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BOSCAWEN, MRS. FRANCES (wife of Admiral BOSCAWEN, Hugh (son of Edward Boscawen).

Boscawen). b. 1719. d. South Audley Street, cr. Viscount Falmouth, 13th June, 1720. ed. London, 26th March, 1805. cf. Gent. Mag., Trefusis, 25th Oct., 1734. lxxv, pt. i, 289, 382 (1805); Boswell's Johnson, Grant of the office of Steward of the Duchy ed. 1835, vii, 186, 322.

of Cornwall to H. Boscawen, in the room of F. Letters to and from Hannah More. Roberts' Godolphin, Lord Rialton, 22nd April, 1708. Mem. of Life and Correspondence of H. More, Harl. VISS., 2263, art. 175. vols i, ii, iii.

Warrant to H. Boscawen, Warden of the Resignation. In two parts, and a postscript to Stannaries, to summon a Parliament of the Mrs B * * * * * **. In verse, by Rev. Edward Tinners of Devon and Cornwall, 14th Jan., Young, L.L.D. Lond., 1762, 49. — Reprinted in 1709-10. ib., 2264, art. 98. Anderson's ed. of the Poets, x, 140-54.-Chalmer's ed. of the Poets, xiii, 493–506.

BOSCAWEN, M. Sacred Dramas... to which is added Sensibility,

A Sketch of the Life of the Princess Charlotte ; a Poem. By H. More. Lond., Cadell, 1782, 80.,

5, 0| being an attempt to delineate her character and

moral worth ; with authentic particulars of her Note.-Sensibility is dedicated to Mrs. Boscawen. lamented death. Lond., 1817, 8o., 6d.

Sketch of the Life of the Princess Charlotte BOSCAWEN, Hon. EDWARD. Admiral of the

Augusta, Concert of Prince Leopold. 2nd ed., Blue (3rd son of the first l'iscount Falmouth).

Lond., Walker and Mason, 1817, 129., pp. 36. b. Cornwall, 19th Aug., 1712. d. Hatchland Park, near Guilford, 10th Jan., 1761. cf.

BOSCAWEN, MARY FRANCES ELIZABETH (VisEnglish Cyclop.; Muhon's Hist., ed. 1858, iv, countess Falmouth). b. 24th March, 1822. 46, 133, 147; Campbell's Lires of British Conversations in Geography; or, the Child's Admirals, ed. 1814, vi, 389-421; P. Brown's First Introduction to where he is. what he is, and Hist. of Island of Cape Breton, pp. 282–328; | what else there is besides. Lond., Longman, The Georgian Era, ii, 176–77; European Mag., | 1854, 8o., pp. 512. xxv, 191-93 (1794); Gent. Mag., xxxi, 9-10 (1761); W. Seward's Anecdotes, 4th ed., 1798, , BOSCAWEN, HON. AND REV. NICHOLAS, D.D. ii, 347–53; Charnock's Bing. Nuvalis, iv, 310

R. of St. Mabyn ; Dean of Buryan. b. 16th 38; Naval Biog. (1800), ii, 466-74.

Aug, 1720. d. Quendon, Essex, 4th July, Prise de la Fortress de Louisberg en Canada 1793. cf. Gent. Mag., lxiii, pt. 2, 676, 708, par les Anglais, aux ordres de Général Major 765 (1793). Amherst et de l'Admiral Boscawen, le 26 Juillet, 1758 (Strasbourg? 1770 ?), 80.

BOSCAWEN, WILLIAM (2nd son of General Geo. Die Eroberung der Festung Louisbourg in Boscawen). 6.28th Aug., 1752. d. Little Chelsea, Canada von einem Korps Koniglich Grossbrit 8th May, 1811. cf. Rose ; Chalmers ; Gent. tanisher Truppen unter den Befehlen des General Mag., lxxxi, pt. i, 470, 500 (1811). mayor Amherst und les Admiral Boscawen den

A Treatise on Convictions on Penal Statutes. 26 ten Julius 1758 (Strasbourg ? 1770?), 8o.

By W. Boscawen, Barrister-at-Law. Lond., The Auspices of War; an Ode, inscribed to the

War; an Ode, inscribed to the Printed for E. & R. Brooke, in Bell-yard, TempleMemory of the Hon. Admiral Boscawen ; to Bar, 1792, 80., pp. 211. Preface, &c., 1 sheet; which is added The Prophecy of the Union ; a | Index, 3 sheet; these have no pagination. narrative poem. Lond., 1779, 40. An Ode occasioned by the success of Admiral

Note.—Dedicated to Sir F. Buller, Bart. Boscawen. By a Gentleman of the University

The Odes of Horace... Translated into English of Oxford. Lond., Baldwin, 80., 6d.

