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BUCKINGHAM, JAMES Silk. (Cɔn.). Speech delivered in the Festival Concert Room and Holland. 10 Engravings, Lond., P. Jackson, of the City of York, on the 14th June, 1841, 1848, 2 vols., 80., 28/ for the Abolition of the Corn Laws, and for a | Tour in France, Piedmont, Lombardy...the perfect system of Free Trade... 1841, 89. Tyrol and Bavaria. 12 Engravings. Lond., P.

The Eastern and Western States of America. Jackson, 1848, 2 vols., 80., 28115 plates, Lond., Fisher, n.d. [1842], 3 vols., Letter to Richard Cobden, Esq., M.P., on his 8o., 42

proposed National Budget By J. S. BuckingThe Slave States of America. Lond., Fisher, ham. Dated Dunfermline, Jan. 8th, 1849, sm. 1.d. [1842), 2 vols., 80., 31 6.

fol., pp. 4. London Instit. Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and National Evils and Practical Remedies, with... the other British Provinces, etc. Lond., P. Plan of a Model Town... 2 Engravings. Lond., Jackson, 1843, 8°., 15/

P. Jackson, 18.19, 89., pp. 500, 15|--Another Inaugural Lecture written for the Opening of ed., n.d. 18497, 80., pp. xxx and 512. the British and Foreign Institute, 2nd Aug., An Earnest Plea for the Reign of Temperance 1843. Lond., 1843, 80., pp. 88.--2nd. ed., and Peace... Lond., P. Jackson, n.d. [1851), 120., 1843, 8o.

2/6. New Plan of National Colonization... Lond., Note.-1000 copies were, by permission of Prince m.d. (1841), 8o.

Albert, given to the Exhibitors at the Crystal Palace, Plan of an Improved Income Tax and Real

in Hyde Park, in 1851. Free Trade... Lord., 1845, 8o., pp. 71.—2nd

The Temperance Offering... Ed. by J. S. Bucked., 1845, 8o.

ingham. Lond., 1852, 8o. —Another ed., Lond., Transactions of the British and Foreign In- | n.d., 1854, 89. stitute, including Reports of all the Papers read,

| Plan for the future Government of India... Lectures delivered... 1843–45. Ed. by J. S. Lond., Partridge, 1853, 80., pp. 64.--2nd ed., Buckingham. Lond., 1845, 1 vol., 4o.

1853, 80., pp. iv and 68.-3rd ed., in “ The Slanders of Punch...against the British and | Coming Era," 1854. Foreign Institute and its Resident Director Biographical Sketch of J. S. Buckingham, (J. S. Buckingham). Lond., James Ridgway, | from “Lives of the Illustrious” for August, 1846, 80.-2nd. ed., with a postscript and

1853. Lond., Partridge, 1853, 80., pp. 16. several pages of additional matter, n.d. (1846), The Justice, Policy, and Safety of a Maine 80., pp. 32, 3d., or 1/6. per doz.—3rd. ed., 1.d. Law for England. Manchester, 1853, 89., pp. (1846), 89.-4th ed., n.d. (1816), 8o.

16. Note.- Nearly 10,000 copies of this publication Recent Correspondence between Lord J. were sold within a month.

Russell, M.P., Prime Minister of England, and Appeal to the British Nation on the greatest J. S. Buckingham. 1853, 89., 15 Reform yet remaining to be accomplished, in 1 On the gradual extinction of the National cluding the Speech delivered in Parliament on... Debt, and on the true principles of a Property the Evils of Intemperance, and an Address read | and Income Tax. Republished for comparison before the World's Temperance Convention in | with Mr. Gladstone's recent Financial ProposiLondon. Lond., Ridgway, 1816, 89., PP. 64 tions. 1853, 80., 6d. and 16, 2/6.

The Coming Era of Practical Reform, not Considerations sur quelques Reformes Sociales, “ looming in the distance,” but “nigh at hand.” qui restent encore a accomplir, avant que la | A new series of Tracts addressed to the Public Civilization ait atteint son dernier perfectionne- and Parliament of 1854. By J. S. Buckingham. ment; Discours prononcé à l'Athénée Royal de | Lond., Partridge, 1853, 80., pp. 584. Paris, le 7th Decembre, 1846. Paris, 1846, 8o.

