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NOY, William. (Con.).

NOY, WILLIAM. (Con.). Thos. Faulkner's Hist. of Brentford, (1845), pp. leaves only, The Laws of England, Treatise of 146-47; W. H. Spilsbury's Lincoln's Inn,(1850), Estates, Observations and Index, B-H, 7 sheets, p. 63; N. and Q., 2 S., vi, 309, 358, (1858), vii, I, 4 leaves, 2,6. 35, (1859), 3 S., viii, 190, 405, 465, (1865), ix, The Grounds and Maxims... By W. Noy...6th 24, (1866), 4 S., i, 390, 566, 615, (1868), ïi, ed. with considerable additions. Dublin, printed 13-14, 587, (1868); English Cyclop.; Didot by H. Watts, 1792, 12o. No pagination, and Nouvel. Biog. Univ.; Biog. Univ.; Rose; Aikin; | signatures very irregular Granger; Biog. Brit. ; 3rd Rep. Historical Com The grounds and Maxims, also an analysis of mission, pp. 13, 191.

the English Laws. By W. Noy...6th ed, with A description of the passage of Thomas Earle

notes and references and other considerable adof Strafford, over the River of Styx, with the

ditions and improvements, by Charles Barton, of conference between him, Charon and W. Noy.

the Inner Temple, Esq. Lond., printed for W. Frontispiece. Printed in the yeere, 1641, 4o., 4

Clarke and Son, Portugal St., Lincoln's Inn, leaves.

1794, 120., pp. xxvii, 160, and index, 2 leaves,

3/6. Note.- Reprinted in Lord Somers' Collection of

The Grounds and Maxims...By W. Noy. 7th Tracts, (Sir W. Scott's ed., 1809-15), iv, 273-76, (1810).

ed. with additions, by C. Barton. Lond., 1806, A Treatise of the principall grounds and max 12o., 4/6. imes of the lavves of this kingdome. Very use The Grounds and Maxims, and also an analyfull and commodious for all studients, and such sis of the English Laws...By W. Noy. With others as desire the knowledge and understanding Notes... by C. Barton... Lond., printed by W. of the lavves. Lex plus laudatur, quando ratione Clarke and Sons...1817, 12o., pp. xxvii, 160, and probatur. Written by that most excellent and index, 2 leaves, 7/.. learned expositor of the law, W. N[oy,] of Lin The Principal Grounds and Maxims, with an coln's-Ivne, Esquire. Lond., printed by R. H., Analysis and a Dialogue and Treatise of the by permission of the Assignes of John Moore, Laws of England, and on Tenures, Estates, Esquire, and are to be sold by William Cooke, Hereditaments, and Chattels, Real and Personal, at Furnivalls-Inne Gate, Holborne, 1641, 8o. and in what manner they may be recovered and Title and contents, 3 leaves, then pp. 1-130, 2/- conveyed. By William Noy, Esquire, formerly Bod. Lib.

of Lincoln's Inn. In which is included a TreatA Treatise... written... by W. Noy)... Lond., ise of Estate, ascribed to Sir John Doderidge, printed for W. Cook, and are to be sold at Fur- and Observations on a Deed of Feoffment. The nivals-Inne gate, in Houlbourne, 1642, 80. Ninth Edition, with a Sketch of the Author's Title, 1 leaf, then pp. 1–118, 2/-.

Life, Corrections, Notes and References. By W. A Treatise...written by... W. N[oy... 3rd ed. M. Bythewood, Esquire, of Lincoln's Inn. Lond., Lond., printed by S. G. for W. Lee, D. Pakeman, printed for S. Sweet, Chancery Lane, 1821, 80., R. Best and G. Bedell, and are to be sold at pp. xxxvi, and 431, 10/-, their shops in Fleetstreet, 1660, 89. Title, 1 The Principal Grounds and Maxims...By W. leaf, an analysis of the laws, 3 leaves, The Laws | Noy. Edited by W. W. Hening. 2nd ed. taken of England, pp. 1–159, 1/6.

from the 9th London ed. Richmond (Virginia,] A Treatise of...the laws of this nation. Very | 1824, 8o. useful... Written by...W. Noy... 4th ed. Lond., The Principal Grounds and Maxims...By W. printed for T. Collins, T. Basset, J. Wright, M. Noy. Philadelphia, 1845, 8o. Pitts and T. Sawbridge, 1677, 12o. Title, 1 Maxims of the Laws of England, by William leaf, an analysis of the laws, 4 leaves, The Laws Noye, Attorney General, and of the Privy Counof England, pp. 1-163, 1/6.

