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CLIFT, WILLIAM. (Con.). estate at Kennington, under the constitution of found on the left bank of the Irawadi. Trans. the Duchy of Cornwall. Lond. [18341, 80. Geol. Soc., ii, 369-76 (1829); [Proc. Geol. Soc., i,

Case between Sir William Clayton, Bart., and 69-71, 1834]. the Duchy of Cornwall (with documents and an Some Account of the Remains of the Megaopinion on the case). The Preface and the therium sent to England from Buenos Ayres, by opinion signed J. Haines). Lond., J. Betts, Woodbine Parish. ib., iii, 437-50 (1835). 7, Compton Street, Brunswick Square, 1834, 80. Poems by Mrs. John Hunter, written to W. NOTE.- Preface, p. i; Case, pp. ii—viii; Documents

Clift. See Durell, Rev. E. and Observations, in parallel columus, pp. 1 to 61-122 pages; Opinion, pp. 1–34; Addenda to Opinion, pp. CLIMO, JOSEPH E. b. Polruan, in Lanteglos, ix to xx.

14th Feb., 1844. The History of the Constitution of the Duchy

The Fowey Salmon Fishery. Land and IPater, of Cornwall and its Tenants, as established for

23rd May, 1868, p.-. the mutual benefit of both parties...for the

Capture of Blue Shark off Fowey. ib., 19th purpose of getting the Duchy Lands built on ...

Sept., p. 138. and containing a refutation of all the arguments

The Salmon Fishery Inquiry at Fowey. ib., of the Lord Chancellor ... in his Judgment of

19th Sept., p. 141. the Clayton Case, in respect of an Estate at

Mackarel Boats and Crab Pots. ib., 24th Kennington, in Surrey...with a few observations on the Acts of 33 Geo. III...Lond., J. Betts,

Oct., p. 218.

Close time for the Fowey Salmon Fishery. 1834, 8o., pp. 1-148. Additional Observations,

ib., 24th Oct., p. 219. pp. 1-9.

The Fowey. ib., 9th Jan., 1869, p. 28.
Note.—The work is signed at page 148, “ John
Haines, No. 38, Tonbridge Street, New Road, London

The Fowey Salmon Fishery. ib., 30th Jan., (Formerly a Country Solicitor)." The Juridical Argument of Thomas George

Uniform close time. ib., 3rd July, p. 6. Western, Esq. (of the Middle Temple), against

Salmon-peel off Fowey. ib., 14th Aug., p. 103, the decree of the Right Hon. Lord Brougham

Lobster casting its shell in a store-pot. ib., and Vaux, late Lord High Chancellor of Eng

24th Aug., p. 119. land, upon the case of the late Sir William

CLIONAS, pseud., i.e., Nicolas, Sir N. H. Clayton, Bart., and the Duchy of Cornwall ; with Mr. Western's opinion upon the rights of

CLOAKE, HUGH, of Cornwall. d. 23rd or 24th the younger children of Sir W. Clayton, and consequently upon the rights of all his lessces

June, 1688. bur. 26th, at Marazion. of the Kennington Estate. Lond., Houghton

A Call from Sin to Holiness of Life; or a and Co. ... 1835, 8°., pp. 73, with “Further Warning to the Inhabitants of the Town of Observations by Mr. Haines,” pp. 1-9.

Penzance, and to all others that have the Form Note.—Mr. Haines' bound copy of the three pre

of Godliness but deny the power thereof hy ceding pamphlets, with MSS. notes in his hand-writing, their evil conversation, viven forth by One of is now the property of Mr. W. Noy, London.

the least of Christ's Flock, Hugh Cloake.

Printed in the year 1685, 40., 1.) sheets.
CLIFT, WILLIAM, F.R.S. Conservator of the
II unterian Museum. b. Burcombe, near Bodmin,

CLOBERY, ROBERT, M.D. (only son of Robert 14th Feb., 1775. d. Stanhope Cottage, Hamp

Glynn), assumed his mother's name of Clobery stead Road, London, 20th June, 1849. cf.

in- b. Kelland, near Bodmin, 5th Aug., Gent. Mag., xxxii, 209-10 (1819); Med. Gur,

1719. d. Cambridge, 8th Feb., 1800. cf. p. 114, 22nd Jan., 1870; H. W. Acland's

Polvhele's Biog. Sketches, i, 48; C. Carlyon's Biog. Sketch of Sir B. C. Brodie, pp. 65-67.

