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ARGALL, WILLIAM. (Con.). preceding). Of C. C. College, Oxford ; Geneal

Tin Tables, showing the amount of Black Tin ogist and Registrar of the Bath, 1725 ; Garter

in any quantity of Tin-Stuff of any given proKing at Arms, 4 Mch., 1747 ; F.S.A. 21 July,

duce, compiled by William Argall, Great Wheal 1736. d. Mortlake, 5 Dec., 1754. bur. Duloe,

Vor United Mines, Helston. Helston, printed 30 Dec. cf. Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, v, 272; Rev.

| by R. Cunnack, 1859, 120., pp. 27. Mark Noble's Hist. of College of Arms, (1804),

Notes on an Excursion to the Chiverton dispp. 379-80.

trict. Rep. Miners' Assoc. of C. and D., 1867, pp. Petition of Mr. J. Anstis, jun., Garter King 50-53. at Arms, relative to the Visitatorial power of Notes on an Excursion to the St. Just District. All Soul's College, (original) MS. formerly at ib., 1868, pp. 44-46. Stowe. cf. O Conor's Bibliotheca MS. Stowensis, Gossans. ib., 1872, pp. 37–41. (1819), ii, 101.

Pietas Universitatis Oxoniensis in obitum... | ARMYTAGE, REV. North GREEN, B.A. Curate Georgii I, 1727, fol.

of Carnmenellis. b. Lancaster. Note.-Contains verses by “ Joh. Anstis, C.C.C. Wesleyan Pharisaism; or Lip-Service not Commens. Fæcial. Rex Garter.”

Heart-Service. A Sermon preached at Holy

Trinity Church, Carnmenellis, Cornwall, on June ANSTIS, REV. MATTHEW. At the Baptist

13, the third Sunday after Trinity, 1869. By Academy at Carmarthen, 1762–65; Minister

the Rev. N. G. Armytage, B.A. Lond., Jos. at Falmouth, 1765; Minister at Colyton, 1766 ;

Masters; Helston, E. Carlyon, 1869, 80., pp. Minister at Bridport, 1767. b. St. Germans,

16, 3d. 27 Feb., 1740. d. Bridport, 28 Aug., 1823. cf. Monthly Repository, xviii, 731–32, (1823).

ARTHUR, JOHN. b. Perranwharf, 16 Aug., The Lord's Supper. Signed P. K. [i.e., Rev.

1809. Now of the Sandycroft Foundry and M. Anstis.] Monthly Rep., iii, 495-99, (1808);

Engine Works Co., Hawarden, Chester. . x, 571-74, 749-51, (1815).

Water Gauge for a Steam Boiler. Rep. R.C.P. The Judgment of the World by Jesus Christ.

Soc., 1834, pp. 38-39. Signed P. K. ib., iii, 39-41.

Improved Method of Casting Brass Burrs.

ib., 1835, pp. 120–21. ARCHER FAMILY.

Water Meters. ib., 1836, pp. 55–56. Memorials of families of the surname of Arthur and Eddy's Apparatus for Raising Mine Archer [by Capt. Archer]. Lond., J. R. Smith, Pumps. ib., 1839, pp. 96-97. 1860, 40., 12,6. Note.-- The Archers of Cornwall, pp. 63-64.


M.A. (son of Thomas Jago). Assumed the name ARCHER, EDWARD (son of Edward Archer, of of Arundell in 1816. R. of Landulph, 1805-46.

Trelaske, in Lewannick, who d. 1834). b. Ex b. Launceston, July, 1780. d. Landulph, 5 mouth, 1816.

Dec., 1846. . cf. Gent. Mag., xxvii, 206-8, A Lecture on the defects in the System of

(1847). Husbandry existing in this district, read at the Cothele, on the banks of the Tamar, the first meeting of the East Cornwall Experimental ancient seat of the Right Honble. the Earl of Club for the Advancement of the Art and Science Mount Edgcumbe, by Nicholas Condy. With of Agriculture, 1844. By E. Archer. Lond., | a descriptive account, written expressly for the Simpkin ; Launceston, T. W. Maddox, 1844, work, by the Rev. F. V. J. Arundell. Lond., 12o., 6d.

published by the Author at 17, Gate St., LinUnion versus Parochial Settlement; the former coln's Inn Fields. n.d., [181-,] fol. considered and advocated. By E. Archer. Lond.,

NOTE.—Has 17 lithographic plates from drawings Simpkin, 1845, 120., 6d.

by Condy, and a plan of the mansion. The Small Boy's Mythological Primer, in Rhyme. By E[dward] Archer.) Lond., Wayand A Visit to the Seven Churches of Asia, with and Son, 471, Oxford Street, 1858, 120., pp. | an Excursion into Pisidia...By Rev. F. V. J. 16, 6d.