cil to King Charles I. With A Biographical The Grounds and Maxims of the English Sketch of the Author, and an index, by Clifford Laws. By William Noy, Esquire, of the Lin Stanley Sims. Albany, Joel Munsell, 1870. Title, coln's Inn, Attorney General, and of the Privy preface, biographical sketch and table of the Council to King Charles the First. To which is Maxims, pp. i-xxii, The Maxims and Index, pp. annexed a Treatise of Estates, by Sir John | 1-142. Doderidge, Knt., and observations on a deed of The Great Feast at the inthronization of the Ffeoffment, by T. H., Gent. 5th Edit., with ad- Reverend Father in God George Neavill, Archditions. In the Savoy, printed by Henry Lintot, Bishop of Yorke, Chancellour of England in the Law Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, sixt yeere of Edward the fourth. Wherein is for J. Worral, at the Dove, in Bell-Yard, near manifested the great pride and vaine glory of Lincoln's Inn, 1757, 120. Title, introduction, that prelate. The copy of this feast was found table of the maxims, analysis of the laws, A, 8 | inrolled in the Tower of London, and was taken

NOY, William. (Cor.).

NOY, William. (Con.). out by Mr, Noy, His Majesties late Atorney | Mason, sometime Recorder of London, and Generall... Lond., printed for Edward Husbands, | Henry Fleetwood, formerly Reader of Gray's Aprill the first, 1645, 4o., pp. 6. Br. MI useum. Inn. Lond., 1655, 40.-2nd ed. Lond., printed Note.- Reprinted, with many additional particulars,

by F. L. for George Thompson, at the White in John Leland's Collectanea, (1770), vi, 1-14.

Horse, in Chancery-Lane, near Lincolns Inn,

1655, sm. 4o. Epistle to the Reader, signed The Compleat Lawyer or a treatise concerning R[obert] M[ason, ] and Table, 10 pages, then pp. tenvres and estates, in lands of inheritance for 1-547. Lincoln's Inn Lib. life and for yeares; of chattels reall and personall and how any of them may be conveyed in a

Note.--A copy in the Bod. Lib. has the following

variation in the title of the 2nd ed. “Lond., printed by legall forme, by fine, recovery, deed, or words as

F. L. for Matthew. Walbancke, and are to be sold by the case shall require. Per Guliel. Noy, Armi William Lee, at the Turks Head, in Fleetstreet." gerum, nuper Attournatum Generalem Caroli Regis defunctum. Lond., printed for John

Reports and Cases taken in the Time of Queen Benson, and are to be sold at his shop in St.

Elizabeth, King James, and King Charles ; colDunstans Church-yard, in Fleetstreet, 1651, 8o. lected and reported by that learned lawyer, Title, 1 leaf, then pp. 1-126.

William Noy, sometimes Reader of the Honour

able Societie of Lincolnes-Inne, since Attovrney NOTE.- A copy in Lincoln's Inn Lib. has this varia

Generall to the late King Charles, Conteining tion in the title page “Lond., printed by W. W. for W. Lee, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the

most excellent matter of Exceptions to all manner Turks-Head, neere Ram-Alley, in Fleetstreet.'

of Declarations, Pleadings, and Demurrers, that

there is scarce one Action in a Probability of The Compleat Lawyer or a Treatise concerning

being brought but here it is thoroughly examin'd tenures and estates in Lands of Inheritance for

and exactly layd. Now Translated into English. life and other hereditaments and chattels real

With Two necessary tables of the cases and conand personal and how any of them may be con

tents for the readers ease and benefit. Lond., veyed in a legal form, by fine, recovery, deed or

printed by F. L. for Matthew Walbancke, at word as the case shall require. By W. Noy, late

Grayes Inne Gate, and T. Firby, near Grayes Attorney General to his Sacred Majestie K.