Early Years, ii, 1-49; Gent. Mag., lxx, 276 Experiments to ascertain the influence of the (1800); European Mag., xxxvii, 175, 355-57 spinal marrow on the action of the heart in (1800), Ixxvi, 14 (1819); Dyer's Cambridge, Fishes. Philos. Trans., cv, 91-96 (1915).

ii, 187; Nichols Lit. Anecdotes, viii, 211; Some Fossil Bones discovered in the limestone Nichols' Illustrations, iii, 309, 664; Chatham quarries of Oreston. By Joseph Whidbev, F.R.S. Correspondence, iv, 309 ; Munk's Roll of Phu With a description of the bones by W'. Clift. sicuuns, ii, 207–209; G. Pryme's Autobiographic ib., cxiii, 81-90 (1823).

Recollections, p. 46.

The Day of Judgment. A Poetical Essay. On the Fossil Remains of the two new species | Cambriilge, 1757, 4o.,1/-:--2nd ed., Cambridge, of Mastodon and of other Vertebrated Animals | 1757, 4o.

CLOBERY, Robert. (Con.).

CLUTTERBUCK, HENRY, M.D. (son of Thomas The Day of Judgment. Pearch's Collection

Clutterbuck). b. Marazion. 1770. d. Bride of Poems, 1770, iii, 61-72.

Street, Blackfriars, London, 24th April, 1856. The Day of Judgment. A Seatonian Prize

cf. Nust. Lond. Neus, pp. 523, 567 (1856); Poem. Pearch's Collection, Musa Seatoniance (1773),

Gent. Mag., xlv, 663, 1856 ; People's and pp. 91-103.

Howitt's Journ., iii, 245–47. The Day of Judgment. [A Poem). Muse

An Account of a new and successful Method Seatoniune. Cambridge University Press, 1772,

of treating those affections which arise from the 80.

Poison of Lead. Lond., Boosey, 1794, 80., pp. The Day of Judgment. A Seatonian Prize

69, 27Poem. J. Roach's Beauties of the Poets, vol. 4,

Remarks on some of the opinions of the 1794, 120.

late Mr. John Hunter, respecting the Venereal The Day of Judgment. A Seatonian Prize

Disease, in a Letter to Joseph Adams, M.D., etc. Poem. In A Collection of Poems on Religious

Lond., Boosey, 1799, 80., pp. 72, 1/6. and Moral Subjects, 1797, 120. The Day of Judgment.

Tentamen Pathologicum Inaugurale quædam

A Poetical Essay... de Sede et Natura Febris proponens. Lond., Cambridge, 1800, 80.

1804, 80., 21. The Day of Judgment. A Seatonian Prize

An enquiry into the seat and nature of Fever, Poem. B. Porteus' The Monitor," 1805, 80.

as deducible from the phenomena, causes and The Day of Judgment, in Musa Seatonianie. (Cambridge, 1808), pp. 71-82.

consequences of the disease, the effects of The Day of Judgment, etc. E. Sandford's

remedies, and the appearances in dissection. The Works of the British Poets,” vol. xxxvii,

Lond., 1807, 89., 9/-:—2nd ed., Lond., 1825, 1819, 120.

8o., pp. 494, 124The Poems of R. Glynn. The Life of R.

Observations on the prevention and treatment Glynn. By R. A. Davenport. The British

of the Epidemic Fever at present prevailing. Poets, vol. lviii, 1822, 120.

To which are added remarks on some of the A Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Robert opinions of Dr. Bateman and others on the Glynn, late Fellow of King's Coll., Camb.,

same subject. Lond., Longman, 1819, 80., 8/-. deceased, comprehending a general collection of On the proper administration of Blood-letting Books in every branch of Literature, particularly | for the prevention and cure of Disease. Lond., Classical and Medical, many of them abounding

Highley, 1840, 8o. with MS. notes by the late learned possessor. A brief Memoir of G. Birkbeck, M.D.,... To be sold by Mr. King, Dec. 4, 1800, and 4 | read before the Medical Society of London... following days. J. Barker, printer, 1800, 8o., I Lond., 1842, 8o. pp. 46.

