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O'BRYAN, William. (Con.).

ODGERS, REV. JAMES. 6. Camborne, 1774. d. A Jubilee Memorial of incidents in the rise

Exeter, 9 Dec., 1855. cf. Wesleyun Methodist and progress of the Bible Christian Connexion.

Mag., lxxviii, 665, (1855); lxxix, 190, 844, Shebbear, Devon, published for the Bible Chris

(1856). . tian Book Committee, by James Thorne. Sold Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Sanders, who died at by all the Itinerant Preachers. Lond., G. J. Lostwithiel, 9 Nov., 1832, aged 63. Wesleyan Stevenson, 54, Paternoster Row, 1865, post 80., Methodist Mag., lvi, 154, (1833). pp. vi and 292.—2nd ed. 1866, 80., pp. vi and Memoir of Mr. John Eddy, who died at 300.

Kingsbridge, 9 April, 1832. ib., lvi, 750.
Note.-Contains sketch of the life of Mr. William
O'Bryan, p. 15, et seq.

ODGERS, JOSEPH, of Camborne. cf. F. Tre

vithick's Life of Rich. Trevithick, (1872), ii, 98Obedience to the call of God, a funeral sermon

99. on the death of William O'Bryan. By S. L. Thorne. Sold by S. Thorne, 52, Union Street,

A Tour to France in search of mines, with the

imprisonment, trials, condemnation and acquittal Plymouth, 1868, 8°., pp. 31, 3d.

of Captain Joseph Odgers, of Camborne, in Note.—Contains a memoir of W. O'Bryan. Cornwall. Written by himself. Helston, printed OBSERVER, AN.

by W. Penaluna, 1830, 12o., pp. 36. Turn the wallet. Signed “An Observer.Rev. ODGERS, NICHOLAS (son of Nicholas Odgers). H. A. Simcoe's Light from the West, ii, 161-62, b. Stithians, 23 Aug., 1839. (1833).

A Glance at the Universe. By N. Odgers, A Visit to a Church Sunday School. With

Schoolmaster, Stithians, Cornwall. Lond., Kent view of Bridgerule School House. ib., ii, 252–55.

and Co.; Redruth, J. S. Doidge; Lond., H. J. ODGERS, JACOB (son of Nicholas Olgers). b.

Tresidder, 17, Ave Maria Lane, 1862, fep. 8o., Sewrah Moor, Stithians, 24 May, 1841.

pp. 130, 1/The existence of God. By J. Odgers. Lond.,

Note.-An edition of 2000 copies. The words

“second thousand" are printed on the titlepages of one G. J. Stevenson, 1867, 12o., pp. 132, 1/6.

half the edition. The Ghost of John Wesley. By J. Odgers, The Observator, (No. 1.] n.p. or d. or printers The Mystery of Being, or are ultimate atoms name. [Printed and published by the Author, inhabited worlds. By N. Odgers. Redruth, J. S. Stithians, 1870,] 120., pp. 20, 2d.—2nd ed. n.d., Doidge ; Lond., H. J. Tresidder, 1863, 89., pp. [1870,] 12o., pp. 20, 20. — 3rd ed., revised and 161, 1/6. considerably improved. n.p. or d. or printer's name.

Note.- This work is noticed in Professor Augustus [Printed and published for the Author by N. 1 de Morgan's “ Budget of Paradoxes,” (1872), pp. 376-77. Odgers, Redruth, 1871,] 120., pp. 20, 2d. The Philosophy of War. By J. Odgers. The

The Methodist Class Meeting. By N. Odgers. Observator, No. 2. n.p. or printer's name. (Printed

Lond., Kent and Co.; Redruth, J. S. Doidge, and published by the Author, Stithians,] 1870,

n.d., [1864,] demy, 18°., pp. 192, 1/6. 12o., pp. 20, 2d.

A Bible Catechism for Sunday Schools.' Anon. The Devil's Claw. By J. Odgers. The Ob

Redruth, printed by J. S. Doidge, n.d., (1865,] servator, No. 3. n.p. or printer's name. [Printed

roy. 32°., pp. 32, 2d. and published by the Author, Stithians,] 1870,

Useful Tables for the use of Schools. Anon. 120., pp. 20, 2d.