Inne Gate, in Holborne, 1656, 4°. Title, to the Charles the I. Lond., printed for John Benson,

reader and table of the cases, 6 leaves, reports in St. Dunstan's Church-yard, Fleetstreet, 1661,

and cases, pp. 1-185, table of the principall 8o. Title, 1 leaf, then pp. 1-124.

matters, 4 leaves. The Compleat Lawyer, etc. By W. Noy... With

Reports and Cases taken in the time of Queen Portrait by Will. Faithorne. Lond., Speed, 1665,

Elizabeth, King James and King Charles, col80.

lected and reported by that learned lawyer The Compleat Lawyer... By W. Noy, of Lin

William Noy. 2nd ed. corrected and amended. colns-Inne, late Attorney-General to his Sacred

Lond., printed by T. R. for Samuel Heyrick, at Majesty King Charles the First. Together with

Grayes-Inn Gate, in Holborn, 1669, fol. To the . Observations on the Author's life. Lond., printed

Reader and Table unpaged, then pp. 1-185. for S. S., and are to be sold by W. Jacob, next

Lincoln's Inn Lib. Bernards-Inne, in Holborn, and John Amery, over against St. Clements-Church, in the Strand, Note.-In an edition formerly in the possession of 1670, 89. Title, 1 leaf, life of W. Noy, 6 leaves,

Francis Hargrave this is stated to have been “a simple

collection of scraps of cases made by Sergeant Size from Compleat Lawyer, pp. 1-116, books newly

Noy's loose papers and imposed upon the world for the printed ending with the word Finis, 2 pages. reports of that vile prerogative fellow Noy." Lord

The Compleat Lawyer... By W.Noy... Together Thurlow, Sir F. Buller and others have rejected Noy's with Observations on the Author's life. Lond., reports. printed for and sold by John Amery, at the Pea- A Treatise of the rights of the Crown declarcock, over against Fetter-Lane, in Fleetstreet, | ing how the King of England may support and 1674, 89. Title, 1 leaf, life, 6 leaves, Compleat , increase his annual revenues. Collected out of Lawyer, ending with Finis, pp. 1-117, books the Records in the Tower, the Parliament Rolls printed for J. Amery, ending with Finis, 2 and Close petitions, Anno x Car. Regis, 1634. leaves.

By W. Noy, Esq., then Attorney General. Now The Perfect Conveyancer or severall select and first publish'd from the original MS. with some choice presidents such as have not formerly been account of the Author. Lond., printed for B. printed. Collected by four several sages of the Lintott and E. Curll, in Fleet-St., 1715, 120. law, Edward Henden, Knight, late one of the

| Title and preface, pp. i-xii, a treatise, pp. 1-113, Barons of the Exchequer, William Noy, At | the table, 1 leaf, 21tourney Generall to his late Majestie, Robert


NOY, WILLIAM. (Con.). Quodlibets lately come over from New Britan- The case of the Church of Abingdon, with niola, Old Newfoundland. Epigrams and other | the opinions of Mr. Noy and Mr. Wandesford small parcels both morall and divine. By R. upon it. ib., 3793, art. 31. H[ayman,] Sometime Governor of the Plantation A collection of proceedings in the House of there. Lond., 1628, 4o.

Commons, with many arguments, &c., by Sir

Edward Cook...Mr. Noy, then Attorney General, Note.-Book i, No. 98 is addressed “to the right worshipful W. Noy, Esq., one of the Benchers of Lin

and others, 1621. ib., 6274, art. 2. colnes Inne, long since of my acquaintance both in The argument of Mr. Noy in answer to Mr. Oxford and London."

Attorney. ib., 6800, art. 33. Degorei Wheari ... Pietas erga Benefactores Collections from the Rolls on Knight's Service, necnon Epistolarum Eucharisticarum fasciculus.

&c., partly in the handwriting of Mr. Noy. Oxon., 1628, 8o.

Lansd. MSS., 253, art. 26.

Argument of Admiralty Jurisdiction, in the NOTE.-Letters 53 and 54 (pp. 80-83) are addressed to “Clarissimo viro Guilielmo Noyeo Íuris et omnis

case of Cremor v. Tokeley. ib., 254, art. 2. antiquitatis consultissimo."

Extracts made by Jo. Maynard from certain

autograph books of W. Noy. ib., 485, art. 3. A divine Tragedie, lately acted, or a collection

Cases from Reports of Mr. Noy. Hargrave of sundry memorable examples of God's judge

MSS., Br. Museum, 29, fol., 1-145. ments upon Sabbath-breakers and other like

A plaine and sommarie treatice of the princiLibertines ... [By Henry Burton.] n.p. Anno mdcxxxvi, 40. “To the Reader" unpaged, then

pall grounds and maxims of the lawes of the

kingdom. Verie fitting and necessarie for all pp. 46. Grenville Lib., Br. Museum.

