Psychopathology: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives

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Andrew Samuels
Karnac, 1 gen 1989 - 355 pagine
An outstanding collection of papers written by Jungian analysts from different schools of analytical psychology on various aspects of psychopathology. The subjects covered include: depression, anorexia, schizoid personality, narcissistic personality disorder, mania, psychosis, paranoia, masochism, fetishism, transvestisism, perversion, marital dysfunction, survivor syndrome, and old age. The contributors include some of the most creative and distinguished clinicians in the Jungian world today. The book is intended to appeal beyond the Jungian community, and the editor's introductory remarks which precede each paper highlight (and where necessary explain) concepts and attitudes which seem special to analytical psychology. In this way, psychoanalytically and eclectically orientated practitioners can make full use of this book.

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Informazioni sull'autore (1989)

Andrew Samuels is recognized internationally as a leading commentator from a psychotherapeutic perspective on political and social problems. His work on the father, sexuality, spirituality, and transference-countertransference has also been widely appreciated. He was co-founder of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and chair of the UK Council for Psychotherapy. He is Professor of Analytical Psychology at Essex University and holds visiting chairs at New York, London, Roehampton, and Macau Universities.His many books have been translated into nineteen languages, including Jung and the Post-Jungians (Routledge, 1985); A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis (Routledge, 1986); The Father (New York, 1986); The Plural Psyche: Personality, Morality and the Father (Routledge, 1989); Psychopathology (Karnac, 1989); The Political Psyche (Routledge, 1993); Politics on the Couch (Karnac, 2001); Relational Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Counselling: Appraisals and Reappraisals (edited withDel Loewenthal, Routledge, 2014); and Persons, Passions, Psychotherapy, Politics (Routledge, 2014). His lectures and "rants" are on:

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