Arundell, British Chaplain at Smyrna. Lond., On Mr. Bickford's Method of Irrigation. Journ. J. Rodwell, 1828, 80., pp. iv and 339, 15/Roy. Agric. Soc. of Engl., xiv, 153–55, (1853). Discoveries in Asia Minor, including a des

cription of the Ruins of several ancient Cities, ARGALL, WILLIAM (son of Philip Argall, d. and especially Antioch of Pisidia, containing

St. Agnes, 1860 ?). b. St. Agnes, 20 Oct., 1828. | remarks on the geography and antiquities of ARUNDELL, Rev. F. V. J. (Con.).

ARUNDELL, W. A. H. (Con.). those countries, a map of the author's routes May 2, 1855. By Harris Arundell. Launceston, and numerous inscriptions. By the Rev. F. V. | E. Maddox, 1856, 8o. J. Arundell. Map and 14 plates of inscriptions. Lond., R. Bentley, 1834, 2 vols., 80., 30/-. ATKINSON, MR. Principal of Falmouth Class

Some notices of the church of Landulph. By | ical School. the Rector, [i.e., the Rev. F. V. J. Arundell.]

Epigram on seeing some ladies elegantly Devonport, Ramsay and Carrington, 1840, 8o. |

dressed at a ball. By 0. i.e., Mr. Atkinson. On John Anstis' MS. History of Launceston. Signed F. V. Jago. Gent. Mag., lxxx, pt. ii,

Cornish Mag., iii, 155, (1828). 103, (1810).

AUSTEN, JOSEPH THOMAS. See Treffry, J. T. An Account of the discovery of a number of Celts and a Sword, at Long Moor, Lanherne.

AUSTEN or AUSTIN, SAMUEL, THE ELDER, Signed F. V. Jago. Archæol., xvii, 337, (1814).

M.A. / son of Thomas Austen). b. Lostwithiel, Some Observations upon a Monumental In

1606; d. not known. cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 499; scription in the Parish Church of Landulph.

Biog. Dict. Soc. D.U.K.; Rose ; Didot Nouvel. Signed F. V. Jago. ib., xviii, 83–104, (1817).

| Biog. Univ. · Notices of some discoveries made in a journey in Asia Minor, in 1832. Trans. Roy. Soc. of

Avstin's Vrania, or the Heavenly Mvse, in a Literature, ii, 468–70, (1834).

poem fyll of most feeling Meditations for the The baths of Lebedus. The Amulet, 1835, pp.

comfort of all Soules at all times. By S. Austin,] 70-80.

B, of Arts of Ex. Colledge, in Oxford. Lond.,

printed by F. K., for Robert Allot and Henry Note.-Mr. Arundell at one time contemplated Seile, 1629, 80., pp. 136. Br. Museum. publishing a History of Cornwall, and some plates were engraved for the work. cf. N. and Q., 2 S., xi, 409, (1861). Note.--After a copy of verses called " An Apologie

for my Muse," follows another and larger title page. ARUNDELL, WILLIAM ARUNDELL HARRIS

Then succeed, A dedication to Dr. Prideaux, the Rector

of Exeter College; Addresses (1st) to the Christian (only son of Rev. William A. Horris). Assumed

Readers, (2nd) to Exeter College, (3rd) “ to my ever hon. the name of Arundell in 1822. Sheriff of ovred friends... Mr. V. Drayton, Mr. Will. Browne, and Cornwall, 1817. b. Kenegie, near Penzance,

my ingenious kinsman, Mr. Andrew Pollexfen," etc. 17 Sept., 1794. d. Lifton, Devon, 2 Apl.,

The Second Book is dedicated to "that honorable gentle

man, Mr. Iohn Robarts, sonne to my Lord Robarts, 1865. cf. Gent. Mag., xviii, 667, (1865). Baron of Truro, in Cornwall," etc.

