Pan-African Chronology Two

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McFarland, 1 gen 1998 - 572 pagine
In 1996, the author wrote the first volume of hisPan-African Chronology-"an excellent, useful reference work," according toLibrary Journal-covering the period from 1400 through the end of the Civil War in the United States. In this continuation volume, Mr. Jenkins chronicles the most significant events in the African diaspora from the end of the Civil War through the prendash;World War I years. This was a time of great change for black Americans-Reconstruction, the founding of the NAACP, the judiciary's formation of the separate but equal doctrine, and the migration of hundreds of thousands of blacks from the rural South to the cities of the North. The eradication of slavery as a legalized institution was finally realized in the Americas during the period, while the struggle to end it in Asia was also taking place. European colonialism in Africa was accelerated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, ironically coinciding with the humanitarian efforts of several European countries to end the slave trade on the African continent. These events and many others are covered here. Many entries are supplemented by brief historical accounts that set the events in context.

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Pan-African chronology: a comprehensive reference to the Black quest for freedom in Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia

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Jenkins here continues his epic account of the African diaspora begun in the first volume (LJ 2/15/96) of his chronology. The second volume covers the period from the end of the American Civil War ... Leggi recensione completa

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