Verse by W. Boscawen. Lond., Stockdale, A Poem addressed to Admiral Boscawen.

1793, 8o., 6d. Gent. Mag., xvii, 600 (1747).

The Progress of Satire. An Essay in Verse... Epigram on Admiral Boscawen. ib., xxxi, 38

1798, Supplement, 1799. (1761).

Richard the First. A Poem, by Sir J. B. Burgess (afterwards Sir J. B. Lamb]. Lond.,

1800, 8o. BOSCAWEN, Hugu and EDWARD.

Note.-A copy in the Br. Museum has MS. notes by Copyes of several deeds relating to five shares | the author, containing corrections and emendations of land in Paget's tribe, in the Bermudas, suggested by W. Boscawen. purchased on 4th Feb., 1763, by H. and E. Original Poems. By W. Boscawen. 1801, 12o. Boscawen. Addit. MSS., Br. Museum, 10131, fol. / Address to the Subscribers and Friends to the

[blocks in formation]

BOSCAWEN, William. (Con.).

BOTTRELL, WILLIA», Jun. (Con.). Literary Fund, by W. Boscawen. Gent. Mag.,

The Excursion. ib., Dec., 1867, et seg. lxx, pt. i, 370 (1800).

Lord Exmouth's run from the foe. One and Note.-W. Boscawen was for many years a con

All, May, 1868. tributor to the British Critic.

May Day. ib., May, 1868.

St. Levan Church. ib., July, 1868. BOSCAWEN, LIEUT. WILLIAM GLANVILLE (2nd Lord De Dunstan ville and the old dame of

son of Admiral Boscauen). b. 1751. Drouned Portreath. ib., Aug., 1868. in Jamaica, 21st April, 1769.

A Northern Excursion. ib., Sept., 1868. Elegy on the Death of Lieut. W. G. Boscawen.

Cornish pulpit retorts forty years ago. ib., By Dr. John Wolcot. cf. D. Gilbert's Cornwall,

Sept., 1868. üi, 219–20.

The Zennor man's will. ib., Oct., 1868.

The Zennor man who bought clothes for his BOSGRAVE, THOMAS (a kinsmun of Sir J.

wife. ib., Nov., 1868. Arundell). 6. Cornwall. Executed Dorchester,

The Ancient Name of Chapel Street. ib., 4th July, 1594. cf. Challoner's Men, of Mis

Dec., 1868. sionary Priests...ed. 1803, i, 166-168.

A Northern Excursion. ib., Jan. and Feb.,

1869. BOSON, JOHN (son of Nicholas Boson). b. New

BOULTON, MATTHEW. b. Birmingham, 3rd lyn. bapt. 29th March, 1655 (?).

Sept., 1728. d. Birmingham, 17th August, The Duchess of Cornwall's Progress to the

1809. Land's End. Written in the Cornish language.

NOTE.--He came into Cornwall to erect Watts's A Romance. MSS.

Engines, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1762, 1784. cf. Smiles' Lives

of Boulton and Watt, passim ; see also Bramah, J. BOSVIAN, THOMAS.

BOURNON, JACQUES LOUIS (COMTE DE), F.R.S. King Henry VIII to T. Bosvian and James

and L.S. b. Metz, 21st January, 1751. d. Carew, of Cornwall, greeting them for revenging

Versailles, 24th August, 1825. the cruelty of the Scots, and to make a speedy

Description of the Arseniates of Copper and loan of 201., for carrying on the war. West

of Iron from Cornwall. Philos. Trans., xci, 169– minster, 1st Dec., 15– Harl. MSS., 6986, art. 3.

192, 193, 1801. (Journ. des Mines, xi, 35–62, BOSUSTOW, WILLIAM, of Perran Foundry.

1801-2; Journ. de Phys. Puris, liv, 299–312, b. Helston, 30th August, 1812.


Description of a triple sulphuret of Lead, Right or Left-handed Ratchet Spinner. Rep.

