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Pagina 407 - ... clays fired between 1150° C. and 1400° C. TESTS IN THE GREEN STATE In determining the water required the clay was worked to normal consistancy, the wet and dry weights determined, and the loss of water was expressed in terms of dry clay as the water required. By normal consistency * is meant that condition in which the clay is most workable, is no longer sticky, and will not adhere to metal. The linear drying shrinkage was determined on briquettes molded at normal consistency and expressed...
Pagina 391 - ... proportional to the surface factor, ie, the fineness. At the high temperatures to which refractories are exposed the ferric oxide of the clay dissociates to one of its lower forms. According to Le Chatelier this dissociation takes place at 1300°, according to White and Taylor at 1200°, and to PT Walden at 1350° C. The last-named value represents probably the most reliable result. At this temperature the dissociation pressure reaches 160 mm., which is equal to the oxygen pressure of air. Ferric...
Pagina 407 - ... undoubtedly bears an important relation to the strength of the unburned clay. These properties are dependent also upon other factors such as the shape and the relative proportion of the various sizes of non-plastics in the mass so that in our present state of knowledge a correlation cannot iKinnison, CS A study of the Atterberg plasticity method: US Bureau of Standards Tech. Paper No. 46, pp. 11-12, 1915.
Pagina 40 - Teets in a dark shale, named by them the Quakertown Black shale, which appears to occupy the same horizon in Barbour and Randolph counties, West Virginia.1 Upper Connoquenessing Sandstone. — The interval above the Quakertown shale is occupied by lenticular beds of sandstone and shale. At some 1 Rept. on the Geology of Barbour and Upshur counties and the western portion of Randolph County, West Virginia Geol. Survey, 1918, p. 273. MARYLAND GEOLOGICAL SURVEY SECOND REPORT ON THE COALS OF MARYLAND,...

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