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1 76 1895

This rough list is tot intended for a work of reference, but

à sale catalogue. Hence the publishers have not thought

it necessary to go to the great trouble and expense of

compiling an index.

January, 1895. A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) The Comic HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Punch Office, 347-8. The Comic HISTORY OF ROME. Bradbury and Evans, N.D. FIRST EDITIONS

F THE TWO BOOKS, with all the COLOURED engravings by JOHN LEECH, and very 31 any woodcuts, 3 vols, 8vo, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT,, with the

iginal covers at end, by RIVIERE, £9 98
JINSWORTH (William Harrison) CRICHTON, A ROMANCE, Third Edition,
evised. 1849. With numerous fine etchings by “Priz” (H. K. BROWNE), FIRST
LLUSTRATED EDITION, 8vo, a very choice copy in blue morocco super extra, top
ges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, with the original covers preserved at the end, by RIVIERB
magnificent volume), £7 158

The above is exceedingly rare. İLKEN (Henry) A TOUCH AT FINE ARTS. Thomas M'Lean, 1824. FIRST EDITION, 'ustrated by twelve beautifully-coloured plates, with descriptions, by HENRY ALKEN, royal 0, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, with the original covers at end, by

VIERE, £t 168 14 İLKEN (Henry) HUNTING REMINISCENCES, comprising Memoirs of Master of

ounds, Notices of the Crack Riders, and Characteristics of the Hunting Counties of igland, by Nimrod. Ackermann, 1843. With thirty-two choice illustrations by ENRY ALKEN, Wi-drake, and Henderson, royal 8vo, original cloth, as issued, £4 158 ALKEN (Henry) ILLUSTRATIONS FOR LANDSCAPE SCENERY, BY HENRY ALKEN.

Fuller, 1821. FIRST EDITION, illustrated in twenty-four BEAUTIFULLY-COLOURED ites, containing numerous fancy designs of Horses, Dogs, Rustic Figures, Military and i unting incidents, etc., etc., oblong folio, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, with the :iginal covers at end, by RIVIERE, 65 58 ALKEN (Henry) MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF THE LATE JOHN MYTTON, ESQ., OF ALSTON, SHROPSHIRE, formerly M.P. for Shrewsbury, High Sheriff for the Counties

Salop and Merioneth, and Major in the North Shropshire Yeomanry Cavalry, WITH OTICES OF His HUNTING, SHOOTING, DRIVING, RACING, AND EXTRAVAGANT EXPLOITS, } : NIMROD, with numerous illustrations by Alken, reprinted from the New Sporting agazine. Rudolph Ackermann, 1835. RARE FIRST EDITION, with brilliant pressions of THE TWELVE BEAUTIFUL COLOURED plates by HENRY ALKEN, 8vo, A FINE COPY

bright red morocco super extra, choicely tooled, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, with je original cover preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £ii i1s he only other copy of this, the very scarce original edition, we know to have been sold at auction realized £10 10s, at the sale of Mr. McKenzie's Library two years ago.

Another Copy, Second Edition, reprinted (WITH CONSIDERABLE ADDITIONS). 1837. With fine examples of the EIGHTEEN exquisitely COLOURED plates by HENRY LKEN and T. J. RAWLINS, 8vo, A BEAUTIFUL COPY, in red morocco, as above, top cges gilt, UNCUT, BOUND from the original cloth, with the covers preserved at end, by

IVIERE, £10 10s "his, the second edition, is CONSIDERED THE BEST, and is as valuable, though not nearly as scarce a book as the first; besides including additional matter which did not appear in the first issue, it contains six EXTRA Coloured plates, these being specially drawn for this issue. It is also a much

larger volume than the former edition. 3 ALKEN (Henry) MOMENTS OF FANCY. Thos. McLean, 1822. FIRST

DITION, twelve beautifully-coloured plates besides the frontispiece by HENRY ALKEN,
Clong folio, red morocco super extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £8 88

IIMSELF. Thomas M'Lean, 1821. First Edition, forty-two excellent engravings,
BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED IMPRESSIONS, 4to, stained calf extra, top edges gilt,
*NCUT, by RIVIERE, £8 88
This pretty volume comprises illustrations of Hunting, Driving, Racing, Shooting, etc., etc.

