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COLENSO, Right Rev. John William. (Con.). COLENSO, Right Rev. John William. (Con.). man (Cambridge, printed], 1841, 120.--3rd ed., | Algebra, adapted for the use of National and 1842, 80.-5th ed., 1847, 120., 6--6th ed., part i, containing the elementary parts alone, Village Sermons. 2nd ed., Cambridge, Mac1849, 120., 4.6.--6th ed., part ii, containing the | millan ; Norwich (printed] ; 1854, 169., 2/6. higher parts of the subject, 1849, 120., 6/--| A Letter to his Grace the Archbishop of 7th ed., 1849, 80., pp. vi, 156, xxiv, and 24.- Canterbury, in reply to a review of “ Village 1852, 180.-New ed., 1864, 120.

Sermons," in the Record Newspaper of November Arithmetic, designed for the use of Schools., 10, 1853. [With the text of the Review). Lond., Longman, 1843, 120.–New ed., stereo- | Lond., 1853, 80. typed, Cambridge [printed], 1848, 120.--New The Good Tidings of Great Joy, which shall ed., 1855,80.-New ed., thoroughly revised, with be to all People. A Sermon preached on the the addition of notes and examination papers, ordaining of H. Galloway. Lond., 1854, 80. 1864, 120., pp. 222, 4/6.

The Communion Service from the Book of Cottage Family Prayers. Cambridge, 1846, Common Prayer, with select readings from the 129

wrivings of the Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A. Ed. The Elements of Euclid, from the text of Dr. | by the Rt. Rev. J. W. Colenso, D.D., Lord Simson, with a large collection of geometrical | Bishop of Natal. Cambridge, Macmillan, 1855, problems for solution. Lond., 1816, 120., 4/6. | 80., pp. x & 149, fine ed., 6/-., common paper, 1/.

The Elements of Euclid... with a key to the Four Sermons on Ordination and Missions. problems. Lond., Longman, 1846. 120., 66. Cambridge, Macmillan, 1855, 180., 1/2

The Geometrical Problems, with key. Lond., Ten Weeks in Natal. A Journal of a First Longman, 1846, 120., 3/6.

Tour of Visitation among the Colonists and Geometrical Problems, as given in the editions | Zulu-Kaffirs of Natal. Cambridge ; Lond., Macof Euclid's Elements. By Rev. J. W. Colenso. millan (printed]; 1855, 80., 5/Lond., 1846, 24°., 1/2

Two Sermons on Spiritual Eating in the Holy Miscellaneous Examples in Algebra, designed Eucharist. Maritzburg, 1858, 8o. as a companion to the Elements of Algebra. First Steps in Zulu-Kaffir. An Abridgment Lond., Longman; Cambridge [printed] ; 1848, of the Elementary Grammar of the Zulu-Kaffir 120., 26.

Language. Ekukanyeni, 1859, 120., pp. 86, 4/6. A Key to Algebra. 2 pts. Lond., Longman First Zulu-Kaffir Reading Book. 2 parts in Cambridge, printed), 1849–50, 120.–New ed., one. Natal, 16o., pp. 44, 1/. 1865, 120., 5 - each pt.

Second Zulu-Kaffir Reading Book. Natal, NOTE.-Each part has a separate title-page, pagi. nation, and register.

Fourth Zulu-Kaffir Reading Book. Natal, Solution to all the unworked examples in the 1859, 80., pp. 160, 7/Arithmetic of...J. W. Colenso. By S. Maynard. An Elementary Grammar of the Zulu-Kaffir Lond., 1850, 120:-New ed., prepared by Rev. Language. Ekukanyeni, 1859, 18o., pp. 184, J. Hunter, 1864, 120., 5

3 6. Hymns for Village Children, Original and

Three Native Accounts of the Visit of the Selected. Norwich, 1850, 80.

Bishop of Natal, in Sept. and Oct., 1859, to Plane Trigonometry. Lond., 1851, 120. Umpande, King of the Zulus. Ed. by Rt. Rev.

Solution of Examples in Plane Trigonometry. J. W. Colenso, Bp. of Natal. With Explanatory Lond. ; Cambridge (printed] ; 1851, 120. Notes and a Literal Translation, and a Glossary

Appendix to the Key to the First Edition of of all the Zulu words employed in the same. Colenso's Plane Trigonometry. Pt i, Cambridge Designed for the use of Students of the Zulu (1852), 120.

