Six Orations of Cicero

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Ginn, 1909 - 495 pagine
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Pagina 162 - Atque sic a summis hominibus eruditissimisque accepimus, ceterarum rerum studia et doctrina et praeceptis et arte constare ; poe'tam natura ipsa valere et mentis viribus excitari et quasi divino quodam spiritu inflari. Quare suo jure noster ille Ennius sanctos appellat 80 poetas, quod quasi deorum aliquo dono atque munere commendati nobis esse videantur.
Pagina 176 - ... and relative, by which not: quin etiam (nay even, in fact). — After negative verbs of hindrance and doubt, so but what, but what, but that, that, from (doing...
Pagina 78 - Ego enim sic existimo, in summo imperatore quattuor has res inesse oportere, — scientiam • rei militaris, virtutem, auctoritatem, felicitatem. Quis igitur hoc homine scientior umquam aut fuit aut esse debuit? qui e ludo atque...
Pagina 61 - ... (praesidia), take away (of men), bring away, lead (from one place to another), bring (into a situation). — Fig., induce, bring, lead. — Esp. of ships, launch (draw down); of women, marry (used of the man) ; of things, bring, draw, turn. So, raise (a man to fortune) : rem hue (bring) ; de fide (seduce) ; de sententia {dissuade) ; de lenitate (drive) ; coloniam {plant) ; servos ex Apennino {bring down).
Pagina 99 - Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra ? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet ? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia...
Pagina 29 - N., an augury (an observation of the omens), auspices (in the plural). aut [?, but cf. autem], conj., or (regularly exclusive ; cf. vel). — Repeated, either . . . or. autem [?, akin to aut], conj., but (the weakest degree of opposition ; cf. sed), on the other hand...
Pagina 166 - Esp., a prator, one of a class of magistrates at Rome. In early times two had judicial powers and the others regular commands abroad. Later all during their year of office had judicial powers, but like the consuls (who were originally called praetors) they had a year abroad as propraetors: legatus pro praetore (lieutenant in command, acting as a praetor).
Pagina 200 - No wars have ravaged these lands and depopulated these villages! No desolating foreign foe! No domestic broils! No disputed succession! No religious, super-serviceable zeal!
Pagina 204 - Esp. : inter se (from, with, by, etc., each other); inter sese dant (give each other, exchange) ; per se (of himself, etc., without outside influence or excitement); ipse per se (in and of himself). Sulla, ae, [?], M., a Roman family name. — Esp., Lucius Cornelius Sulla, the great partisan of the nobility and opponent of Marius, called the Dictator Sulla.
Pagina 159 - Treipar-fis, an adventurer^, M., a sea-rover (perhaps like the ancient Northmen, cf. praedo, a pirate, more in the modern sense), a corsair, a freebooter, a pirate (without the above distinction). piscis, -is, [?], M., a fish. — Collectively,^^.

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