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Printed and Sold by B. FRANKLIN.


sewn in brown paper wrappers, £65.
A fine example of this interesting volume, which Benjamin Franklin always took pride in,

and looked upon it as the best production of his press. In concluding his address to the reader,
Franklin says-—" I shall add to these few lines my hearty wish that THIS FIRST TRANSLATION OF A
CLASSIC IN THE WESTERN WORLD, may be followed with many others performed with equal
judgment and success; and be a happy omen, that PhiladELPHIA SHALL BECOME THE SEAT OF TBE
The translation was the work of James Logan. The only other copy we know of being offered for
sale in this country in recent years in uncut state like the above, sold by auction last year for £87.

11 ALKEN (Henry) THE ANALYSIS OF THE HUNTING FIBLD; being a Series of Sketches
of the principal characters that compose one; the whole forming a Slight Souvenir of
the Season 1845-6. Rudolph Ackermann, 1846. FIRST EDITION, with beautifully
COLOURED and other illustrations by HENRY ALKBN, 8vo, stained calf extra, top edges gill,
totally uncut, with the original covers at end, by RIVIERE, £6 68


However Ignorant of Sporting Rules. Thos. M'Lean, 1823. FIRST EDITION,

six highly finished COLOURED engravings by HENRY ALKEN, oblong folio, red morocco extra,

gilt edges, with the original covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE, £8 88

13 AMERICA.-The New Act of Assembly of the Island of Jamaica, intitled “An

Act to Repeal several Acts and Clauses of Acts respecting Slaves, and for the better

Order and Government of Slaves, and for other purposes, etc., etc.," commonly called

“ The New Consolidated Act." 1789.-Two Reports from the Committee of the

House of Assembly of Jamaica, appointed to Examine into, and Report to the House,

the Allegations and Charges contained in several Petitions which have been presented

to the British House of Commons on the Subject of Slave-Trade, and the Treatment

of Negroes. 1789. The 2, 4to, sewn, unbound, 88 60

14 ANGLING.-ADVENTURES OF A SALMON in the River Dee, by a Friend of the

Family, together with Notes for the Fly-Fisher in North Wales. Whittaker, 1853.

8vo, paper covers, numerous pretty plates, 78 Sd

15 ANGLING.-BADHAM (Rev. C. D.) PROSE HALIBUTICS, or Ancient and Modern

Fish Tattle. 1854. 8vo, cloth, 5s

16 ANGLING.–BAGNALL (G.) Piscatorial Rambles, or the Fisherman's Pocket Com.

panion. 1865. 8vo, cloth, 28 6d

17 ANGLING.–BAILEY (William) THE ANGLER'S INSTRUCTOR, a Treatise on the Best

Modes of Angling in the English Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds, and on the Habits of the

Fish. N.D. (1866). Paper cover, 28

18 ANGLING.–BATHURST (Rev. C.) NOTES ON Nets, or the Quincunx Practically

Considered, to which are added Miscellaneous Memoranda. Van Voorst (circa 1840).

8vo, cloth, 28 6d


ANGLB, being a Reproduction of the First Book on the Subject of Fishing. Printed in

England by Wynkyn de Worde, at Westminster, in 1496. With an Introduction by Rev.

M. G. Watkins, M.A., 1880. 4to, uncut, as issued, in vellum, 108

20 ANGLING.-Best (Thomas) A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling, confirmed

by Actual Experience, interspersed with several New and Recent Discoveries, the

whole forming a Complete Museum for the Lovers of that Pleasing and Rational

Recreation. 1807. Frontispiece, 8vo, original sheep, 68

21 Another. 1808. Frontispiece, 8vo, cloth, 58


Another. 1810. 8vo, sheep, 6s

23 ANGLING.-BLACKBR (W.) Art of Flymaking, etc., Comprising Angling and

Dyeing of Colours, with a Description of the Flies for the Season of the Year as they

come out on the water. 1855. With several coloured plates, small 8vo, cloth, 58

24 ANGLING.-BLAKEY (R.) ANGLING; or How to Angle, and where to go. 1854.

FIRST EDITION, illustrations, 8vo, pictorial covers, 28 6d

25 ANGLING.-BLAKBY (R.) HISTORICAL SKETCHES of the Angling Literature of all

Nations. 1856. 8vo, cloth, 38 6d


AND LAKES OF ENGLAND. 1853. FIRST EDITION, frontispiece, 8vo, original boards, 28

27 ANGLING.-Boccius (GOTTLIEB) Fish in Rivers and Streams : a Treatise on the
Production and Management of Fish in Fresh Waters, by Artificial Spawning, Breed-
ing, and Rearing, showing also the Cause of the Depletion of all Rivers and Streams.
Van Voorst, 1848. 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d

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