Language. . Maritzburg, Natal, 1860, 16o., pp. The Monthly Record of Church Mission. Ed. 160, 4, 6. by Rev. J. W. Colenso. 1852-53, 8o.

Zulu English Dictionary. Pietermaritzburg, Progressive Examples in Arithmetic, designed | 1861, 12o., pp. viii and 552, 15/-. for the use of National, Adult, and Commercial St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. Newly Schools. Lond., 1853, 16o.

translated, with a Commentary by Rt. Rev. Note.-Each pt. has a distinct title-page and pagi J. W. Colenso, Bp. of Natal. Lond., Macmillan, nation; there is no register.

1861, cr. 8°., 7/6. A Text Book of Elementary Arithmetic... Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of CanterLond., 1853, 16o.

bury, upon the Question of Polygamy, as found Answers to the Examples in the Elementary already existing in Converts from Heathenism. Arithmetic... Lond., 1853, 120.

Lond., 1862, 8o.—2nd ed., Lond., Macmillan, Solution of the Examples in the Elements of 18—, cr. 8o., 1/6.

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COLESA), E:SE1 Pet. Jeas WILLIAM. Caso COLESSO. Biser Rev. 15 W:21AX. Con.).

The Bishop of Satal and the Society for the Sunday Schools, on the Fear of Death...on the Propagation of the Gre 1863, 8.

Readir.g of the Scriptures Lond (1164. 12o. The Pentateuch andi Brook of Joshua critically A Serinon on I Cor. iv, 5). Varitzburg, examined. By the Rt. Pev, the Lord Bibop of a.d. 1865, 80 Sual. 5 part# 15 vols.) Lond., Longman, A Sermon on Heb., ü, 10-13), de Maritz1452-,5,.

burg. n.d. (1:15.8%. Kita - Part I The Pentateuch examined as an A Sermon on Rom, w, 471, etc. Jaritzricai Sarrative.

burg, n.d. (1505), 8o. 1st ed., Inc t., 1842, pp. Invi and 160. 6-,

NOTE.—The above three works have no title-pages. 2nd, L Dee., 1542, IIIvi and 16).

1-*3, XIIVI and 16). ! The Preface and Concluding Pemarks of Part 1963.

vi and 160). it of the Pentateuch and Book of Joshua critic1613, Invi and 160.

ally examined Printed separately, by request. Part II The Age and Antbor bip of the Penta. Lond. Trübner. 1865. 80. D. xlvi and 305teach uneidered.

ist ed.. 3rd Feb. 1963, pp. xl and 163_-384. 76. I 320, I. 2nd , 14th July, 143, 7, XIII and 163–349.

Natal Sermons. A Series of Discourses 3rd to

1543, Xlivi and 163–397. preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's. Part III. The Book of Deuteronomy.

Maritzburg. Lond., Trübner, 1866, 80., pp. viii 1st ed., lonth June, 143, pp. xlvi and 391-632, 8., 1 and 373, 1 6. 2nd , 2.3th June, 1863, . xlvi and 331—632.

On Missions to the Zulus in Vatal and ZuluPart IV. The first eleven chapters of Genesis ex- !

land. A Lecture, by Rt. Rev. J. W. Colenso, read amined and separated, with remarks on the creation, the all, and the deluge.

at the Marylebone Literary Institution...the 23rd 1st ed., 14th Dec., 1963, pp. xlv and 1-327, 9-. May, 1865. Reprinted from the Social Science 2nd , 29th Dec., 1863 1861), pp. xlv and 1–327. 1 Perier for June, 1864, ed. by B. W. Richardson, Part V. With Three Appendices, etc.

London, 10, Whitefriars Street, Fleet Street. 1st ed., 12th July, 1stá, pp. xlvi and 1–320 and | This edition is (with the permission of the 1320.

author) printed for private circulation. n.p. or Parts 1--V. People's edition, 1864–65, pp. 428,6.. |

d. [Lond., J. Kenny. 1865), 80., pp. 24, 6d. Part I was originally printed in Natal, and the

Two Sermons preached by the Lord Bishop proof sheets of Part VI (DOW, 1870, in preparation) are being composed at the Bishop's printing office in the ! I watal, in St. Pauls, Durban, on Sunday, colony. Of Part I (1st ed., 10,000 copies were printed; Nov. 12, 1865 ; and in the Cathedral Church of of Part II (1st ed.) 5,00 copies were printed.