A Series of Essays on Inflammation and its Benevolus and the Magpie. Verses by Mr. | Varieties. Lond., Highley, 1846, 8o., 3/-Plumptre. Gunning's Reminiscences of Cambridge, Observations on an ambiguous case of Hydroï, 93–97.

cephalus. Med. and Phys. Journ., ii, 247-258 Note. — An anecdote about R. Clobery and a (1799). patient.

Objections to the Mitchellian theory of pesti

lential fluids. A. Tilloch's Philos. Mag., v, 188– CLOSSE, G[EORGE ?].

190 (1799).

On the cure of those affections which arise The Parricide Papist or Cut-throate Catho- | from the poison of Lead. ib., vi, 119-122 (1800). licke ; a tragicall discourse of a murther lately committed at Padstow, in the Countie of Corne

COAD, GEORGE. Letter-carrier. b. Saltash, wall, by a professed Papist, killing his owne Father and afterwardes himself, in Zeale of his

Sept., 1765. d. Saltash, 2nd August, 1840. Popish Religion, the 11th of March last past, A Brief Memoir of George Coad, of Saltash, 1606. Written by G. Closse, Preacher of the Cornwall. By Oliver Henwood. Lond., 1841, Word of God, at Blacke Torrington, in Devon. | 12o. Printed at London, for Christopher Hunt, dwel G. Coad... By 0. Henwood. [Wesleyan] Reling in Pater-noster-Row, neare the King's head ligious Tracts, No. 540, 1849, 120., pp. 8. (1606), 4°., 12 leaves. H. Huth, Esq. The Parricide Papist, etc. Printed at London,

COAD, R. A Cornish Miner. for Christopher Hunt, dwelling in Lovell's Inne, in Paternoster-row, 1606, 4o., 3 leaves. Br. Temperance Reports. Devon and Cornw. Temp. Museum.

Journ., Jan., 1868, and succeeding numbers.


COALE, BENJAMIX. d. Reading, 31st Oct., COCKING, G.

Meditations and Contemplations : containing, A Relation of the last words...of...Loveday Meditations among the Tombs-Reflections on Hambly...1643, 4".

a Flower Garden-A Descant on CreationST.-The Pretace be B. Coale, dated Reading Contemplations on the Night-On the Starry the Urb of the 1st month, 165

Hearens and A Winter Piece. By James

Herrer. A B., late Pector of Weston Favel. COALE, JOSEPH. b. about 1637. d. Pealling in Northamptonshire. Transposed into blank Gaul, 26th Feb., 1679.

verse by G. Cocking. Of Redruth, Cornwall. Some Account of the Life Service and Suffer. Wellington, printed or J. Bishop, for the Author, ing of an Early Minister of Christ. Joseph 1813, 120., pp. 268, list of subscribers. Coale, collected out of his own writings iy George Whiteheadı; who, after near six years COCKS, LIEUT.-COL CHARLES Lygos. ColdImprisonment in Pearling Goal, died Prisoner for stream Guards. (3rd son of Thomas Somiers his Christian Testimony. Lond., printed and : Cocks and Agneta, drughter of Rt. Hon. Pole sold by T. Sowle, in White Hart Court, in Carev). b. London, June, 1821. Gracious Street, 1706, 120., 12 sheets. Br.

Notes on the Botany of the Bosphorus. Museum.

Trans. P.W.H. & A.S., ii, 286 (1851). NOTF..--Page 1-12, Testimonies from G. Whitehead and others. Then follow

J. Coale's writings, consisting of " A Testimony of COCKS, JOHN, M.D. b. in Sussex, 1787. d. the Father Lore, etc.," dated Trengang-geney, in Plyinouth, 1861. Cornwall, 15th October, 1657.

To the Children of the Light in the West Parts of 1 Sea-weed Collector's Guide ; containing plain England.

instructions for collecting and preserving species, A Testimony of the Father's Love, etc.

and a list of all the known species and localSome Reasons why the people called Quakers do

do ; ities in Great Britain. By J. Cocks. Lond., absent (sic) from the Publick War of Worship. Epistle to Friends in and about Dewlow.

Van Voorst, 1853, 80. To the Beloved Friends, etc., in Devon and Comwall. į Algarum Fasciculi; or a collection of British An Epistle to Friends at Henly.

