Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women During the Holocaust

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Sonja Maria Hedgepeth, Rochelle G. Saidel
Brandeis University Press, 2010 - 308 pagine
Using testimonies, Nazi documents, memoirs, and artistic representations, this volume broadens and deepens comprehension of Jewish women's experiences of rape and other forms of sexual violence during the Holocaust. The book goes beyond previous studies, and challenges claims that Jewish women were not sexually violated during the Holocaust.
This anthology by an interdisciplinary and international group of scholars addresses topics such as rape, forced prostitution, assaults on childbearing, artistic representations of sexual violence, and psychological insights into survivor trauma. These subjects have been relegated to the edges or completely left out of Holocaust history, and this book aims to shift perceptions and promote new discourse.

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Ill Assaults on Motherhood
Aspects of Sexual Abuse
Sexualized Violence against Women during Nazi Racial

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SONJA M. HEDGEPETH is professor of German at Middle Tennessee State University. ROCHELLE G. SAIDEL is the author of The Jewish Women of Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp. She is the founder and executive director of Remember the Women Institute.

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