Redruth, J. S. Doidge, printer, n.d., [1865,] roy. A sermon on the death of George Smith,

320., pp. 16, 1d. LL.D., late of Camborne. By J. Odgers. The

The Dissolution of the Stithians Wesleyan Observator, No. 4. n.p. or printer's name. [Printed

Methodist Sunday School. By N. Odgers. Redand published by the Author, Stithians,] 1871,

ruth, J. Jenkin, printer, Times Office, Fore St. 120., pp. 20, 2d.

n.d., (1866,) post 80., pp. 56, 6d. The Farmer, B.A., or no royal path to fame.

The Resurrection Body. By N. Odgers. Lond., A poem, by J. Odgers. The Observator, No. 5.

S. W. Partridge and Co. n.d., (1870,] fcp. 8°., n.p. or d. or printer's name. [Printed and pub

| pp. 32, 4d. lished by the Author, Stithians, 1872,] 12°., pp. 20, 2d.

ODGERS, W. BLAKE (son of the succeeding). b. The self ransomed slave. Biographical Sketch

Plymouth, 15 May, 1849. of Lewis Smith. By J. Odgers. Redruth, printed King Arthur and the Arthurian Romances, a by N. Odgers, Penryn Street. n.d., [1871,] 12o., paper read before The Bath Literary and Philopp. 32, 2d.

sophical Association, Dec. 22, 1871. By W.

ODGERS, W. BLAKE. (Con.). Blake Odgers, B.A., Of the Middle Temple, Law Student of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Frontispiece. Lond., Longman; Bath, Will. Lewis, [printed,] n.d., [1872,] 8°., pp. 64.

ODGERS, Rev. W. J. (Con.). Unitarianism a positive and practical faith. A sermon preached at Little Portland St. Chapel, London, at the annual meeting of the British and Foreign Unitarian Association. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Published by the Association. E. T. Whitfield, 178, Strand, London, 1856, 80., 6d.


Notter, Landrake, 1819. cf. Gent. Mag.,lxxxix,

282, (1819); European Mag., lxxv, 178, (1819). O'DONOGHUE, REV. FRANCIS TALBOT, B.A.

(son of Lieut.-Col. Daniel Michael O'Donoghue). Incumbent of Godolphin, July, 1852, to Dec., 1855. Now (1873) V. of Walsden, Rochdale. 6. Tipperary, 12 Dec., 1817.

St. Knighton's Kieve. A Cornish Tale. With a postscript and glossary. By the Rev. F. T. O'Donoghue, B.A., Vicar of Tickenham, Somerset, and Chaplain to the Marquis of Westmeath. Lond., Smith and Elder, 1864, 80., pp. iv and 304, 10,6.

NOTE.—Mr. O'Donoghue m. 5 July, 1853, Ellen Catherine, eld. dau, of Will. Pascoe, of Tregembo.

ODGERS, Rev. WILLIAM JAMES (son of James

Odgers. d. Flushing, 1842.) Now (1873) Unitarian Minister at Bath. b. Flushing, near Falmouth, 29 Apl., 1810.

The claims of the suffering poor on Christian Benevolence. A sermon preached at Plymouth on behalf of the widows and orphans of those who died of Cholera. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, printed and published by G. Hearder and T. Browne, Buckwell St., 1832, 80., 6d.

The claims of the orphan. A sermon preached at Plymouth on behalf of the surviving relatives of Fort Major Watson, who lost his life by an awful fire in the Citadel. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, printed and published by J. Bartlett, 1836, 8o., 6d.

Unitarians entitled to the name of Christian. A sermon preached at the Unitarian Chapel, Plymouth. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, published by G. Hearder, 1836, 80., 6d.

The tendency of free trade to promote permanent and universal peace. A Lecture delivered at Plymouth, 26 Feb., 1846, at a meeting of the Plymouth Free Trade Association. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, N. H. Haydon, Tavistock St. ; Lond., J. Mardon, Farringdon St., 1846, 80.

A Report on the sanitary condition of Ply. mouth. By Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, I. W. N. Keys, printer, 9, Bilbury St., 1847, 4o., pp. viii and 58.

NOTE.- This is '“ The Plymouth Health of Towns Advocate, published under the sanction of The Plymouth Health of Towns Association.” It consists of 7 numbers, the pagination of which is continuous and extends from 1 to 58.

A brief history of the Plymouth Unitarian Congregation, and of the Institutions connected with it, to which are added a chronological table of important events and a catalogue of books in the Chapel library. By W. J. Odgers, Pastor of the Congregation. Lond., E. Whitfield, 2, Essex St., Strand; Plymouth and Devonport, R. Lidstone, 1850, 12o., pp. 40.