St. Peter's, Maritzburg, on Sunday, November An Examination of Bp. Colenso's difficulties 19, and on Sunday, November 26, 1865. Lond., with regard to the Pentateuch... By the Rev. i Trübner, 1866, 80., pp. 12, 6d. Alexander Mc. Caul, D.D.... Lond., Rivingtons, A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of 1863, 8'., pp. vii and 216.

Canterbury. Maritzburg, 1866, 8o. Notes by the Bishop of Natal on the Exami- A Letter to the Members of the United nations of Part 1 of his work on the Pentateuch, Church of England and Ireland, in the Diocese by the Rev. Dr. Mc. Caul...Lond., Longnian, of Natal. Maritzburg, 1866, 8o. 1863, 89., pp. 39, 1/2.

Remarks on the Judgment of the Judicial Trial of the Bishop of Natal for erroneous Committee, in the case of the Bishop of Natal. teaching, before the Metropolitan Bishop of By Ralph Barnes, Exeter. Lond., Hatchard, Cape Town and the Bishops of Graham's Town 1866, 80., pp. 96, 1 6. and the Orange Free States, as Assessors: [By Reply to Remarks by the Rev. W. 0. NewnRt. Rev. Robert Gray, Bp. of Cape Town). ham, M.A., on some portions of Bishop Colenso's Cape Town (S. Solomon & Co., Printers], 1863, teaching and its tendencies. Maritzburg, 1866,8o. 8"., pp. 405, 2;

Colony of Natal, South Africa. In the SuOn the Judicial Functions of Metropolitans, preme Court. The Bishop of Natal v. the Rev. and on the Appeal of Bishop Colenso. Lond., James Green, the Rev. James Walton, and the 1865, 12o.

Rev. J. S. Robinson, etc. The Argument of the Remarks upon the recent proceedings and Bishop of Natal before the Supreme Court of charge of Robert, Lord Bishop of Cape Town... the Colony of Natal, on Tuesday, September at his primary metropolitan visitation of the 10, 1867. Lond., Trübner, n.d. (1867), 80., pp. diocese of Natal, etc. Lond., 1864, 89.-2nd | 38, 1/-. ed., 1864, 80., 1/-.

A Shilling Arithmetic, designed for the use A Letter to the Laity of the Diocese of Natal of Elementary Schools. Lond., 1867, 18o., pp. [in reply to one... issued by the Bishop of Cape- | 192, 1/ With Answers, pp. 230, 1/6. town..). 2nd ed., Lond., 1864, 8o.

Note.—This is a new ed. of - Text Book of EleAbraham's Sacrifice. A Sermon for Claybrook | mentary Arithmetic,” by the same author.

COLENSO, Right Rev. John William. (Con.).

COLENSO, WILLIAM. (Con.). The General Anglican Synod and Dr. Colenso. | Zealand, in the summer of 1841-42. By W. An earnest Appeal to the Archbishops and / Colenso. Launceston, V. D. Land, printed at Bishops now assembled at Lambeth. By Pro the office of the Luunceston E.caminer, 1844, 80., Ecclesia Dei. Lond., 1867, 12o.

pp. 95. A statement relating to facts which have been Classification and Description of newly dismisunderstood, and to questions which have covered Ferns in New Zealand. Launceston, been raised, in connection with the consecration, 1815, 8o. trial, and excommunication of ... Dr. Colenso. Description of some new Ferns lately disBy R. Gray, Bp. of Capetown. Lond., 1867, | covered in New Zealand. Tasmanian Journ. 169.-2nd ed., with an app., 1867, 8o.

Nat. Sci., i, 375–80 (1842). Natal Sermons. Second Series. Preached An Account of some enormous Fossil Bones in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's, Maritz- of an unknown species of the class Aves, lately burg. Lond., Trübner; Bungay [printed] ; 1868, discovered in New Zealand. ib., i, 81-107 cr. 80., pp. 349, 5/

(1813); Ann. Nat. Hist., xiv, 81-96 (1844); Natal Sermons. Third Series. Maritzburg, Froriep Nutizen, Erfurt, xxxii, col. 97-105, 120–22 1868, 8o.

(1844). Natal Sermons. Fourth Series. Maritzburg, Journal of a Naturalist in some little known 1868, 80.

parts of New Zealand. Hooker, Lond. Journ. The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua critically Bot., iii, 1–62 (1844). examined by Professor A. Keunen, of Leyden. On a second species of New Zealand Flax, Trans. from the Dutch, and annotated by the Phormium. Hooker, Journ. Bot., iii, 220–22 (1851). Bishop of Natal. Lond., Longman, 184, 80., pp. 220, 8,6.

