St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, Volumi 74-75

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Pagina 4 - GENITOURINARY DISEASES. A Scientific Blending of True Santal and Saw Palmetto In a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle. A Vitalizing Tonic to the Reproductive System. SPECIALLY VALUABLE IN PROSTATIC TROUBLES OF OLD MEN-IRRITABLE BLADDERCYSTITIS URETHRITIS PRE-SEN I LITY.
Pagina 93 - Why, look you now, how unworthy a thing you make of me! You would play upon me; you would seem to know my stops; you would pluck out the heart of my mystery; you would sound me from my lowest note to the top of my compass: and there is much music, excellent voice, in this little organ. Yet cannot you make it speak. 'Sblood, do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe?
Pagina 116 - July 14, 1905, provided that an Essay deemed by the Committee of Award to be worthy of the Prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for competition may be upon any subject in Medicine, but...
Pagina 171 - A Yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative Opinion in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, drawn from journals, monographs, and text-books of the leading American and Foreign authors and investigators. Arranged with critical editorial comments, by eminent American specialists, under the editorial charge of GEORGE M. GOULD, MD Y ear-Book of 1901 in two volumes — Vol. I. including General Medicine; Vol.
Pagina 17 - Each essay must be typewritten, distinguished by a motto, and accompanied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto and containing the name and address of the writer. No envelope will be opened except that which accompanies the successful essay. The committee will return the unsuccessful essays if reclaimed by their respective writers, or their agents, within one year. The committee reserves the right not to make an award if no essay submitted is considered worthy of the prize.
Pagina 341 - Containing the pronunciation and definition of the principal words used in medicine and kindred sciences, with 64 extensive tables.
Pagina 5 - ... unobstructed, washing away the poison, and meanwhile sustaining the strength independently of the impaired alimentary process and of exhaustive stimulants. Try it on anything, except plethora or unreduced inflammation ; but first take time to regulate the secretions and functions. Try it on the patient tentatively at first, to see how much and how often, and in what medium, it will prove most acceptable— in water, milk, coffee, wine, grape, lemon or lime juice, broth, etc.
Pagina 5 - Try it in Chronic Catarrhal Diseases ; spraying it on the diseased surfaces, with immediate addition of peroxide of hydrogen ; wash off instantly the decomposed exudation, scabs and dead tissue with antiseptic solution (Thiersch's); and then see how the mucous membrane, stripped open and clean, will absorb nutrition, vitality and health from intermediate applications of pure bovinine.
Pagina 115 - A Text-Book of Obstetrics. By BARTON COOKE HIRST, MD, Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Pennsylvania. Handsome octavo volume of 848 pages, with 618 illustrations, and 7 colored plates.
Pagina 115 - Nervous and Mental Diseases. By Archibald Church, MD, Professor of Mental Diseases and Medical Jurisprudence in the Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago; and Frederick Peterson, MD, Clinical Professor of Mental Diseases in the Woman's Medical College, New York; Chief of Clinic, Nervous Department, College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. Helsler'S Embryology. A Text-Book of Embryology. By John C. Heisler, MD, Professor of Anatomy in the Medico-Chirurgicaf College, Philadelphia. Kyle...

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