Report to the General Board of Health on a preliminary enquiry into the sewerage, etc., of the borough of Plymouth. By Robert Rawlinson, Esq. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1853,


Ueber das Verhalten des granites zum killas in Cornwall. By Karl von Oeynhausen und Heinrich von Dechen. Karsten, Archiv. f. Bergbuu, Berlin, xvii, 3–29, (1828); Philos. Mag., V, 161-70, 241-47, (1829). OFFRID, WILLIAM Fiz.

Gilbert de Ferrars grants to William fiz Offrid as a freeman, an acre of land at Wringworthy, and one small English acre (unam parvam acram terre Anglicam) and a half in his demesne; and acquits him of naifty and servitude. Very early undated deed penes the Earl of Mount Edgcuinbe, at Mount Edgcumbe.

OGILBY, John. b. at or near Edinburgh, 1600. d. 4 Sept., 1676.

Britannia, Vol. i, or an illustration of the kingdom of England and dominion of Wales, by a geographical and historical description of the principal roads thereof...By John Ogilby... Lond., printed for the author at his house in White-Fryers, 1675, fol.

Note.-Contains The Road from London to the Lands End, pp. 49-56; From Barnstaple to Truro, p. 67; From Exeter to Truro, pp. 137-38.

Britannia Depicta, or Ogilby improved. Being a correct copy of Mr. Ogilby's Actual Survey of all ye direct and principal cross roads in ingland and Wales...By Ino. Owen, of the Midd. Temple,


Note.-Appendix G., “Cholera Statistics of Plymouth in connection with the actual sanitary condition of the town” is by the Rev. W. J. Odgers.

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OKE, GEORGE Colwell. (Con.). Gent. Lond., printed for, and sold by, Tho. An improved system of solicitor's book-keepBowles, 1720, 80., pp. 273.—4th ed., 1753, 8o., ing, with forms of the several books and a

practical exemplification of their working and

division of profits or losses in cases of partnerNote.- The Road from London to the Land's End, pp. 59-67; The Roads from Barnstaple to Truro, 81-83;

ship, directions for posting, balancing, etc. By The Road from Exeter to Truro, pp. 179-81, in both G. C. Oke. Lond., H. Butterworth, 1849, 80., editions. The Map of Cornwall and illustrations are pp. viii and 80,5/engraved by Eman. Bowen.

The Magisterial Formulist, being a complete OISELL, John. circa 1392.

collection of forms and precedents for practical

use in all matters out of Quarter Sessions, To the Justices of the Peace for Cornwall, to

adapted to the outlines of forms in Jervis's Act hear the complaint of J. Oisell, of Liskerred,

(11 and 12 Vict., c.c. 42, 43). With an introagainst Sir Walter Pynhergard, Knight, Thomas

duction, explanatory directions, variations and his brother, and others for carrying away his

notes, (Brought down to 12 and 13 Vict.). By goods and to do him justice. MSS. Camb. Univ.

George C. Oke. Lond., H. Butterworth, (Feb.,] Lib., Dd. iii, 53, art. 249. .

1850, 80., pp. xviii and 543, 21/-:—2nd ed. OKE, GEORGE COLWELL (son of Will. Jane Oke,

With considerable additions. Lond., (Sept.,] who d. Truro, July, 1859). Chief Clerk to the

1856, 80., pp. xxx and 601, 21/---3rd ed. EnLord Mayor of the City of London, 1864. b.

larged and revised. Lond., 1861, 80., pp. xxxiv St. Columb Major, 8 Feb., 1821.

and 961, 35/-.

Addenda to the third edition of Oke's MagisThe Synopsis of Summary Convictions, show

terial Formulist, containing forms in respect of ing at one view the penalties, etc., for 1300

the new matters in the Criminal Law consolidaoffences, when proceedings must be commenced,

tion Acts and other statutes of the session, 1861. what justices to convict in each case, etc., etc.,

By G. C. Oke, Assistant Clerk to the Lord etc., with an introduction, practical observa

Mayor of London. Lond., Butterworths, 1862, tions, forms and notes, embodying the entire

80., pp. iv and 965–1007, 2/6. law and practice relating thereto, an epitome

The Magisterial Formulist, etc. By. G. C. of other matters usually coming before Justices

Oke. 4th ed. Lond., Butterworths, 1868, 80., out of sessions, comprising a full list of indict

pp. xxiv and 1033, 38/-. able offences and where triable, and an abstract of the Juvenile Offenders Act, with explanatory

The Laws of Turnpike Roads, comprising the

whole of the general acts now in force, the acts notes, etc., etc., etc. By G. C. Oke, Assistant

as to union of trusts for facilitating arrangeClerk to the Newmarket Benches of Justices, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk; Lond., H. Butter

ment with their creditors, as to the interference worth, [Jan.,] 1848, 80., pp. xiii and 397, 14/-.

by railways with roads, their non-repair and en

forcing contributions from parishes, etc., etc., Note. The 2nd ed. of this work is entitled The practically arranged. With cases, copious notes, Magisterial Synopsis, and there are variations in the

and the necessary forms and an elaborate index. title-pages of some of the other editions.

