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rangements, for lectures in those Lord was in our midst, and that he would towns on behalf of our chapel debt, do great things; and great things He did and then return in time for my work do. The people listenened with

all attenon Sunday, for my people have de

tion. A few weeks after several came fortermined that I must not be absent

ward with the cry,

ut What must we do to

be saved.” Some have been baptised; any more on Sunday. I am exceed

God did indeed bless his labours; his ingly sorry, because I shall lose many

visit will never be forgotten, while those opportunities of preaching the Gos

live to whom the word preached was in pel in places where it is not preached. the Holy Ghost and in power. It cannot be helped, and I must com- I write you this to encourage you, and ply, because the pulpit cannot be I hope that others may do the same, to supplied to the satisfaction of my whom you have been blest, for it is plain people ; not that they are more diffi- that there was a needs be that you should cult to please than others who love leave Sydney for a while to preach elsethe truth, or I am sure that I should where. I do hope that all who have seen not have been able to please them for

the hand of God working in this stirring now nearly six years. All that they

and heart-cheering manner will let you want is the truth, as it is in Jesus ;

know, for it must be good news for you to and they likewise require that they

know.-I remain, yours in the Lord,

A FRIEND. who preach it should adorn the doctrine by a consistent life--not only

But to return to my subject. to preach Christ, but to live Christ. How truly thankful I felt when I The enclosed letter will show that I once more felt my feet upon terra have not laboured in vain, in those firma, after the perilous voyage retowns where I have gone preaching

lated in my last letter. the Gospel :

Having provided myself with lodgQueensland.

ings, for you must know that I ar

rived in Adelaide a stranger, in a Dear Sir,-I feel constrained to inform

strange land, and knew no one, and you of your success in the work of the Lord, during your late journey through

no one knew me, as I thought. I Queensland, which, doubtless, you will

then waited upon the two leading be glad to hear of. I was 'engaged as a

Baptist ministers, Mr. Stonehouse teacherin the Independent Sunday school,

and Mr. Meads, by whom I was reToowoomba, at the time that you came to ceived most courteously, and invited 'that town to lecture. On the Lord's-day to preach for them at their respecthat you preached many heard you with tive places of Worship, on the followprofit, your labour was not in vain ; I was ing Lord’s-day. I was thankful for indeed favoured myself while you were this opportunity of preaching the preaching; your visit to Toowoomba will

word of life in those places where the be long remembered.

whole truth is not preached, trusting Some time after you left Toowoomba a

that the Lord would make it the young man came up from Ipswich; he ecame a fellow-teacher with me. On

means of gatherir.g out and bringing Sunday morning, while we were talking together, those of his people who betogether of the things of God and His lieve and rejoice in “ Salvation is of Christ, this young man asked me if I knew the Lord.” I likewise hoped that I such a person as Mr. McCure. I said should find favour with those who are yes, he is the pastor of the church in Syd- rich in this world, that they would ney, where I have often heard him preach. help me in relation to the object for Well

, he said, perhaps you would like to which I had visited Adelaide. hear a little about him and his labours.

On Lord's-day morning, while walkHe came to Ipswich to lecture with his

ing in the direction of the chapel, views. On Sunday he preached, and we

North Adelaide, a gentleman came had a nice meeting; it was on the Sunday previous to the races. If you remem

up to me, by whom I was informed ber it was the race week there were pos

that he was formerly a member of ters about the town; and his subject was,

Mr. Luckin's, and was glad that he Let us run with patience the race which

should have an opportunity of hearis set before us." "A good many people ing me preach ; and that he should came and took their seats, expecting to

likewise sit down to the Lord's hear something about the races to come

Table. off the next week. I felt, indeed, that the I asked him if he was a Baptist,


friend ;

when he informed me that he was were angry. Directly the service was not.

over I then left, while the deacons I then said, “Seeing that you are attended to the table ; and thus I not a Baptist, and a member of an was again, for the second time that Independent church, surely they will day, put upon my trial as to whether not allow you to sit down at the I would or not compromise my prinLord's Table in connection with a ciples. Baptist church?

