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OSLER, EDWARD, F.L.S. (Con.). OUTHETT, JOHN. The Cornwall Royal Gazette, Falmouth Packet A new Map of the County of Cornwall, divided and Plymouth Journal. Printed and published into hundreds, exhibiting the mail, direct and by Geo. Wilkinson Kneebone, Truro, 1841, fol., | principal cross roads, gentlemen's seats, canals, &c., pp. 4, 4d.

&c. By John Outhett. Published 1 Nov., 1817, by NOTE.—This paper was edited by E. Osler from

Jas. Whittle and Richd. Holmes Laurie, No. 53, about 1841 to 1863.

Fleet St., London. Scale, į in. to 1 mile. The Packet Question. Falmouth or South OVERSEER, An. pseud., i.e., Nicholls, Sir G. hampton. By E. Osler. Reprinted from the

OWENS, Rev. THOMAS. Wesleyan Minister. d. Royal Cornwall Gazette at the desire of the

1808. Falmouth Harbour Committee. With Chart. Lond., Smith and Elder, 1844, 80., pp. 32.

A Sermon delivered at the funeral of Mr. History of the Cornwall Railway. By E. Osler.

John Reed, in the parish of Wendron, Sunday, Reprinted from the Royal Cornwall Gazette.

24 July, 1803. By T. Owens, Methodist Preacher. Truro, printed by G. W. Kneebone, Cornwall

Helston, W. Penaluna, 1803, 8°., pp. 20. Gazette Office, 1846, 8o.

OXLAND, ROBERT, F.G.S. (son of Robt. Oxland). Lyra Eucharistica... Edited by Rev. Orby Ship b. Portsmouth, 10 Aug., 1819. ley, M.A. 2nd Ed. Lond., Longman, 1864, 80. On dressing Tin Ores. Rep. Miners Assoc. of NOTE.-Hymns, No. 104 and 170, in this collection

C. and D., 1868, pp. 33–35. are by E. Osler.

On a new Calciner for roasting Tin and other The book of praise from the best English Ores. By R. Oxland and J. Hocking, Junr., hymn writers, selected and arranged by Roundell | (1868) 2.0. Palmer. Macmillan and Co., London and Cam OXNAM, Rev. WILLIAM, M.A., of Oriel Coll." bridge, 1865, 8o.

Oxford (son of Rich. Oxnam who d. Penzance, NOTE.-Hymns Nos. 244, 282 and 294 in this collec 25 Apl., 1793). R. of St. Petrock's, Exeter, tion are by E. Osler.

1803-44; Prebendary of Exeter, 23 Apl., The Sarum Hymnal... Salisbury, W. P. Ayl 1803-44; V. of Cornwood, 1824–44. 6. Chapel ward... Lond., Simpkin, 1869, 80., 12/-.

St., Penzance, 18 Oct., 1771. d. Cornwood, NOTE.—No. 227 in this collection is by E. Osler.

Devon, 23 Feb., 1844. cf. Gent. Mag., lxvi,

pt. i, 524, (1796), xxi, 659, (1844). The Hymnary. [Ed. by Rev. William Cooke

A sermon preached at St. Peter's Cathedral, and Rev. B. Webb.] Lond., Novello, Ewer and

Exeter, on Thursday, the 22nd Oct., 1818, being Co., n.d., [1872,] 87.

the anniversary of the Diocesan Society for proNote.-Hymn No. 440 in this collection is by E. moting Christian Knowledge, and published at Osler.

the request of the general committee. By the On burrowing and boring marine animals. Rev. W. Oxnam, A.M., Prebendary of the Plates. Philos. Trans., cxvi, pt. ii, 342–70, 1826; Cathedral and Rector of St. Petrock's, Exeter. [Edinb. Journ. Sci., vi, 270-74, (1827); Bulletin Exeter, printed by T. Flindell, and published by Univ. des Sciences, Ferussac, xvii, (1829); Froriep, Mr. Risdon, bookseller, 1818, 8o., pp. 16. Notizen, Erfurt, xvii, col. 289-92, 1827.7

OXENHAM, REV. WILLIAM, M.A. (son of the Observations on the anatomy and habits of marine testaceous molluscæ, illustrative of their

preceding). Changed the spelling of the name modes of feeding. ib., cxxii, 497–516, (1832).

to Oxenham in 18- -. * Assistant Master,

Harrow, 1826; afterwards Lower Master. b. OSLER, EDWARD (nephew of the preceding). 1802. d. Reigate, 13 Oct., 1863. cf. Gent. Mag., The Great Law from the French of Emile

xv, 660, (1863). Souvestre. By E. Ossler.] Helston Gram. School Death the Christian's gain, a sermon preached Mag., 1857–59, pp. 80–83.

in Harrow Church, on Sunday evening, Oct. 6, The Parchment of the Moorish Doctor from | 1861, on occasion of the death of Rev. J. W. the French of E. Souvestre. By E. O. ib., pp.

Cunningham, Vicar of Harrow. By the Rev. W. 118–21, 158–65.

Oxenham, M.A., Second Master of Harrow Sir Humphrey Gilbert. By E. O. ib., pp. School. Lond., J. Murray; Harrow, Winkley, 211-15.

High St., [printed.] n.d., (1861,] 120., pp. 18.

English notes for latin elegiacs...with prefaOTES, JOHN.

tory rules of composition in elegiac metre. By Letter from J. Otes to Mr. William Carnsewe, the Rev. W. Oxenham, M.A., Second Master of dated St. Ives, 1585. Printed in “Major Fran Harrow School. Lond., J. Murray, 1842, 12o., cis' Smelting of Copper in Swansea," (1867), 1 pp. 186.—4th ed. amended. Lond., 1862, 120., pp. 13-15.

867), pp. 186. Shenhold. Londi, J. Museond Master og

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pp. 156.



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