By G. C. Oke. Lond., Butterworths, 1854, 120., The Magisterial Synopsis, comprising Sum pp. 500, 12).-2nd ed. With cases and statutes mary Convictions, etc. By G. C. Oke. 2nd ed. to Nov., 1861. Lond., 1861, 120., pp. 1 and 700, enlarged and improved. Lond., H. Butterworth, 18/[Dec., 1848,] 1849, 80., pp. xxvii and 468, 18/-. The Friendly Societies' Manual, comprising

—3rd ed. enlarged and improved. Lond., [Nov.,] the New Consolidation Act, 18 and 19 Vict., 1850, 80., pp. xxii and 586.—4th ed. Lond., cap. 63, and other statutes affecting old and [Apl.,] 1853, 80., pp. xxxiv and 596, 21/---5th new societies as well as industrial societies, ed. enlarged and improved. Lond., [Feb.,] 1857, methodically arranged, with an exemplification 8o., pp. xxx and 780.-6th ed. enlarged and of the official system of book-keeping, rules, improved. Lond., [May,] 1858, 80., pp. xxxvi | tables of contributions, cases, forms, etc., etc., and 1018.-7th ed. enlarged and improved. etc. By G. C. Oke. Lond., Butterworth, 1855, Lond., Nov., 1860, 80., pp. xliv and 1129, 44/-. 12o., pp. xvii and 221, 6/-. -8th ed. Lond., (Oct., 1862, 8°., pp. xxxviii A handy book of the game and fishery laws, and 1206, 50/--9th ed. Lond., [Mch.,] 1866, | containing all the acts in force as to game, rab8o., pp. xxxviii and 1280, 52/6.-10th ed. In 2 bits, deer, private and salmon-fisheries, dogs, Volumes. Lond., 1868, 80., pagination con- | birds, etc., and the new licenses to kill game, tinuous, pp. xl and 1402, 58/--1lth ed. In 2 deer, etc., systematically arranged with useful Volumes. Lond., 1872, 80., pagination continu forms, notes, decisions, etc., etc. By G. C. Oke. ous, pp. liv and 1582.

Lond., Butterworth, 1861, 12o., pp. xiv and



OKE, Rev. WILLIAM. (Con.). 211, 7/-:-2nd ed. Lond., 1863, 12o., pp. xxiv The Loss of Five Wesleyan Missionaries in and 374, 10/6.

the Maria Mail Boat, off the island of Antigua, The new criminal acts of 1861, with the in the West Indies, 28 Feb., 1826. By Mrs. offences, punishment and procedure, whether Jones. Lond., 1827, 24o., pp. 36, 4d, punishable summarily or on indictment, alpha-1 NOTE.-The Rev. W. Oke and the Rev. T. Truscott betically and tabularly arranged. By G. C. Oke.

were amongst those who were lost. Lond., 1861, 80., 6/2

Magisterial Procedure, reasons for its revision, OLDWANTON, OLYVER. pseud., i.e. simplification and uniformity. By G. C. Oke.

A lyttle treatise called the Image of Idleness, Read in the department of Jurisprudence at the

conteynynge certyne matters moved between Annual Meeting of the National Association for

Walter Wedlocke and Bawdin Bacheler. Trāsthe promotion of social science at the Guildhall,

lated out of the Troyane or Cornyshe tounge [London,] June, 1862. Lond., printed by Emily

into Englyshe, by Olyver Oldwanton, and dedi. Faithfull. Victoria Press, 1862, 80., pp. 16, 1/..

cated to the Lady Lust. (Colophon.] Imprinted London Police and Magistracy, a practical

by Wyllyam Seres, dwellynge in Powles Church summary of the magisterial powers of the metro

Yard, at the signe of the Hedgehogge. n.d., 8o., politan police commissioners and the police,

52 leaves. Bod. Lib. county and city magistrates, within their several jurisdictions. By G. C. Oke. Lond., Butterworth,

OLD CELT. pseud., i.e., Bottrell, Will. 1863, post 80., pp. 20, 1/-.

