Baily's magazine of sports and pastimes, Volume 13

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Pagina 216 - Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thundered; Stormed at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell Rode the six hundred.
Pagina 135 - Let Fate do her worst ; there are relics of joy, Bright dreams of the past, which she cannot destroy ; Which come in the night-time of sorrow and care, And bring back the features that joy used to wear.
Pagina 31 - The joy, the triumph, the delight, the madness! The boundless, overflowing, bursting gladness, The vaporous exultation not to be confined! Ha! ha! the animation of delight Which wraps me, like an atmosphere of light, And bears me as a cloud is borne by its own wind.
Pagina 298 - She look'd so lovely, as she sway'd The rein with dainty finger-tips, A man had given all other bliss, And all his worldly worth for this, To waste his whole heart in one kiss Upon her perfect lips.
Pagina 193 - There throw, nice-judging, the delusive fly : And, as you lead it round in artful curve, With eye attentive mark the springing game.
Pagina 191 - Farewell, great painter of mankind ! Who reached the noblest point of art, Whose pictured morals charm the mind, And through the eye correct the heart. If Genius fire thee, reader, stay, If Nature touch thee, drop a tear, If neither move thee — turn away — For Hogarth's honoured dust lies here.
Pagina 194 - And to yourself you would apply it with this change: " a fly at one end, and a philosopher at the other." Yet the pleasure of the Cockney Angler appears to...
Pagina 191 - Neptune's self from all her streams receives A wealthier tribute than to thine he gives. No seas so rich, so gay no banks appear, No lake so gentle, and no spring so clear.
Pagina 167 - HOW FLAHERTY KEPT THE BRIDGE OUT spake Horatius Flaherty, — a Fenian bold was he, — " Lo, I will stand at thy right hand and turn the bridge with thee! So ring the bell, O'Grady, and clear the railway track — Muldoon will heed the summons well and keep the street-cars back.
Pagina 297 - FROM brightening fields of ether fair disclosed, Child of the Sun, refulgent Summer comes, In pride of youth, and felt through Nature's depth : He comes attended by the sultry Hours, And ever-fanning breezes, on his way ; While, from his ardent look, the turning Spring Averts her blushful face; and earth, and skies, All-smiling, to his hot dominion leaves.

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