The Fall of Sebastopol. A Poem. By Harris Arundell. Launceston, E. Maddox; Lond, Simp

AUSTEN, SAMUEL, THE YOUNGER, B.A. (son of kin, 1855, 89., pp. x and 12.

preceding). b. Lostwithiel, 1636. d. circa 1665. The Leisure Hour. By W. A. Harris Arundell.

cf. Bliss IV ood, iii, 675 ; Rose; Didot Nouvel. Written as an Inauguration Poem, for the Lifton

Biog. Univ.; Censura Literaria, vi, 225, vii, Institute. Lond., Simpkin ; Launceston, E. Mad

341. dox [printed,] 1855, 8o.

Naps upon Parnassus. A sleepy muse nipt

and pincht, though not awakened. Such volNOTE.—List of Subscribers, 2 leaves, Title, 1 leaf,

untary and jovial copies of verses as were lately dedication to Henry and Mary Wilmot Blagrove, of Lifton Park, by their affectionate father, W. A. H.

receiv'd from some of the Wits of the UniverArundell, 1 leaf, preface, pp. v-viii, introduction, 1 leal, sities in a frolick, dedicated to Gondibert's The Leisure Hour, pp. 1-58.

Mistress, hy Captain Jones and others. WherePresented to the Lifton Institute (but now

unto is added, for demonstration of the Authors first published for general circulation) on the

prosaick excellency's, his Epistle to one of the occasion of the sudden death by apoplexy of

Universities, with the answer; together with

two satyrical characters of his own, of a TemNicholas the first, (Emperor of all the Russias), on Friday, the second of Mch., 1855. [Verses)

porizer and an antiquary, with marginal notes

by a friend to the reader... Lond., printed by Signed “Harris Arundell, 5th Mch., 1855.” E. Maddox, printer, Launceston, [1855,189.,2leaves.

express oriler from the wits for N. Brook, at the The Contested Election. À Comedy, in three

Angel, in Cornhill, 1658, 80. Br. Museum. acts [and in Prose). By Harris Arundell. Laun NOTE.—Published by the wits of Oxford as a satire ceston, E. Maddox [printed]; Lond., Simpkin,

upon S. Austin. The advertisement to the reader is 1856, 80. Title, dedication, preface, dramatis

signed “Thy loving Friend, Adoniram Banstittle, alias personæ, 3 leaves, the comedy, pp. 1–75, 1/-. |

Tinderbox.” The Pilgrim Minstrel and Wreck of the A Panegyricon King Charles II. Lond., John, emigrant ship, on the Manacle Rocks, | 1661, 80.

BACKHOUSE, HANNAH CHAPMAN. (Con.). Extracts from the Journal and Letters of H. C. Backhouse. Not published. (Ed. by Jane Gurney Fox, of Falmouth.] Lond., R. Barrett, Printer, Mark Lane, 1858, 80., 184 sheets.


Liber Regis, sive Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum. By John Bacon, Esq., Receiver of the First Fruits,.... Lond., printed for the Author by John Nichols...1786, 40.

Note.- Account of the Benefices in Cornwall, their patronage, &c., pp. 300-18.

BADCOCK, JOHN. See Pearce, John (d. 1851).

B., B. B. pseud. i.e., Johns, Rev. W. S., and

Rogers, W. M.
B., C. R. P. B. i.e., Prideaux-Brune, C. R.

B., J. B. i.e., Budge, John. · B., W. BIONE IT

Boscastle. The Spectator, 22nd Sept., 1866. BABINGTON, CHARLES CARDALE, M.A., F.R.S.

(son of Rev. Jos. Babington). Professor of Botany, Cambridge. b. 1808.

The Hospital of St. Lawrence de Ponteboy, near Bodmin. Woodcut. “ Archæol. Camb., ix, 17782, (1863). BACHE, REV. ARTHUR. V. of Antony.

