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division shall be known as a district quota. The valuation of the several districts in this State as affected by this apportionment shall be determined by the Commissioner of Education from the abstracts of the reports of the trustees as filed in his office by the several school commissioners of the State.

CHAPTER 680 provides for the purchase of a site for new buildings for the Oswego State Normal School.

CHAPTER 682 establishes a State School of Agriculture at St. Lawrence University.

State Certificates Granted.

Backus, Maud Isham, Mary Elizabeth Bartlett, Cecile F. Houghton, Ruby M. Osborn, Bertha J. Osgood, Mabel N. Tyler, Elizabeth K. Carter, Gladys E. Hobart, Merritt J. Hopkins, Mary H. Hunt, Robert E. Lewis, Mary G. McCormick, Daniel H. Piper, Howard R. Furbeck, Harold Lee King, Charles B. Parker, Myrta A. Truesdell, Wm. H. Albrecht, Herbert Rhinesmith, Jessie E. Rood, Carl S. Schermerhorn, Anne Freeman Smith, Clara E. Ambrose, Mary Elizabeth Avery, Dudley C. Barrus, James B. Cheney, Elizabeth B. Collier, Frank H. Cooke, Lillian P. Hull, George H. MacNish, Thomas B. Miller.

College Graduates, Life-past six months. Royal A. Avery, Amelia S. Barratt, Laura Jennie Beach, Frank Bond, Mabelle Clair Bond, Iva Irene Brown, Daniel Randles Campbell, Chas, Elwood Dull, Harvey L. Fassett, Myrtilla Luella Heaver, Candace Eveleen Hathaway, Ethelyn Luella Hull, Hannah Rose Marshall, Martha Elizabeth O'Brien, Wm. Belden Richmond, Grace Sitler, Alice Marilla Southworth, Sara Volinski,' Mary Lyon Wright, Harriet Elizabeth Cutting, Helen B. Downes, Ida Frances Glen, Dewey Tanner Hawley, Claud Frederick Lester, Paul Rossiter Merriman, Daniel Blizard Mills, Dora Helen Moody, Wm. W. Pingrey, Harry Sylvester Simmons, Grace M. Waters, Lucy Čaroline Wells, Margaret Sarah Whittaker, Bertha Frances Wilder, James Hawley Aiken, Ruey Ellen Brown, Adrian Henry Courtenay, Eva Mattocks Denison, Albert Henry Dewey, Adalyn June Ellis, Seymour Brownson Everts, Ďavid Gibbs, Ella Mae Ollis, Edward H. Rider, Everett K. Van Allen, Emily Carll Valentine, Emma Maria West, Howard Dare White, Irma Clarissa Wieand, Edna Alice Bliss, Lelia Frances Dustin, Lena Zerviah Newton, Addie Deett Bird Scott, Charles B. Smallwood, Ida Belle Tallcott, Elbert Cook Wixom.

The State Department of education announces the following list of successful candidates for State Life Certificates granted as a result of the August examinations, and also the applicants who have been granted college certificates, both life and limited, since May 1, 1906:

State Life Certificates.-Della Champlin, Henrietta G. Herron, Bertha Brown Littell, Anna Helen Palmer, John Myndert Paris, Mary C. Pruyn, May Whitbeck, Kasson E. Beilby, John S. Childs, Jennie A. Frail, Ruby Adelaide Higbee, Orrin A. Kolb, Cora Denison, Greta Sackett, Mary J. Wingate, Elliott Baker, Caroline B. Hunter, Belle Freeman Miller, Edna A. Thurber, Anna E. Bell, Thomas Colby, Roland Dann, Mabel E. Esrey, Marguerite E. FitzGerald, Bessie Hoagland, Wm. Baxter Kelsey, Carolyn K. McMenamy, Charles Miller, Anna R. Rush, Alice Snyder, Kate Walton, Josephine Wiweke, Anna M. Leavenworth, Jessie A. Seeley, Gesine Louise Wendt, Volney John Ellis, Hanna A. Greenberg, Clara R. Maher, Freda C. Vickery, N. Berton Alter, Lillian - Decker, Seymour Brownson Everts, A. B., Marietta Adelaide Hyde, Mary L. E. Fitzpatrick, Nella Sweeney, Glyndon D. Whelan, Mary Winifred Young, Chas. Ellis Bowman, K. Blanche Brady, Maude Henrietta Burke, Clair B. Burns, Mary Elliott, Mary G. Giblin, Sarah B. LaSalle.