COLERIDGE, REV. DERWENT. Late Head The Worship of Baalim in India. Translated Master of Helston Grammar School ; R. of Hanby the Bishop of Natal. 18—, 80., 4/6.

well. b. Greta Hall, Keswick, 14th Sept., The New Testament translated into Zulu 1800. Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. Ekukanyeni, The circumstances of the present times con18 . 8o.

sidered, with a view to religious improvement. The Books of Genesis and Exodus translated

An Advent Sermon [on Rom., xiii, 11] preached into Zulu-Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. Eku | in the Church of the Borough of Helleston, Nov. kanyeni, 184, 89.

27, 1831, by the Rev. D. Coleridge. Published The Liturgy of the Church of England trans- at the request of the congregation...Helleston, lated into Zulu-Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. printed and sold by J. Roberts; Lond., RivingEkukanyeni, 184, 89.

ton; 1831, 80., pp. 20, 1/Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Part I. Trans- The Scriptural Character of the English lated into Zulu-Kaffir. By the Bishop of Natal. | Church considered in a Series of Sermons; Ekukanyeni, 1868, 80.

with Notes and Illustrations. By the Rev. D. First Lessons in Science, for the use of Coleridge, Head Master of the Helleston GramChildren and Adult Natives. Part I and Part mar School. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1839, 80., II. Ekukanyeni, 1868, 8o.

pp. xxxii and 480, 12/-, NOTE.-The titles of upward of 150 controversial The Christian Minister's Account with time. works concerning Dr. Colenso's writings have been A Farewell Sermon, preached at Helleston, in omitted from the Bibliotheca.

Cornwall. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1841, 80., 1/COLENSO, WILLIAM (brother of J. W. Colenso

Helston Grammar School. By C[oleridge). the elder). Local Preacher. b. circa 1780. d.

W’ith an engraving. Saturday Mag., vii, 236 Plymouth (?), circa 1864.

(1835). Remarks on Two Discourses on Methodism. COLERIDGE, REV. JAMES DUKE, D.C.L. V. Penzance, 1809, 8o.

of Kenwyn 1823–28; V. of Lewannick 1831Loyalty enforced by religious motives; being 41; R. of Lauhitton 1826–39; V. of Thorverthe substance of a Sermon preached at Uny ton 1839–57. d. Thorverton, 26th Dec., 1857, Lelant, in the County of Cornwall, on June 4, aged 69. cf. Gent. Mag., iv, 224 (1858). 1809, being the 71st Anniversary of the King's A Selection of Family Prayers, intended for Birthday. Penzance, 1810, 80., 2/

the use of his Parishioners. By Rev. J. D.

Coleridge. Lond., Rivington, 1820 (?), 180., 1,6. COLENSO, WILLIAM (son of Samuel Colenso).

-2nd ed., 1824, 120., pp. viii and 64.— Cheap b. Penzance, circa 1810.

ed., 3d. Excursion in the Northern Island of New Observations of a Parish Priest on Scenes of COLERIDGE, Rev. James DUKE. (Con.).

COLLIER, SIR Robert PORRETT. (Con.). Sickness and Death. Published with a view to J. S. Trelawny and (Sir R. P. Collier). Devonthe temporal as well as spiritual comfort of his port, 1842, 80. Parishioners in such seasons. By J. D. Cole- A Treatise on the Laws relating to Mines, ridge, Vicar of Kenwyn and Kea. Truro, printed chiefly as to the peculiar Mining Customs of and sold by E. Heard ; Lond., Rivington; n.d. | Devon and Cornwall, with Statutes and Forms. (1825), 120., pp. 118, 3.6.

