Athletic Training Exam Review: A Student Guide to Success

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SLACK Incorporated, 2006 - 242 pagine
Preparing for the BOC Certification exam is the turning point in the road to a successful career for all athletic training students. A user-friendly, organized, and well-established study guide is essential to preparing for this all-important process.

Join the thousands of students before you who have been successfully guided through the exam process with Athletic Training Exam Review: A Student Guide to Success— now available in an expanded and revised Third Edition.

Lynn Van Ost, Karen Manfré, and Karen Lew begin the Third Edition of Athletic Training Exam Review by establishing a framework for how a student should prepare for the BOC Certification exam. In addition to information on various study techniques, important test-taking strategies, and the examination format, methods are offered to improve concentration and time management.

Updated features of the Third Edition:
• Multiple choice questions about athletic training domains and related subjects—Over 1,050 questions—100 new from the previous edition!
• Multiple choice questions updated to offer a fifth answer choice!
• Written simulation questions about realistic clinical scenarios—Over 25 questions!
• Practical practice questions about realistic tests and procedures—Over 25 questions!

New on-line features of the Third Edition:
• Website allows access to 3 on-line tests, each containing 150 multiple choice questions randomly selected from a test bank of 450 questions.
• Website allows access to 5 on-line written simulation questions.

With more exam questions and an expanded and updated on-line component, Athletic Training Exam Review: A Student Guide to Success, Third Edition is an essential learning tool that should be in the hands of all athletic training students preparing for the BOC certification exam.

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