College Graduates, Limitedfor last six months.-Constance E. Adams, Winifred S. Allen, Helen L. Baker, Louis M. Collins, Albert S. Davis, Vera F. Douglas, Mortimer V. Drake, Alice O. Durland, Ruth Halstead, Ella L. Huestis, Maude McKinnon, Eugenie M. Moremus, May E. Peabody, John C. Robertshaw, Obadiah M. Ruland, Bessie J. Scott, Isaac T. Stafford, Lulu E. Tupper, Martha Voorhees, Madeline A. White, Gladys Allen, Angeline M. Barney, Eleanor H. Bartlett, Alice D. Chapman, Walter F. Downey, Charles F. Gunther, Madeline R. Harmon, Lewis T. Hunt, Edna G. Long, Bessie A. Morley, Rena Rockwell, Stephen C. Rosebush, Mary E. Watkins, Clara S. Apgar, Wayne G. Benedict, Vila L. Breene, Leroy E. Davidson, Edith M. Edwards, Marion W. Elliott, Bessie B. Freets, Martha C. Gundlach, Irene E. Henry, Ellen G. Holden, Iva May Holmes, Edith T. Jones, Frank McMillan, Edward Guy Nellis, Inez E. Olds, Theresa E. Schindler, Louie M. Skinner, Eldridge Smith, Albert J. Snearline, C. Clayton Sumner, Clarence E. Barter, Margaret D. Bridges, Clara F. Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Spring, Mabel L.

Civil Service Examinations for the

State and County Service

The State Civil Service Commission will hold examinations December 15, 1906, for the following positions: Appraiser of Forest Lands, $600 to $1080 and expenses; Architectural Draughtsman, $15 to $25 a week; Assistant Civil Engineer, $5 to $6 a day; Bridge Designer, $1500 to $1800; Bridge Draughtsman, $1200 to $1500; Chemist, Department of Agriculture, $1200; Civil Engineering Draughtsman, $4 to $5 a day; Fireman, Onondaga County Service, $2 a day; Law Library Assistant, State Library, $600 to $720; Librarian, Department of Labor, $900; Superintendent of Industries, State Prisons, $1500 ; Tracer, $40 to $75 a month.

The last day for filing applications for these positions is December 10th. Full information and application forms for any of these examinations may be obtained by addressing the Chief Examiner of the Commission at Albany,


life and work is one for every young American citizen to read early aná rt-read often. As Miss Helen Nicolay has written the story, it is a vivid and inspiring narative, with the weight of authority-based upon the standard life of Lincoln, written by Lincoln's secretaries, John G. Nicolay and John Hay. Fully and attractively illustrated, “ The Boys' Life of Lincoln " should take permanent rank as a young people's classic.

Little, Brown & Co., Boston, Mass. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SONG-SPARROW. When George Wharton James, the author and lecturer, was writing “In and Out of the Old Missions of California," he had as a panion a little song-sparrow that perched on his foot or nestled in his hand. He dedicated that book to “Scraggles," as he called the sparrow, and in response to many requests he has written the autobiography of the bird in "The Story of Scraggles." In this story, which Mr. James has now tenderly and faithfully told is described an unusual instance of a fellowship between man and one of the lower animals.

Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, Mass. DICKENS' Tale of Two CITIES; “ Riverside Literature Series," No. 161. Edited by R. Adelaide Witham, recently head, of the English Department, Classical High School, Providence, R. I. Price, paper, 45 cents; linen, 50 cents.

This edition of an historical romance upon the new college requirement list seems to make it possible to study a novel without losing the simple enjoyment of reading. For this purpose the explanatory notes at the end of the book have been made full enough to enable the student to read without too constant a consultation of note books. Suggestive notes and questions have been added, covering, chapter by chapter, considerations of Dickens's style and the structure of this novel.

The Baker and Taylor Co., New York DAYS AND DEEDS, compiled by Burton E. and Elizabeth B. Stephenson. Net, $1.00. An excellent book for special occasions. Replete with timely material.

A New LIBRARY OF POETRY AND SONG, edited by William Cullen Bryant. Contains the best productions of the best authors of all times and countries. The masterpieces of poetical literature arranged in twenty-four departments forming a classified poetical cyclopedia. The work contains the gems of seven hundred poets with the name, nativity and pseudonym of every poet, the periods of their writing and their best productions. A Dictionary of Quotations is also added, giving 15,000 references to familiar, apt, beautiful, wise and witty passages thus placing the incomparable riches of 1,100 octavo pages at instant command.


Thomas T. Crowell & Co., New York. Success NUGGETS, by Orison Sweet Marden. 75 cents net. A unique little book filled with pithy texts for the cementing of character.

