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From the exception he takes to this our Strict Communion churches much definition, I conclude he is a “Strict indecision upon this point, and many Communion Baptist.” But he after- will, I fear, when a favourable opporwards says, “Neither will I join tunity occurs, desert us, or join in with those who will respect no one's introducing mixed communion. opinion but their own. If he Surely, “N. L.,” in his last parahere refers to Baptists practising graph, does not mean that he can Strict Communion as “respecting no point to ministers who would pracone's opinion but their own,


tise open communion, but are afraid would appear that “N. L.” is an of being “discountenanced by the open or mixed communionist; but if Strict men.”

If so, where is their he simply dissents (irrespective of individual liberty ? Baptism and the Lord's Supper) from In conclusion, I would again press that exclusiveness exhibited by some upon churches in drawing up their Strict Communion Baptists, I heartily trust deeds—not to rely upon the join with him.

term “particular,” but introduce N. L. says with respect to the ex- therein a“Strict Communion" clause. tract from the Colchester trust deed, With Christian regards, I am yours " Whether the Law would confirm truly,

JOSEPH THRIFT. or annul it is a matter of opinion.” The Law has decided the point in

82, Windsor Road, Holloway, the Norwich Chapel case, and the

Aug. 3, 1867. word “Particular" is not sufficient (as is clearly shown in the decision of the Master of the Rolls) to carry "UP AND DOING-FOR with it Strict Communion."

CHRIST'S SAKE.” I cannot see with “N. L.” that the “Strict brethren" are to blame [We have lately received several letters, for the “ drifting into open or mixed

and a roll of manuscripts from a young communion.” Having discovered man—a Christian young man—who is that the term “ Particular" was no

greatly exercised with desires longer definite enough, I submit that

nestly to contend for the faith once de

livered unto the saints." We will give it was wise to use the term “ Strict

a few lines from one of his notes. AdCommunion,” and I do not think

dressing The Editor of the Earthen that a conscientious abiding by the Vessel, he says:-) principles of

of Strict Communion should he branded as 'bigotry,” as “Your name is respected by me as it very frequently is. Surely if the the defender of the glorious doctrine practice of Strict Communion be of Free, Sovereign Grace ; and a * offensive to other churches or indi- staunch opponent of the God-disviduals,” we are not to blame ; God honouring sentiments of Arminihaving, we believe, led us to receive anism. it, we are bound to follow it at all “I consider myself a most remarkrisks. The Arminians call upon us

able instance of God's free mercyto give up the doctrines of sovereign the son of Papists, educated at a grace, and call us “bigots” because Catholic boarding-school (Sedgley we will not. The Episcopalians re- Park, Wolverhampton); an assistant quire us to give up our independency at their altar ceremonies ; my father, of judgment, and ignore us because the founder of a Catholic mission in we cannot; and open or mixed com- London, and maintainer of a Catholic munionists desire us to lay aside priest in his house-I myself a blas“Strict Communion,” and because phemer, and everything that is bad, we dare not, we are desiguated I was the last object in the world

'bigots.” Thus we must part with that you would suppose to change doctrines and ordinances, or we can- himself; in fact, it is simply ridicunot be recognized.

lous to infer it. God not only very The open communion churches are remarkably changed my whole being, rapidly increasing, and I have fre- but has implanted within me a burnquently found among the members of | ing desire to be up and doing for



His honour and glory. Since my conversion, I have deplored my ignorance of God's holy Word ; but stu. diously and incessantly given all my mind and leisure to obtaining the desired knowledge. God has wonderfully blessed me; the pastor who received me (by believer's baptism) into the Church has remarked at it. I am determined in my disposition, and though so young in God's service, a most determined advocate for the doctrines, generally termed Calvinistic. My own eyes were derfully opened by the perusal of a certain work published by you some years back, entitled Gospel Times. I succeeded in obtaining nearly all the numbers, and no money should or could purchase them of me.

I prize them next to the Bible, as the most precious thing in my possession.

“In my combats for the truth, I have had quoted to me--and put in my hands as a clencher—a book, entitled, “Reflections on Religion,' by Lorenzo Dow, certainly Arminianism under its most revolting form and worst aspect.

“As this is a work belonging to a champion of Arminianism, I have determined to answer it (with assistance called from other authors). I began it as a means of better exercising myself in Scripture, which of course has to be constantly applied to. The thought has struck me, would you allow it to appear ? It is astonishing the indifference to doctrinal matter : ask one in a hundred his ideas of Calvinism ; and he hardly knows the meaning of the word. I mention the above, as I myself and many others were wonderfully benefitted by your Gospel Times, especially Conversations with the Dead."

