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Lift and Correspondence of Theodore Parker. By John Weiss. New York: D. Appleton & Company. 1864.

Miss Coble's Edition of Parker's Works.

The Life and Correspondence of Theodore Parker, written and edited by John Weiss, appeared about eight years ago, some four years after Mr. Parker had fallen asleep under the sunny skies of Italy. It is the work of a personal friend of the man whose history it records and whose memory it embalms. It is rumored that Mr. Weiss undertook this biography in accordance with the express desire of the deceased, though he himself professes to derive his authority and opportunity to write only from Mrs. Parker. The author evidently feels a profound enthusiasm for his subject, and displays a courageous devotion to the doctrines and principles to whose exposition and propagation Parker's life was given. He accords the fullest credit to every statement from the lips of his departed friend, and gleans up with filial piety such scraps from his voluminous journal, and such letters from his vast correspondence, as shed any ray of light upon his career and opinions. Studied in connection with his published works, this Life enables us to contemplate and estimate Parker, no longer under the glint ot crossing swords and in the blaze of eager controversy, but leisurely, calmly, with patience, and a judgment undisturbed by Fourth Series, Vol. XXV.—1

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