Ginn & Company, Boston THE BLODGETT READERS, by Frances E. Blodgett and Andrew B. Blodgett, Superintendent of Schools, Syracuse, N. Y. Four books-a primer, first second and third readers. A series well worth consideration. Something new and different.

Frederick A. Stokes Co., New York THE WILD FLOWER BOOK FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, by Alice Lounsberry. With seventy-seven illustrations from photographs. In this book the author has told a story wherein the lives of wild flowers and those of children are intermingled by the happy incidents of out-of-door life in the country. The language of the book is simple, and relates to surprises in the unfoldings of nature, and wonders at her laws and beauties. The beginning is in early spring, and the end is reached with the oncoming of winter. During this time myriads of buds and blossoms are watched, and the history and legends concerning many plants are told. The greatest number of wild flowers described are those common in the Northeastern States, while the range of others is general throughout America. Mailing price, $1.67.

Silver, Burdett & Company, New York

SELECTIONS FOR MEMORIZING, arranged by A. W. Skinner, Superintendent of Schools, Oneida, N. Y. These poems are required for elementary schools by the New York State Education Department. The volume contains also a series of biographical sketches of the authors represented, and several pages of pithy quotations and memory gems for morning exercises.

Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago A MAN AND His Book is the title of a neat booklet recently issued by these publishers to promote interest in William H. Mace and his School History of the United States. Prof. Mace is your true historian for children because he interprets the events of the past with sympathy and imagination. He brings the dead facts of history back to life.

The Century Company, New York The Boys' LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, by Helen Nicolay. Price, $1.50. A book of inspiration for every American boy. A copy should be included in every supplementary reading list. The story of this great American's

The Macmillan Company, New York THE STORY Book Girls, by Christina Gowans Whyte. Here is that rarity-that pearl of price-a real book for girls. The four sisters live and move before the reader with the sharpness and reality of the pictures in a cinematograph.

That there has been nothing so vividly reTHE BEST PENS ARE

calling the success of “Little Women,” is the spontaneous exclamation of everyone who has seen the book. Like that masterpiece of Louisa Alcott, this is the story of a family in which a quartette of sisters play the principal parts, and in spite of an entire difference in the scenes and characters, the resemblance is carried further by the fact that the new book is a delightful tale of the everyday life of girls (and some boys) who are as charming and as completely alive as any who have ever appeared in the pages of a book.

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Funk and Wagnalls Company, New York

How TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC, by Grenville Kleiser. Price, $1.25 net.

Mr. Kleiser was formerly instructor in Elocution and Public Speaking in Yale Divinity School, Yale University. He is now instructor in Elocution in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and in other institutions. His book will be found to be a complete elocutionary manual, comprising numerous exercises for developing the speaking voice, deep breathing, pronunciation, vocal expression, and gesture; it also contains selections for practice from masterpieces of ancient and modern eloquence. It is intended for students, teachers, business men, lawyers, clergymen, politicians, clubs, debating societies, and in fact every one interested in the art of public speaking. The author does not deal in theory; his aim is to make his work a suggestive and practical selfinstructor.

I Can Sell Your Real Estate or

Business No Matter Where located Properties and Business of all kinds sold quickly for cash in all parts of the United States. Don't wait. Write to-day describing what you have to sell and give cash price on same.

If You Want to Buy any kind of Business or Real Estate anywhere, at any price, write me your requirements. I can save you time and money. DAVID P. TAFF, The Land Man



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Kellogg's Agency

31 Union Sq. Now York. Steady call for teachers. Fills best positions; four last year averaged $2,900 each. Recommended by eastern colleges and Normal schools,

16 years same manager. Vacancies all year round, The FISK Teachers' Agencies

EVERETT O, FISK & Co., Proprietors

4 Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass. 70 Fifth Avenue, New York

156 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Recommends college and normal graduates, special

1505 Penn. Ave., Washington, D. C.

203 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago Ill. ists, and other teachers to colleges, public and private

414 Century Building, Minneapolis, Minn. schools, and families.

401 Cooper Building. Denver, Colo. Advises parents about schools.

313 Rookery Block, Spokane, Wash.
WM. O. PRATT, Manager

1200 Williains Ave., Portland, Ore.
518 Parroti Building, San Francisco, Cal.

625 Stimson Block, Los Angeles. Cal. THE REED TEACHERS' AGENCY, 939-941 Univorsity Block

, H. E. REED, Manager Formerly Superintendent of Schools, Little Falls. N. y. A Reliable Agency. Over 95 per cent. of the teachers placed last year by this agency were placed by direct

recommendation. Write to us for information.
Available January first or sooner are needed by The Clark Teachers' Agency

Positions in high schools and grades. Write, fully stating experience.
B. F. CLARK. Steinway Hall, Chicago; 156 Fifth Avenue, New York; Boise, Idaho


SCHOOL WORK A SPECIALTY C. A. SCOTT & CO., Proprietors. 2A Beacon St., BOSTON.