NOTE.-Preliminary Biographical Sketch, pp. 9– Some considerations on certain great Social 80. Evils which still require to be amended or re Proposed Plan of a New Reform Bill.. 4th ed.,

1854, pp. 81–144. moved, in the most civilized nations. Lond.,

Plan for the future Government of India. 3rd ed., 1847, 80., 6d.

1854, pp. 145--296. Note.-An English ed. of the preceding work.

Examination of the Principal Questions connected

with National Education..1854, pp. 297-424. Irish Improvidence encouraged by English

History and Progress of the Temperance ReformaBounty, with a plan of relief for Ireland tion . . 1854, pp. 425-581. without taxing England. 1847, 8o., 6d.

Each of the above has a distinct title page, but the Sketches of Voyages, Travels, Writings, and pagination runs on. Public Labours. Portrait. Lond., P. Jackson, Letter on Rammohun Roy. Monthly Repos1847, 8o., 5

itory, xviii, 441 (1823). • Tour through Belgium, the Rhine, Switzerland, The Caravan in the Desert. A Scene from


BUCKINGHAM, LEICESTER Silk. (Con.). an unpublished Journal, in “ The Literary The Gentleman Opposite. A Farce. 1857. Souvenir." Ed. by A. A. Watts. 1827, pp. Not Printed. 385-393.

Note.-First performed at the Strand Theatre, Journey across the Isthmus of Suez, in 1857. “Friendship's Offering," 1827.

Do Shake Hands. A Farce. 1857. Not Harbour of Muscat, in the Persian Gulf.

Printed. With Illustration. ib., 1829, pp. 393-97.

NOTE.- First performed at the Strand Theatre, 16th

March, 1857. BUCKINGHAM, LEICESTER SILK (youngest son

La Traviata. A Burlesque. 1857. Not of the preceding). b. 11, Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 29th June, 1825. d.

Printed. Margate, 15th July, 1867. cf. Gent. Mag., iv,

NOTE.--First performed at the Strand Theatre,

1857. 264, 1867.

Jeannette's Wedding. An Operetta, in 1 Act. Aggravating Sam. A Comic Drama, in 2

By L. Buckingham and Asugustus] Harris. Acts and in Prosel. By Mathews & Co. [i.l.,

| Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1857), 120., pp. 30, 6d. L. S. Buckinghams. Lond., Thomas Hailes

William Tell, a telling version of an old tellLacy, 89, Strand, n.d. (1854), 120., pp. 46, 6d.

tale. An Original Burlesque. Lond., Lacy, Notr.-- First performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 6th Dec., 1851.

n.d. [1857], 120., pp. 33, 6d. Take that Girl away [Translated from the NOTE.--First performed at the Strand Theatre, 27th French). A Comic Drama, in 2 Acts (and in

July, 1857. Prose]. Lond., Lacy, n.d. (1855), 120, pp. 60,

Harlequin Novelty and the Princess who 0d.

lost her Heart. A New and Original Burlesque NCTE.- First performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 3rd Pantomime, in 1 Act (and in Prose). Lond., March, 185).

Lacy, n.d. [1857], 12o., pp. 40, 6d. For the benefit of the Playful Crocodile. NOTE.-First performed at the Strand Theatre, 1855. Not Printed.

24th Dec., 1857. An Impudent Puppy. A Comic Drama, in 2 A Woman in my dust hole. A Farce. 1858. Acts. 1855. Not Printed.

Not Printed. NOTE.- First performed at Drury Lane, 7th Nov., NOTE.--First performed at the Strand Theatre, 1855.

1858. So Very Obliging. A Farce. 1855. Not Quixote Junior. A Farce. 1859. Not Printeil.

Printed. None.--First performed at Drury Lane, 6th Dec., Note.--First performed at the Strand Theatre, 1855.

13th July, 1859. Two Precious Scoundrels. A Farce. 1856.

Virginius, or the Trials of a Fond Papa. A Vot Printed.

Burlesque, in 1 Act (and in Verse]. Lond., Note.-- First performed at the Strand Theatre, 21st Aug., 1856.

Lacy, n.d. (1859], 12o., pp. 36, 6d. Belphegor. A new and original, acrobatic,

Note.–First performed at the St. James' Theatre.