By [Sir] R. P. Collier, of the Inner Temple, A Sermon (on John, xi, 33–38] preached in Barrister-at-Law, Recorder of Penzance. Lond., the Parish Church of Kenwyn, Cornwall, on | Will. Benning & Co., 43, Fleet Street, 1849, 80., Tuesday Evening, July 10, 1827, at the Funeral pp. xii and 150, app. Ixiv. of the late Mr. William Gill, of Chacewater. Printed in compliance with the request of a COLLINGS, GEORGE. numerous body of the Parishioners. Truro, Copy of a warrant from Bishop John Dolben. printed by E. Heard, 1827, 80., pp. 16, 6d.

of Rochester, as Lord High Almoner, appointing Why are you not a Communicant? or the

G. Collings, of Helston, his deputy for the forabsentee from the Lord's Table kindly but

feited goods of felones de se and for deodands closely questioned by his Parish Priest. 2nd

within the county of Cornwall. 31st Jan., 1680. ed., Launceston, printed by T. & W. R. Bray,

Rawlinson MSS., Bod. Lib., class B 321, art. 9. n.d. (1831), 80., pp. 24, 3d. A few Words of Instruction to the Parish

COLLINS, ARTHUR. b. 1682. d. 16th March, ioners on an error in doctrine, prevalent most

1760. especially in country parishes, with advice on some points of religious practice. By J. D. Proceedings, precedents, and arguments, on Coleridge. LL.B.. Rector of Lawhitton. The claims and controversies concerning Baronies profits of this work to be given to the Lawhitton by writ and other honours. Lond., 1734, fol. Clothing Club. Exeter, printed by R. J. Trew Note.-Contains the case of the Duchy of Cornman, High Street, 1834, 120., pp. 24.

wall. Practical Advice to the Young Parish Priest. Lond., Rivington, 1834, 120., 5.

COLLINS, Rev. CHARLES MATHEW EDWARD, A Brief Notice of certain errors concerning M.A., of Exeter Coll. Oxford she assumed Regeneration and Confirmation, charged on the the name of Edward in March, 1850). 6. Church of England. Launceston, T. & W. R. Bodmin, 5th Feb., 1815. Bray, 1836, 12o., pp. 16.

A Sermon preached on behalf of Edgbaston A Companion to the First Lessons for the Sunday and Day Schools, Aug. 28, 1842. BirServices of the Church on Sundays and the mingham, Hawker, 1842, 80., pp. 35. Fasts and Festivals. Lond., Rivington, 1838. A Letter to the Author of “Suggestions for 12o., pp. viii and 192, 3/6.

the Improvement of the Examination Statutes."

Oxford, Macpherson, 1848, 80., pp. 36. COLERIDGE, SIR JOHN DUKE, KNT., M.P. Sudden Death and Judgment. A Sermon Solicitor-General. b. 1821.

preached at Blisland, on May 13, 1855, on the Mr. Buckle and Sir J. T. Coleridge (in re the

loss of the Emigrant Ship, “ John." Lond., case of Thomas Pooley). By Sir J. D. Cole

Robeson, 1855, 80., pp. 10. ridge. Fraser's Mag., lix, 635–45 (1859).

David the Volunteer; or National Defence

a Religious Obligation. A Sermon preached COLL, THOMAS, of Liskeard.

before the Bodmin Volunteer Rifle Corps, on

Sunday, June 24, 1860. Published at the request Tria Carmina, simul et disticha quædam, ad of the Corps. The proceeds will be given to Thomam Colæum, de ejus nomine variis ana the Corps' Fund. Bodmin, Liddell & Sons, grammatibus immutato... Ashmolean MSS. (Bodl. 1860, 80., pp. 13, 6d. Lib.), 36 & 37, art. 154.

Copy of Correspondence between Sir J. S. Note. — These anonymous poems are addressed Trelawny, Bart., and the Rev. C. M. E. Collins, To his very loving friend, Mr. Thomas Coll, dd., then M.A., relating to his connexion with the Sunday att Lyskerd."

National League. With other Correspondence

relating to the Sunday Question. Plymouth, COLLIER, SIR ROBERT PORRETT, KNT. (son of

Western Daily Mercury” Offices, 1868, 89., pp. John Collier). Attorney-General. b. Mount Tamar, near Plymouth, 21st June, 1817.

By Request. The Church in her Offices. A Two first books of Lucretius, De rerum natura, | Sermon preached at St. Veep Harvest Thankstranslated into blank verse. Anon. [By Sir giving, on Thursday, Aug. 27, 1868. The

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COLLINS, Rev. CHARLES MATHEW EDWARD. (Con). COLLINS, EDWARD (son of E. Collins, of proceeds will be given to the House of Mercy

Truthan). b. Truthan, 7th Sept., 1782. d. at Lostwithiel. Bodmin, Liddell & Son; Lond.,

Truthan, 13th April, 1855. cf. Gent. Mag., J. H. Parker; n.d. [1868], 8°., pp. 16.

xliii, 658 (1855). Potteries in Cornwall. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1868, pp. 28–43.


cf. Charnock's Biog. Navalis, ii, 60. COLLINS, CHRISTOPHER.