students and others which desire the knowledge Note.-Contains in a supplement, omitted in some and understanding of the lawes; especially such editions, a long account (pp. 43-46) of the illness and as have not attained the French tongue perfectly, death of Mr. Noy.

in which they were originally written. Written Concilia Magnæ Britanniae et Hibernia. A. | by that famous and most excellent lawyer W. D. Wilkins, S.T.P. Lond., 1737, 4 vols., fol. Noy, sometimes of Lincolnes Inn, Esqr. ib., 257,

fol. Note.-Contains Letters of Archbishop Laud and

Table to Noy and Deane's Reports. ib., 346. Bishop Williams to Attorney General Noy. cf. also Laud's Works (Lib. of Anglo Cath. Theology), vi, 349,

Table to Justice Hutton's and Mr. Noy's Re860-1, 365-6.

ports. ib., 351.

The Will of W. Noy, (in Latin), June 3, 1634.

Cottonian MSS., Titus B. viii, art. 63. The argument of Mr. Noy, 16 April, 1628.

Memoirs of W. Noy. Br. Museum, Addit. concerning imprisonment with cause expressed.

MSS., 4223, art. 111. Harl. MSS., 161, art. 74; 1721, art. 45; 2305,

Extract from Mr. W. Noy's Will, 3 June, 1634. urt. 51.

ib., 5832, f 219b. Mr. Noy's speech, 22 Nov., 1627, in Westminster Hall, on behalf of Sir Walter Earle.

Remembrances from Mr. Noy, taken in his ib., 252, art. 11.

chamber. ib., 6297, p. 385. That a Baron may be of no place, from a

The argument of W. Noy and others in delecture by Mr. Noy. ib., 980, art. 18.

fence of Mr. Stephens plea touching Knighthood, Concerning institution of tithes, from Mr.

1639. ib., 12,511. Noy's argument, Trin. 7, Car. 1. ib., 980, art.

W. Noy's opinion touching certain lands in 85.

Hoveton, demised by the Bishop of Norwich to De Simone, &c. Ex recordo Trin. 4, Edw. I, Q. Elizabeth. Tanner MSS., (Bodl. Lib.), 104, Rot. 7. Alledged by Mr. Noy. ib., 980, art. 103.

art. 74. Notes from Mr. Noy's reading in Lincolns

First information of W. Noy against Dr. J. Inn, August, 1632. ib., 980, art. 164.

Williams, Bishop of Lincoln, 1637. ib., 67, fol. Mr. Noy's opinion concerning Marriage in 61; 70, art. 48. Churches. ib., 980, art. 174.

The Will and Epitaph of W. Noy, 1634. MSS. Ex ultima Voluntate sive Testamento W. Noy. Camb. Univ. Lib., Dd. xi, 73, p. 370. ib., 980, art. 226.

A declaration how Kings of England have An admission upon an Intayle, well penned from time to time supported and repaired their by Mr. Noy. ib., 1248, art. 76, pp. 415-439. estates, collected out of the records of the Tower

Opinion of Messrs. Whatman, Noy, &c., on by W. Noye, Esquire, and the Attorney General, administrating to the goods of a wife. ib., 3793, anno decimo Caroli Regis. MSS. Lincoln's Inn art. 21, pp. 108–130.

| Lib., 76, art. 5.


NOY, CAPT. WILLIAM. (Con.). NOTE.—This treatise was printed in “Cottoni Pos | Noy, in the other Bill are Plaintiffs. The Plainthuma; divers choice pieces of that renowned Antiquary tiffs Case upon an appeal brought into the House Sir Robert Cotton... preserved from the injury of Time ...By J[ames) H[owell,] Esq. Lond., 1651, 80., pp.

of Lords against Sir Peter Fortescue, Baronet, 163-202, and is there attributed to Sir R. Cotton." and Dame Amy, his wife, relict and executrix of

Sir Peter Courtney, Defendants. n.p. or d. or Extracts by Mr. Serjeant Maynard from cer

printer's name, [1680,] fol. tain autograph books of W. Noy relative to cases in 2 and 3, James I. ib., 79, pp. 1-87.

Note.-Relates to lands in Cornwall. Reports of different cases, out of Mr. Noy's book, temp. Eliz. 40, 45 and Jac. I, 15. MSS. NOY, WILLIAM ( son of Henry Noy). b. Pe Exeter Coll., 189, fol. 94-114.

zance, 19 Jan., 1842. Opinions on legal subjects by Jeff. Palmer, The Polkinghorns. Signed W. N[oy,] London. 1638, Edw. Littleton and Attorney W. Noy on One and All, A Cornish Monthly Illustrated Journal, the charter of St. Paul's Church, 1633. MSS. May, 1868. Queen's Coll. Oxford, 155, pp. 272–78.