Antimony, and Copper, from Cornwall ; with R.C.P. Soc., 1853, p. 37.

some observations upon the various modes of

attraction which influences the formation of BOTANISTA, THEOPHILUS, M.D. pseud. i.e.

mineral substances, and upon the different kinds Rural Beauties, or the Natural History of the of Sulphuret of Copper. ib., xciv, 30–62, 63, Four following Western Counties,-Cornwall, 1804. Abridg., xxiv, 225, 251. Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Somersetshire. With Memoir on the triple Sulphuret of Lead, CopAdditional Remarks. Lond., Printed and sold per, and Antimony or Endellion. W. Nicholson's by W. Fenner, 1757, 12o.

Journ., xxiv, 225–37, 251-60, 321-36 (1809). NOTE.-Cornwall, pp. 86; 54 of these comprise a Dialogue between a Tutor and his Pupil.


25th Feb., 1830, aged 76. BOTTONER, WILLIAM. See William of Wor

Pen Tamar, or the History of an Old Maid. cester,

By the late Mrs. H. M. Bowdler. Lond., LongBOTTRELL, WILLIAM, JUN. b. Raftra, St.

man, 1830, 80. Levan, 7th March, 1816.

BOWEN, EMANUEL. Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Map of Cornwall divided into hundreds. Cornwall. By W. Bottrell (an Old Celt)... Pen- | Drawn from Surveys and Illustrated with Hiszance, 1870, Printed for the Author, by W. | torical Extracts, relative to its Produce, Trade, Cornish, The Library, Green-market, 80., pp. vi and Manufactures ; describing also the Church and 287. Price to Subscribers, 5, 6.

Livings, Charity Schools, &c., by E. Bowen, The Penzance of our Grandfathers. A series Geographer to his late Majesty. Lond., Printed of articles in The Cor. Teleg., in 1867, signed for Robt. Sawyer and John Bennett, 53, Fleet “Old Celt" [i.e., W. Bottrell].

Street... 1st June, 1777, size 193 in. by 163 in.

BOWER, REV. JOHN. V. of Lostwithiel. b. | BOX, WILLIAM HENRY, M.D. b. Cornwall, Lostwithiel.

1796. d. East Looe, 25th Aug., 1861. The Official Application of the Rev. J. Bower, Remarks on the New Patent Hook in Sea with other influentiul people, to the Privy Fishing. By W. H. Box, M.D. Published by Council, to appoint them a Board of Health to Thomas Hemming and Son, sole Manufacturers, prevent the Cholera in Lost withiel. Lostwithiel, Victoria Place, Redditch, Worcestershire. Bir1832, 4". MSS.

mingham, Printed at M. Billing's Steam-press

Office, Livery Street, n.d. [18587, 89., pp. 4. BOWLES, CHARLES. Solicitor. b. Burton Hill,

Submarine Forest near Looe. Rep. R.I.C., Shaftesbury, 1766. d. Shaftesbury, 21st May,

1844, p. 36. 1837.

On Opening Barrows in Pelynt. ib., 1846, p.

38. A Short Account of the Hundred of Penwith,

Frescoes in Talland Church. ib., 1849, p. 32. in the County of Cornwall. · Compiled from Authentic Documents. With an Appendix, con BOYD, REV. ANDREW KENNEDY HUTCHISON, taining the Original Grants, Confirmations, &c. D.D. Minister of the City and Parish of St. By Charles Bowles, of Shaftesbury. Shaftesbury, Andrew's. b. Auchinleck, Ayrshire, 3rd Nov., Printed and Sold by R. Hurd, High Street; 1825. Sold also by Champante and Whitrow, Jewry The Land's End. By the author of “Recrea Street, Aldgate, London; Collins, Salisbury ; ' tions of a Country Parson” [i.e., Rev. A. K. H. Goadley, Lerpinere, and Langdon, Sherborne ; | Boyd). Good Words, Nov., 1862. and may be had of all Booksellers. 1805, 8o.,

The Common-place Philosopher. Lond., Longpp. 48.,

man, 1864, 8o. NOTE.—A sort of rough brief, in proof of the right Note.-Chapter xii, entitled At the Lands End," of the Arundel family to wrecks and royalties in Pen- pp. 371–88. with ; 31 pages are occupied with copies of Grants, &c.

BOYD, REV. HENRY. Formerly Master of Probus BOWLES, REV. WILLIAM LISLE, M.A. (brother

School ; now V. of St. Mark's, Victoria Dock, of the preceding). b. King's Sutton, 24th

Plaistow, Essex. b. St. John's, Hackney, 26th

Feb., 1831. Sept., 1762. d. Salisbury, 7th April, 1850.