Sea-weeds, carefully dried and preserved, and For Friends in Devon and Cornwall.

correctly named after Dr. Harvey's “ Psychologia To Friends in the West of England. A letter to James Smith and Copleston Bamfield. I Brittanica, with a description of each plant. To the School Masters of Exon.

time of appearance, locality, &c. Fasciculus, i. To all you that Desire and Breath after the Lord, ' By John Cocks, M.D., Devonport. Dublin, etc. Dated Tregargrees, in the Parish of Austel, in

printed at the University Press, by M. H. Gill, Cornwall, the 13th January, 1684. Concerning Pieconciliation, etc.

1855, 4o., 5,2 For Friends in the Counties of Devon and Comwall. Note.-Only 17 Fasciculi were printed. The last To all the l' pright in Heart, etc.

has this change in the Title : “ Plymouth, printed by An Epistle to Friends in the West of England. Wm. Brendon, 26, George Street, 1859."

COALE, JOSIAH. d. London, 1668, in the 36th

COCKS, WILLIAM PENNITON. 6, Devonshire. year of his age.

Resident in Cornwall since 1842. The Whore unvailed, or the Mistery of the

Rules to be observed in practical life, &c. Deceit of the Church of Rome Revealed; being

i Falmouth, litho., 1845, 4°., pp. 24. a Brief Answer to a Book entituled, “The

Crustacea. Falmouth, litho., 1849. Reconciler of Religions,"... by A. S...Printed in

Fishes. ib. the year 1665, 4o., 7 sheets. Dr. Williums. Birds. ib.

Note.-" Written in Bridewell, near Lanston, in Mammalia procured or examined in Falmouth Cornwall, the 11th month, 1664.” “ J. C."

and neighbourhood, by W. P. Cocks, from 1843

to 1849. Falmouth, litho., Sept., 1849, sq. 8o., COCKBURNE, VERY REV. SIR WILLIAM, BART., A.M. Fellow of S. John's Coll., Cam

Think before you speak.- First what thou bridge , afterwards Dean of York. d. Kelston,

shalt speak, etc.—Lie not, but speak the truth. near Bristol, 30th April, 1858, aged 84.

Falmouth, lilho. An authentic account of the late unfortunate Insects injurious to Farmers, Gardeners, etc. death of Lord Camelford, with an extract from Lond., 80., pp. 60. his Lordship’s will and some remarks upon his The Life of Jesus Christ. --Compiled from character. Lond., J. Hatchard, 1804, 80., pp. the New Testament. Written for the Bazaar, 16 (exclusive of Postscript, dated 15th March, Falmouth, litho., 80., pp. 16, and MSS., 4o., pp, 1801), 1/2

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COCKS, William PenniTON. (Con.).

COCKS, William Penniton. (Con.). My Garden Flowers. Litho.

Pigeons. ib., 1854, pp. 11-18. Common Objects of the Sea-shore. Falmouth, Falmouth Fauna. ib., 1854 pp. 19–23. litho.

Entromotraca. ib., 1856, pp. 15–24. Falmouth Herbal. MSS., demy fol., pp. 107. Slugs. ib. 1856, p. 20.

Poison Fangs of the Crotulus horridus. Fal Geese and Ducks. ib., 1857, pp. 49–83. mouth, litho., 4o., pp. 16.

Grasshoppers, etc. ib. 1858, pp. 52-65.
The Naturalist's Best Friend : Contents of Rats and Mice. ib., 1859, pp. 77–97.
Fishes Stomachs. Falmouth, litho.

Fish. ib., 1860, pp. 66-96.
A Calendar of Natural History, kept at Fal Flora. ib., 1861, p. 1; 1862, p. 19.
mouth and Budock, for the years 1859 & 1860. Insects. ib., 1861, p. 23.
Falmouth, litho.

Dragon Flies and Leeches, etc. ib., 1862, p. 13. Insects found in Falmouth, Budock, &c., 1861. Fauna. ib., 1862, p. 19; 1863, p. 33. Falmouth, litho.

Flora. ib., 1863, p. 22. Falmouth Algæ or Sea Weeds. Falmouth, Fauna and Flora. ib., 1864, p. 1. litho.

Falmouth Fauna. Addenda to contributions The Falmouth and Budock Guide. Falmouth, of former years. ib., 1869, pp. 66–91. 1850. The Wild Flowers in our Neighbourhood.