1st Oct., 1859. alramatic, epigrammatic, and decidely un-aristocratic Burlesque. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1856),

Cupid's Ladder. A Drama, in 2 Acts (adapted 120., pp. 45, 6d.

from the French). 1859. Not Printed. Note.-First performed at the Strand Theatre, Note.-First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 2 h Sept., 1856.

29th Oct., 1859. - Drat that Comet. A Farce. 1856. Not

A pleasant time of it. 1860. Not Printed. Printed.

You're another. 1860. Not Printed. Over the way. 1856. Not Printed.

The Phantom Wives. 1860. Not Printed. The Magic Mistletoe; or Harlequin Humbug

The Forty Thieves. A Burlesque. By J. R. and the Shams of London. A Burlesque Pan

Planché, F. Talfourd, H. J. Byron, L. Buckingtomime. 1856. Not Printed.

ham, Draper, A. Halliday, F. Lawrence, and the NOTE.— F'irst performed at the Strand Theatre, 21th Dec., 1856.

Brothers Brough [Members of the Savage Club].

1860. Not Printed. Dont Lend your Umbrella. A Comic Drama, in 2 Acts [and in Prose). Lond., Lacy, n.d.

Note.-Performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 7th

March, 1860. (1857), 120., pp. 43, 6d. NOTE.--First performed at the Strand Theatre,

Lucrezia Borgia! at home and all abroad. 26th Jan., 1857.

| A New and Original Burlesque [and in Verse].

BUCKINGHAM, LEICESTER SILK. (Con.). Lond., Lacy, n.d. (1860), 12o., pp. 32, 6d.

Note.-First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 9th April, 1860.

Valentine and Orson. A Burlesque. By J. R. Planché, F. Talfourd, H. J. Byron, L. Buckingham, A. Halliday, E. Falconer, and W.Brough. 1860. Not Printed.

Note.- Performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 19th June, 1860, for the benefit of the Widow and Family of Mr. Ebenezer Landells, Artist and Engraver.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Fairies of the Rose, Shamrock and Thistle. An Original Burlesque Extravaganza, in 1 Act [and in Verse]. Lond., Lacy, n.d. (1861), 12o., pp. 32, 6d.

Nore.—First performed at the Lyceum Theatre, 26th Dec., 1861.

Pizarro, or the Leotard of Peru. An Original Burlesque Extravaganza, in 1 Act. Lond., Published by W. H. Swanborough, Royal Strand Theatre, 1862, 120., pp. 36, 6d.

The Merry Widow. A Comedy, in 2 Acts [and in Prose). Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1863), 120., Pp. 34, 6d.

NOTE.--First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 31st Jan., 1863.

Silken Fetters. A Comedy, in 3 Acts (and in Prose]. Lond., Lacy, n.d. (1863), 12°., pp. 52, 6d.

NOTE.–First performed at the Haymarket Theatre, 14th Nov., 1863.

The Silver Lining. A Comedy, in 3 Acts (and in Prose). Lond., Lacy., n.d. (1864), 12o., pp. 54, 6d.

NOTE.–First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 30th Jan., 1864.

Love's Young Dream. A Comedietta. 1864. Not Printed.

NOTE.- First performed at the New Royalty Theatre, Faster, 1864.

Faces in the Fire. A Comedy. Lond., Lacy., n.d. (1865), 12o., pp. 57, 6d.

Note.—First performed at the St. James' Theatre, 25th Feb., 1865.

Love's Martyr. A Drama, in 4 Acts, preceded by a Prologue. Lond., Lacy, n.d. [1866), 12o., pp. 71, 6d.

Note.—First performed at the Olympic Theatre, 25th April, 1866.

The Miller's Maid. A Song. Words by L. S. Buckingham; Music by Theodore Distin. Lond., Cramer, 1870, fol. BUCKLAND, THE VERY REV. WILLIAM. Dean

of Westminster. b. Axminster, 1784. d. Clapham, 14th Aug., 1856.

Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to natural theology. [Bridgewater

Treatise, No. Vn. By the Rev. W. Buckland. Lond., W. Pickering, 1836, 2 vols., 8o.

Note. — Dedicated to Davies Gilbert, Esq., and contains

Invasion of Cornwall by drifted sand, I, 127.

Account of steam power employed in Cornwall, I, 534.