The Voyce of the Lord in the Temple; or a most strange and wonderfull Relation of God's great Power, Providence, and Mercy, in sending very strange sounds, fires, and a Fiery Ball into the Church of Anthony, in Cornwall, near Plimmouth, on Whitsunday last, 1640. To the scorching and astonishing of 14 severall persons who were smitten. And likewise to the great Terrour of all the other people then present, being about 200 persons. The truth whereof will be maintained by the Oathes of the same persons; having been examined by Richard Carew, of Anthony, Esquire, and Arthur Bache, Vicar of Anthony. Imprinted at London, by T. Paine, for Francis Eglesfield, 1640, 4o., pp. 20. Br. Museum.

NOTE.—The original MS. is in Queen's College Library, Oxford, No. cxxi, p. 356. cf. A Looking Glass for all true hearted Christians, (1642), pp. 16; N. Wallington's Historical Notices, (1869), i, 46-48.

[blocks in formation]

BACHE, JAMES (son of John Bache, who d. St.

Austell, 1861). b. Perran Wharf, 22 Sept., 1826. Resident since 1854, at 72, Calle Serrano, Madrid.

Description of a machine for measuring the Velocity of the Piston at different parts of its stroke. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1845, p. 52; 1846, p. 36.

Reversing Apparatus for Stamps and Whim. ib., 1849, p. 108. BACKHOUSE, HANNAH CHAPMAN (dau. of

Joseph and Jane Gurney, and wife of Jonathan · Backhouse, of Darlington). b. Norwich, 9 Feb.,

1827. d. 6 May, 1850. cf. Annual Monitor, 1851, p. 86.


Day, 1857. b. York, 1816. d. St. Day, 30 Aug., 1873. bur. St. Day, 4 Sept.

A Glossary of Cornish names, ancient and modern, local, familiar, personal, etc.; 20,000 Celtic and other names now or formerly in use in Cornwall, with derivations and significations, for the most part conjectural, suggestive and tentative of many, and lists of unexplained names about which information is solicited. By the Rev. J. Bannister, LL.D., Vicar of St. Day. Williams and Norgate, London and Edinburgh; J. R. Netherton, Truro, (printed.] n.d., [1871,1 8o., pp. xx and 212, 12)

Note.-Dedicated to Augustus Smith, Esq., of Trescoe Abbey, Isles of Scilly. This work was brought out in 7 parts. The Supplement which was to have formed 3 additional parts was never published owing to the decease of the author.


BANNISTER, Rev. John, LL.D. (Con.).

BARHAM, Charles, M.D. (Con.). Nomenclature. Journ. R.I.C., 1866, Oct., pp. Children's Employment Commission. Appen104-16.

dix to Second Report .. Trades and Manufac“ Jews in Cornwall,” and “Marazion." ib., tures. Part II... Lond., W. Clowes and Son, 1867, Oct., pp. 324-42.

1842, fol. St. Michael's Mount. N. and Q., 3 S., xi, 357–

Note.-Contains Report of C. Barham, Esq., on 58, (1867).

the employment of children and young persons in Iron Jews in Cornwall. ib., 3 S., xi, 456.

Foundries in the West of England, pp. S. i, to S. 10. Cornish Name of St. Michael's Mount. Ibig Sanitary Inquiry-England. Local Reports 3 S., xii, 51.

on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Park or field. ib., 4 S., iv, 146, (1869).

Population of England, etc... Lond., W. Clowes Cornish and Welsh. ib., 4 S., iv, 456.

and Son, 1842, fol. Thornton as a local name. ib., 4 S., v, 588– 89, (1870).

Note.-Contains Report on the Sanitary State of Passion plays in Cornwall. ib., 4 S., viii, 77, | the Labouring Classes in the town of Truro, by C. (1871).

Barham, Esq., pp. 16-35. · Cornish Names. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1869, pp.

Some remarks on the diseases of miners. Rep. 57-65. Abstract of a paper on Cornish Names. Rep.

R.I.C., 1840, pp. 26-29, 67–73.

A series of tables illustrative of the results and Trans. Plymouth Instit. and D. and C. Nat.

obtained from a minute abstract of the Register Hist. Soc., iv, 49-56, (1869-70).

of deaths for the parishes of St. Mary, St. CleAbstract of a paper on the “Mystery of the

ment, St. Allen, St. Erme, St. Agnes and PerranPassion," at Ammergau, and in Cornwall. ib.,

zabuloe, arranged by Dr. Barham. ib., 1841, pp. iv, 373-82, (1872–73).