The Magisterial Laws of London. By G. C. OLIVER, CHARLOTTE (2nd dau. of Dr. Will. Oke. 1863, 120.

Oliver, who d. 1764, and wife, 14 Apl., 1752, NOTE.-Announced in 1863, to be published by sub

of Sir John Pringle, Bart., President of the Royal scription at 10/6, but never published.

Soc., who d. 18 Jan., 1782). cf. Six discourses

delivered by Sir J. Pringlé, Bart., (1783), p. Friendly Societies' Accounts, a practical ex

xxii; Gent. Mag., liii, pt. ii, 602, (1783)." emplification of the “Instructions in bookkeeping for Friendly Societies ” issued by the

OLIVER, REV. GEORGE, D.D., Canon of the Registrar with directions for checking, etc. By

Diocese of Plymouth. b. Newington Butts, G. C. Oke. Lond., C. and E. Layton, 150, Fleet

London, 9 Feb., 1781. d. St. Nicholas Priory, Street, 1864, 120., pp. 49.

Exeter, 23 Mch., 1861. bur. Chapel of the Justices' Clerks' Accounts, being a simple

Priory, 2 Apl. cf. Gent. Mag., x, 575–77, system of recording and checking magisterial

(1861); N. and Q., 2 S., ix, 514, (1860). business and income from fees, and the receipt and application of penalties, etc., practically Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Devon, etc. [By examined. By G. C. Oke. Lond., printed by C.

the Rev. J. P. Jones, 9.v., and George Oliver, Roworth and Sons, 38, Bell Yard, Temple Bar,

nd Sons 38. Bell Yara. Temple Bar: | 1828, 120.--Another ed. Lond., Nichols, 1844, 1863, 80., pp. 16, 2/-.

3 vols., 80., 20/--New ed. Exeter, W. Pollard,

1862, 2 vols., 80., 21/OKE, SILAS (son of Philip Oke, who d. St. Tudy, Collections towards illustrating the biography

1826). b. St. Tudy, Apl., 1801. Now resident of the Scotch, English, and Irish Members of the at Illogan.

Society of Jesus. By the Rev. Dr. Oliver, St. On an exhausting air pump for mines especially

Nicholas' Priory, Exeter. Lond., Charles Dolman,

61, New Bond Street, 1845, 80., pp. 282 such as have but one shaft. Rep. Miners' Assoc. of C. and D., 1869, pp. 41-43.

NOTE.-An interleaved copy of this work, with

numerous corrections and additional notes by Mr. Tierney, OKE, REV. WILLIAM (son of Walter and Jenny and notes and transcripts by W. B. Turnbull, Esq., is Oke). Wesleyan Minister in the West Indies.

now penes the Bishop of Southwark. b. St. Tudy, 13 Dec., 1796. bapt. 4 Jan., 1797. Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis, being a colDrowned off the island of Antigua, 28 Feb., 1 lection of records and instruments illustrating 1826. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., xlix, 349– the ancient conventual, collegiate and eleemosy52, 486-94, 646–47, 760, (1826); 1, 649–65,

nary foundations in the counties of Cornwall (1827); Rev. J. W. Thomas' Reminiscences of

and Devon, with historical notices and a suppleMethodism in Ereter, p. 41.

ment comprising a list of the dedications of The Christian Minister's final appeal to his churches in the diocese, an amended edition of beloved people. A sermon preached in St. Tudy the Taxation of Pope Nicholas, and an abstract Chapel, by W. Oke, a Methodist Missionary of the Chantry Rolls. By G. Oliver, D.D. 2 Launceston, 1822, 120., pp. 23.

| plates of illuminated letters and 3 plates of scals. OLIVER, Rev. GEORGE. (Con.).