Send for Agency Manual



The Bridge Teachers' Agency

Can You contemplate the almost certain

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S SIMPLIFIED PHONETIC SPELLER. Authorized edition of three hundred words 25 cents per copy.

U S. Government Publications free. Interesting illustrated bound books, on Agriculture, Finance, Science. History and Labor. Catalogue containing full information how to obtain books ten cents. WASHINGTON EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION,


LIABILITY FROM ILLNESS, ACCIDENT, BURGLARY, FIRE AND DEATH, and not secure at once a liberal policy from a reliable company?

Don't delay longer. Telephone 526R or call at the HATT AGENCY, 93 State St., Albany, N. Y.

Every line represented.

Outlines of English Masterpieces


ONLY A FEW MORE LEFT The supply of copies of AMERICAN EDUCATION containing Bailey's Questions and Outlines of English Masterpieces is almost exhausted. The demand for them last year was very great. As the Outlines cover the college entrance and Regents requirements, they are invaluable to the English teacher and student. They give a complete grasp of each topic almost at a glance.

We can furnish the following numbers: 1. Essay on Milton 2. Vicar of Wakefield and Snow Bound 3. Julius Caesar 4. Rime of the Ancient Mariner 5. L'Allegro, Il Penseroso and Lycidas 6. Comus 7. Life of Johnson 8. Gareth and Lynette 9. Lancelot and Elaine 10. The Passing of Arthur, Lays of Ancient

Rome and Sketch Book, Part II

Handy Volume Classics

18 mo. Bound in Red Cloth Covers

Price, 25 cents each, postpaid
Printed on good paper in large type
Excellent for Supplementary Reading in High

and Grammar Schools

The selections include The King's
Sword, The God of the Spears, Hanni-
bal's Schoolmaster and His Father's


By G. Walker McSpadden
The selections include The Ring of
the Curse, Parsifal the Pure, Lohen-
grin the Swan Knight, Tannhauser
the Knight of Song, The Master Sin-
gers, Rienzi the Last of the Tribunes,
The Flying Dutchman, Tristan and


KNIGHTS as told in Malory's Morte
Adapted with introduction by Ed.

Waldo Cutler.
New York Education Co.





Does business in 45 States, 6 Territories and 8 Foreign countries. · New York and New Jersey comprise a small part of this great field, yet in the former we have filled 3,175 and in the latter 1,630 positions in public and private schools at salaries ranging from $400 to $3,800, aggregating 83,291,800. Shall we present your iuterests ? We now have many vacancies. Send for manual and blanks.


The Fisk


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ROME, N. Y. The Western Is managed in connection with THE WESTERN TEACHER,

and has exceptional facilities for placing teachers in good posi

tions in Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas and adjoining states. Teachers'. Address


Milwaukee, Wis. Cedar Falls, Iowa. Park River, No. Dakota


Self-help Arithmetic


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Fifty Test Lessons.

288 Questions with Answers. A Complete Review. Price 25 cents per set, postpaid.

One Sample set will be mailed to
any address on receipt of 18 cents



UCCESS MAGAZINE enters upon its tenth year

with an editorial plan and policy differing from

that of any other existing periodical. It aims to be the one indispensable magazine in the home"The Great Home Magazine of America"-interesting and valuable almost equally to the father, the mother, and the older sons and daughters. It stands for the highest ideals in home life, and for national, civic, and business honesty iu public life. While still retaining as a foundation principle the idea of Inspiration and Uplift, it has broadened into a far wider field, and deals with all the stirring, vital problems of human interest-the Work of the World. In the lighter and more entertaining Serial and Short Stories it will present the best work of the most brilliant writers of the day; and, finally, in its Special Departments, covering The Home Life and the Person, lie, perhaps, its greatest strength in the family circle--the reason for the million and a half readers which it possesses to-day, after but nine years of life.

PRICE: $1.00 Per Annum 10c. Per Copy


There is a great demand for teachers on the Pacific Coast and salaries are good, The Pacific Coast Teachers' Bureau can get you a position. Requests are being received for next fall's schools. For further information address, CHAS. H. JONES, Manager,

Salem, Oregon.


The Success Magazine

Washington Squaro, Now York

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