Natural History. Rep. R.I.C., 1850, p. 57; Falmouth, litho.

1856, p. 34; 1859, p. 31. Hortus Siccus. Falmouth, litho.

Land Slugs. ib., 1852, p. 28. The Contents of the Trawl Net. ib.

Locusts. ib., 1857, p. 26.
A Brief History of the Bible. ib.

Aconite. ib., 1863, p. 75.
Cage Birds, etc. ib.
Sea Anemones. [Vide Johnson's Zoophytes ;

Echinorhinus spinosus. Ann. Nat. Hist., v, Gosse's Actinice).

71 (1850). Nudibranchiate Mollusca. Falmouth, litho.,

Capture of Centrolophus pompilus. ib., vi, 4o., pp. 8.

304. Naked-eyed Medusæ. Falmouth, litho.

On the Amphioxus lanceolatus. ib. xviii, 350 Cirrhipedia.—Sessile and Pedunculated. Fal

(1856). mouth, litho., 40., pp. 8.

CODE, PHILIP. Chitons. Falmouth, litho., 4o., pp. 12.

Phil. Code to Bishop Tanner. Penryn, 26th Ascidiens - Simple — Associated and Compound. Falmouth, litho., 4o., pp. 24.

September, 1697. Tanner MSS. (Bodl. Lib.), 23, Zoophytes. Falmouth, litho., 4o., pp. 24.

art. 43. · Salt Water Mollusca. Falmouth, litho., 4., 1 CELEBS, pseud., i.e., Carlyon, E. A. pp. 16.

Hints for Facilitating the Records of Natural COFFIN, REV. JAMES, M.A. V. of Linkinhorne History. Falmouth, litho., 4o.

1780–1833. b. 25th July, 1756. d. LinkinForms for the record of Post Mortem Exami horne, 12th April, 1833. nations. 89., pp. 8.

Sixty-eight Letters from the Rev. John NewGuide to the Fish Market, etc. Falmouth, | ton, late Rector of St. Mary, Woolnoth, to a Wm. Tregaskis, 1869. An oblong folio sheet. Clergyman [i.e., Rev. J. Coffin and his family,

between the years 1791 and 1801. Never before Echinodermata found in Falmouth and its

published, 1844, 80,—2nd ed., Lond., Simpkin; neighbourhood, 1843–49. Trans. P.N.H. & A.S.,

Launceston, T. W. Maddox (printed]; 1845, i, 292 (1849).

89., pp. 254. Kellia Rubra. Mag. of Zoology, iv, 54 (1859).

NotE.-The preface is signed John Newton C[offin),

and dated Launceston, Sept., 1844. Contributions to the Fauna of Falmouth.

COFFIN, JOHN NEWTON. Vide supra. Birds. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1849, pp. 38–102. COKAINE OR COKAYNE, SIR Aston, BART. Falmouth Fauna. ib., 1850, pp. 10–12.

6. Derbyshire, 1608. d. Derby, Feb., 1684. Algæ. ib., 1850, pp. 13–15.

Small Poems of divers sorts. Written by Actiniæ. ib., 1851, pp. 3-11.

Sir A. Cokain. Lond., printed by Wil. Godbid, Butterflies. ib., 1851, pp. 12–22. Moths. ib., 1852, p. 1.

1658, 8o., pp. 284.

Note.- pp. 152—4 contain a “Fictitious Relation” Falmouth Fauna. ib., 1853, pp. 28–36.

of stout Hugh Nunnick and his journey through CornPoultry. ib., 1854, pp. 3–10.



b. Pembrokeshire, 1784. d. near Liverpool, Cole). Fellow of Er. Coll. 1778 ; 1'. of Guiral 1st Oct., 1852.

1790; R. of Er. Coll. 7th Jan., 1808. b.

Marazion, 8th June, 1758. d. Marazion, 13th Memoirs of Major-General Colby... By Lieut.

Oct., 1819. Col. J. E. Portlock. Lond., Seeley, 1869, 80., pp. xii and 314.

A Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meet

ing of the Stewards of the Sons of the Clergy, NOTE.-Mr. Colby visited Cornwall on the Ordnance in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on ThursSurvey, and met with a serious accident at Liskeard,

day, May 16, 1816. To which are added Lists pp. 14, 15, 26.

of the Nobility who have been Stewards, to

gether with the names of the Preachers since COLE FAMILY.