OLIVER, Rev. John. (Con.). Exeter, P. A. Hannaford; Lond., Longman Lond., printed by Sarah Griffin for Mary Roth1846, fol. Title, dedication, preface, analytical well, at the Fountain and Bear, in Cheapside, table of contents, corrigenda, list of subscribers, 1663, 80. pp. i–xxiv, monasticon and supplement, pp. Note.-Title, dedication to Mrs. Bridget Seymour of 1-493, 80/

Hanford-house, in the county of Dorset, to the Reader, Additional Supplement to the Monasticon a prayer before child-birth, contents, and to Reader, 15 Dioecesis Exoniensis, with a map of the diocese,

leaves, A Present, pp. 1-144. This work is erroneously

attributed to the Rev. Will. Oliver, of Launceston, (who deaneries and sites of religious houses. By G.

d. 1681), in S. Palmer's Nonconformist's Memorial. Oliver, D.D. Exeter, A. Holden ; Lond., Nattali and Bond, 1854, fol. Title, contents and list of OLIVER, JOHN CARDELL (son of Robert Sidney subscribers, 2 leaves, Additional Supplement, Oliver). b. Newquay, 21 Aug., 1844. pp. 1-38, 12/6.

Guide to Newquay and neighbourhood includNote.—The whole work bound together was pub

ing Perran and Bedruthen Steps. Map. By J. C. ished at 105/-.

Olliver.) Truro, W. Lake, Boscawen St., 1872,

80., pp. 33. Collections illustrating the History of the The Cornish Pilchard Fishery. By J. C. Catholic Religion in the counties of Cornwall, Osliver.) Truro, W. Lake, Boscawen St., 1872, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts and Gloucester. 80., pp. 8, 2d. In two parts, historical and biographical. With notices of the Dominican, Benedictine and Fran

OLIVER, THOMAS. ciscan Orders in England. By the Very Rev. | Deed of Confirmation from Thomas Oliver, of George Oliver, D.D., Canon of the Diocese of Morwell, Cornwall, to John Yvan, and Agnes, Plymouth. Lond., Charles Dolman, 1857, 8o., | his wife, of a tenement in Milbrook, 1536. MS. pp. vii and 576, 12/-.

on Sale at T. Thorpe's, 1836. Note. Some of the MSS. of this work are in the OLIVER, REV. WILLIAM, M.A. Chaplain Fellow Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm., vi, 40, others are at Stonyhurst of Ex. Coll. by order of Parliamentary Visitors, College.

1650–54, Minister at Launceston; Ejected by Lives of the Bishops of Exeter and a history

Act of Uniformity, 1662; Master of Grammar of the cathedral, with an illustrative appendix.

School, Launceston. b. Cornwall, 27 Dec., By Rev. G. Oliver. Exeter, Will Roberts, 1861,

1627. d. 6 July, 1681. cf. S. Palmer's Non80., pp. xvi and 503, 16/

conformist's Memorial, (1775), i, 280, where he Merrye Englande (A Cornish Story.] Catholic

is called John Oliver, and the work given Mag., ii, 353–68, etc., (1838), iii, 183–91, etc.,

under that name is attributed to him. (1839).

OLIVER, WILLIAM, M.A., M.D., F.R.S., of the Note.-The story is relative to the Tregians and

family of Trevarnoe, in Sithney. Came to other families and is compiled from MSS. sources.

England in Will. III army, 1688; Licentiate

of College of Physicians of London, 30 Sept., List of Priors and Extracts from the Calendar

1692; Physician to the Red Squadron, 1693of Tywardreath Priory, Cornwall. Collect. Topog.

1702 : Physician to Hospital for Sick and et Geneal., iii, 106-111.

Wounded Seamen at Chatham, 1709-14; Arundelliana. ib., iii, 389-95.

Physician to the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, Will of Dame Jane Chamond. ib., iv, 172-74.

1714-16. d. Greenwich, 4 Apl., 1716. bur. Will of Thomas Arundell, of Talferne. ib.,

Abbey Church, Bath, where is Monu. cf. Will. iv, 174–76.

Munk's Roll of Physicians, (1861), i, 452; John Will of John Arundell, of Talferne. ib., iv,

Britton's Hist. of Bath Abbey Church, (1825), 17677.

Document relating to Lands in Cornwall. Archæol. Journ., vi, 393, (1849).

A practical essay on fevers containing remarks

on the hot and cool methods of their cure wherein OLIVER, REV. JOHN.

the first is rejected and the last recommended.

To which is annex'd a dissertation on the Bath A Present for Teeming Women; or scripture Waters. By W. Oliver, M.D. Lond., printed for directions for women with child, how to prepare T. Goodwin, at the Queen's Head, against St. for the houre of travel. Written first for the Dunstan's Church, in Fleet St., 1704, 120. Title private use of a gentlewoman of quality in the and contents, 2 leaves, preface, pp. i-xxxii, a West, and now published for the common good. practical essay, pp. 1-201, a dissertation, pp. By John Oliver, less than the least of all saints. / 202–88.

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