Disposition of metallic veins in Cornwall, I, 550, P. lxvii, Fig. 3.

Address at the Seventh Annual Exhibition of the R.C.P. Soc. Rep., 1839, p. 4. BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS. b. Lee, 24th Nov., 1822. d. Damascus, 31st May, 1862.

A Letter to a Gentleman respecting Pooley's Case. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1859, 80., pp. 16.

Note. cf. “On Blasphemous Libels." By W. D. Lewis, Q.C. Solicitor's Journ., p. 15, Nov. 26th, 1859.

The Case of Thomas Pooley (in a Review of Mill on Liberty). Fraser's Mag., lix, 533–37, May, 1859. See also Bush, Rev. P.; Coleridge, Sir J. D. ; Holyoake, G. J.; Pooley, T. BUCKSTONE, JOHN BALDWIN. b. near London,


The Dream at Sea. A Drama, in three acts. New York, S. French, n.d. [1856?), 80., 1/-; and in vol. viii of Webster's Acting National Drama. Lond., 1810, pp. 47.

Note.—The entire scene is laid in Cornwall. BUDD, EDWARD. Wesleyan Local Preacher and

Schoolmaster at Liskeard and Truro. b. Waterford, 26th Aug., 1774. d. Truro, 22nd Dec., 1835. cf. Allen's Liskeard; Timperley's Typog. Dict., pp. 853, 879, 893.

Remarks on a pamphlet entitled “A Speech made at the County Meeting, at Bodmin, on the 15th May, 1809," in A Letter to a Noble Lord [i.e., Lord De Dunstanville). To which is prefixed An Address to the Freeholders of Cornwall. Anon. Falmouth, printed and published by Heard and Penaluna, near the Fishstrand,...n.d. [1809), 8°., 1/2

NOTE.— The Address, pp. iii-xi. A Letter, pp. 5-36.

Observations suggested by the present question respecting privilege of Parliament, in A Letter addressed to the Freeholders of Cornwall. With an Appendix, containing the Resolutions of the late meeting at Westminster, their petition and remonstrance to the House of Commons, and their letter to Sir F. Burdett. By the author of A Letter to a Noble Lord. 2nd ed., St. Austell, printed and sold by E. Hennah,...n.d. (1810), 8o., pp. 24, 6d.

The West Briton. Ed. by E. Budd from July, 1810, until 22nd Dec., 1835.

Obituary and Remarks on the Death of Mr. Budd. n.p. or d. (Truro, 1835), 4°., 8. sh.

BUDGE, REV. EDWARD, B.A. V. of Manaccan,

BUDGE JANE. (Con.). 1839–46. d. Bratton Clovelly, 3rd Aug., 1865,

Country's Story, told by a Lady [i.e., J. Budge). aged 65. cf. Gent. Mag., xix, 391, 651.

Ed. by James Stuart Laurie. Lond., Marshall The Christian Naturalist. By the Rev. E. and Laurie, 1866, 8o. Budge. Launceston, Cater and Maddox [printed]; English History simplified ; or Our Country's Lond., Simpkin ; 1838, 80., pp. vi and 215, 31-. | Story, told by a Lady (i.e., J. Budge). Ed. by Note. A considerable portion of this work, which

J. S. Laurie. 4th ed., Lond., J. & F. Laurie, was for the most part written in Southill Parsonage, n.d. [184], 8°., pp. vi and 278. appeared in the Periodical called “Light from the West." Printed by the Rev. H. A. Simcoe, at the Penheale Press.

BUDGE, JOHN. A Convinced Friend. b. CamThe Unity of the Christian Church. A Ser

borne. d. 17th July, 1864, aged 77. mon preached at the Triennial Visitation of the A Testimony from West Division of Cornwall Lord Bishop of Exeter at Helston, July 12th, Monthly Meeting concerning John Budge. Test. 1845, by the Rev. E. Budge, M.A., Vicar of concerning Deceased Ministers, 1865, pp. 3-5. Manaccan and Dean Rural of Kirrier, Cornwall. Some Observations on Important Subjects, Published by command of his Lordship, and at offered especially to the consideration of the the unanimous request of the Deanery of Kirrier. more thoughtful amongst Professors of Religion. Lond., J. Murray, 1845, 120., pp. 69, 1/