NEW BOOKS. " That Path that so few Persons are in." This sentence is found in the early part of a sermon by Rev. J. J. West, rector of Winchelsea, Sussex, headed, “ THE GIVEN ALL ONES,” and published by Mrs. Paul. We never look into Mr. West's sermons without feeling a solemn awe enter our spirit, and make us feel certain his appeals, his warnings, his expositions, and his references, both to the Word of God and to the sinner's heart, are more than the product of natural gift or studious preparation. Here is the opening paragraph of the sermon before us. Mr. West read his text: “ All that the Father giveth me shall come to me ; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out ;” and then he said—“ The path of a child of God is a path of suffering and exercise : and the chief exercise of every honest sinner is, that they are often unable to see that they are saved. Profession is one thing : possession is another! In these days of heresy and error, it is a solemn thing to stand up in a pulpit, and preach before our fellow-sinners the vast facts of the Gospel. It encouraged my own heart, under the exercise of coming here this evening to speak to you, that a hearer sent me a note, and said he was asking earnestly for me, that Jehovah would give me power in the pulpit to separate between the precious and the vile, and to point out to the persons who heard me that path that so few persons are in. Your city, vast as it is, may teem with churches and chapels, and speakers and preachers of all sorts and sizes ; but there is only one path, and that is the trying path that Jehovah's few are in. The Psalmist says, speaking of his own experience, and he was not a hypocrite, for he was speaking under the immediate teaching of the Holy Spirit of God—My soul followeth hard after thee; thy right hand upholdeth me.' Now, how many are there in this house who understand anything of that hard following of the soul? “If,' said the Saviour,

any will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross

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“ I claim only to answer Lorenzo Dow—not to be author of any original dissertation on the subject. Lorenzo Dow is simple in his writing, but the more dangerous. I burn to be up and doing for Christ's sake." [A painful pleasure ran through our

hearts, at finding The Gospel Times was useful. This young man's papers begin in No. 167 of The Gospel Guide. ED.]

How many



He says,

daily and follow me.'

56 WRITE ICH ABOD are there here that know what it is

EVERYWHERE !" to bear a cross? Hezekiah, tried and exercised as he was, says-Be- This is the stern commandment of hold ! for peace I had great bitter- a country minister, who ness ; but thou hast in love to my nothing in his vision but desolation. soul delivered it from the pit of cor

“B— has run from his ruption; for thou hast cast all my family, and left them destitute.” Sad sins behind thy back.' Oh, my fel- leap! This “B” was a country low sinners, what a mercy if you and tailor. He left sitting on the board, I have the same experience that our and commenced standing in the pulsins, great and vast as they are, are pit. But his gifts, or his devotions, are all so cast behind Jehovah's back

or his attractions, or his decisions, or that he cannot see them ! We heard

his something, was not sufficient to on Sunday, I think—' He hath not obtain for him such a large and rebeheld iniquity in Jacob; neither spectable audience as could make a hath he seen perverseness in Israel.'

gentleman of him, so the poor fellow Oh, what a God is our God, that was always out at the elbows. Somethough you and I areas full of sin from times he changed his church ; at other head to foot as the sea is full of salt times he altered his creed. All kinds water, yet God will not see sin in his efforts, but none were permanently people!"

successful ; so, at last, he flies off, The Great Fire; or, The Conflagra- and leaves all. We are sorry for him. tion of the World. (A penny pamph- Could he have been an industrious let, to be had at our offices, and at tailor and a devout occasional minisJ. Paul's.) A solemn enquiry, as re- ter, he might have done well. Let gards the end of this dispensation, this be a warning to young men. has been the subject of some papers Then our correspondent tells us to by Mr. James Wells, Mr. R. Govett, write Ichabodeverywhere, because and others, in the weekly issue of a young Irishman run into the big The Gospel Guide. This pamphlet is college, and was made up into a the result of a careful and of a gifted minister, and being duly qualified geological and Biblical study. We and commissioned, he is planted have been urgently requested to is- among the sweetest hop-gardens in sue it for the good of our fellow-men. the world ; but that would not do. It first appeared in the Rev. E. Then he is exalted to the antiquarian Nangle's “ Achill Herald.

