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The Educator-Journal

$1.00 per Year

12 Numbers Subscribe for the Educator.Journal ROBERT J. ALEY, Ph. D., . . . Editor

Prof. John W. Carr, Superintendent of Schools, Day. ton, Ohio, and President of Department of Superintendence of the N. E. A., writes; " You may enter my name as a permanent subscriber for the Educator-Journal."

The circulation of the Educator-Journal is becom. ing national solely because of its superior merits. Please send for sample copy.

Published by

28 South Meridian St. Commercial Club Building

India na polis, Ind.

THE YOUNG IDEA enters its nineteenth year

A with a new dress of up-todate type and hopes for the most interesting year of its eventful life.

During 1906-7 the geographical, historical and biographical articles will be instructive and helpful. It will also contain articles on plant life, birds, animals, insects and minerals and touches upon all that is found in this wonderful world of ours. It will furnish story material the whole year through. 50 CENTS A YEAR-TRY IT


Melrose Highlands, Mass.


Music for Public Schools

SCHOOL SINGER No. 3 (one book for all grades) by J. H. and FRED A. FILLMORE is new and unique. The Theory to be taught is printed in a separate pamphlet for the teacher's eye only. The graded exercises and songs in the book for practice in potc reading are charming. The school songs for all purposes are the prettiest ever sung. SCHOOL SINGER No. 3 will make the work of teaching easy. Sample copy mailed for 20 cents.

Ice 528 Elm St., Cincinnati, o.

41-43 Bible House, New York.

N B.-Look out for our Christmas Cantatas and Concert Exercises, Play, Dialogues, etc., for the coming season. We are issuing the best ever. Both the small and the large children will be provided for. Descriptive list sent free October 1st and after.

For Supplementary Reading
In the Seventh and Eighth Grades

Famous Americans
Biographical Sketches of Four
Great American Presidents » »

James A. Garfield
William McKinley
Grover Cleveland

Theodore Roosevelt
These sketches were prepared by Miss
Frances M. Perry, author of Four Great
American Pioneers and Four Great
American Inventors, and by Henry W.
Elson, author of Sidelights on American

The book is printed in large, clear type on strong paper, 16 mo., 309 pages, bound in cloth. Mailing price 50 cents. Special price on larger orders for schools.

The sketches are strong and inspiring, bringing out clearly the controlling face tors in the lives of each character from boyhood to manhood. New York Education Co. 50 State St. Albany. N. y.

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