[Anon). Camborne, Printed by L. Newton, 1845, The Homilies of St. John Chrysostom on the 120., 1 sheet. Statues. Translated by Rev. E. Budge. The Some Observations, principally on the subject Library of the Fathers, ed. by Rev. E. B. Pusey... of Religious Worship, affectionately submitted vol. ix. Oxford, J. H. Parker, 1849, 80., pp. to the consideration of the Professors of Christixxxi and 399, 9/

anity. [Anon]. Camborne, Printed by L. The City of God. A Vision. Lond., Parker, Newton, 1846, 12o., 1 sheet.-Reprinted by the 1850, post 80., 8/6.

Tract Association, No. 103. The Mirror of History. Lives of Men of Memoir of John Dunstone, of Camborne, in Great Eras, etc. Lond., Baldwin, 1851, 12o., Cornwall, who was blind for 44 years, till his 5)-.

death in 1856. By J. Budge. Lond., F. G. Posthumous Gleanings from a Country Rector's Cash...J. Philp, Liskeard, 1857, sm. 89., 3 sheets. Study, etc. Ed. by Rev. R. B. Kinsman, M.A. —2nd ed., revised, Lond., W. & F. G. Cash... Lond., Rivington, 1866, 8o., pp. vi and 380. 1857, sm. 89., 3 sheets.

On the Conglomerate and Raised Beaches of the Lizard District. Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 1-11

BUDGE, John. d. Cornwall County Lunatic (1841).

Asylum, 23rd July, 1865, aged 80, having On the Tract of Land called the Lowlands, in

resided there from 17th Oct., 1846. the Parish of St. Keverne. ib., vi, 59-63 (1842).

On Diluvial Action, as exemplified in the The Practical Miner's Guide,... with Treatise on Gravel Beds and Sienitic Formation of Crousa the Art and Practice of Assaying Silver, Copper, Down, in St. Keverne. ib., vi, 91-98.

Lead, and Tin, etc. Plates. Lond., Longman; On the Hornblende Slate of the Associated Byers, Devonport; 1825, roy. 8°., 10/-:-2nd ed., Rocks of the Meneage District. ib., vi., 173-180. 1845, 80., 12/--New York, 1858, 80,— With

On the Granitic and other Associated Rocks | additions by J. Atkins, Richmond, Virginia, of Cornwall and Devon. ib., vi, 288–293. 1860, 12o.

On Petrified Moss or Tufa. Rep. R.I.C.,

BUDOCK, GEORGE. pseud., i.e., Hodges, Sydney. 1842, p. 28. On an Electrical appearance in Helford Creek.

| BULLER FAMILY. cf. Gent. Mag., xciv, pt. i, ib., 1843, p. 37.

465-67 (1824). On an Anglo-Norman Doorway in Manaccan Church. ib., 1845, p. 24.


Note from Colonel R. Fortescue to Colonel BUDGE, JANE. b. Camborne, 1832.

A. Buller. Jamaica, 20th July, 1655. RawlinEnglish History in question and answer...from son MSS., Bod. Lib., Class A, 28, art. 27. the conquest to the present time... By a Lady Letter of the Lords Commissioners to Col. [i.e., J. Budge). New ed., revised and enlarged, Buller; who had detained in the Isle of Scilly Lond., Marshall and Laurie, 1860, 80.

divers Prizes and Parcels of Goods. 1666. Hari. Manual of English History simplified; or our | MSS., 1510, art. 112 and 113.

RULLITof Calcutta Tary, 26

BULLER, SIR ANTONY, KNT. (4th son of John

Buller, of Morval). Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta, 1816. b. Antony House, 1780. d. Mary Tavy, 27th June, 1866, aged

86. cf. Gent. Mag., ii, 261, 1866. BULLER, REV. ANTONY, M.A. (son of the

preceding). R. of Mary Tavy, Devonshire. b. London, 23rd Oct., 1809.

Inherent opposition between the Two Traditional Systems of Explaining the “One Catholic and Apostolic Church.” Two Sermons preached at the Visitation of an Archdeacon, in the years 1854 and 57. Lond., J. Masters, 1859, go., pp. 58.

