The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volumi 5-6

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No. 171 Misella's description of the life of a prostitute. 172 The effect of sudden riches upon the manners. 173 Unreasonable fears of pedantry. 174 The mischiefs of unbounded raillery. History of Dicaculus 175 The majority are wicked. 176 Directions to authors attacked by criticks. The various degrees of critical perspicacity. 177 An account of a club of antiquaries. 178 Many advantages not to be enjoyed together. 179 The awkward merriment of a student. 180 The study of life not to be neglected for the sake of books. 181 The history of an adventurer in lotteries. 182 The history of Leviculus, the fortune-hunter. 183 The influence of envy and interest compared. 184 The subject of essays often suggested by chance. Chance equally prevalent in other affairs 185 The prohibition of revenge justifiable by reason. The meanness of regulating our conduct by the opinions of men 186 Anningait and Ajut; a Greenland history 187 The history of Anningait and Ajut concluded 188 Favour often gained with little assistance from understanding. 189 The mischiefs of falsehood. The character of Turpicula. 190 The history of Abouzaid, the son of Morad. 191 The busy life of a young lady. 192 Love unsuccessful without riches. 193 The author's art of praising himself. 194 A young nobleman's progress in politeness.. 195 A young nobleman's introduction to the knowledge of the town. 196 Human opinions mutable.

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