throne of the Metropolis ; that would The Substance of Things Hoped for, not do. Then he raises the stormy dc. This Shilling octavo contains wind of Revivalism in the black over sixty pages of close, critical, and

country, which “grew small by deexpository refutations of Mr. James

grees, and beautifully less;" so that Grant's three volumes, “ The End of would not do. Well, these are no All things.” The author of this new things : they are no arguments pamphlet is Major-General Goodwyn, why we should yet “write Ichabod whose large volume, Antitypical everywhere.” Nay, indeed ; the Parallels,” is now become a work of Lord is alive, and will reign for ever. much value to many Christians in The Church is alive, and is saved for these times. The Major is a truly

The Gospel is alive, and will God-fearing and most devoted man; have its friends for ever. The glory and however difficult some may find is not departed. The glory of the it to follow him, we are persuaded Lord shall shine brighter and brighter spiritual edification will be the re- unto the perfect day. sult of a careful perusal of his works. We can send a copy of the pamph

We are pained to learn that that truly let to any address, for 13 stamps.

good man, the Rev. W. Parks, of Openshaw,

near Manchester, has been very ill for some The honourable and laborious William months. The Gospel Magazine announces a Beard, minister of Malmesbury, died July testimonial is to be presented to him. Mr. 22nd, 1867, in the 76th year of hisage. Hetra- Edwin Slater, of 129, Market street, Manvelled and preached the Gospel many years. chester, receives subscriptions.


Our Churches, Our Pastors, and Our People


do we

A LETTER FROM A SOLDIER IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. [The following is given to show how the ! will agree with me when I say it is good

grace of God doth endear the truth of for the soul to find the people of God the Gospel, and the saints and servants working together for good ; it is good of the Most High, when its recipients when they speak often one to another, are in distant lands, at the ends of the submitting counsels

, exchanging testiearth, as David once was; as some of monies and uniting in praises ; it does the us—once unhappy ones—have been. soul good to witness prosperity among the We are glad to find this young friend churches; and I hope you may speedily

is still with his face Zionward.-Ed.] attain to your desires, your contemplated To Mr. CHARLES WATERS BANKS.- When church being built, notwithstanding the I wrote you last November, I hoped I " troublous times," and a people blessed might be able to report the discovery of therein, devoted to the Lord, His people, some hidden branch of the church in

and cause.

We fain would find the these parts; but not having been removed Church flourishing exceedingly in favoured from Lynchburg since my anticipations England, and desire that the Church grew have proved unfruitful; nevertheless, I

in the United States, eren as it doth cannot refrain from writing now. I feel there ; here " the city' is indeed “low," a pleasure, having a few things in my

the members whereof being subject also heart and upon my mind, of which, for to much mourning, more so, I believe, some little time past, I have felt a desire than in England, generally speaking, but to speak.

now get tired of the truth of I receive regularly the EARTHEN VESSEL,

God? No. We stick to that ; the greater Mr.J. Wells's sermons, Cheering Words,

our prostration, the tighter our grasp upon &c., and rejoice in receiving those heavenly

the truth. The following quotation from souvenirs from such a distance. My mind a letter lately received from a venerable always becomes solemnized when I open

Christian of old standing in the truth, a my package and peruse the contents. I deacon, will speak of the experience of feel a love warmer and warmer going out

thousands of God's tried little ones, mytowards the people by whom those select self among the number :- I was glad publications are supported, and their tes- to receive your kind letter of the 13th of timonies maintained, yet, while I rejoice, I

June. I was glad you did not think the have often felt my soul weep because of

delay in writing was caused by indifferthe harsh words some good people have

I am frequently so dark in my used towards others of God's people, in

mind, so full of douüts as to my title being stead of speaking and acting in love to- clear to mansions above, that I fear to wards each other, “ endeavouring to keep

lead others to think that I am one of the unity of the Spirit in the bond of . His;' when, perhaps, I am not.' peace ;" that is, in Jesus Christ.

" 'Tis a point I long to know, When, in a good publication I found

Oft it causes anxious thought;

Do I love the Lord or no? some speaking of some of God's people

Am I His, or am I not ?' as “ the EARTHEN VESSEL clique," a cold chill ran through my veins, causing my

I know and believe God has His chosen soul to shudder at the idea of that sen- people, chosen in Christ ere the world tence appearing where it did. It has re- began; that His promises are sure to mained upon my mind; and I am grieved them; and not one of them are, or shall at such evils among God's family. Again, be lost; but am I one of them? Is my when I have found one good minister of name in the Lamb's Book of Life ? were my God working against another, not allow- sins, which are so numerous and heinous, ing him difference of opinion (in things

nailed to His cross ?' has He 'graven not prejudicial to the truths of the Gospel, me upon the palms of' His “hands,' in good faith), but taking up a general These are the questions which cause me war against him, refusing to be reconciled, much anxiety, when I realize something notwithstanding the magnanimous and of the dark depths of sin and depravity brotherly hand of the other which has within, for I can truly say. in me, that been most irreproachably and admirably is, .in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing.' held out, and in a very Christianlike Thus you perceive, dear friend, I am not manner; this thing has also grieved not able to write a joyous letter; nothing but myself alone, but hundreds beside. You mourning, and if it is the right kind of