A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. Michael's Mount. A. Poem. Salisbury, | Probus, on Sunday Morning. November 13th. Printed by B. C. Collins for J. Adams, Shaftes- | 1859. by the Rev. H. Boyd. Truro, J. R. bury, 1798, 4o., pp. 25, 2, 6.

Netherton, 1859, 80., pp. 12, 6d. Days Departed, or Banwell Hill. A Lay of the Severn Sea. Lond., Murray, 1829, 80., pp. | BOYLE, JOHN MAGOR (son of Rev. John Boyle, 120.-2nd ed., including the Tale of the Maid

l'esleyan Minister). b. Penzance, now in of Cornwall, or Spectre and Prayer Book, 1829,

America. 80., pp. 37, & 205.

Gorlaye, or a Tale of the Olden Tyme ; in four Note.—The Cornish Tale, pp. 76—116.

cantos. Anon. Lond., Baldwin ; Truro, J. Poetical Works of Rev. W. L. Bowles. With Brokenshir (printed], 1835, 120., pp. 180, 7/6. Memoir by Rev. G. Gilfillan. Lond., Nichol, Note.-A half title prefixed reads “ Cithara Dan1855, 2 vols., 8o.

BOYNE, Louis SAMUEL. 6. Ireland. d. St. BOWYER, REV. JOHN. Canon of Bodmin. b.

Mawes. Bodmin.

Notes on the Parish of St. Anthony, in RoseContemplatio Bona. “Quod dns Johannes land, and its restored Church ; with remarks on Arcuarius, Canonicus Bodmine deo gratias.” the Life and Temptations of the Patron Saint. Harl. MSS., 2399, Art. 8.

By L. S. Boyne, St Mawes ; with Illustrations De Pueritia Domini Nostri Jesu Christi. On by Rev. C. W. Carlyon. Lond., Truscott, 1852, margin, “ Ego Bow... Scrip... hoc ve...rsum.At 80., pp. 40. end, “Quod dns Johannes Arcitenens, Canonicus Bodminnie, et Natus in illa, deo gratias.” ib., BOYNE, WILLIAM, F.S.A. 2399, Art. 10.

Tokens issued in the Seventeenth Century, in

England, Wales, and Ireland, by Corporations, BOX, JAMES. d. Constantine, 11th Oct., 1825. Merchants, Tradesmen, etc. Lond., J. R. Smith,

cf. Mem. of W. Carvosso, ed. 1835, pp. 170, 1858, 4o. 175-176.

NOTE.—Cornish Tokens described, pp. 37–40..


- - - - T - BRADBRIDGE, Rr. REV. WILLIAM. Bp. of | BRADFIELD, HENRY JOSEPH STEELE. Colonial Exeter, 1571-79.

Secretary of Barbadoes. b. Westminster, 18th Letter to Lord Burghley, complaining of some

May, 1805. d. London, 11th October, 1853. Cornish Men refusing to come to Church... 3rd The last of the Greeks, or Ferdinando PaleDec., 1576. Lands. AISS., 23, art. 8.

ologus. Gent. Mug., xix., 17 (1843).

BRADDON, LAURENCE, of Treworgy, in St.

BRADLEY, REV. RICHARD BEADON. Incumb. Gennys. d. Sunday, 29th November, 1724.

of 1sh Prior's nu Cothelstone, Soinerset ; aftercf. Luttrell's Brief Relation of State Affairs, i,

wards Curate of the East Church, Teignmouth. 299, 306; Jas. Ralph's Hist. of England, i,

6. Minehead, 1803. d. Teignmouth, 22nd 761-65 ; North's Examen, ed. 1710, pp. 386-87;

March, 1851. Kippis Biog. Brit., iii, 229–30; N. & Q., 3 S., iv, 500 (1863).

Review (of “The Crowning of the British

Poetesses. A Poem”). By Arthur O'B. fi.e., The Tryal of Laurence Braddon and Hugh

Rev. R. B. Bradley]. Cornish Mag., iii, 156 Speke, Gent., upon an Information of High Mis

(1828). demeanour, &c. ...endeavouring to raise a Belief

The Botanist. A Ballad. ib., iii, 208. ...that the late Earl of Essex did not Murther himself in the Tower, before Sir. George Jeffreys, ... Friday, 7th of February, 1683. Lond., Printed

BRAMAH, JOSEPH. Engineer. b. Stainborough, for Benjamin Tooke, at the Ship, in St Paul's

Yorkshire, 1749. d. Holt Forest, Hants, 9th Church Yard, 1684, fol., pp. 78.- Reprinted

Decr., 1814. Cobbetl's Stute Trials, ix, 1127-1228

A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir James Eyre, An Enquiry into, and Detection of, the Bar- | Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, on the barous Murther of the Late Earl of Essex; or a subject of the cause Boulton and Watt v. HornVindication of that Noble Person from the Guilt blower and Maberly, for infringement of Mr. and Infamy of having Destroyed himself (By L. Watt's Patent for an Improvement on the Steam Braddon ?). 1689, 4o., pp. 75.