The Catholic Church a witness against illiberality. No. 61 of The Tracts for the Times. Dated Oxford, The Feast of St. Philip and St. James. Lond., Rivington, 1835, 80., pp. 8, and in vol. ii of Collected Edition, 1834–35.


b. The Admiralty, London, 24th Dec., 1764. d. Trenant Park, Cornwall, 15th April, 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., xciv., pt. i, 465 (1824); Naval Chronicle, xix, 177, March, 1808; Annual

Biog. for 1825, pp. 67–75.
BULLER, FRANCIS. M.P. 1640. d. 1679.

Notes on a Suit between Sir Francis Godolphin and Mr. Grose with F. Buller, Esq., concerning a Tenement in Breage, called Trenowaile. Hari. MSS., 1228, art. 4.


for Liskeard. b. Calcutta, 1808. d. 30th April, 1869. cf. Reg. and Mag. of Biog., i,

466 (1869). BULLER, CHARLES (6th and youngest son of J.

Buller, of Morval). M.P. for West Looe. b. Cornwall, 1775. d. Richmond, 17th May, 1848. cf. Gent. Mag., xxx, 206 (1848).


preceding). M.P. for West Looe & Liskeard, Poor Law Commissioner. b. Calcutta, Aug., 1806. d. London, 28th Nov., 1848. cf. English Cyclop.; Gent. Mag.,xxxi, 87–89 (1849).

On the Necessity of a Radical Reform. Lond., 1831, 80., pp. 62.

Letter from the Australian Patriotic Association to C. Buller in reply to his communication of 31st May, 1840. 1840, 8°.

Letter to C. Buller in reply to his communication of July and August, 1810. 1841, 8o.

Systematic Colonization. Speech of C. Buller in the House of Commons, on April 6th, 1843. Lond., 1843, 80.

Ten Hours' Factory Bill. The Speech of C. Buller in the House of Commons, March 22nd, 1844. Lond., 1844, 8o.

Eight Years in Canada... including Letters from Lord Durham, Chas. Buller, etc. By Major John Richardson, Montreal, Canada. 1847,


James Buller, of Morval). Judge of Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas. b. Morval or Crediton, 17th March, 1746. d. Bedford Square, London, 5th June, 1800. cf. Gent. Mag., lxx, pt. i, 594 (1800); Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, i, 60; Phillips' Public Characters, 1798, pp. 175-78; Foss' Judges, viii, 251-55; W. C. Townsen's Lives of 12 Judges; European Mag., with Portrait, xxxvii, 3 (1800); The Georgian Era, ii, 303; Life of Lord Eldon, i, 343.

An Introduction to the Law relative to Trials at Nisi Prius, with an Index. Lond., 1772, 4o.-2nd ed., with additions, Lond., 1775, 4°., pp. 336.—Lond., Printed ; New York, Reprinted, 1788, 8o.--5th ed., with additions, Lond., 1790, 8o.-6th ed., corrected, with additions to the present time, Lond., 1793, 89.-7th ed., with... Annotations by R. W. Bridgman, Lond., 1817, 80.

Trial of the 'Rev. William Davies Shipley, Dean of St. Asaph, at the Assizes at Shrewsbury, 6th Aug, 1784, for a Libel. 1784, fol.

Note.—The conduct of Judge Buller on this occasion was severely reprehended by Erskine, the Advocate for the Dean.

Publications, printed by order of the Society for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers; No. 8, containing the advantages peculiar to a Monarchy. By M. de Lolme.-Judge Buller's Charge to the Grand Jury of the County of York at the Lent Assizes, 1793. Printed and Sold by J. Downes, No. 240, Strand, n.d. [1793), 8o., pp. 16, 1d.

NOTE.-Mr. Justice Buller's Charge, pp. 13—16.


Letters to C. Buller, etc. sin reply to communications respecting the Government of New South Wales]. By W. Bland. Sydney, 1849, 8o.

Review of Lamartine's “Histoire des Girondins." Edinb. Rev., lxxxvii, 1-46 (1848).


(son of John Buller, of Morval). b. 1772. d. Bury Street, St. James', London, 8th Nov.,

1855. cf. Gent. Mag., xlv, 82–83 (1856). BULLER, John. b. 1771. d. Morval, 3rd

April, 1849. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxii, 632 (1849).

Premiums given by J. Buller, Esq. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1834, p. 13.

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