Horary observations at the equinoxes and the BANSTITTLE, ADINORAM, alias Tinderbox. See

solstices, 1841, made at Truro. ib., 1841, p. 59. Austen, Samuel (the younger).

On the climate of Cornwall. ib., 1846, pp.

68–70. BARAGWANETH, Robin. pseud. i.e.

Accidents and diseases of miners. ib., 1847, The Wooden Horse for the Rounder and The -p. 64. Horse without a me Robin Barag Abstract of Remarks by S. Birch, Esq., of waneth. Penzance, 1824, 120. See Jeffery, John. the British Museum, on a bronze bull found at

St. Just in Pen with, with some account of the BARAGWENETH, BARZILLAI. pseud. i.e., Pas

intercourse of the Phoenicians with Cornwall. coe, Charlotte Champion.

ib., 1850, pp. 47–56. [Archæol. Journ., vii, 8-16,

120, 1850.) BARHAM, CHARLES, M.D. (4th son of T. F. Bar

Notice of a waterspout seen 27 Mar., 1855. ham, who d. 1844). Physician to Royal Corn

ib., 1855, pp. 32-34. wall Infirmary. 6. Truro, 9 Mch., 1804.

Renarks on meteorology. ib., 1856, pp. 28–33.

Meteorology of Cornwall. Journ. R.I.C., 1864, Tables of the revenue, population, commerce,

pp. 64-70, and continuing periodically. etc., of the United Kingdom and its dependencies. Presented to both Houses of Parliament.

Ancient Graves at Hallstatt (Upper Austria). Lond., W. Clowes and Son, 1841, fol.

ib., Apl., 1865, pp. 60-63.

The ancient inscribed stones at Tregony and Note.-Contains Abstract of the Parish Registers | Cubert. 2 plates. ib., Apl., 1866, pp. 47–58. of Tavistock from 1617 to 1836, [By C. Barhum,] pp. Journ. Camb, Aichæol. Soc., xii, 417–29, 1866.] 333-47.

Rainfall in Sept., 1866. ib., Oct., 1866, pp. Children's Employment Commission. Appen 174-75. dix to First Report of Commissioners. Mines.

Flint Flakes. ib., Oct., 1866, pp. 175–76. Part I. Reports and evidence. Presented to

On rainfall and moisture. ib., Apl., 1872, pp. both Houses of Parliament. Lond., W. Clowes lxxi-lxxiii. and Son, 1842, fol.

Remarks on fatal accidents to Miners. Rep.

R.C.P.Soc., 1841, pp. 9–10. NOTE.-Contains Report by C. Barham, Esq., on Meteorological Report. ib., 1842, pt. i, p. 27. the employment of children and young persons in the

Remarks on the Abstract of the Parish Regmines of Cornwall and Devon, (with plans of North Roskear and East Wheal Crofty mines,] pp. 731-820.

ister of Tavistock. Journ. Statis. Soc. of London, Evidence collected by C. Barham, Esq., pp. 821-54. iv, 34-39, (1841).


BARHAM, FRANCIS. (Con.). Address in medicine, delivered at Torquay, 1 The Hebrew and English Holy Bible. The Aug., 1860. On climate in some of its medical Hebrew reprinted from the text of Heidenheim. aspects. Brit. Medical Journ., 1860, pp. 659–61, | The English version compared with the original 679-80, 697-701.

... by the late Solomon Bennett... The Hebrew President's Address at Meeting at Truro, 5 | text revised... by Mr. H. A. Henry. Edited by June, 1861. ib., ii, 18-19, (1861). cf. also pp. F. Barham. Lond., printed for the family of 97, 161.

the late S. Bennett, 1841, 4o., 5/On the Annual Meeting of the Association at Note.—The Editor's Preface is signed “F.B., Feb., Plymouth. ib., ü, 83, (1871).

1841,” and occupies pp. 1-6. This work was to have On the diseases of miners in Cornwall, etc.

come out in Parts at 2/6 each, and to have formed 3

vols., but was discontinued after 96 pages were printed. President's Address. ib., ii, 241, 253–55. Memoir of the late Clement Carlyon, Esq.,

The political works of Marcus Tullius Cicero M.D. West Briton, 11 Mch., 1864.

