Cyclopędia of useful arts & manufactures, ed. by C. Tomlinson. 9 divs, Volume 7

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George Virtue, 1852
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Pagina 488 - ... for a fresh coat of ink, which itself again distributes, to meet the ensuing sheet, now advancing for impression ; and the whole of these complicated acts is performed with such a velocity and simultaneousness of movement, that no less than 1,100 sheets are impressed in one hour.
Pagina 488 - Times newspaper, which were taken off last night by a mechanical apparatus. A system of machinery almost organic has been devised and arranged, which, while it relieves the human frame of its most laborious efforts in printing, far exceeds all human powers in rapidity and dispatch.
Pagina 488 - ... little more remains for man to do than to attend upon and watch this unconscious agent in its operations. The machine is then merely supplied with paper, itself places the...
Pagina 492 - The type form fixed on the central drum moves at the rate of 70 inches per second, and the paper is moved in contact with it of course at exactly the same rate. Now, if by any error in the delivery or motion of a sheet of paper it arrive at the printing cylinder...
Pagina 516 - ... pressure whatever can force a passage. We shall recur to this again when describing the various contrivances of valves, &c. What we have said is enough for supporting our directions for constructing a. tight piston. But we recommend thick and strong leather, while our present reasoning seems to render thin leather preferable. If the leather be thin, and the solid piston in any part does not press it gently to the barrel, there will be in this part an unbalanced pressure of the incumbent column...
Pagina 582 - ... and managing machines of that kind . A mob assembled and pulled the mill to pieces, but the damage was made good by the nation, and some of the rioters were punished. A new mill was afterwards erected, which was suffered to work without molestation, and which gave occasion to the erection of others. It appears, however, that this was not the only mill of the kind then in Britain, for one driven also by wind had been built at Leith, in Scotland, some years before.
Pagina 488 - ... little to add. Sir Christopher Wren's noblest monument is to be found in the building which he erected ; so is the best tribute of praise which we are capable of offering to the inventor of the printing machine, comprised in the preceding description, which we have feebly sketched, of the powers and utility of his invention. It must suffice to say further, that he is a Saxon by birth ; that his name is Koenig ; and that the invention has been executed under the direction of his friend and countryman,...
Pagina 654 - When the water is raised to the top it is received in channels on each side, which extend the whole length of the building ; from these long channels it is made to pass into smaller ones by the side, from which it trickles through a multitude of small holes, like a very gentle shower, upon the fagots, where it is divided into an infinite number of drops falling from one point to another.
Pagina 488 - Our journal of this day presents to the public the practical result of the greatest improvement connected with printing, since the discovery of the art itself. The reader of this paragraph now holds in his hand one of the many thousand impressions of The Times Newspaper, which were taken off last night by a mechanical apparatus. A system of machinery, almost organic, has been devised and arranged, which, while it relieves the human frame of its most laborious efforts in printing, far exceeds all...
Pagina 650 - In doing this, the men employ picks of the common description ; working horizontally, so as to form a roofing of the rock, and making this as plane as possible. From its situation, a few feet above the purer part of the stratum, the rock obtained during this process is usually of inferior quality, and is for the most part employed in the refineries. The depth of the workings from the roofings depends in a great measure on the nature of the stratum, and the proportion of it occupied by the rock of...

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