Memoir of the operations of the army of the Danube, under the command of General Jourdan, 1799. Taken from the manuscripts of that officer. Tr. from the French

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J. Debrett, 1799 - 231 pagine

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Pagina 241 - York by the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, one of his majefty's Principal Secretaries of State.
Pagina 242 - Without, therefore, arrogating any fuperiority of talents, they think it would be unworthy of that kindnefs expected of a generous Public, as well as deficient in duty to themfelves and to their Country, were they to permit a timid fuppofition of incapacity to deter them from doing what they deem may be beneficial to Society, and what, with the promifedafliftance of their friends, they truft they fhall fatisfactorily perform.
Pagina 241 - HINDUSTAN in particular, interefting in all ages to the enlightened Nations of Europe, have, in the courfe of this century, attained a degree of importance infinitely greater than even the dreams of Speculation had predicted.
Pagina 242 - Whether men, who thus boldly promife, be iufficiently qualified to perform : and, whether fuch boldnef* does not rather belong to the rafhnefs of ignorance, than to the confidence of knowledge ? — To this the Editors can only anfwer, That they have refided in India, and have long made the fubjecls of the propofed work their peculiar ftudy.
Pagina 241 - Plan of an Asiatic register; or, proposals for publishing annually. A view of the history, politics, commerce, and literature, of Hindustan; ... — [London, 1798]. 4p.; 8°. Drop-head title. - " ... orders for the work to be transmitted to Mr. Debrett".
Pagina 241 - POLITICS, COMMERCE, and LITERATURE, of HINDUSTAN; together with a connected Detail of the principal Occurrences, Civil, Military, and Commercial, of BRITISH INDIA.

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