.C., NETHERTON, EDWIN (son of James Netherton,

1865, pp. 65–70, and since continued annually. who d. Truro, 3 June, 1840). 6. Truro, 17 May, NEWCOMEN, THOMAS. b. Dartmouth, 16- -. 1828. Drowned in St. Clement's River, near

d. London ? 17--. cf. A. H. Holdsworth's Truro, 4 Jan., 1870.

Dartmouth, (1841), Note L, p. 83; H. Reid's The Song of Solomon in the Living Cornish The Steam-engine, (1840), pp. 112-13; Didot Dialect. From the Authorised English Version. Nouvel. Biog. Univ. ; Biog. Univ. ; Rose ; John Anon. 1859, 12o., pp. 20.

Farey's Treatise on the Steam-engine, (1827), pp. NOTE.-" Th’ Song of Solamun" was translated by 12, 126-60, with two engravings;-Thos. TredE. Netherton, at the request of Prince L. L. Bonaparte. gold's Essay on the Steam-engine, (1850-53), i, On the last page is the following notice “I certify that 9; John Bourne's Treatise on the Steam-engine, only 250 copies of this work have been printed, of which one is on thick paper.” “George Barclay, 28, Castle St.,

(1861), p. 8; Robert Stuart's Anecdotes of SteamLeicester Square."

engines, (1824), i, 444.


NEWMAN, ARTHUR. (Con.). . Some account of the residence of the inventor Pleasvres vision : with deserts complaint, and of the steam-engine. By Thomas Lidstone, of a short dialogve of a woman's properties, be. Dartmouth. Illustrated by wood engravings (a tweene an old man and a young. By Arthur note to be appended to any future history of Newman, of the Middle Temple, Gent. Lond., steam-power). 2nd ed. Lond., Imprinted by printed by G[eorge] E[ld] for Thomas Bayly, Whittingham and Wilkins, at the Chiswick and are to be sold at his shop in the Middle-row, Press, Took's Court, in Chancery Lane, for T. L., | in Holbourne, neere Staple Inne, 1619, 80., 31 and published by Longmans...1869,4°., pp. 8,3/-. leaves unpaged. Bod. Lib.-Facsimile ed. Printed

A fevy notes and queries about Nevvcomin by E. Hartnall, Ryde, Isle of Wight, 1840, 80., (who made ye first steam-engine) and a dravying pp. x and 52. With notice, signed T.P., 2 pages. of his engine, his house, (and fireplace) and something about his kettle, his monument, etc.,

NEWTON, BENJAMIN WILLS. etc. Lond., imprinted by Pardon and Son for Narrative of facts characterising the superThomas Lidstone, of Dartmouth, and sold by J. natural manifestations in members of Mr. IryC. Hotten, 74 and 75, Piccadilly, A.D. 1871, | ing's Congregation, and other individuals in 4o., pp. 16, 8d.

England and Scotland, and formerly in the Half-famous men and places. 1. Newcomin's writer himself. By Robert Baxter. Lond., Jas. House, Dartmouth. The Churchman's Family Nisbet, 1833, 120., pp. xii and 155.—2nd ed. Mag., xvi, 47-51, (1870).

1833, 120., pp. xlvii and 155, 2/2 NOTE.—Newcomen came into Cornwall and erected

Extracts from “a narrative of facts, characteran atmospheric-engine at Mr. Will. Lemon's mine, izing the supernatural manifestations in Members Wheal Fortune, in Ludgvan, in 1720, another engine of Mr. Irving's congregation, and other individon the same model was put up at Pool Mine, in 1746.

uals, and formerly in the writer himself, by cf. S. Smiles' Lives of Boulton and Watt, (1865), p. 69; F. Trevithick's Life of Rich. Trevithick, (1872), i, 3-8,

Robert Baxter.” Falmouth, printed and sold by 23-27; ii, 114-15, 121. Newcomen is stated in some Thomas P. Dixon, 1836, 8°., pp. 24. publications to have obtained a patent for his engine in 1705, but the Patent Office has no record of such

NOTE.-The appendix, [Printed by T. P. Dixon, a circumstance.

Falmouth,) and occupying pp. 23-24, is signed B. W.

A Comparative Statement of the Effects of
Messrs. Boulton and Watt's Steam Engines, with

NEWTON, EDWARD TIPPETT (5th son of LleNewcommen's and Mr. Hornblower's. By Mr.

wellyn Newton). b. Camborne, 6 May, 1824. Wilson. Truro, W. Harry, 1792, 8o.

Description of an improved counter. Rep.

R.C.P.Soc., 1847, pp. 23–24. NEWLING, REV. WILLIAM (son of Thos. News | Miners Dial and level. ib., 1866, p. xxiii.

ling). P.C. of Herodsfoot, Cornwall, 1851. b. Newton's Magnetic Deflector and Miner's Shrewsbury, 1820.

Theodolite for correcting the variation of the Prayers for every morning and evening in the magnetic needle and dialing by the true north year, collected from the daily lessons. By W. | instead of magnetic north. ib., 1870, p. 20. Newling, B.A., of St. John's Coll., Camb., and Perpetual Curate of Herodsfoot, Cornwall. Lond.,

NEWTON, JAMES. J. Masters, 1862, 120., pp. 68, 1/-.

On the effects of papaver corniculatum luteum NOTE.-Announced as intended to be in 12 parts,

growing in Cornwall. Philos. Trans., xx, 263– , containing January the only portion issued. | 64, (1698); Abr., iv, 295, (1698). The Lord's Presence with his Church. A ser Note.- This is an account of the effects of eating mon preached at the visitation of the Venerable

| a pie made of papaver corniculatum on Charles Worth

and his family living at Half-way House, and was comthe Archdeacon of Comwall, held at Liskeard,

municated to Mr. Newton by Mr. John Hancock, ApotheJune 17, 1867. By W. Newling, Perpetual cary, of Penzance. Curate of Herodsfoot. Lond., J. Masters; Liskeard, J. Philp, Fore St., [printed,] 1867, 89.,

NEWTON, JOSEPH, Jun. Land Steward to the pp. 19, 6d.

late J. S. Enys, Esq. Now resident at St.

Agnes. NEWMAN, ARTHUR (son of Will. Newman, of

On the antiquities of St. Agnes. Rep. R.I.C., Ludgvan). cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 268.

1847, p. 59. The Bible-bearer. By A. N[ewman ?) sometimes of Trinity Colledge, in Oxford. Printed at NEWTON, LLEWELLYN (son of Benjamin NeuLondon by W. I. for I. C., and are to be sold at ton who d. 1790?) b. Camborne, 29 June, 1785. the north doore of Paules, 1607, 4o., unpaged. cf. F. Trevithick's Life of Rich. Trevithick, Bod. Lib.

(1872), i, 108, 342–43.

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