Political Communication: Politics, Press, and Public in America

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Routledge, 18 ott 2013 - 504 pagine
In this political communication text, Richard M. Perloff examines the various ways in which messages are constructed and communicated from public officials and politicians through the mass media to the ultimate receivers-the people. With a focus on the history of political communication, he provides an overview of the most significant issues in the study of politics and the media.

In addition to synthesizing facts and theories, and highlighting the scholarly contributions made to the understanding of political communication effects, Political Communication addresses such factors as the rhetorical accomplishments of American presidents, the ongoing tangles between the press and the presidency, and the historical roots of politics as it is practiced and studied today. It also addresses major issues about the press and politics that continually resurface, such as question of press bias and the use and manipulation of media by politicians to accomplish national goals.

As a comprehensive and engaging introduction to contemporary political communication, this volume provides all readers with a historical perspective on American politics and press and offers a unique appreciation of the strengths and virtues of political communication in America.

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Mass Media and Government Institutions
Introduction to Political Communication
Early History of the Press and Presidency
Modern History of the Press and Presidency
Presidents and the News in the Television
Covering the Presidency
Presidential Rhetoric
The Health Care Reform Campaign
News and Public Opinion
Communication and the Presidential Election
History and Overview
The Media and the Nominating Process
The Press and the Presidential Campaign
News Media Impact on Voters

Genres and Impact
Congress and the Media
The Media and Local Politics
Political Communication Theories and Effects
Political Communication Effects
AgendaSetting 12 AgendaBuilding
Formats and Strategies
Impact and Controversies

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