Mousehole Wreckers in (1634) 1869, (sic). A collection of the proceedings in the House Signed W. N. ib., Dec., 1868. of Commons upon the impeachment of one Lloyd Noy, of Cornwall. By W. Pendrea, [i.e., W. for scandalizing the King's children, with the Noy.] N. and Q., 3 S., viii, 190, 465, (1865). speeches made by Sir Edw. Cook, Mr. Noy, etc., Noy and Noyes. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., i, 566, 1621. Lambeth MSS., 642, pp. 49–141.

ii, 13, 587, (1868). Mr. Attorney's Letter to Bp. Laud, 1631, Hale. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., ii, 404. concerning the recovery of the Rectories and | Cornish and Welsh. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., Tithes in Ireland. ib., 943, p. 529.

iv, 457, (1869). Legum Angliæ Analysis per W. Noy. Evelyns | Shard or Sharn. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., vii, MSS. cf. Bernard's Cat. MSS., (1696), ii, 94. 1199–200, (1871).

William Noy, Attorney General, on the In Bear and Beer. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., viii, 233. crease of the King's revenues, 10 Car. I. Sir T. On the spelling of the name Market-jew.Phillipps' MSS., No. 4847.

Reprinted in F. Mar Müller's Chips from a German Letters concerning the sickness of Attorney Workshop, (1870), iii, Note, pp. 310-311. General Noy, dated 29 July and 2 Aug., 1634. MSS. at Montacute House, Somersetshire.

NOYE, WILLIAM (son of Ephraim Noye). b. Noy's projects, 1634 ; Extracts from the Rolls Paul, 19 July, 1814. d. Australia, 6 Nov., [About ship money.] MSS. penes Countess Cowper, 1872. at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire.

List of insects (lepidoptera) found in the disLetter from W. Noye to Mr. Bowyer, Clerk of

trict of the Land's-end, [1846.] Trans. P.N.H. the Parliament, 29 June, 1610. MSS. penes

and A.S., i, 90-94, (1851). House of Lords.

Observations, etc., on the deaths head moth Report of Attorney General Noy on the peti- | (Acherontia atropos). 118471. ib. i 122_25. tion of the inhabitants of Kidderminster for a charter, 1631. MSS. penes Marquis of Bath, NUNN, JOHN HOPKINS, A.R.A. (son of Robert Longleat.

Nunn). Organist at St. Mary's, Penzance, Report by Lord Keeper Cottington and At Sept., 1859. b. Bury, St. Edmunds, 10 Nov., torney General Noy on an Engine invented for 1827. taking up gravel from the Thames, 15 Oct., 1633.

Song. Angry Words. Composed and dedicated MSS. ib.

to his friends and pupils by J. H. Nunn, A.R.A., Collections out of the Tower Records concern

Organist at St. Mary's, Penzance. Lond., Addiing the privileges and jurisdictions of the Eccles

son and Lucas, 210, Regent St., [1861,] fol., pp. iastical Courts. MSS.

5, 2/6. Note.-cf. W. Nicolson's English, Scotch and Irish Yon Fading Clouds. Song written by a Lady, Hist. Lib., (1776), p. 132; Dr. Thomas James' A Manv.

fi.e., Miss Rutherfurd.] Composed and dedicated duction or Introdvction unto Divinitie, (1625), (where these Extracts are mentioned in the Table of the Manuscript

to Charles Lucas, Esq., by J. H. Nunn, R.A.M.. bookes vrged in this Booke."]

Lond., Lamborn, Cock, Addison and Co., (1861,]

fol., pp. 5, 3/NOY, CAPT. WILLIAM (2nd son of Philip Noy, They sleep. Four part song. Words by Barry

of Pendrea, and nephew of the Attorney General). Cornwall. Music composed and dedicated to the

Capt. Will. Noy, Executor of Honour Noy, Penzance Choral Society by the Conductor, J. Plaint., in one Biil, Humphrey, Sarah, Honour, | H. Nunn... Lond., Addison and Lucas, (1862,1 Prudence, Children and Administrators of Francis | fol., pp. 4, 2/-. Separate parts 3d. per page.