Engine. Lond., 1797, 8o. Essex's Innocency and Honour Vindicated, or Murther, Subornation, Perjury, and Oppression, BRAMSTON, SIR John. Elected N1.P. for Bodmin, justly charged on the Murtherers of that Noble

1640. b. Whitechapel, Sept., 1611, d. Skreens, Lord and True Patriot Arthur (late) Earl of

4th Feb., 1699-1700. cf. J. Bramston's AutoEssex, &c. Lond., Printed for the Author, and

biography, pp. 160–61. sold by most Booksellers, 1690, 4". The Constitutions of the Company of Water

BRANWELL, ELLEN VIVIAN. See Warder, E. V. men and Lightermen, as amended by the Right Honourable the Court of Lord Mayor and Aldermen, &c. Lond., Printed in the year 1708, 8o.

BRAY, ANNA ELIZA (daughter of John Kempe, Note. --There is no Author's name on the title

Bullion Porter, H.M. Mint). b. St. Mary page, but the dedication is signed “Laurence Braddon." Newington, Surrey. She m. firstly Charles

The Miseries of the Poor a National Sin and Alfred Stothard, F.S.A. (who d. 1821); she Shame. Loud., 1717, 8".

m. secondly Rev. E. A. Bray (who d. 1837). Particular answers to the most material objec Traditions, Legends, Superstitions, & Sketches tions inade to the proposal humbly presented to of Devonshire, the Tamar, and the Tavy. Lond., His Majesty for relieving, reforming, and em Murray, 1838, 3 vols., post 89., 21 ploying all the poor of Great Britain. Printed Trelawnie of Trelawne, or the prophecy; a in the year 1722, 80., pp. 72.

Legend of Cornwall. Lond., Longman, 3 vols., Note.--No name on title page, but dedication signed post 80., 31 6.—2nd ed., 1845, 89. “ Laurence Braddon.”

Henry de Pomeroy, or the Eve of St. John; Bishop Burnet's History charged with great a Legend of Cornwall and Devon. Lond., R. partiality and misrepresentations, to make the Bentley, 1842, 3 vols., 120.- New ed., revised present and future ages believe that Arthur, and corrected, with notes by the Author (with Earl of Essex, in 1683, murdered himselfe... with the White Rose. A Domestic Tale.). Lond., observations upon the suppos'd poysoning of Longman, 1846, 89., pp. 4 & 364. King Charles the Second. Written by Mr. Courtenay of Walreddon. A Romance of Braddon. Lond., Printed for Tho. Warner, in the West. Lond., R. Bentley, 1844, 3 vols., 12o. Paternoster Row, n.d. (1725), 80., pp. 192. The Novels and Romances of A. E. Bray. Reprinted Cobbett's State Triols, ix, 12:29–1332. Lond., Longman, 1845-6, 10 vols., 80., 60/-, Letter from L. Braddon to Sir Hans Sloane.

I NOTE.-—With Ilustrations and a general preface by Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 4038.

| the Authoress.

BRAY, Anna Eliza. (Con.).

BRAYLEY, EDWARD WEDLAKE. (Con.). A Peep at the Pixies, or Legends of the West

Antiquities, etc., from original drawings by .. with Illustrations by H. K. Browne. Lond.,

Thomas Allom, etc. ; engraved on steel by Le Grant and Griffith, 1854 [1853], 8°., pp. 162,

Petit...with historical and descriptive accounts, 3/6.

by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. Map and 45 Rosteague. A Family Tradition. MSS.

Views. Lond., Fisher, Sons, & Co., 1831, sq. Cotele and the Edgcumbes of the Olden

fol., pp. 48. Times. Gent. Mag., xl, 351, 444-50 (1853).

Devonshire illustrated in a series of views of

Cities, Towns... from original drawings by Thos. BRAY, HENRY. Matyor of Bodmin, 1550 & 1562.