On the following Lord's day I was * Oh yes, they will,” replied my called to preach at another Baptist

they are very liberal on chapel. The minister, Mr. Prince, that point.”

desired me to preach for him as often When I arrived at the chapel I was as I could, as there were many of informed that the minister was ill ; I his people who would be glad to hear was therefore requested to administer me for the truth's sake. He told me the Lord's Supperafterthe sermon; to that he himself was a Strict Baptist which request I could not comply. I at one time, but that now he had am a Strict Baptist, and, therefore, adopted the Open Communion princicannot break bread to an Open Com- ple. “However, it need not make any munion church ; it was therefore ar- difference to you; you will preach, ranged that one of the deacons should and I will attend to the Lord's table." do so. I preached to the people, and While I was giving out the second was favoured with the help of the he came up to me and said,

" Don't Lord's countenance, while preaching give out the last hymn and don't from “ Cast thy burden upon the pray the last prayer, as I do not like Lord,” &c.; after which I left the any break between the sermon and chapel, leaving the deacons to attend the table." Of course, I was obliged to the table, and was thus prevented to comply. Directly I finished the from speaking to the people after the sermon he commenced the service at service.

the table. I then walked out, and In the evening I went to the Bap- thus showed my disapprobation of tist chapel, Flendes street, which is their unscriptural and disorderly a very fine place, having cost about proceedings. I preached again at £7,000, and paid for. There I hoped night to a chapel full of people. to make friends of some who at- While I was thus put upon my tended there. I was received in the trial of principle three times, for kindest manner by the deacons, who three times, in three different places asked me if I would have the kind- of worship, my principles were put to ness to administer the Lord's Supper the test. I was determined that I after the sermon, their minister hav- would not yield, although I knew ing promised to preach elsewhere that instead of making for me friends that evening. I asked the question, I should make for myself enemies, “ Is your church Open or Strict com- and give birth to the green-eyed munion ?" They replied that it was monster Envy and Prejudice, who Open, We are Open Communion would soon mark me for its prey. Baptist.”

Nevertheless, I felt determined 6. Then I cannot break bread with by the grace and help of God that you, because that I am a Baptist ae- I would keep a good conscience, cording to the New Testament; and which I knew that I could not keep that I am determined, by the help if I prostituted my principles to the of the Lord, whether at home or prejudices of unstable and wavering abroad, to hold fast the profession of my faith without wavering,' which While these things were going on I cannot do unless I 'keep the ordi- I had no idea that I was being nances as delivered by the apostles, watched ; first, by those who while I Cor. ii. 2. I then preached from in England were members of Strict “What think ye of Christ,” to a churches, but who had violated their large congregation. The Lord was principles by becoming members of with me that night; some rejoiced Open-Communion churches. and were exceeding glad, while others Had I put the screw upon consci



او و


ence as they had done then should I during three nights that I lectured in have justified their inconsistent con- the beautiful town hall of the city of duct, but by refusing to administer Adelaide I took £98. My success the Lord's Supper to Open Com- surprised every one, and gave me a munors or half-Baptists they were high position in public opinion, and condemned.

made me popular wherever I went. A gentleman came to me and said, I was well received, and should “Your decision for truth and New have done well in the country disTestament order has made tricts but for the very unfavourable ashamed of myself. Oh, that I had weather. never given way ; but alas, I have, As a consequence of my preaching and your faithfulness in

your in so many different places I made Master's cause is my condemnation.” the acquaintance of many truth

Then, secondly, there were those loving people, who have been for a who were looking on, who have kept long while praying that the Lord their garments unspotted, who have would establish a cause of truth in been faithful in the land of their Adelaide, a Particular and Strict adoption as they were in the land of Baptist church. their fathers. They did indeed re- Several persons waited upon me to joice when they saw me walk out on know if it was possible for me to rethe occasion referred to; having re- sign my pastorate in Sydney in favor fused to sell my principle for the of Mr. Cozens, and settle in Adelaide, sake of subscriptions or collections if not could I arrange for Mr. Cozens that I might obtain by exercising a to do so, and they would do all in false charity. It has caused a con- their power to help to build up a siderable stir among the people, and cause of truth. I promised them I trust it will result in bringing that I would on my arrival in Sydmany to decision.