An untitled Chart from east of the Lizard to Grant of a Ship of Fowey, which was for- / west of Scilly. Dedicated “To the Honble. feited and given to him by the King. Harl.

the Governor, Deputy Governor, and CommitMSS., 433, art. 1219.

tees of the East India Company. This Chart is Repayment to C. Collins of £20 by a Privy

Humbly Dedicated and Presented by Capt. G. Seal. ib., 433, art. 1232.

Collins, Hydrographer to the King. 1686. Size, Privy Seal for £128. 4s. 2d. to C. Collins, for 221 in. by 18 in. Scale, i in. to league. wages paid 200 men. ib., 433, art. 1369.

The Islands of Scilly. To His Grace Henry

Duke of Grafton, Vice-Admiral of England, &c., COLLINS, DIGBY (3rd son of Edward Collins).

this Chart, etc. 1689. Size, 1 ft. 10 in. by b. Truthan, 7th September, 1836.

1 ft. 6 in. Scale, 2 in. to mile.

Fowey and Mount's Bay. This Chart is most The Horse-trainer's and Sportsman's Guide ;

Humbly Presented and Dedicated to the Right with additional considerations on the duties of

Reverend Father in God, Jonathan, Lord Bishop Grooms on purchasing Blood Stock, and on

of Bristoll. Size, 1 ft. 10 in. by 1 ft. 6 in. Veterinary Examination. Lond., Longman, 1865,

Scale, 4 in. to mile for Fowey; 2 in. to mile for 8o., pp. 254.

Mount's Bay.

Falmouth. To Sir Peter Killigrew, Baronet, COLLINS, REV. EDWARD, LL.B. V. of Breage this Map is Dedicated, etc. Size, i ft. 10 in. 1722–25, and Sl. Erth 1730-1755. b. Truro ),

by 1 ft. 6 in. Scale, 14 in. to mile. 1692. d. St. Erth, Oct., 1755.

Plan of the Rivers, Creeks, Towns, etc., from The Obligation of Human Laws asserted and Falmouth to Truro. fol. vindicated, in a Sermon Preach'd at the Assizes Great Britain's Coasting-pilot. The first part. held at Bodmyn, on Thursday, Aug. 8, 1723, Being a new and exact Survey of the Sea-Coast before the Honourable Mr. Justice Eyre and of England, from the River of Thames to the Mr. Baron Page. Publish'd at the request of Westward, with the Islands of Scilly, and from the High Sheriff and the Gentlemen of the thence to Carlile. [The second part...from the Grand Jury for the County of Cornwall. Lond., River of Thames to the Northward, with the printed for Bernard Lintot, at the Cross-Keys, Islands of Orkney and Shetland). By Capt. G, near the Temple Gate, Fleet Street, 1723, 8o. | Collins ... Lond., printed by Freeman Collins,

- Reprinted for Davies Gilbert, Lond., J. B. and are to be sold by Ric. Mount, Bookseller, Nichols, 25, Parliament Street, 1827, 8°. at the Postern on Tower Hill. 1693, fol.

Note.-Inscribed to the High Sheriff, Richard Pol Note.-In the first part, pp. 22, in the second, pp. whele, of Polwhele, and the Gentlemen of the Grand 28, both parts have numerous charts. Jury. A Treatise on the Psalms. MSS.

• Cartes et Plans de plusier parties des Cotes

d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse et d' Irlande, copiees Sermons. MSS.

sur celles du Pilote Cotier de la Grande-Bretagne, Note. — The above MSS. were destroyed by the de Grenville-Collins. n.d. (17571. fol. Author's directions, when on his death bed.

NOTE.—Contains : COLLINS, EDWARD, of Truthan (nephew of the

VII. Carte du Port Fowey ou Foy et Baye de Mounts.

VIII. Ports de Falmouth et de Helford. preceding). b. 21st April, 1747. d. Exeter,

IX. Carte des Illes de Scilly ou les Sorlingues. 15th Sept., 1827. Mem of, by Rev. R. Polwhele,

X. Carte de la Riviere de Saverne autrement Manche Gent. Mag., xcvii, pt. 2, 370 (1827); cf. Annual ou Canal de Bristoll. [Shews the coast from Biog. for 1828, pp. 426–28.

Tintagel to Bristol).

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