Allom and W. H. Bartlett, etc. ; engraved on

Steel by Heath ... with historical and descriptive The Articles of us the Commoners of Deuon

accounts by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. shyre and Cornwall, in diuers Campes by East

Map and 95 Views. Lond., Fisher, Son, & Co., and West of Excettor. (1549), 4°., 3 leaves.

1832., sq. fol., pp. 106. (Signed, amongst others, by H. Bray, Mayor of

Devonshire and Cornwall illustrated, from Bodmin).

original drawings by Thomas Allom,, W. H. Note.—cf. Journ. R.I.C., Oct., 1864, p. 77 ; April,

Bartlett, etc. ; with historial and topographical 1865, p. 36.

| descriptions by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. BRAY, THE REV. THOMAS, D.D. Canon of

Lond., H. Fisher, 1832, sq. fol. Windsor and Rector of Exeter Coll., Orford, 22nd

Note.- This is a general title to the two preceding Oct., 1771. b. Stratton, 1706. d. 28th March,

works when bound up together. 1785. cf. Gent. Mag., lv, 324 (1785).

BRAYLEY, EDWARD WILLIAM, F.R.S. (son of The evidence of Prophecy superior to the | the preceding). b. London, 1801. d. London, evidence of Miracles only in a restrained and 1 1st February, 1870. limited sense. A Sermon [on II Pet., i, 197

On the alleged artificial origin of Rock Basins. preached before the University of Oxford, on

Philos. Mag., viii, 331-42 (1830).
Feb. 2nd, 1761, by T. Bray, Fellow of Exeter
College, Oxford. Printed at the Theatre, for

BREACA, ST. cf. A. Butler's Lives of the Saints, Jas. Fletcher, and sold by Payne and Cropley.

ed. 1836, i, 298, 738. Lond., 1761, 80., pp. 23.

A Sermon son I Pet., ii, 16) preached before BREE, REV. WILLIAM THOMAS. R. of Allesley. O. The Honourable House of Commons, at St. Mar | Coleshill, near Warwick, 1786. d. Allesley, garet's, Westminster, on Monday, Jan. 31st, 25th Feb., 1863. 1763, being appointed to be observed as the

List of Exotic Plants flourishing in the neighday of the Martyrdom of King Charles I, by T.

bourhood of Penzance, in Paris' Guide, ed. Bray. Lond., Printed for J. Fletcher, in the

1828, p. 7. Turle, at Oxford ; and sold by J. Fletcher & Co.

Notes on the Mildness of the Climate of PenLond., 1763, 4o., pp. 19.

zance, and List of some rare Indigenous Plants Note.-Dr. Brny received the thanks of the House in the Land's End District, in Forbes “ On the of Commons for this Sermon, 1st Feb., 1763.

Climate of Penzance," pp. 49–56. BRAYLEY, EDWARD WEDLAKE, F.S.A. [6.1773.

BRENTON, E. H. 6. St. Blazey. d. 23rd Sept., 1851), and Britton, John.

BRENTON, William. b. St. Blazey. The Beauties of England and Wales; or

Map of the Chiverton and Perranzabuloe Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical,

Mining District, shewing the relative positions and Descriptive, of each County ; embellished

of mines, all known lodes, cross-courses, etc. with Engravings. Lond., Vernor... Longman,

By E. H. Brenton, Truro, and William Brenton, etc., 1801-15, 18 vols., 8o.

Plain-an-Gwarry, Redruth, Mine and Land SurNote.-Cornwall, ii, 311–521; with 10 Plates. veyors, Draughtsmen, Lithographers. Size of The Beauties of Cornwall; or Delineations, Map, 3ft. 6in. by2ft. Oin. Price, coloured, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive. Plates mounted, and varnished, 21/-. 1869. of Roche Rock and Chapel and St. German's | Map of the Lovell, Helston, and Wheal Vor Church. Truro, Printed and sold by William Mining Districts. In preparation, 1870. Harry, 1802, demy 80. NOTE.- Extracted from the previous work.

BRETT, REV. GEORGE. Dissenting Minister at Cornwall illustrated in a series of Views of

Penzance and Liskeard. b. Staffordshire. Castles, Seats of the Nobility, Mines, Picturesque ! Mem. of, by Mr. John Fox, of Plymouth, in Scenery, Towns, Public Buildings, Churches, | Monthly Repository, xvi, 260-62 (1821).

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