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O'BRYAN, CATHERINE (dau. of Will. Coulin, 0. pseud., i.e., Mr. Atkinson.

and wife of Will. O'Bryan). b. Callestock,

Perranzabuloe, 29 May, 1781, (but no entry 0. E. O. i.e., Osler, E.

in Register). d. U.S. America, 4 Mch., 1860.

The Security of the saints in life and their 0. J. C. O. i.e., Oliver, J. C.

consolation in death, a funeral sermon occasioned

by the death of Mrs. Catherine O'Bryan, wife 0. 0. O. pseud., i.e., Jessopp, Rev. A.

of Mr. William O'Bryan, Founder of the Bible

Christian Connexion, by her grandson, Samuel OATES, LIEUT. MARK, R.M. Portrait Painter & Ley Thorne, Bible Christian Minister. Shebbear,

Barrack Master, Pendennis Castle, 1800-1825. Devon, published by Sam. Thorne, 1860, 80., b. St. Agnes, 1762, (but no entry in Register). pp. 27, 6d. d. Bar House, Falmouth, 20 Oct., 1825. bur. Falmouth Churchyard, 26 Oct. cf. Polwhele's O'BRYAN, WILLIAM (son of Mr. Bryant). ChangBiog. Sketches, ii, 114-15; Lectures on Painting, ed his name to O'Bryan. The Founder of the By late John Opie, (1809), p. 60; P. H. Nicolas' Bryanites or Bible Christians at Lake, in 1815. Hist. Record of Royal Marine Forces, (1845), Resident some years at Liskeard ; Emigrated to i, 135, ii, 63.

America in 1831. b. Gunwen Farm, Luxul

yan, 6 Feb., 1778. d. Brooklyn, New York, Note.—Mark Oates was the painter of a picture of Faith, Hope and Charity, which was over the altar of

U.S., 8 Jan., 1868. cf. W. Howitt's Year Book, Falmouth Parish Church; on an attempt being made to pp. 75-77; J. Allen's Liskeard, (1856), p. 106; remove it some time ago it fell in pieces and is now Bible Christian Mag., iv, 101-13, (1868). entirely lost.

The rules of Society, or a guide to conduct OATS, FRANCIS (son of Fras. Oats. b. Lelant, 18 for those who desire to be Armenian Bible

Aug., 1796. d. 10 Dec., 1871). In charge of Christians, with a preface, stating the causes of Science Classes of Miners' Assoc. of C. and D. separation between William O'Bryan and the at St. Just and Pendeen, 1867. One of the people called Methodists. 2nd ed. Launceston, Agents of Botallack Mine, July, 1870. 6. Tor 1818, 120. frey, Golant, near Fowey, 24 Oct., 1848. cf. A collection of hymns for the use of the people Lond., Edinb. and Dublin Philos. Mag., xlii, called Arminian Bible Christians. By W. 0° 408, (1871); J. H. Collins' Western Chron. of Bryan, Minister of the Gospel. Devon, printed Science, i, 16, (1871).

at the Office of the Arminian Bible Christians, Notes on an excursion to the Chiverton dis

5, Mill-Pleasant, Stoke-Damerel, by S. Thorne, trict. Rep. Miners' Assoc. of C. and D., 1867, pp.

Agent, 1825, 120., pp. 574. 48–49.

On the Millennium, a sermon on Revelations,

xx, 6. By Wm. O'Bryan, Minister of the Gospel. NOTE.-F. Oats was sent to Paris in 1867 by the 3rd ed. New York, 1832, 80.–4th ed. Printed Society of Arts to report on the Tools used for mining for the Author. (S. Thorne, printer. Prospect purposes, shown in the Exhibition. His name appears in The List of Workmen sent by the Society in Journ.

place, Shebbear, Devon,] 1850, 80., pp. 48. of the Soc. of Arts, xv, 646, (1867).

[A Narrative of] Travels in the United States

of America. By W. O'Bryan, Minister of the OATS, REV. JAKEH (son of Jakeh Oats). b. St. Gospel. Lond., Stephens; Shebbear, S. Thorne,

Just, in Penwith, 4 Apl., 1828. bapt. 9 Apl. | [printed,] 1836, demy 12°., pp. 350. d. Doncaster ? 7 Nov., 1866. cf. Wesleyan I NOTE.--A portion of the edition was lost during a Methodist Mag., xc, 842, (1867).

fire at the printers.

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