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mourning, there should arise a little com- Christ, and then the great brilliancy of fort; for He has said, “Plessed are they the illumination does not last long. I find that mourn for they shall be comforted.'' I do not realize so many, nor so lengthy

When I read that letter, such Scriptures seasons of secured rest and joy as of old, as the following came with sweetness to but when those times re-appear, they will my mind, and of course my heart received be all the sweeter, looking unto the source them with welcome :-"Forasmuch then, of my salvation. I often sympathize with as the children are partakers of flesh and those who singblood, He likewise Himself took part of “ Weary of earth, and self, and sin, the same, that through death he might

Dear Jesus, set me free; destroy him that had the power of death,

And to thy glory take me in, that is, the devil, and deliver them who

For there I long to be.” through fear of death were all their life- Meanwhile, I am thankful and glad time subject to bondage.” (Heb. ii. 5.) indeed for the Scriptures, become more “I will gather them that are sorrowful and more zealous of heart for the truth of for the solemn assembly, who are of thee, God, warmer in my sympathies for the to whom the reproach of it was a burden,” people of God, and in the same spirit have &c., &c.

“ The Lord shall comfort Zion; advanced the few lines herein contained. He will comfort all her waste places, make Before I close, though perhaps I am her wilderness like Eden, her desert like rambling very much, I would like to make the garden of the Lord; joy and gladness a few remarks concerning the Christian shall be found therein, and thanksgiving, occupied with military duties, finding and the voice of melody” (Isa. lvii. 3), myself in the United States army (though even though they may, perhaps, have to by no means giving it the preference wait some of them for full comfort until above a citizen's life of peace, not by a the earthly tabernacle shall have been long way, a number of connected and dissolved, yet they are not left altogether unavoidable circumstances having brought comfortless, for the Gospel is a comfort, me therein), and having received letters more or less, to the child of God, for from time to time from Christians, exwould it not be worse without the blessed pressing wonder that a Christian should Gospel of peace? Then, thank the Lord voluntarily become enlisted therein, chinkfor the same, ten thousand times, again ing perhaps my remarks night catch the and again, “they that sow in tears shall eye of some Christian soldier who being reap in joy; he that goeth forth and troubled on this point might become more weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall reconciled to his lot-I should say then doubtless come again with rejoicing, in a few words, that war is an evil, but bringing his sheaves with him.” O what sometimes, and under certain circuma glorious and abundant harvest awaits stances, peace would prove a greater evil, the child of God, the “ heirs of God, and and of two alternative inevitable evils, the joint heirs with Jesus Christ,” and what least should be chosen, which thus besympathizing, kindly, friendly, and com- comes a moral necessity, according to the forting communications we find in the

emergencies presented at the time being, Scriptures by the way, how by their and taking the war side, I would do so in unison with the vital experience of the the spirit of Joab, who, acting under Christian they become, of their divinity, orders from King David, arrayed his an evidence strong as the threefold cord troops wisely in front of the enemy; and of salvation that cannot be broken. What went to work soldierly and praiseworthily spiritual and social intercourse may be with the following good precedent on his said to be held between the Christian of lips, to his command, “Be of good courage, to-day, and the Christian of thousands of and let us play the men for our people and years ago, by means of the Scriptures, for the cities of our God, and let the Lord that through patience and comfort of do that which seemeth him good.” which we might have hope, and were it (2 Samuel, x.) The right-minded hate not for the recorded experiences of the war; it is a horrible thing; their prayer church of old, I believe I should often would be with the Psalmist, “Scatter thou have to give way to utter despair; but I the people that delight in war;” they dethank and bless the Lord for “the corn light in peace, even while engaged in war, of the valleys,” while I wait for “the they rather desire peace, but the integrity, wheat, the oil, and the wine" from the honour, security, and international intertops of the mountains, “the heights of course of nations must of necessity be Zion.” I have often to wait a long time maintained even at the point of the bayowith my face prostrate in the dust of self- net, and a Christian soldier having sworn abasement before I am favoured to stand service, to “obey all lawful and proper upright and bask in the sunshine of Jesus orders” from superior officers, doeth so,

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