The History of England from the Earliest Accounts of Time, to the Death of the Late Queen Anne, Volume 1

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Pagina 51 - The barbarians drive us to the sea, and the sea drives us back to the barbarians...
Pagina 322 - Rome, or elsewhere, any such translations, should be put out of the king's protection, their lands and tenements, goods and chattels, forfeited to the king...
Pagina 487 - Tome other Perfon to be King, fince the prefent King had depofed himfelf in Effect, by fuffering the Queen and Suffolk to over-rule all...
Pagina 567 - ... pre-eminence, and kingdoms of the two noble realms of England and France; the one, from this day forward, by us and our heirs, to rule, govern, and defend; the other, by God's grace and your good help, to get again, subdue,-and establish for ever in due obedience to this realm of England : and we ask God to live no longer than we intend to procure its advancement.
Pagina 567 - two noble realms of England and France ; the one " from that day forward by him and his heirs to rule, " the other by God's grace and their good help to get "again and subdue.
Pagina 267 - ... put by them, resolved to compel them to surrender, that he might put to death as many as he pleased, and ransom as many as he pleased. At last, however, he so far relented as to say, that on condition of six of the principal burgesses of the town coming out bare-headed, bare-footed, barelegged, and in their shirts, with halters about their necks, and the keys of the town and castle in their hands, to be dealt with after his pleasure, the rest should find mercy. These were hard conditions, for...
Pagina 295 - ... This Council of State fummoned all the Sheriffs of the adjoining Counties to Nottingham, and demanded of them what Forces they were able to raife to aflift the King againft the Lords if they were required to do it.
Pagina 512 - Henry was worthy to reign as king any longer or not: whereunto the people cried Nay. Then it was asked of them, whether they would have the Earl of March for their king; and they cried, Yea, yea. Whereupon certain captains were appointed to bear report thereof unto the said Earl of March, then being lodged at his castle of Baynard.
Pagina 333 - Brittany, that he should have taken a town by his own valour and conduct, before he resigned what his ancestors had left him.

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