... Translated from the original with dissertations

and notes. By F. Barham. Lond., Edmund BARHAM, FRANCIS (5th son of T. F. Barham,

Spettigue, 1841-42, 2 vols., 80., 21/who d. 1844). b. Leskinnick, Penzance, 31

The Treatises of M. T. Cicero, on the nature

of the gods, on divination, on fate, on the reMay, 1808. d. Bath, 9 Feb., 1871. bur. Wid

public, on the laws, and on standing for the combe Cemetery. cf. N. and Q., 3 S., v, 36,

consulship. Literally translated, chiefly by the 120, (1864).

Editor, C. D. Yonge, B.A. [Bohn's Classical A memorial of Francis Barham, a selection of Lib.,] 1853, 8o. autobiographical and other compositions from

NOTE.—The Treatises on divination, fate, laws, and his unpublished manuscripts, together with a

republic (occupying pp. 141-484) were F. Barham's few papers and reports of lectures that have translations revised and collated by the Editor. already been published. Edited by Isaac Pitman.

Socrates. A Tragedy, in five acts, sand in Lond., Fred. Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row :

verse.] By F. Barham. Lond., W. E. Painter, Bath, Isaac Pitman... Truro, J. R. Netherton,

1842, 8o., pp. 74, 2/6. 1873, sm. 8°., pp. lv and 495.

The Life and Times of John Reuchlin or Note.—The 495 pages are in the phonetic character.

Capnion, the father of the German Reformation.

By F. Barham. Lond., Whittaker and Co., 1843, The Adamus Exul of Grotius, or the Proto 12o., pp. xii and 284, 5/type of Paradise Lost. Now first translated from The Spirit of literature, a collection of rethe Latin by F. Barham. Lond., Sherwood, markable tracts and pamphlets. (By F. Barham.] Gilbert and Piper, 1839, 80., pp. xii and 52, 2/6. Vol. I. Contents. Alist an Autobiography.—The

M. Guizot's Theory of syncretism and coali Alist or Divine.-Guizot's Essay on Syncretism tion. Translated from his celebrated article and coalition.-Grotius'Adamus Exul. -Socrates, “Catholicism, protestantism and philosophy," a tragedy. Lond., Sherwood and Bowyer, 1844, [by F. Barham.] Lond., Jas. Ridgway. n.d., 80., 5/(1839, 89., pp. 16, 1/

Note. Each of the tracts mentioned above has a The Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, distinct title and pagination. chiefly of England...By Jeremy Collier, M.A.

A. An odd medley of literary curiosities oriNew ed. with a life of the author, the contro

ginal and selected. By A. F. Barham. Lond., versial tracts connected with the history, notes

published by the Author, 6, Warwick Court, and an enlarged index by F. Barham, Esq. Lond.,

Gray's Inn. n.d., [1845,] 8o. W. Straker, 1840, 9 vols., 80., 90/-.

Note.- Part I, A, and the doctrine thereof, pp. 16, A loyal address to the Queen's most gracious

Part II, A memoir of the late James Pierrepont Greaves, Majesty (on catholicity or syncretism.] Signed Esq., pp. 23, 1/- each. With Part II is usually bound 4. lie., F. Barham.] Wertheimer and Co., up “ Letters and extracts from the MS. writings of J. printers, Finsbury Circus. n.d., [1840,] 8o.,

P. Greaves, [By Alexander Campbell.] Lond., published

at the Concordium, Ham Common, Surrey," 1843, 2 vols., pp. 8. Alist, An autobiography or an author's life in

Prospectus. The Alist, a monthly magazine of the nineteenth century. Part I. (By F. Bar

divinity and universal literature. Price Half-aham.] Lond., Jas. Darling. n.d., [1820,] 8°., pp.

crown. Edited by Alist Francis Barham, 67, 20, 1%

Chancery Lane, London, where prospectuses may The Alist or Divine, a message to our times.

be procured. n.d., [1845,] 80., pp. 4. Lond., James Darling. n.d., (1870,] 8o.

Note.-It is probable that no portion of this magaNOTE.—3 Parts extending to pp. 48. 6d. each part. | zine was ever published.

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