ney do all that I could to help them, But it has created a strong pre- for the truth's sake ; until then I judice against me in the minds of could do nothing in the matter. I those who could help me. I was

am not my own, I belong to the sure that in a money point of view I church in Sydney ; they have the should have to suffer loss, the same first rightful claim upon me. as I have again and again experienced As to Mr. Cozens, at present he is in these colonies. No,” said a not movable, having gone into busigentleman of great wealth, “I would He has taken a very good not give one shilling to you, holding business, in which I have no doubt the principles that you do. I cannot he will do well. On his arrival in endure Strict Baptist principles, and Sydney I introduced him to my my money shall not sustain them.”

people and to the public by a welThus, while many make a great come public tea meeting. And by noise about liberty of conscience, and the consent of the church he is are willing to give unto all except now supplying my pulpit during my the Particular and Strict Baptists, absence, and is preaching the same: " But we desire to hear of thee what Gospel to good congregations. Many thou thinkest; for as concerning this of my friends have told me that I sect we know that everywhere it is am running a great risk in thus. spoken against.” (Acts xxviii. 22), leaving my pulpit and church wholly And well do I know it during a in the possession of Mr. Cozens ; journey of 15,000 miles.

that he is a man of talent, and may I was now, as usual, thrown en- take the ground from under my feet. tirely upon my lectures and dissolv- In reply I said I have left all in the ing views, and felt thankful to God hands of the Lord, who worketh all that I had got them, and that I could things according to the counsel of his preach wherever asked, whether they own will ; if in the counsel and will gave me collections or not.

I com- of God my work is not done in Sydney, menced my lectures and exhibited all the Cozens in the world cannot my views ; the Lord was indeed very do it, and if the Lord has a work for gracious unto his poor servant, for Mr. C. in Sydney and not for me I


will then say from my heart the indeed, "publicans and sinners ” to Lord's will be done, for I am not

hear me.

The services were exceedjealous of my brother; I only hope ingly encouraging—and I left the that he may be more acceptable and town thankful that I had had the useful than I have been, and that he opportunity of preaching the Gospel may not only keep the congregation there. Mr. Hooper has promised to I have left in his charge, but that it write you particulars respecting my may increase a hundredfold.

visit. Therefore I will say no more Therefore, uot knowing the will of upon that subject; only that they God, we must wait, and when I ar- are, with many others, earnestly rive home I will then consult with praying unto the Lord that he will my friends upon the subject. And

remember South Australia in mercy, if I find that the Lord is with Mr. and send a faithful servant of the Cozens—that he is useful and accept- Cross of Christ, who shall be zealous able to the people, and if the church for the honour and glory of our would prefer him to myself I will triune Jehovah, “Father, Son, and then resign my pastorate in his Holy Ghost. favour, and will then go wherever While I was in Adelaide, my soul the Lord will be pleased to send me. was stirred up within me, when I Until then let us wait only upon the beheld the encroachments of Popery Lord, who will guide us with his throughout the South Australian counsel. Then we shall stand com- colony. The Governor, Sir Dominic plete in all the will of God.

Daly, is a Roman Catholic, and likeIn all my travels in the Australian wise his son, Mr. Dominic Gore Daly, colonies I have not found so many who acts as private secretary to his who were members of Strict Baptist Excellency. churches in England as I have in What are you about in England to South Australia ; I have met with send out, as a representative of our persons who have come from nearly beloved Queen, those who are sworn all the churches of truth in Eng- to exterminate, to root out, the Proland and yet there is

no such

testant religion whenever opportuchurch in all South Australia as a nity may offer !

Rome's sworn Particular and Strict Baptist church. motto is,

For this reason I do trust that “WITH HERETICS, KEEP NO FAITH. Mr. Cozens may prove to be a man

Dr. Shiel the new Roman Catholic of God, and a man sent by God to Bishop for South Australia, arrived my people in Sydney, that I may in Adelaide while I was there, who be at liberty to enter upon the all- proclaimed himself important work of building up an- “ LORD BISHOP OF ADELAIDE.” other church of Free Grace truth The following appeared in one of and New Testament order. This is the daily papers :

- The Governor a work in which I have, and still and Lady Daly were present at the desire that I may yet rejoice and installation of the Rev. Dr. Shiel, be honoured of God to accomplish. Roman Catholic Bishop of Adelaide !" And this is the work that the Eng- When I saw this state of things, I lish churches ought to enable me made up my mind to deliver a lecture to do.

upon Dominant Popery always the I lectured at the copper mines of Same, in the Town Hall. But would

Moonta,” and you believe it, that I could not pre'Kadina, a distance of 100 miles vail upon any one to take the chair ! from Adelaide.

