Cometography: Volume 2, 1800-1899: A Catalog of Comets, Volume 2;Volumi 1800-1899

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Cambridge University Press, 8 dic 2003 - 900 pagine
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Cometography is a four-volume catalog of every comet observed throughout history. It is the most complete and comprehensive collection of comet data available. This volume provides a complete discussion of every comet seen during the nineteenth century, including details of discovery, closest approaches to the Sun and Earth, path across the sky, physical descriptions, orbital information, and final observations. It provides amateur and professional astronomers, and historians of science, with a definitive reference on comets through the ages.

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Catalog of Comets
Uncertain Objects and Mistaken Identities
Periodical Abbreviations
Source Abbreviations

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Informazioni sull'autore (2003)

Gary Kronk has held a life-long passion for astronomy, and has been researching historical information on comets ever since sighting Comet Kohoutek in 1973/74.

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