1721. By Rev. J. Cole, D.D., Rector of Exeter The Genealogy of the Family of Cole, of the

College, Oxford. Lond., Rivington, 1817, 4o. County of Devon, and of those of its branches Sermon, pp. 26; App., pp. 40. which settled in Suffolk... By James Edwin Cole, of the Inner Temple. Lond., printed for private

COLE, REV. SAMUEL, B.A. (5th son of Humphry circulation, by J. R. Smith, 1867, 80., pp. 63.

Cole). V. of Sithney and (luplain of H.M.

Fleet. b. Marazion, 1768. d. Greenwich Note.-Contains some information relative to the Coles and other families of Cornwall.

Hospital, 25th Nov., 1838. cf. Gent. Mag.,

xi, 103 (1839). COLE, SIR CHRISTOPHER, R.N., K.C.B. (youngest

A Sermon son Nehemiah, iv, 13-14) preached son of Humphry Cole). b. Marazion, 10th

Dec. 26, 1803, in the Parish Church of Madron, June, 1770. d. Killoy, near Cardiff, 24th

in the County of Cornwall, before the first tatAug., 1836. cf. Gent. Mag., vi, 543 (1836);

talion of Mount's Bay Volunteers, and printed Marshull's Royal Naval Biog., ii, 501-517;

at their request. By their Chaplain, S. Cole, E. Osler's Life of l'iscount Exmouth, App.;

Curate of Gulval, Chaplain to his Royal HighBrenton's Naval Hist., vol. ii; James Naval

ness the Duke of Clarence and to the Rt. Hon. Hist., vol. v; Annual Biog. for 1837, pp. 110

Lord Keith. Oxford, printed by S. Collingwood,

1804, 4o., pp. iv and 16. Bod. Lib. 128.

COLENSO, JOHN WILLIAM. b. Penzance. d. COLE, CAPT. FRANCIS, of H.M.S. “La Revo

Durnford Street, Stonehouse. lutionnaire” (3rd son of Humphry Cole). b. 1760. d. 17th April, 1798. bur. at St. Hilary.

A Description of the Happy Union Tincf. Gent. Mag., lxviii, pt. i, 444 (1798); Jumes'

Stream Work at Pentuan. With section. Truns. Naval Hist., vol. i; European Mag., xxxiii,

R.G.S.C., iv, 29–39 (1829); cf. Quart. Journ. 358 (1798),

Geol. Soc. Lond., vol. vii, pl. vi, p. 120 (1851).


(son of the preceding). Lord Bishop of Nutal; of Pillaton 1846-58; V. of Pelynt 1858. b.

Fellow of St. John's, Camb., 13th March, 1837 : Sundridge, Kent. 1813.

R. of Forncet St. Mary, Norfolk, 1846-54. The Methodistic Tenet of Conversion, as

b. St. Austell, 24th Jan., 1814. cf. Churchtaught by the Rev. R. Aitken, shewn to be an man's Family Mug., May, 1865; Men of the tagonistic to the theory of the Church. By a Time, Cornish Curate fi.e., Rev. F. E, B. Colel. Oxford Notes on the Gospel of St. Matthew. Camand Lond., J. H. Parker, 1854, 80., pp. 35, 1/-. | bridge, 1833, 8o. Note.-“Spiritual Vitality,” by the Rev. R. Aitken,

A Translation of the Ars Poetica of Horace, is the work referred to in this pamphlet.

with notes. Cambridge, 1834, 8o.

A Translation of Plato's Apologia of Socrates, COLE, HENRY,

with notes. Cambridge, 1834, 87.

Solution of Questions in Arithmetic and AlNotices and Extracts of Documents relating gebra, set at University Examinations. Camto the County and Duchy of Cornwall, in the bridge, 1835, 8o. Augmentation Offices ; with Extracts from vari The Elements of Algebra...designed for the ous Catalogues of those portions relating to use of Schools, by the Rev. J. W. Colenso, M.A., Cornwall. With an index of the names of places, Rector of Forncett St. Mary, Norfolk, and late drawn up in 1835-6, by Henry Cole. Br. Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St. John's College, Museum Addit, MSS., 12,493, fol.

| Cambridge, Cambridge, 2nd ed., Lond., Long

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