CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology, Volume 2

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Taylor & Francis US, 23 nov 1999 - 864 pagine
This volume provides the origins and meanings of the names of genera and species of extant vascular plants, with the genera arranged alphabetically from D to L.

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Organized by genus, this extraordinary reference includes vernacular and scientific names for most if not all of the world's plant species. The entry for Carica L. Caricaceae begins with the etymology ... Leggi recensione completa

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The CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names , a four volume set, is the most comprehensive work of its kind available today. The reader will find its coverage absorbing and useful. Umberto Quattrocchi ... Leggi recensione completa


18621873 plant collector and botanical explorer
European Botanical Discoveries in China Reprint of
of the nurseries of Messrs James Veitch and Sons etc
Daviesia J E Smith Fabaceae
220 1798 J Lanjouw and F A Stafleu

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