At the same time they hoped that I At the latter place I met with Mr. would give the lecture ; that there and Mrs. Hooper, who received me was an absolute needs be for it. Not most kindly ; they are completely being able to find a chairman, I was, starved out as to truth. On the therefore, obliged to give the lecture Lord's day I preached in the large on Sunday evening. During the room belonging to a public-house in week I advertised in the daily papers, Kadina. My congregation was made and posted the city from one end to up of all kinds of people ; there were the other with large posters, which

" Wallaroo,

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caused considerable astonishment, Popery always the same, that I should dare to take up such a Roman Church is not susceptible, of subject, and in such a public manner. improvement,

may therefore The following is a copy of the bills- know what we may expect if ever “DOMINANT POPERY ALWAYS THE Popery again becomes dominant. SAME, whether Rome-Papal or Rome- Up brethren, up! From far and near the Protestant. A glance at the Eccle- hostile trumpets sound, siastical history relating to POPISH Rome's countless hosts are mustering fast, CRUELTY and PROTESTANT INTOLER- and on 'vantage ground; ANCE. The Rev. John Bunyan

Our watchmen have been long remiss, and McCure, of Sydney, will deliver a

we had heedless grown, lecture upon the above subject, on

But up, like men, and at them now, and

make the field our own! Sunday evening, Nov. 11, in the Town Hall, Adelaide. Doors open

Ye seed of the Reformers, wake like

giants from your sleep, at six, to commence at half-past six Asunder burst the bonds of sloth, your o'clock. A collection will be made to

father's courage show. defray expenses.

Who, who is on Jehovah's side ; on, on, The Lord was very gracious to me, to meet the foe! and stood by me, while I stood forth Up, brethren up! The ght begins, the for two hours and ten minutes before hostile trumpets sound, more than one thousand persons,

Advance like soldiers of the Cross; diswhile exposing the iniquities of pute each inch of ground; Popery, Popery always the same.

Our watchmen had been long remiss, and What it was on Black Bartholomew

we had heedless grown, day, such it is now, only waiting once

But up, like men, and at them now, and more to become dominant. Popery

victory's our own! is thought by some to be a harmless But I must draw my letter to a system of exploded error, and that it

close. is not now what it was in the days of By the following steamer I left the Smithfield! Then it was the Black city of Adelaide for the city of MelDevil. Now it is the same devil, bourne, having arranged to stay there only in white; but more treacherous awhile. On my arrival I received a than a serpent in the grass..

letter from Sydney, requesting my At the canonisation of the Japanese immediate return, or the chapel must martyrs, June 8th and 9th, 1862, the be closed. The congregation had Pope, standing on the dogma of in- fallen off, and the pulpit was not fallibility, asserts that the Roman supplied, &c. While waiting for the Church is not susceptible of improve

Sydney steamer I had time to visit ment, and that it is divine in all its Geelong once more, and preached in parts. He then denounces an ana- the morning at Zoar chapel, Chelwell, thema upon modern heresies of all and in the evening at my old place kinds ; and on the supposed enemies of labour, Mount Zion chapel, Geeof the Papacy he hurls a storm of in- long. I have much that I could vectives, in which figure the terms- relate in reference to the two causes “ wicked liars,

impious liber- in Geelong. There is no reason why tines,” "dreadful criminals,”

they should not both prosper, there “ Satanic art.” The Pope con- is plenty of room. But jealousy is cludes with an appeal to the con- cruel as the grave. I arrived in sistory, the salt of the earth, to Sydney, after an absence of seven enter on an aggressive warfare against

months. And—but I must cast a the condemned opinions and for the veil for the present over what I see maintenance of the Papacy.

and hear. The bishops responded in an

On Lord's day I preached in my address in which they assert that the own pulpit, and was rery much entemporal power of the Pope was a couraged in beholding the return of necessity, established by the manifest the people, who all welcomed me design of Providence; and declaring

back in the kindest manner, hoping their readiness to go with the Pope

that I will not leave them again. to prison and to death in its defence. Feeling persuaded that my work is

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