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Parker, Theodore:

Preaches an ordination sermon Page 82

Unitarian rage and ostracism of 83

Travels to Europe 81

Labors and boastfuiues* of. 87

Literary dishonesties 39

Discourse of reliefon by 40

Contrasted with Wesley 35

Harshness and sarcasm of 41

Theological position of 888

Defects of, as a thinker 888

His self-complacency compared with the

true modes of great thinkers 898

Theological errors and inconsistencies of. 893
Studies Buddhism and three other relig-
ious sects, and greatly exaggerate

his i«rformance 894

Exhibits little research into Buddhism .. 890

Opinions on sin 401

Confusion and contraction Id theology of. 404

On Providence 403

As a social reformer 683

And antlslavery reform 083

Maligns evungellcals 048

And the groat revival of 1807. 062

HI health of 656

Opinions on death 607

Death and funeral ceremonies 660

PelagmV views of perdition 676

Persecutions of education by Ku-Klux .... 106

Personalltv of God necessary to prayer 608

Politlcalism of M. E. Church, South 848

Politics in the Church 361

Political History of Peter Cartwright. 81

Parties in Young Roumanla 127

Predestination in Primitive Church 502

Not by u good pleasure of God's will"

but by his beneficence 684

Pressenso on universal priesthood 61

On reunion of Churches 492

Priesthood of the People. Article, by Rtfv.

Abel Stevens. LL.D 43

Stand-point of Reformation and Primitive

Church on 48

Luther's decloratlons of. 48,45,49

Contrary to prelacy 47

In Church at Jerusalem 47

Hierarchy arose from 43

John Wesley on 49

Essential equality of all saints inferred

from 60

Pressense on 61

Practice and opinions of early Christians

OD 61

Does not dctract from "divine call" 58

And Methodism 68

And ordination. 64

Illusions of ecclesiasticlsm, on 54

And u preaching" 66

Reformers in advance of present day on.. 66

Methodist local ministry, and 66

Universal obligation of Christian labor,

inferred from 59

Confers responsibility on butdness men... 69

Relation of population's increase to 61

With reference to America's great future. 61

Consecration in secular life, and 62

Love of riches incompatible with 62

Increase of natural wealth and 64

Includes the humblest 65

Includes Christian women 66

Papal errors in Protestantism contrary to 67

In the Church of the future 69

Primeval Man 169

A refutation of Darwinism 170

Protestant reaction sgainst Romish realism

too great 693

Remedy for the dangerous classes 469

Reprobation. The Doctrine of. Article, by

Rev. Dr. Warren Page 431

Definition of 481

Scripture proof for 483

Godl» cause for „ 438

What it includes 430

Means by which God executes. 439

What proportion of the race included in. 441

InbntH included in 442

Why God created men for 446

Why means of grace are vouchsafed to

those included under the deeree of.. 446
Justice and propriety of, unconditional... 447
How men ought to feel under the decree of 4 .'

Horrlblencse of doctrine of. 454

Resurrection. The. Article, by Kev. G. F.

Cox 640

No law process 680

Mystery of, does not invalidate the fact.. 631

Objections obviated 638

True ground of hope for 686

Resurrection considered as basis of Christ's

Sonship 684

Retribution, different phases of present day

belief 678

Romish view of 677

Edwards* opinions of, hypothetical .. 679

Revivals hindered by Theodore Parker— 552
Romanism, Protestant reaction against the

realism of, gone too far 693

Romish Church—a cause of the danger-
ous classes 460

Rothe on the Passion of Christ 514

Sacrament. Nature of a Christian. Article,
by Rev. A. H. Ames

Relative importance of the

Two leading theories concerning

An instrument conferring peculiar gruce.

A sign or token'

View of Romish Church concerning

View of the Lutheran Church concerning.

View of Church of England concerning..

Difficulties of Romish theories concern'g.

A channel of grace

True definition of argument therefor

Sacraments not a clerical monopoly

Sanctiflcatfon and justification compared to

a son and servant, by Mr. Wesley

Santa Domingo

Social Science, Gary's Article, by Dr. G. M.

Man is object of

Doctrine of value in

Doctrine of lond and rent in

Errors of the Malthuslan theory regarding

Error of J. Stuart Mills regarding

Distinction between trade and commerce.

Producer and consumer

Son of God, a divine, not human title

Southern Review, a politico-ecclesiastical

A political organ of a prof<.-si<.-dly iion-po-
lltical Church

Theory of secession in

Defamation of President Lincoln by

Further defamations by


Statistics of liquor
Supernatural phi

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Temperance Reform, The. Article, by Rev.

Dr. Crane 409

Origin of. 410

Various societies under ." 411

Spread of 415

Total abstinence in 418

Statistics of 42T

Theodicy, Bledsoe's Page 154

Unitarianlsm ostracises Theodore Parker.. 83

Unity of Divine and human in Christ 692

Unity of the Christian Church, Presaense

on 665

Obstacles to 665

Unity of the Physical World. Article, by

President Winchell 181

1. Order and uniformities of the solar sys-

tem 18*

2. Extension of the laws of the solar sys-

tem to the fixed stars 191

8. Table of elements recognized in the

heavenly bodies 206

Universal obligation to Christian labor.... 59
UulTersallam and Orthodoxy 67V

Vedas and Vedlo religion, The 844

Are all psalms 844

Earliest literature extant 844

Washington, Treaty of 628

Wealth; its Relation to Consecration 6S

Wesley, John, and Theodore Parker com-
pared- »

Wesley on Universal Priesthood Page 49

Women Christian, included in priesthood

of people 66

Wuttke, Dr. Adolph 526

Toung Roumania. Article, by Prof. Will-
lam Wells. Ill

Its history and language Ill

Its skitu* toward Turkey 119

Its present king 118

Inhabitants of, consider themselves mod-
ern Romans. 114

Prof. Bucharest's lectures on 114

Treatment of foreigners in 114

A land of inconsistencies 115

Its soil '. 116

Its morala and constitution 116

Dissatisfaction of nobility 11T

Its party of "Reds," and their organ 11T

Its government 118

The Jews in 11>

Its peculiar political situation 116

The Germans persecuted lu 126

Bismarck and 126

Political parties 12T

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